Not sure why but I created a Game-list Page.

Well, I just thought that there might be people interested in stuff like that so I just quickly made one.

My twitter is there and it updates lots of videos that I twitch’ed or made in Youtube, and also you might see updates of what I am interested in which might interest you.

It’s just a “For Your Information”-kinda page so just look at it if you feel like it.


My title sounds like a light novel title for some reason….. Is it just me?
Also, would people be interested if I made reviews/opinions of games that I played? There are some many people making those though 😛


Epilogue of Arc 1

It has been a year +/- a few days/weeks since I started this project, and I have finally completed a volume. It’s has been quite the ‘adventure’. (Before anyone start misunderstanding, I am not dropping this…. At least not now. ) It started out as just something for me to forcefully learn Japanese. It’s brutal actually 😛

I am really happy that there are people supporting me and also understanding for the hiccups of the whole project itself so,

Thank you. Arigatou Gozaimashita. ありがとうございました・

Please do continue to support me in this journey and may this continue for a long period of time. Also, i just changed the theme to a different design…. uhmm.. again.. 

Here’s the Epilogue of Arc 1!

PS: Just a quick shout-out for those who appreciate my work and wish to contribute something. Please do not “hesitate” to click the “Buy me a Kit-kat” link to donate a simple ‘token’ of your appreciation.
Of course, there are no pressure at all
(*****Staring at your electronic wallet/purse desperately*****).