Gen0u Vol 3 Part 5 – As the Lord B : Betrothal

05 – As the Lord B : Betrothal

This is the original translations I made for Yukkuri-san the other time. Got permission from him to post it here as my “Achievement”. LOL!

But I got kinda hyped by the story and decided to try helped them translate and this was the chapter that I did. I got really happy when I managed to see it on Yukkuri-san’s page.

Completed version:

Souma is likely the type that won’t cross the line unless he gets kicked flying.(In regards to female relationships)

But…. to make Aisha as the 2nd Consort, you say.


“Would that be a reward to you, Boden?”

“As a father, it’s complicated though…… As she also seems to desire that as well, to want to grant her wish is also the feelings of a parent. Also, at this time where the people of the God-Protected Forest started to face the world outside, I believe it will hold a huge significance for the elder daughter to marry into the royalty. Not just the bond between the God-Protected Forest and the royalty, it would also become the symbol of the bond between Humans and Dark Elves.”


Not just for the sake of his daughter, but also for political considerations, I see. For our side as well, if we could strengthen the bond with the God-Protected Forest, I would be able to include the elite archers from the Dark Elves that show their valor in the battle at the outskirts of Randell…..and, that’s even without such a gain.

Aisha is cute. If you ask me whether or not I want to marry her, I would want to. Though I do feel that she is giving too much of her loyalty, her good will is also conveyed straight to me on that part(though I feel as if I baited her). Her ability as a queen is doubtful, but she has that much valor enough to compensate that. If she could stay by my side as my wife, she is a girl that can give me reassurance.

But, you know….. When I returned to my throne, I looked at Liscia who stood next to me. Even for my relationship with Liscia, until recently, I have been brushing it off as my fiancee (temporary). During the engagement with Amidonia, I revised my thinking after I realized that I was conducting myself like a king when I was conversing with Carla. When I realized that I have already reached the point of no return, I decided to stop brushing off the matter of my relationship with Liscia.

Nonetheless, I am still a little conflicted in regards to having multiple wives. For Markus, Liscia and Juna-san, though they have been saying that it’s normal multiple times, for someone who is influenced with the ethics of modern Japan, I can’t easily accept it…… Ah, it’s not like I am thinking about something arrogant like having multiple wives is insincere or something like that. It’s about feeling bad for Liscia to reply that here immediately. It’s like a man who is two-timing after all.

As I was thinking about that, Liscia looked at me. And looking at me who is trying not to show how flustered I am, Liscia said as if slightly shocked.


“Please make sure you properly take Aisha as your wife, got it?”

“You say properly…..Are you fine with it, Liscia? ”

“Though I don’t have the right to reject, didn’t I already say that if it’s Aisha and the rest, I am fine with it? Or more like, it will become more troublesome if you don’t after all.”


“Souma, you are a king, you know. At any rate, from now on, a situation will come where you have to marry daughters of nobles or the princesses of other countries. For the sake of that situation, I wish to fortify the higher order of consorts with people who we can trust.”


Liscia who emphasized on the practical side of matters, gave out a sigh, looking at me who is still hesitating.


“Even though Souma can make decision that controls the fate of the country, but when it comes to female relationships, you are so indecisive, aren’t you?”


“Good grief…. Aisha”

“Y, Yes!”


Being called out suddenly, Aisha who was watching attentively to the development of matters while being nervous in her guard position, diagonally at the back, jumped with a start. Towards such a Aisha, Liscia pointed her finger with a snap.


“I do not plan to hand over the position of the 1st Consort/Queen. Is the 2nd Consort fine with you? If you are fine with it, I won’t say anything or rather, I will welcome you.”

“Y…Yes! If I can be at the side of his Majesty!”


Liscia nodded to such an answer of Aisha and say while looking straight into my eyes.


“I have made the preparation. That’s why…. Do it…. properly.”

“……Got it.”


I wonder why. At this time, I feel like I have already seen the power balance of the future. Liscia has already shown this much of her “female disposition”….. As expected, I can’t show any more of my unsightliness. I walked towards Aisha, approaching her side. That strong Aisha is now showing an unsecured expression. Ah..seriously, don’t make such a face.



“Y, Yes!”

“So….. would you become my bride?”

“u! Yes! With pleasure!”


I swallowed the retort of “Is this a bar?”. While I am feeling my face burning, I faced and spoke to Boden, who is smiling while leaking out his complicated feelings of a father. Not in a tone of a King, but one that challenged those above.


“….it ended up in such developments. I shall come forth to address this officially. Father-in-law”

“….I shall be waiting. Son-in-law”


Thus, Aisha became my second fiancee.

But, now that it turned out this way, what should I do with (Attendant of the East Wind). As expected, I don’t think I can make my empress act like an exclusive SP. As I said that,


“Leave it to me, your Majesty! Even if I become your Majesty’s wife, I shall protect your Majesty’s life!”


As Aisha said that with a full-faced smile, we decided to leave it as it is…… well, I guess i can just attach something like subordinates to her later. Having decided on the second Empress candidate, to Markus (he have been remarking ‘Increase the number of wives, make children’ at every opportunity, due to his sense of danger of the situation of having little royalty right now, resulted from the previous fight for the crown.) who floated a relieved expression as if his worries had reduced at long last, though it ended up in the form of having new worries dropping in, I could only show my condolences.

