Arc 2 – Epilogue

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Arc 2: The Reconstruction – Epilogue

( at your service!)

If I were to go to the Empire alone, I won’t be able to do anything at all. But, if it’s as a general leading Nox going to the Empire, there’s tons of stuff I can do. And to that, the risk for Veris is small.

Thinking about the fact that the Empire’s 1st fleet will be sent, it isn’t a minus for Veris to send Nox to the Empire in terms of logistics, weapons supplies due to the difficulty in chain of command and also the suspended state of the unit itself. Rather than having a unit that’s not fighting on standby, it would be better for it to be dispatched to an allied country.

Of course, it’s not like there’s no demerit. The main one is the main commander that is me, have to go and I will be unable to perform my role as Kaguya-sama’s teacher and also not being able to stay by Sophia’s side. Well, from Veris’s point of view, it’s just a small problem, but the people in question doesn’t seem to be of agreement of it.

( a t your service!)

“I definitely object that.”

“That’s right. I would definitely not approved that.” (TL:…. he definitely made 2 strongest(political and powerful) ladies in this world longed for him…. )

( at your service!)

Taking break from the negotiations, I stated that to Kaguya-sama and Sophia after moving into another room.

Admiral Arnold should be now meeting up with Liasha-denka. After saying that we wish to take a break, Admiral Arnold requested to meet her. Different from his previous farce, he was having quite a worried expression, so I led him to her room, apologizing for not noticing his farce.

And when i entered the room where Kaguya-sama and Sophia is, that was what I was told. Though I was slightly irritated by the fact that they did not even try to read about my plan, thinking that they were worried about me, I managed to keep my calm.

( at your service!)

“There’s only Nox which we can send to the Empire if we limit ourselves to a unit of above average strength. A unit with similar strength would already be in the frontline so even if we try to substitute, it will take some time.”

( at your ser vice!)

Before I get a recommendation of sending a unit other than Nox, I said that to seal that route.

Very likely, Kaguya-sama, who was thinking of that, was out of words, but the opponent is not just Kaguya-sama.

( at your service!)

“What does that got to do with Yukito going to the Empire?”

(trytranslations. com at your service!)

I am the supreme commander of Nox. Though previously that is. Well, as long as there’s no successor, it doesn’t really matter. The most important point is that I am the only one that can put them in order and lead them. Just with that reason, it’s enough. After all, I am the only one capable of it.

( at your service!)

“There’s no one else that can lead Nox. The only way is for me to lead them. And also Nox is too strong. Problems will definitely occur with the Empire. It’s also best for me to be there to solve those problems. If the Empire is defeated, it will be Veris that will be in danger then.”

(trytranslations at your service!)

Sophia kept staring at me. Nah, her eyes were narrowed and gave a suspicious glance, so rather than staring, glaring might be a better word.

I understand the meaning of the gaze. And though it’s something I definitely do not want to hear, having her motive of not wanting me to go to the Empire, she spared no hesitation.

( at your service!)

“Didn’t you say you will stay by my side?”

(trytranslationscom at your service!)

Pouting was something that she rarely do. Though there’s also the fact that Kaguya-sama and I are in the area, not just that, I can see through her intention of showing her pouting self to trouble me.

Those not used to Sophia’s appearance, will find her pouting expression lovable as well, but luxuriously, I am used to seeing the normal Sophia. I do not find this situation of her pouting lovable.

I did say I will stay by her side. I definitely said that. That is serious and is not a lie. But, the situation will change. And that situation has changed.

It is a very important promise. If it’s just my personal problem, I would still take it as my priority, but if I do not and let another go and it failed, I won’t be able to meet my eyes.

With Nox’s strength, even if Albion attacked, it shouldn’t be difficult to defend if we managed to coordinate with the Empire well. What’s difficult is the method to solve the problems on the coordination itself and supplies. That’s why I have to go even on just on the role of negotiation.

There’s no other candidate. Though there are people that can go, there are too many problems for Veris if they left.

( at your service!)

