Apologies to All!

Ok. I think this happened really suddenly as it just came to me. I feel like I could just stop translating at any time right now….

Long story short: I don’t plan on continuing translating Strategist as the next arc is full of cliffhangers and stopping on any chapter is going to be a heart-pain, compared to the current one. SO Please do tell me if there are any takers for this series. My only hope is that you would continue from my translations while letting my work stay in the “books of history”.(Whatever you do, please do give me a note, if possible.)

Longer verison: Actually I am still translating the next chapter, but I just find the motivation not getting into me, making it highly possible for me to stop in the middle of a massive cliff-hanger… which I have somehow read up. Well, I must say work and the lack of time to do other things that I want to do too are parts of why I am losing my motivation big-time. The way Strategist is written in terms of “redundant/repetitive details” and long passages are another. Seriously, I have only lasted so long because of everyone’s support, but even that has somehow come to its limits. At this point, even doing chapters by donations(which I doubt there are 😛 ) doesn’t really motivate me too … I guess all of them might just be excuses of mine too…. haaaaaa…

Nonetheless, I am really sorry for those we have supported me for so long and also those that longed to read the series. I do hope to “see” you guys again somehow.


誠にすみませんでした。Makoto ni Sumimasen deshita. I am truly sorry to disappoint you guys.


PS: Not sure if I am going to continue translating too. Maybe after finding something short and nice to translate, I might come back but for now, maybe not.


SS 3.5 and Recommendation!!!!

Short Story

The Beginning Chapter 3.5 (When Sophia just arrived in Earl Uren’s Castle)

Recommendation (Please do give my quick thoughts a read so you don’t miss this.)

Before I tell you what is it, the following novel has cruel, rape, heroic death, cruel death depictions/indications, so if you can’t stand such stuff, please turn away.

Else, prepare for a rather good strategic chinese dynasty novel with a slight touch of jianghu/wushu. The depictions of war and its cruelty can be really felt from this novel. Noble sacrifices, deaths of unwillingness, the evil behind, those loyal and the innocents that got dragged into it. Once in a while, you get to see miracles where good people survives. Truly not for the faint of heart.

In a way, it can be worse than Attack of the Titan in some way. You have no idea how many times my heart was crushed by this novel but still continued because it was really interesting for me.

Just note that due to the nature of the novel, there are dozens of characters, locations and name of places that can really confused you if you are not used to it. But I pay it no mind and just try to understand it. the main ones you might want to be concern of is their Titles and their names and their allegiance as I got messed up by them. Like there’s a ‘Li’ guy in Southern Chu but the prince in Great Yong is Li Xian, but his title is Prince of Qi.. and even more.


Arc 1: Volume 1-3

Arc 2: Volume 4-5

Volume 6: Somewhat Epilogue of Arc 2 and also slight Prelude of Arc 3.

Each ending of the Arc can be considered an ending to the novel in its own way so I haven’t started with Arc 3 as there’s less than 4-5 chapters in it. At least, I can feel at ease reading to the ending of this novel.

Hope you do give it a try and actually give some feedback here on what you think of my recommendation, even if you have already read it.

Just some ranting…….

Sometimes, I just find it annoying when epub makers just make the translated content and post it on their own site, and they actually “bash” the translators for making some kind of water mark for it…. (though without doubt, I am also taking someone’s work and just translating it too….)

And then, people who downloaded it started bashing and cursing at the translator too…


Though it’s definitely not all, it still does make me rather demoralized on whether it’s worth it or not.. (Well, they will likely not bashed me here but bashed elsewhere so they can continue to make me translate for “them”…. T-T …)

PS: Just ignore me if you find this annoying.. Just wanted to let it out to some extent… after seeing those comments at some trollo epub site or something by accidental….