Chapter 002 The First Battle

Didn’t expect that I will be doing chapter 2 so quickly. I think this series has rather short chapters compared to some novels that are long, not that it is a bad thing, just that for new translators like me, they are rather scary to do.

Well, that aside, this chapter is rather funny, or LoL. But as usual, a few things to pick on the story. Like how the heck the MC finally get into the alternate world when he was still in heaven.

With that out of the way, hope you will like my translations, otherwise, do guide me on what could be changed or improved.


The First Battle

By the time I realized, in front of me was a vast land of grasslands that seems to extend limitless.

Actually, before seeing this, I was still half-convinced on the current situation, but I really seem to have been summoned to the alternate world.

As evidence, the plants growing in this world differs greatly than those on earth, and the color of the sun shining from the sky is green.

Let’s see.
What should I do?

From the knowledge fostered from playing computer games, what I should do first is to [find a settlement].

Luckily, I found a path that seems to be used not long ago by people nearby.

Shouldn’t following the path allow me to reach a populated settlement in due time?

“……a demon.”

Not long after making my way on the path, a small stature person of green body and height of less than 50 cm is ahead of me.

Seems like the other party has not seen me yet.

What now? Should I fight?

If you think about the goblins in game, they are usually the first few monsters that appear early. You can’t wish for better opponents to test a battle with.

The job that I got after being summoned to this world is the Demon Tamer.

It feels wrong to just battle head-on like that.

At this time, if it is the online game I am playing, I would have been given a tutorial by my kind navigator though……

Reality will never goes according to one’s desire, I guess.

“……no. Wait a minute”

I decided to use the Capsule Ball skill after an idea flashed in my mind.
Following that, I materialize a capsule in my hands.

“Oh. She’s here as expected.”

If you look closely, you will be able to see the figure of the blond beauty Aphrodite in the capsule ball.

“Fufufu. Let’s just try this!” <TL: The actual phrase here is actually something close to “Let nature take its course”. “whatever happen will happen” just doesn’t sound right to me>

But where is that assertiveness she was showing just now?
She is now sitting in the ball, substituting her pillow for a floor cushion, while giving a blank look on her face.

Now then.
What should I do to release her from the ball?

To use the skill, all I need to do was to envision it in my mind.

Then, to release the demon from the ball, wouldn’t envisioning the release in my mind serves as the trigger for it?

To test it out, I envision the word [Summon] in my heart.

And in that instant,
The capsule ball turned into a ball of light, and a figure of a human started to appear.

The blond, well-endowed peerless beauty appear from the light.
It’s Aphrodite.

“Hey. Looks like we meet again.”


Surprised, while still in her sitting position, Aphrodite was having a “What the hell happened?” expression on a her face.

“Hey! You! What have you done? How could you?”

“Well. Sorry about it. I didn’t do it with ill intentions. Please forgive me.”

“A@kjbxjas] scnaigusii!”

Aphrodite was shaking me, with her hands holding onto my chest, while spouting unintelligent words.

“Actually, it’s a problem if we make a scene here! The demon there is going to become aware of us.”

“Huh? You say demon?”

Finally releasing my clothes, Aphrodite started facing in the direction of the demon.

“A demon, you say. Ha! Isn’t that just a goblin?”

“Just a goblin…… Is it possible that Aphrodite happen to be outrageously strong?”

“Of course. I am a goddess after all, you know? There is no way a goddess like me is going to have trouble with a demon.”

“Oh. That’s reassuring….! Then, can you start out by trying to drive away that goblin?”

“It can’t be helped. After that is done, I am going to have a long conversation with you.”

Aphrodite started walking towards the goblin, and trusted her right arm exaggeratedly to the sky.

“Pitiful Lambs. In the name of the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite, accept your holy judgement! God Breath!”

A really cool finishing line was made.

On the contrary—.
In spite of that cool expression made.

A gentle wind wasn’t even blowing, not to say God Breath.

“Tha.. that’s weird! God Breath! God Breath!”

Aphrodite continued in succession, reattempting to call out the name of the skill, but as usual, nothing happen at all to the surroundings.

Not only that, due to raising her voice, the goblin now knows of our presence.

“Souta…. He.. help.. help me…”


Having her fluttery clothes pulled by the goblin, Aphrodite started seeping tears from her eyes.

Looks like this goddess is seriously an undependable person from start to end.


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EDIT: Attempt to improve some sentences <2015/12/02>

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