“I want to be by your side. But, it’s my selfishness to be fixated on that. If Veris is gone, we would lose our place to be together, so I hope….. you would understand that.” (TL: Are you saying that in front of Kaguya…..)

( at your service!)

Saying that, Sophia bit her lips while still having her pouting expression, and gradually retreated a step. Sophia hate having ill will towards those close to her. That’s why I said it like this, knowing that it will make Sophia gave up.

Though I feel apologetic to attack her weak point, I have no composure to be able to consider her mental state this time. I know that we can’t make a compromise, so it’s better if we finish this topic quickly.

Thinking of that, I looked at Kaguya-sama, at the side of Sophia.

( a t your service!)

“I still have tons of stuff that I have to learn from you, you know….?”

( at your service!)

Now, Kaguya-sama is troubling me. I wouldn’t want to leave if I can not go. Just that, if I have to, then I can only follow that path.

If you wish to hold me back, I hope they can think of a reason to hold me back. It won’t solve the situation by just saying “You can’t” or “Stop”.

( at your service!)

“Please be at ease. Kaguya-sama is someone capable of making quick decisions and actions by nature. If you do not waver, you will have no problem, even without me.” (TL: そう言う問題じゃねえ…. That’s not the problem lol…)

(trytranslations. com at your service!)

In sports and also martial arts, sportsman that were instinctual by nature, lost their distinctive feature because they think too much. Kaguya-sama who turned into a king is exactly in that situation. Thinking too much, she started unable to find an answer so I taught her the way to think.

But, in the first place, the talented Kaguya-sama would be able to arrive at her answer without thinking much. Whether it’s instinctual or maybe her brain came out with an answer instantly, her answers are always on point. However, as the process of her thoughts were totally skipped, once she started doubting her answer, she ends up in a maze of thoughts due to not knowing what’s wrong with it.

( at your service!)

”But I feel insecure without you around. What should I do about this anxiety? ”

“There will definitely be a time where even when I am not around, you have to make your decisions. It’s just sooner than I thought. Everyone would be anxious for the first time, after it’s scary. But, if you run away from it, nothing shall start.”

( at your service!)

As I said that, Kaguya-sama, as if she dropped something really precious, showed an unsettling expression.

Until now, Kaguya-sama have been making requests and thoughts of her feelings, and I have been teaching the methods of achieving those. Now, Kaguya-sama have to think about it herself. The current Veris is not in a situation to be able to support her fully.


( m at your service!)

“I, who you defeated, can guarantee that Kaguya-sama will be fine. Please do be confident of yourself.”

“I only managed to defeat you because you were not used to leading the army. If it’s now and each of us having an army of similar strength, I would likely lose.”

“Though that’s quite an honor, both of us fighting each other would be something impossible for the days to come. If you really felt that way, you should feel proud and hold confidence to yourself all the more. Be proud that you defeated me. And I shall work hard to feel proud that you defeated me as well.”

(trytranslations.c om at your service!)

Right now, if we were to lead armies of similar strength, I wouldn’t be able to defeat her. In a battle, I can’t really find a way to win against Kaguya-sama. During the pre-battle phase, I might be able to do something, but in a direct confrontation, not just me, I believe there’s likely no one that can defeat her. That’s how strong I think Kaguya-sama is in battle.
That’s why it’s fine for her to have more confidence, however, it seems that even now the effect of seeing her own weak-mindedness during the civil war is still dragging herself, still unable to retrieve her confidence.

Just looking at the status, I can see how brilliant that person is. However, the person herself have no way of knowing that. There won’t be any effect with me telling her those figures.

That’s why one has to realize his or her own strength by oneself. That’s because without knowing oneself, they can never be able to make the right decisions. What they can do and what they can not do. Expanding on that, what the opponent can do and what they can’t. Pondering about all these is what’s important.

Knowing that, there’s one side of me that it’s a good chance for her to learn but also another side that thinks that it is a little early. Just that, no matter what path Veris will go, Kaguya-sama’s growth is indispensable.

There will be a time where Kaguya-sama has to make plenty of decisions alone. Experiencing such times without me would benefit for those times.

