Actual Chapter 3

Really sorry I messed up the chapters I prepared for translating. I was using Chapter 3 as a template but I accidentally converted chapter 3’s content into 4….

Any way, the actual Chapter 3

PS: Even more emotional than 4…. If I managed to portray their feelings right…


Not sure why but I created a Game-list Page.

Well, I just thought that there might be people interested in stuff like that so I just quickly made one.

My twitter is there and it updates lots of videos that I twitch’ed or made in Youtube, and also you might see updates of what I am interested in which might interest you.

It’s just a “For Your Information”-kinda page so just look at it if you feel like it.


My title sounds like a light novel title for some reason….. Is it just me?
Also, would people be interested if I made reviews/opinions of games that I played? There are some many people making those though 😛