Project Details Update

Hi All.

Today will be an announcement on the details of how I plan to continue as a translator. For those who doesn’t want long-winded speech, scroll down and read the summary!


First thing, most likely its news that is old to the unknown, but again, I am collaborating with Rumanshi for his translations. Namely 2 of them. Yep, you didn’t read wrong. It’s not only monster breeder, but also Jobless!!!!!

I who is jobless, decided to aim to become an adventurer!

So stay tuned at Rumanshi’s site for possible updates!

EDIT: Other World’s Chapter 16 is up here.


Second thing, I have decided to pick up The Strategist Knows Everything for own personal reading and enjoyment. Due to my other projects and RL, I can’t promise a periodic update. At the same time, each chapter length is ridiculously long for someone inexperienced as me so I will take time.

As of now, I can only say it will be a monthly or longer release. Hope you guys can understand.


Third and final thing, with the current load, I do not see myself taking any other projects as of now. So yeah, hope to see you guys within these 3 series 😀


In Summary:

  • Collaboration with Rumanshi
    • Other World’s Monster Breeder (Weekly)
    • I who is jobless, decided to aim to become an adventurer! (Supposedly Weekly)
  • Personal Projects
    • The Strategist Knows Everything. (Monthly or longer)
      • Updated the main menu or here.
      • Just Updated Chapter 3 in the menu or here.

Yep, that’s all folks!


As usual, hope you enjoy our/my works and may you support us throughout the series!

Yoshiro Signing out!

PS: holy crap! that’s a long post….


OMG! It’s 2!!!! It’s 2!!!!

Holy Hell! It’s Chapter 2 !
Where the hell did i get that motivation from!?

….I guess no one cares about that anyway…

LoL! Okay so chapter 2 is here!

Hope you like it, and as usual, like it if you do, otherwise, hope you can drop some comments on what can be improved or even the phrases if you have something that might be better.

PS: it’s also an indication if anyone is even reading  (T-T)

First Chapter of Monster Breeder

Be Happy! I have translated the first chapter of Monster Breeder……

Okay, just joking. I found a Chrome plugin that seems to assist me well in translating the novel. It’s called Rikaikun. It attempts to translate words/phrases on words my cursor hovers over. Because of that, it becomes more motivating to translate it.

I also decided doing this chapter now, since I saw view attempts on the main page on this novel. I mean what’s the point of translating something that no one wants to read lol…

As usual, this is my attempt at translating web novels, hope you will like it, otherwise, I wish that you would guide me along my mistakes and also what I can improve in.

The chapter is here.

Hope to see you guys on the next chapter!

Trying out Translating Light Novel

Just me trying to post something for the first time on my wordpress LOL..

After trying out translating with Soul Scans on the first Volume of Campione, I was rather happy that there were people who actually appreciates the effort.. Of course, they were people complaining about my translations being broken english as it is… hahaha……… But even without the appreciations, I must say that work of mine was something I am happy that I even tried…

I hope whoever is reading would be lenient to me or at least be kind enough to correct me so I won’t make the same mistake. (Though I would like to have the right to disagree what you disagree as well. :P)