The Siblings – Chapter 5

Here’s your dose for The Strategist Knows Everything!


PS: I shall also a shout-out for the novel: Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha

Genre: Politics, Harem, Smart MC, Hero-to-King, Fantasy, Medieval.
The Prologue chapter shot my heart!

Thanks larvyde, and Yukkuri for translating the amazing novel!

The Strategist Knows Everything Update

This is just an update to say that I will be making changes to how the menu and labels of this novel will be.

First, rather than Chapter X Part X, I have followed the web novel’s format to the various arcs, followed by sub-arcs, and then the chapter number.

Like Arc 1 The Rebellion, The Beginning Chapter 3

And so and so on. You can pretty much see it from the menu actually.

Second, I actually have been kinda rushing this chapter up by using whatever time I have to do even a bit of translations. Because of that, my weekday time is pretty much, sleep>work>translate>sleep…. and it just continues….

So I plan to take a slight break before I start on the next chapter.


Nope, it’s not on hiatus. Literally, just a break for a breather.

Project Details Update

Hi All.

Today will be an announcement on the details of how I plan to continue as a translator. For those who doesn’t want long-winded speech, scroll down and read the summary!


First thing, most likely its news that is old to the unknown, but again, I am collaborating with Rumanshi for his translations. Namely 2 of them. Yep, you didn’t read wrong. It’s not only monster breeder, but also Jobless!!!!!

I who is jobless, decided to aim to become an adventurer!

So stay tuned at Rumanshi’s site for possible updates!

EDIT: Other World’s Chapter 16 is up here.


Second thing, I have decided to pick up The Strategist Knows Everything for own personal reading and enjoyment. Due to my other projects and RL, I can’t promise a periodic update. At the same time, each chapter length is ridiculously long for someone inexperienced as me so I will take time.

As of now, I can only say it will be a monthly or longer release. Hope you guys can understand.


Third and final thing, with the current load, I do not see myself taking any other projects as of now. So yeah, hope to see you guys within these 3 series 😀


In Summary:

  • Collaboration with Rumanshi
    • Other World’s Monster Breeder (Weekly)
    • I who is jobless, decided to aim to become an adventurer! (Supposedly Weekly)
  • Personal Projects
    • The Strategist Knows Everything. (Monthly or longer)
      • Updated the main menu or here.
      • Just Updated Chapter 3 in the menu or here.

Yep, that’s all folks!


As usual, hope you enjoy our/my works and may you support us throughout the series!

Yoshiro Signing out!

PS: holy crap! that’s a long post….