Interesting Article that I found

Video on youtube about realistic weapons, combat in an anime.

Might use this site as a blog for random stuff more often… 😛

I am an idiot!

I just realize the chapters i have uploaded myself and some other pages as well, have their comments disabled!

What am I talking about, waiting for your comments when they can’t comment on it!?

Anyway, I solved that issue, and also updated the <Monster Breeder of an Alternate World >’s content page with Rumanshi’s link.
So hope it makes life easier for you readers.

Hope to see you more!

PS: I will stick to my own title on my page so 😛

Literal Random Post.. Voice attack with Elite Dangerous

Just wanted to add something random. Also to show off my Voice Attack Setup… lol

Please forgive me for my occasional smirk as I can’t help it when it works out fine.. 😛

Follow these instructions to get other Text to Speech Voices..

Trying out Translating Light Novel

Just me trying to post something for the first time on my wordpress LOL..

After trying out translating with Soul Scans on the first Volume of Campione, I was rather happy that there were people who actually appreciates the effort.. Of course, they were people complaining about my translations being broken english as it is… hahaha……… But even without the appreciations, I must say that work of mine was something I am happy that I even tried…

I hope whoever is reading would be lenient to me or at least be kind enough to correct me so I won’t make the same mistake. (Though I would like to have the right to disagree what you disagree as well. :P)