Arc 1 – The Epilogue

Yoshiro: Well, this is the last chapter for Volume 1. Hope you like it.

Arc 1: The Rebellion – Epilogue

( at your service!)

After the fire in the King’s throne dissipates, we met up with Kaguya-sama and the rest who managed to escape from the King’s throne and now I am in Dio-sama’s room after all kinds of post-event cleanup. Having my body applied with medicine, my left arm is being held in place. It was quite a pitiful appearance.

There is one person in the room, Lerfa. Even though I had no idea where he had gone to after dissipating the fire, he was in Dio-sama’s room without knowing when.

( at your service!)

“Now then, since we have already settled some of the problems, I believe it’s fine to reveal the things though?”

“You are planning to talk, even without my permission, right? Also, that foreigner that has become able to see quite a few things, is going to notice a weird feeling between you and him in times to come after all.”

“It sounds as if I can talk, you know?”

“Since you are going to talk about it, say it in front of me. Next, keep it concise. I can’t stay for long.”

( at your service!)

As Dio-sama nodded to Lerfa’s words, and sat on a chair, I was offered to also sit down.

Though I refused once, I sat down, without being able to refuse the second offer.

( at your service!)

“Firstly, let’s start from main thing. He’s Lerfa. To say in a sentence, he’s of an ancient race.”

“Ancient Race….?”

( at your service!)

My skill was activated from the word I heard for the first time.

Ancient Races. The term for the 5 races that once lived on this continent. In general, though they are overwhelming compared to human, when it comes to physique and magic power, the races ended due to the war between themselves and the low reproductivity.

( at your service!)

“There is no need to explain to you, right? You can see anything after all.”

“!? You knew….?”

“I know everything after all.”

( at your service!)

Dio-sama laughed, saying that and added , “It’s a joke.”

It totally doesn’t sound like a joke. That eyes that seems to see through everything have something that can understand Kaguya-sama.

( at your service!)

“Quickly say what you need. I don’t have much time.”

“That’s true. Yukito. To defeat my father, I requested assistance from Lerfa and acquired a cooperative by taking a condition of implementing a certain task.”

“A certain task?”

( at your service!)

Though I wanted to ask Dio-sama, Lerfa answered instead.

( at your service!)

“Dealing with the ancient races that have started to actively interfere with this world. We, from the ancient races, are not allowed to attack each other using magic. Therefore, I am unable to stop it with my own hands.”

“Wai, wait just a moment! Weren’t the ancient races extinct…?”

“Almost, all. A countable amount remains. Though those people no longer wish to interfere with this world, there is one troublesome person who moved up. That’s why I requested Diorood Arkwright to deal with him.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Lerfa closed his mouth. Though I am curious on who is that troublesome person, he seems to have no plans on sharing it. Well, I guess that conversation would end up long. However, even looking at Lerfa, the status screen doesn’t open. I wonder if I can’t see anything against the ancient races.

( at your service!)

“And I was getting anxious when I knew that Father has been putting his hands on the surroundings of Aneue. That’s why using my already healed sickness as a reason, I left the royal castle, and went towards to the forest where Lerfa stay. I just casually spread rumors of a noted physician and made it such that I am relying on that.”

“The surroundings, actually believed that….?”

“Everyone wouldn’t realized that. What’s important in the royal castle is my Father’s mood. Well, from there, I made a certain contract with Lerfa.”

( at your service!)

Dio-sama gradually rolled up his left arm’s sleeve, and showed me what looks like a birthmark somewhere below the elbow. I believe that is likely something like a proof of the contract. However, it’s on a place quite hard to see.

( at your service!)

“The Dragon’s Scar. It’s the proof of contract with Lerfa from the ancient race called Ryuujin. In return for Lerfa’s cooperation, I ended up having to deal with the person Lerfa said. Then a problem cropped up. Lerfa himself was bound not to interfere with the world more than necessary.” (TL: Ryuu jin -> Dragon man)

“Why did you make a contract with such a person….”

“I didn’t know. That’s why a person that can assist to make up for Lerfa is required. That is you. Yukito.”

( at your service!)

With that, Dio-sama showed a daring smile, unlike the usual.

( at your service!)

“Then, I…was called to fight with Dio-sama in placement for Lerfa…. A pawn of Lerfa?”

“What a mean way of putting it. Well, it’s not wrong though. In the first place, if you are going to say pawn, then being Diorood Arkwright’s pawn would be more accurate.”

“What do you mean?”

( at your service!)

Lerfa looked at my face and gave out an exaggerated sigh. To the sigh as if saying ‘This person is no good’, my heart floated a slight irritation. Of course, I held it in though.

( at your service!)

“Don’t you look at yourself? Why did you, who lived in a world of no wars, have the wisdom to make use of knowledge? Why did you only received damage of the extent of a broken arm when fighting with an atavistic Majin?”

( at your service!)

Having been told that, I looked at my own status.