( at yo ur service!)

“Regarding my matter…… I do understand that I have to do something about myself. And also how you thought about it. But, what about yourself? You..”

“That’s right. Didn’t you dislike war….!”

(trytra at your service!)

Having her words taken from the previously silent Sophia, Kaguya-sama lightly glared at Sophia.

Sophia covered her mouth with both hands, as if saying “oh dear!”, opening her eyes wide.

Smiling bitterly at those two, I looked straight at them.

( at your service!)

“I wish to believe in humans. That’s why I wouldn’t want to fight. But, there’s things I have to protect by fighting and there are people that I also wish to protect and not hand over. Therefore..”

( at your service!)

There’s no problem.

I smiled, stating that. Though I decided to move for Veris, I will never be able to fight for a country. That’s why, I will fight for whoever’s precious to me. Anything more, it will be to prevent fights from happening.

With gradual movements, I kneeled on one knee, left hand on the floor and placed my right hand on my chest.

(trytranslati at your service!)

“Though it really hurts to leave everyone’s side, I have to go. Please forgive my worthlessness.”


“Even though there’s one thing I have to protect with the promise with Sophia, I can’t follow complete every single promise….. It’s my inability, isn’t it?”

“….even if you say that, I won’t forgive you… Didn’t you say there won’t be a second time….”

( at your service!)

Sophia uttered, with a voice about to cry. I definitely say that when I flared up against Kaguya-sama the other time, that there won’t be a second time.

If I don’t compensate properly, I don’t think she will forgive me.

( at your service!)

“Yukito. It’s fine if you have to go. But, you will definitely return, right?”

“Of course. Though it depends on the situation, I believe it should be around reinforcement dispatch of around half a year to a year. The Empire should also withdraw their fleet back to the country around that period. While it also depends on the war between Veris and Albion and its small countries alliance and also the war between the Dominion and the Empire, which would make it earlier or even later, I wish to go ahead with the mindset of that period of time..”

( at  your service!)

Even soldiers are humans. There would definitely have people who longed for their family. As well as people who can’t fit into the foreign country. Taking those into account, I anticipate the period of half a year to a year. Any time longer would be difficult so I doubt we would be staying any longer than that.

( at your service!)

“One year….. I wonder if Veris can hold go without you around?”

“Please hold on. I shall also return in high spirits one year later.”

( at your service!)

Saying it strictly, Kaguya-sama smiled and muttered, “I guess so”.

Kaguya-sama seems to have come to an understanding to some extent. What’s left is Sophia though.

( at your s ervice!)

“I have to wait again, don’t I…..”

“Yeah.. Again, isn’t it?”

( at your service!)

Even when leaving Earl Uren’s castle, she was on the side on being sent out and after that, she was on the role of waiting.

(trytran at your service!)

“I shall wait for a year. If you don’t come back by then….. I will be going over so please resolve yourself.”

“Got it. I will work hard not to let that happen again.”

(tryt at your servi ce!)

I stood up, making that statement.

After that, the Empire left Veris while staying cautious and disappeared into the seas. On that other hand, Veris stayed vigilant against the Empire’s navy, while guarding against the supposedly incoming Dominion’s navy and started preparing the coastal defenses.

A week had passed since then. While intel of the Dominion’s fleet being captured arrived, a few ships not hanging any flags were inconspicuously setting out towards the Empire from Veris.

On the deck was a teenager, wearing an eccentric attire of black short sleeved hakama for horseback riding, and above it was a black coat that acts like a mantle. Until the lands of Veris disappeared from his sights, his black eyes continued to look upon it.

The teenager sighed lightly when the land of Veris could no longer but seen and murmured “Alright” with a strong tone.

He sent his sights towards the path of the ship’s course, which is the Empire, and directed the fan held in his right hand towards the same direction.

( at your se rvice!)

“Full speed ahead! Nox shall begin our operation to the Empire from here on! Raise the flag!”

(trytran at your service!)

After the teenager’s voice resounded, all the ships raised the flags of Veris.

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