Dropped/Passed On/Taken

Well, just a introduction page on what this meant.

Dropped: This should be common, basically, series, I have decided to stop doing, whatever the reason.

Passed On: Someone wants to do it, but on their site. (I am not really sure if there is some form of like territory control, but I will just put it in since I don’t really like to do something that someone else has already done, and is still continuing)

Taken: Like Rumanshi’s, just realize he already started the series, so I don’t see the point in continuing since there is already a translation.


I prefer doing series that are short(chapter length) and enjoyable since i just started out on translating light novels. Another thing is I usually translate because no one else seems to like the series but i really like it and think that someone else might also appreciate it even if its the minority, like why i did the Campione Manga Volume 1 in the first place. (Though I didn’t complete it as translating it involves some form of art which i am terribly bad at.)

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