My combat ability is 17. If I think from the point of convalescence, though my combat ability did increased after becoming healthy, it is still slow. It’s to the extent that dying from that king’s kick isn’t weird.

My wisdom is exactly 70. If we talk about the highest of 150, it’s below the half mark. There weren’t any other status that overshot 70.

That’s right. Why was I able to think of such strategies. My brain worked to that extent with all its strength.

Why was able to fight with such status.

Queries bring about more queries. The more I think, the more my thoughts are stuck in the maze.

No, above all.

For some reason, I didn’t find it strange. For some reason, I didn’t think of it.

That’s my biggest shock. Until I was pointed out, I totally did not find myself weird.

( at your service!)

“Why did you not feel weird? That’s the kind of face you are showing now. Well, I guess that’s fine. There is a reason for it after all. Now, let me make you easier to see it.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Lerfa started playing his harp. At the instant I heard the sound, the side of the numbers in the status screen slightly shook and numbers in brackets are now shown. (TL: Like ‘10(+20)’)

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

Numbers like ‘+40’, ‘+41’ or others like that came out on the side of my numbers. I wonder what does that mean. (TL: Hidden Stats 😀 )

( at your service!)

“You don’t feel weird standing and walking, right? It’s the same. You know what you can do unconsciously. The power you have right now is calculated with those number added in.”

“So… ah no, but even then, what’s are all these numbers about!?”

“That’s the power of Diorood Arkwright. No, it should be ⅓ of his power, I guess.”


“You have definitely died. Using your remaining thoughts as base, I summoned you and I bestowed you with ⅓ of Diorood Arkwright’s soul. That is why ⅓ of Diorood Arkwright’s power dwell in you. Due to that, you are a pawn of Diorood Arkwright. You can say a fragment of him as well.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Lerfa started playing his harp again. This time, Dio-sama’s status started changing.

It’s the status after adding 40. All the stats are over 120. I believe this is the original status of Dio-sama.

( at your service!)

“My remaining lifespan was estimated. It’s also Lerfa’s first attempt at cutting ⅓ of the soul. That’s why I don’t know how much longer can I live. Likely due to having my soul cut suddenly, I collapsed and my condition haven’t been good, but I have gotten quite used to it. At this rate, I should be able to live longer than the original two months, I think. Well, it’s still possible to die tomorrow though.”

“Then, the reason why the surroundings did not suspect Dio-sama is sick…”

“It’s likely due to not being to move my body at all. In fact, I also find it weird. Honestly, I didn’t think I would not be able to move to that extent.”

( at your service!)

Though he said that as if it’s nothing, it’s an astonishing thing. To actually have ⅓ of his power gone.

Though Dio-sama managed to deal with it with his 120 average stats, normal people would likely have their daily lives affected. Even for people in the 90s, they would have 30 reduced from the stats, resulting in 60. It’s like a top class prodigy suddenly dropping to an average score. Even though the things he had accumulated had instantly dropped, why is Dio-sama able to laugh?

( at your service!)

“Diorood Arkwright had two requests. Being a male and having wisdom. Just these two. It’s not like there is any special reason that it have to be you. As I can’t interfere with the living and dead, when I tried calling out for those on the boundary, you ended up coming in yourself.”

“No, I didn’t really ask that though….”

“On that point, I guess you can say you grasped onto life. Oh yeah. Those eyes are close to magic arts but not, magic. Different from the techniques called Magic Arts, magic are inborn talents. Your strong remaining thoughts, your regrets changed to power, and after I summoned you to this world, the world likely entitled you this magic to your regret.” (TL: Ok, I will start differentiating them from now on. Magic Arts and Magic. )

( at your service!)

After finishing saying as he pleases, Lerfa nodded satisfyingly and looked straight at me.

( at your service!)

“I will have you accompany me for a while. Think of it as a compensation for reviving you. For these few days, I have been healing injuries and after that, due to teleporting to where Diorood Arkwright is, I am pretty much out of magic power. Though you have, in return, shown work of passing rate, it’s still not enough. Once I find signs of him, I will come to tell you.”

( at your service!)

Till then don’t die.

Leaving that message, Lerfa played the harp and disappeared.

I wonder how much does he wants to return. No matter how you look at it, he is forcefully concluding the conversation too much.

( at your service!)

“Lerfa likes the beautiful air of the forest. That’s why he doesn’t want to stay in a place with many people as much as he can..”

“I see…. Hm…. can I ask something?”

( at your service!)

As I asked that, Dio-sama nodded while still smiling.

Though I am bothered about what he is thinking behind that smile, I didn’t want to see it as the opposite side of him felt scary.

( at your service!)

“Why did you not try to solve it yourself?”

“That’s true. I thought that question is going to come.”

( at your service!)

Dio-sama laughed while tapping his knee. Well, I guess anyone would be mind about it. If you have status of 120, I felt that you can likely bring about a situation close to the current one by leading the army or making use of other countries. Even the role to attract Kaguya-sama’s attention doesn’t necessarily have to be me.

