Just some ranting…….

Sometimes, I just find it annoying when epub makers just make the translated content and post it on their own site, and they actually “bash” the translators for making some kind of water mark for it…. (though without doubt, I am also taking someone’s work and just translating it too….)

And then, people who downloaded it started bashing and cursing at the translator too…


Though it’s definitely not all, it still does make me rather demoralized on whether it’s worth it or not.. (Well, they will likely not bashed me here but bashed elsewhere so they can continue to make me translate for “them”…. T-T …)

PS: Just ignore me if you find this annoying.. Just wanted to let it out to some extent… after seeing those comments at some trollo epub site or something by accidental….

One thought on “Just some ranting…….

  1. macktheknife123 April 12, 2018 / 09:04

    I understand. You are having the same trouble that is happening other online translators for WN or LN series. Do not let it get you down, I have meet even worse translators more like they play pranks on the readers or that they refuse to receive help from readers to help with little mistakes they made and get mad at the person helping them. You are doing a great job and that is why I decided to stick reading your series because of it. Keep up the good and look forward to reading the next 1. 🙂


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