Monster Breeder of an Alternate World 異世界モンスターブリーダー ~ チートはあるけど、のんびり育成しています ~

After being summoned to an alternate world, the profession Souta was entitled to was the most unwanted “Demon Tamer”. But, acquiring a skill <Capsule Ball> that allows him to tame anybody with a chance of 100%, Souta’s talent starts to blossom naturally.

Becoming stronger through the repetition of beasts fusion! Monster Breeding Fantasy!

I will be collaborating with Rumanshi now to translate this series.
So do support us if you like the series 😀

Rumanshi’s Blog:

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Disclaimer: I am doing this for the sake of my own amazement and improvement of japanese. At the same time, hoping to bring this novel to the ears(actually eyes in this case) of more people, so as to allow more people to enjoy them as I rarely see novels translated to the English Language officially. If there is any problems in regards to this project of mine, please do drop me a message via the information in the Contact page.

Anyway, the content page, as of now (09/02/2015), is as follows:

日本語 Original Title and Link Translated Title and Link
ハーレム軍団結成! Formation of the Harem Army
初めての戦闘 The First Battle
絶対支配 Absolute Domination

Sorry, I will no longer be updating this table. Please do use the above Rumanshi’s blog to access the chapters. Thanks.

Hope you enjoy yourself!

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