( at your service!)

“I am ….similar. To Father.”

“…..I felt that…. slightly.”

“Perhaps, I hated my father due to the what they call racial hatred, I guess. Well, I am not that lustful though.”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“There are many wars in the alternate world and I heard that currently it’s peaceful. So if I could summon a person with records and knowledge of the war, I can adopt it the alternate world’s tactics and strategies. That’s what I thought. But, more than that, I longed for a friend by my side.”

( at your service!)

Dio-sama slowly shaked his head. As if rejecting his own words.

( at your service!)

“I guess that’s wrong. Perhaps, I wanted someone who can stop me.”

“Stop? From what?”

“Didn’t you see my father? Living by his instinct, there are no one by his side. I do not wish to become like that. That’s why I wanted someone who can definitely stop me.”

( at your service!)

Hearing those words, I remembered the time when we talked for the first time in the carriage.

( at your service!)

“No matter how much you criticized me, I won’t mind it. If you are angry from the bottom of your heart, I will be contented to accept it.”

( at your service!)

That’s what Dio-sama said. Though I was quite bewildered by those sudden words, I understood what those words meant now. Dio-sama wanted me to stand by his side as a friend from the start.

( at your service!)

“Well, though being able to use Magic was a delightful miscalculation, I wasn’t expecting you to ensnare the Celsus Maiden.”

“Ensnare….don’t you have a better way of saying it…?”

“Given time, would you ensnare Aneue as well? In that case, you will be automatically my brother-in-law, and there will be no necessity to make the vow of becoming sworn brother expressly.”

( at your service!)

Towards increasingly chattering Dio-sama who mixed in voices of tease, I gave out a sigh and took out the fan from my chest.

Due to having Sophia as the topic, I started thinking of the time when Sophia, Dio-sama and I were together for some reason.

( at your service!)

“The likes of me won’t become the partner of Kaguya-sama, and I also only see Sophia as a friend.”

“Well, let’s take it that way for now, shall we? Do you wish to meet Sophia-sama?”


“But Veris’s and Albion’s diplomatic relations are still severed. Until our country’s matter and the surrounding countries’ relations have been improved, going to Albion is not possible.”

( at your service!)

Implicitly indicating that ‘if I wish to meet her, I have to take care of all that’, I replied Dio-sama with a smile.

Dio-sama floated a gentle smile to my look, and pointed at my right arm.

( at your service!)

“Yukito should have the same Dragon’s Scar. Mine is on the left arm and yours is on the right arm. Those people who has the same scar carved on them, cannot betray each other. Lerfa was, well, the person who carved them so he’s different, but Yukito and I can’t betray one another.”

( at your service!)

Showing bad manners, I folded my sleeve with my mouth. It can’t be helped. I can’t use my left arm after all.

( at your service!)

“Oh it’s true. It’s there. I didn’t notice it.”

“Though it’s possible that we can lie to each other…”

“I know that. I was tricked after all. However, we can’t betray, you say…. If we do that to the whole world, I wonder if conflict will be gone.”

“It’s an interesting thought but that is rejected. A world that allows people to be able to believe everyone in this world is as dangerous as a world that makes people not trust each other. Going back to the topic, this scar has one more effect.”

( at your service!)

Raising his right index finger, Dio-sama said that.

Even though being unable to betray each other is already plenty, there is still more? I really have been carved with something qu)ite dangerous without me knowing.

( at your service!)

“We are unable to easily abandon each other. Though it’s not absolutely impossible, there are strong forces coming into play. That’s why even if you do not want to do it, you came to the battlefield to save me.”

“I see… However, please allow me to correct one thing.”

“What is it?”

“The reason I came to your rescue is not due to this scar. It’s my will. At the very least, that’s what I think.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, after making a flabbergasted face, he rattled his feet and started laughing.

( at your service!)

“Ahhaha!! That’s fine! Let’s take it that way! Well, you are really interesting! Honestly, when Aneue called you Yukito, I almost laughed though.”

“What does that mean…?”

“From my understanding, it’s impossible for that Aneue to call a male’s name friendly. After all, the usual feeling is like a blunt refusal.”

“It was Kurei at first, you know. It might have been because it’s difficult to say?”

“No, it’s definitely because she wanted to show you that she trust you that she called you name. Unexpectedly, Aneue is also maiden.”

( at your service!)

My spine froze as I heard that obviously teasing tone.

If Kaguya-sama heard such a conversation.

Then, I remembered. I ended up remembering it. Something I was told.

( at your service!)

“I have a seriously regrettable notification…”


“It seems that Sophia can hear long distance conversation by controlling the wind…. Our conversation appears to have been heard….”

“…… that talk about how wonderful it is to have that golden hair hanging on the ear, is that it?”

“Even in regards to how captivating that white robe is…..”

“….that’s bad….”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Dio-sama, for the first time today, gave a expression, other than a smile.

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