Arifureta Arc 4 Chapter 13 (Practice)

Just a Test Page with no Content at the moment….. actually, let’s just put in what I have attempted to translate. As said, this is just me translating for my own testing purposes, and also because of a scene i wanted to try in this chapter.

As usual, I am still learning how to translate and also Japanese in itself, so please do take care of me.. 😀

To Recall Once Again

Hajime and Kaori are looking at a large ship of a size they rarely see even on Earth.

With a length of more than 300 m, the ship looks to be at least 10 stories high from the ground. Even though the supposedly majestic decorations have been decayed, one will still be moved from the sight of it. Hajime, who is also a builder, couldn’t not have a sense of respect for the engineers then to construct such a impressive wooden ship.

Hajime carried Kaori and used “Aerodynamic” to jump to the terrace on the deck of the ship. And sure enough, the vicinity started to distort.

“Here it comes again… Stay strong, Kaori. I doubt its going to be a good sight.”

“…Uhm. I am fine.” <Affirmative “Uhm”>

Hearing Kaori’s dispirited reply, Hajime slightly regret what he have pointed out in the maze earlier on. It’s obvious Kaori is getting demoralized as the time goes. Though he still believed it is something that he have to mention, he could have chosen a better timing.

The smile Kaori is making right now is so unlike her that he can’t bear to see…… Maybe he could have waited only after completeing [Merujine Underwater Ruins], was what Hajime thought while feeling irritated.

It is now at night, with the full moon shining in the dark sky. The Luxury liner is bathing in the moonlight, brimming with brilliance and the deck is filled with decorations and a buffet lined up with various foods. Many people are enjoying the food single-handed? while having a pleasant conversation.

[ It’s a party…. right?]

[Yeah. It’s really gorgeous…. Did we misunderstood the concept of Merujine?]

While stoning due to the unexpected sight of what was supposed to have been gruesome, Hajime and Kaori viewed the dazzling view from what seems to be the sailor’s private terrace on the high end of the deck.

Then, the door behind them opened, with several sailors pouring in, having a chat while taking a puff. They seem to be taking a break.

Trying to listen into their conversations, it looks like this sea party is to celebrate the end of the war. Rather than the extermination or conquer of the opposing country during the drawn-out war, the war was ended by the signing of a peace treaty. All the sailors went really happy about it. Looking closely, there wasn’t only humans on the deck, there were demons and also the demi-humans. Everyone was chatting happily, without a care in regards to their differences.

<To be Continued>

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