Updates on Menu

Hi All,

I have just updated the site with my own Jobless page, as I wanted my own page on it after all 😛 (Can’t blame me for wanting my own one, you know)

Anyway, I will be updating this page with the links to Rumanshi while also posting updates of jobless from this wordpress blog as well.

The Link is here anyway.

I have also included a page to introduce where I like to buy novels from.


Lol.. sorry, haven’t have the time to continue the practice chapter, also Durasama pretty much got that down anyway.

Rumanshi is still continuing with his monster breeder, though its been a while since he released any though.


For me, I am busy planning and preparing for my trip soon and other RL stuffs. Plus I am also looking for something to try as well. But those might just be excuses 😛

That’s all for me today. Cya!