About Me

Just a wanna-be translator for Japanese Light Novel. Play Computer Games, Watch Anime, Read Manga and Light Novels, Working as a network engineer.

First Attempt:

Campione Manga Volume 01

Now Attempting:

  • Arifureta (Will be doing Arc 4 Chapter 13 as a practice piece. Pretty much stop though :P)
  • Monster Breeder of an Alternate World (Collaborating with Rumashi. See Collaboration page for details.)
  • I, who is Jobless, decided to aim to become an adventurer.(Collaborating with Rumashi. See Collaboration page for details.)
  • The Strategist Knows Everything (Monthly or longer. Damn crazy long chapters…)

Future Aspirations:

  • Be more capable at translating
  • Be able to translate a few series at the same time (Doing now but want to do it better)

Reasons for doing this

  • For Fun
  • For Learning
  • Hoping that more people would come to know of the novels that I liked (which I am translating) and would come to love it, just as I am.
  • Also, hoping that I can reach out to people who obviously can’t read the novel due to the language barrier that the publishers did not reach out to.
    But do support the authors by buying the original if you like the stories from my translations!

So I hope whoever is reading would be lenient to me or at least be kind enough to correct me so I won’t make the same mistake. (Though I would like to have the right to disagree what you disagree as well. :P)

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