Chapter 001 Formation of the Harem Army

Well, here is the first chapter of monster breeder.

Actually, the chapter is quite weird. The chapter name doesn’t coincide with what he was doing in the chapter. Maybe he just wanted the chapter name to attract the readers, but I find it misleading. Nonetheless, I think it was rather interesting.

Also, there were some places where I didn’t translate as it is from the novel as I find it quite weird to translate it totally. I mean it didn’t make sense. I believe I did put a TL note on it.

Hope you can understand and enjoy it! Otherwise, guide me if you can!

Formation of the Harem Army

Where am I?

A view far from reality presents itself before me as I open my eyes.

Where am I standing on now…. Am I on a cloud?

Looking at my own feet I can see something white and fluffy wrapping around them.

The faint cool sensation from the cloud seems to tell me that the world I am in is not a dream.

Just moments ago, I was supposed to be enjoying the Sunday morning anime broadcast at home…. So why am I at such a place?
“Welcome, To Heaven”
A female voice that emits a sense of divinity and dignity.

From the direction of the voice, there stands a lady with blond hair and blue eyes, usually mistaken as those goddesses that appear in legends.

I wonder if she happen to be cosplaying some character from a certain anime? She is wearing fluttery clothing that is rather detached from the normal world.
“Excuse me. May I know where am I? Actually, who could you possibly be?”
“Hey you… do you not happen to hear what I say just now? Like I said earlier, this is
heaven. After a strict examination, you have been chosen to proceed to live in an alternate world.”
While puffing out her well-endowed breasts, she continued.


“And…. Well done on asking for my identity. I am the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite! I am kind of like a navigator for people like you who will be sent to the alternate world.”

“……May I know how much of that is for real?”


Wait a second here, what the hell are you talking about?

Goddess? Alternate World?

What is this person talking about?
“……Well. I guess it can’t be helped. My job is to make sure junk like you doesn’t die a dog’s death due to confusion from being sent to an alternate world. For situation like this, I think it’s better to see it for yourself, than trying to understand verbally. Please try reciting ‘Status Open’ in your heart.”

While still not convinced about it, I thought of the words ‘Status Open’ as told.

And then,

Kazahaya Souta

Job: Monster Tamer
Level: 1
Health: 10
Strength: 5
Magic: 10
Spirit: 55

Divine Protection
Absolute Domination

Capsule Ball

Suddenly, clear words begin to float into my consciousness. After going through them carefully, it is the status screen that games would normally have.
“What the heck? This is…”
The status screen fits perfectly in my consciousness, and seemingly unable to detach from it.

A weird feeling that one would not experience in the real world.

At first, it feels rather shady, but the [Alternate World] the self-proclaimed goddess was talking about seems to have truth in it.
“Fuffufu. Demon Tamer you say? Isn’t that the job that is suspicious of even being able to defeat a slime. My condolences.”

“……What did you say?”

“Look here. I am gonna specially teach you something. The alternate world you are going to, Atelheid, has a system where your job is decided at birth based on your characteristics! And your Demon Tamer job is a total useless job, one that is like excess luggage! This junk-like job seems to fit a neet like you who confine yourself at home just watching anime.”
<TL: Translation for the world name is based on Adelheid, except the ‘t’, as the katakana is te, not de, if you get what I meant>


A… Annoying….

This Aphrodite girl would have been a peerless beauty, if she would just shut her mouth. But she seems to be the disappointing type that has problems with her overall conduct.
And besides I am not a neet.

Though it’s the truth I am always playing games, I am still an active student that commutes to a public high school, even if I don’t look like it.

Well well.

Let’s calm down and organize what is going on right now.

The reality of being in this place is coming down hard.

It seems that where I am right now is really Heaven, and Aphrodite is really going to be escorting me to this alternate world.

Though the reason of me going to that alternate world is unknown, I have to say after being shown something so unrealistic, the possibility that it is not the truth is lower.
<TL: Actually, here the author’s real translation was the possibility of being shocked is lower, but I don’t understand why he would write that when the MC is slightly shocked just now. So I change the context slightly.>

Anyway, I wonder what is this “Capsule Ball” that is written on the status screen?

Capsule Ball Grade G Active
(A skill that can enslave demons of <Basic Race> based on a certain probability. Enslaved demons will be unable to hurt their master.)

– Demon Tamer Level 1 and above
Just when I was pondering over my doubt.

New words floated into the status screen.

Having a question in mind triggers the effect of the skill to be added to the status screen.

Just to test it, after trying to envision the word ‘Capsule Ball’ in the mind, a semi-transparent baseball-size sphere started to materialize on my hand.

The design was similar to the ‘GachaGacha’ Capsule that I was engrossed in when young.
<TL: Not sure if it is common knowledge world wide, but Gacha is that machine where a capsule with a toy in it will come out after you insert a coin in it and spin the trigger.>
“Capsule ball is the basic skill for Demon Tamer. If you throw the ball and it hits, with a certain probability, you can enslave a demon.”
“Hm… I see…”
Once I understand that, I feel like experimenting a bit.

I just happened to be rather irritated from being dragged into some unknown place and also reprimanded by some foul mouth.

With revenge in mind as well, I tried throwing the capsule ball at Aphrodite.
Aphrodite leak out a stupefy sound when she saw me throwing the ball at her.

Though I throw it rather softly, the capsule ball magnificently landed on Aphrodite’s body.
“It hurts! Hey wait… What are you doing? I will say this here, but the capsule ball can only enslave demons. It is meaningless to throw it at me….”
The abnormal incident happen only a while later.
“Fukyaaaaaaaaaaa!? Nonono! Wait just a moment here! You are kidding, right!? Why!? How!?”
Suddenly, the capsule ball I threw started radiating a shine so dazzling, and Aphrodite started being sucked into it.


Before you know it, Aphrodite’s body is now completely in the small capsule ball.
“Hey! Let me out of here! This is blasphemy to the gods!”
Aphrodite started using a pillow from god’s know where and begin hitting the insides of the capsule ball.

By the way, after being sucked into the capsule ball, she is as small as an eraser.

“……I would really love to do that but…”

I have no idea how to do just that.

“Wuua..Wuu.…… Please! Please get me out of here…”

<TL: Sorry I can’t think of better letter to use to express her crying>

Tears start to seep from Aphrodite’s eyes.

Actually, from start to end, I couldn’t really digest what really happen. I was suddenly thrown to the heaven and then was told that I am to go to an alternate world. By the time I noticed it, I became a demon tamer.


Nonetheless, I should be able to at least say this.

Goddess Captured!
<TL: Well, for those who watch pokemon, you might hear “I got myself a ‘Goddess’ or ‘Goddess! Getto daze!’>

– Enslaved Monster Data

Illustration No ???

Race Deity
Grade ???
Level 3620
Health 29778
Strength 19822
Magic 68810
Spirit 38240


<To be Continued on Chapter 002>


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EDIT 1: Attempt to rephrase and correct.<2015/11/30>

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