Towards such a situation we are in, Juna-san showed a slightly lonesome smile.


 ◇ ◇ ◇


With the reward session to Boden that ended up serious in various ways closing, it was Juna-san’s turn at the end. As I was speaking words of thanks, I asked her, “Do you have anything you wish for?”…. Well, even if I don’t ask her, I already know her answer. Most likely, she would petition that she wish to hand over all of her achievements to Excel. This time, she was moving not as a Lorelei, but as a Navy.


“Your Majesty, my achievement…..”

“Is it fine if I speak a few words?”


To Juna-san’s words, Excel interrupted.


“Please forgive me for my sudden impoliteness. Please give me permission to speak.”

“….. Granted.”

“Thank you very much.”


Excel bowed and started speaking gradually.


“As Your Majesty should know, Juna Doma is my granddaughter. But Juna’s father, who is my son, was sent as a groom to the merchant family of Doma who open shop in Lagoon City. In other words, Juna Doma is born as a commoner. Though she has been attached under me for military service, she doesn’t have any connections to the noble family’s circumstances.”

“… what do you wish to say?”


Though I asked that, Excel instead faced Juna-san and said,


“Though I believe you plan to achieve your feats for my sake, that’s not necessary.”

“Esteemed Grandmother!? However, ”


To Juna who tries to argue vehemently, Excel silently shaked her head


“It’s fine. You are a person that does not have connection with the Vargas family. It’s not good to use your achievements for someone you have not met before. Do use it for your own sake.”

“Esteemed Grandmother!?”

“I can’t sacrifice the happiness of my granddaughter for the sake of my son-in-law and other granddaughter. It’s fine that you don’t worry about us, so you should go ahead and have your wish granted.”


Having Excel look her gently, Juna hid her eyes and seemed to be temporarily conflicted. But, soon after, she opened her eyes, and kneeled down after taking a step forward.


“Your Majesty. I have a request.”

“…..what is it?”

“If possible, I also…..wish to stay and sing by Your Majesty’s side from now on.”


That is…. certainly, this means to take in Juna-san…. as my wife as well.


“Your Majesty, if it’s Juna Doma-dono, we can welcome as a concubine. If you wish to welcome her as an Imperial Consort, it’s necessary for her to be adopted once by some noble with at least the rank of a Knight.”


Markus said that with a happy expression. The fact that my wives are increasing is working as desired, I think. After looking at Liscia, she gave a nod that gives a feeling of consent. But….


“I am sorry. I can’t do that.”


I rejected it clearly. Liscia opened her eyes wide at my words, while Excel gave that seems to be clinging to “why in the world…..”. I couldn’t see Juna-san’s expression who cast her eyes down. A gloomy atmosphere started to envelop, but… no no no, please listen to the end.


“Now….it’s not possible. Juna-san is the 『Prima Lorelei』 of 『Project Lorelei』, the Musical Program Broadcast plan that uses the Royal Broadcast Orb, you know. Try announcing the engagement of such a Juna-san. The revolt will happen in the capital.”


And that’s also on the level of not being a joke. It’s still fresh in my memory that there was a request from the National Assembly to 『put out Juna-san more often on the Royal Broadcast』. An idol was revealed to have a lover has her blog blazed, is something that happen quite often in the previous world, but if there is anything that is going to burn in this world, it’s going to be『City』or 『Castle』, i guess. Burning the country with flames of jealousy, is not something I can laugh at. So,


“Would you be willing to wait for a while longer?”



Towards Juna-san who raised her head, I said while having an awkward feeling,


“Right now, I still need the ability of Juna-san as a 『Lorelei』. That’s why I wish for you to stay as the ‘Citizen’s Juna-san’ for now. After we gathered even more Loreleis and raised them into talents that can ascend the path, I shall go and receive you without fail.”

“…..I shall be waiting for that day. Your Majesty”


Saying that, Juna-san revealed a smile of young maiden.

Thank you very much for reading it always.

With that, Aisha and Juna have become his fiancees.

To say it in ecstasy about their relationships,

【ソーリーは親友兼戦友兼恋人】【So-Li →  Best Friends, Comrades and Lovers】

【ソーアイはご主人様と忠犬】【So-Ai →  Master and his faithful dog】(Isn’t that cruel?)

【ソージュナは背伸びしたい弟とやんわり窘めるお姉さん】【So-Juna → A brother trying to tiptoe and an elder sister gently chiding him】

Are the kinds of relationship I am trying to make people feel.

Ah, Tomoe-chan is a sister to the end.

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Anyway, J-Novel is translating this so you can get the series from them for this novel. I really recommend this series if you like politics and strategy stuff. Oh… There are harem in this series so if you don’t like it, I would like to suggest that you avoid it and not try to put fault on it though.

Link to Purchase:

However, I would just stick to my Japanese version from I still prefer the expressions in Japanese, though reading them is kinda of a chore since I am still not used to it yet. Haha!

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