Forwarding Chapter 3


Here’s Chapter 3.


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Epilogue of Arc 1

It has been a year +/- a few days/weeks since I started this project, and I have finally completed a volume. It’s has been quite the ‘adventure’. (Before anyone start misunderstanding, I am not dropping this…. At least not now. ) It started out as just something for me to forcefully learn Japanese. It’s brutal actually 😛

I am really happy that there are people supporting me and also understanding for the hiccups of the whole project itself so,

Thank you. Arigatou Gozaimashita. ありがとうございました・

Please do continue to support me in this journey and may this continue for a long period of time. Also, i just changed the theme to a different design…. uhmm.. again.. 

Here’s the Epilogue of Arc 1!

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Jobless – Chapter 59

Long Story Short: I am planning to stop translating Jobless in another 2 chapters.

Chapter 59

Long Story…as it is: It’s been a while since I started Jobless as a request from Rumanshi when I was still doing Other World Tamer. It was short and interesting at that time so I didn’t really mind doing it.

But I guess the pace and the story didn’t really stir me up for long, before I started feeling pressured to complete a chapter every week.  With that, as I am doing this on my leisure, I don’t see the point of pressuring myself to do something that is supposedly for ‘Fun’, which comes to the decision of stopping it. I have told Rumanshi a while ago and he has started requesting for a replacement, but sadly, I think it is time for me to move on for my side.

To end it off, thanks for all the support you have given me, or at least this series that have been on-going for quite a while. While it was tough recently, I did learn a few things during this translation journey with Jobless.

Again, thank you very much. Arigatou Gozaimashita!