Chapter 003 Absolute Domination

Yo, What’s up, people? Chapter 3 from yours truly. 😛
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Absolute Domination

In the end.
To clean up Aphrodite’s inability to defeat the goblin, I ended up taking up the task.

With a height of less than 50cm, and the fact that the goblin is alone, their existence doesn’t seem to be a threat to humans.

Using the advantage of my physique, I kicked right at the head of the goblin, and instantly, the goblin stopped moving. <TL: Uhm.. One Kick Man?>

I didn’t expect to take it out in one shit.
Though I heard that Demon Tamer is supposed to be a job that is the weakest, this actually reduces the worries I have from that rumor.

“Wu..wuu… Why do I have to experience such situation?”

Aphrodite dropped her hips to the ground weakly, while tearing up.

“Uhm.. Aphro-san? Don’t be so depressed”

“Who is Afro-san!? You can see that my hair is silky!”

“……O…Oh. I see.”

Opening her eyes suddenly, Aphrodite stood up and walked towards me, showing her silky hair with a pose saying “Even with her a hair like this!”.

Though I already knew when up closed, her hair is truly straight long silky.
And, it gives off a really nice smell too.

“If you really have to abbreviate my name….I will permit using ‘Di’. Though truly not willing to allow it, but at least it’s better than being called Afro!”

“I got it. So, to continue that conversation, why were you about to be taken out by the goblin? I am not really sure about the details, but the God race is strong, right?”

“U…. That is..”

Aphrodite falters her words, while averting her gaze.
Seems like what happen just now was a really humiliating event for her.

“I realize the reason after I confirmed the status of us just now. I have forgotten about it, but it seems like the power of the God race can only be used in Heaven. It’s because of that, that the magic that can turn all creations into ash God Breath is unusable.”

“……You actually tried to use such a dangerous magic against a goblin.”

I brought up the status view, while retorting about her actions.

Race Deity
Level 3620

Health 29778
Strength 4 (- 29784)
Magic 18 (-68804)
Spirit 13 (-38227)
<TL: Note that the numbers in the brackets are what have been reduced. The numbers on the outside are the current stats, no more additional calculations needed to see the final stats. FYI. And yep, you are not wrong, the number don’t match from Chapter 001>


Looks like Demon Tamer can check the status of their enslaved demons.

Comparing the status of the original set, other than health, the rest of the stats had dropped drastically.

“I attempted to infer the things that happened today. You know you have a skill called ‘Absolute Domination’ under the Divine Protection heading, right?”

“Ah. That’s right. There was that, wasn’t it?”

The impact of ‘Capsule Ball’ was so strong that I didn’t really bother about that.

Absolute Domination Grade Details Unknown

(Only those that have the qualifications to rule over all creations are granted this divine protection)

Just when I opened the status screen to verify the skill, a text filled of abnormality and seriousness floated in.

“……Did you realize it? The divine protection skill that you hold ‘Absolute Domination’ is one that destroys the very foundation of being a Demon Tamer, in regards to being unfortunate just to have such a job and also the very rule that ‘Only basic races can be enslaved.’”

“Wait a second. If I can enslave any race, doesn’t that mean I can enslave human, for example?”

“Of course. It’s effective even towards a goddess like me. I do not think the likes of human is capable to resist it.”

What the heck? <TL: なんということだろう。>
What in the world is a Demon Tamer that can enslave human….

Seems like this ability that I acquire……is pretty much a skill that is bugged in this world. That’s all I can think of.


That’s the end of Chapter 3. Hope you like it and see you in the next chapter!

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  1. Ruubix February 13, 2016 / 15:34

    Screw logic let’s give this kid God(Pokemon master) level skill at level 1


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