The Strategist Knows Everything Update

This is just an update to say that I will be making changes to how the menu and labels of this novel will be.

First, rather than Chapter X Part X, I have followed the web novel’s format to the various arcs, followed by sub-arcs, and then the chapter number.

Like Arc 1 The Rebellion, The Beginning Chapter 3

And so and so on. You can pretty much see it from the menu actually.

Second, I actually have been kinda rushing this chapter up by using whatever time I have to do even a bit of translations. Because of that, my weekday time is pretty much, sleep>work>translate>sleep…. and it just continues….

So I plan to take a slight break before I start on the next chapter.


Nope, it’s not on hiatus. Literally, just a break for a breather.

2 thoughts on “The Strategist Knows Everything Update

  1. Yoshiro March 5, 2016 / 15:26

    Who knows, I might just get back to it…

    Anyway, if any of you notice any broken link, do put it here so I can go fix it. Thanks!


    • ucoqID March 7, 2016 / 09:15

      Thank you very much… Fighting!!


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