Jobless – Chapter 44

Sorry, everyone. I had a maintenance(work) on the usual release time and I have totally forgotten about putting it up earlier on schedule.


PS: Actually, the first volume has ended 1-2 chapters ago. So for those who can, do support the author by getting be it the physical copy or the digital, especially if you like it 😀

One thought on “Jobless – Chapter 44

  1. GM_Rusaku October 30, 2016 / 16:43

    .   几
    .  /⌒⌒\
    . | ▽..▽|/―-、
    .  \_ww / ̄丶|Thanks!
    .  /(゜Д゜)/   |/  &
    .// フつO  Trick or Treats!
    .V/  /〉    Nepu!!


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