Arc 1 – The Beginning Chapter 3.6

Yoshiro: Short Chapter but hope you enjoy it….

Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Beginning Chapter 3.6

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In the town around Earl Uren’s castle were Yukito and Dio. Dio wanted to take a walk outside after his thoughts came to a standstill.

What were at the town was people troubled with food eagerly waiting for the distribution of food from the castle. Those that did not rely on the support to live gave glances of scorn.

Yukito who saw this terrible scene, shiver in the possibility that he might be one of them if Dio did not pick him up.

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“The disparity in this country is quite terrible actually. Compared to the other countries. Not talking about those with a job, those that can’t end up like that, unable to break free from the situation.”

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Hidden under a hat, Dio said that in a sharper voice than usual.

Feeling the anger within the voice, Yukito, unknowing what to reply, kept silent.

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“To Father, the citizens are things not worth bothering. Father has never been interested in anything other than themselves. But, a country are the citizens themselves. A country with no citizens is like a corpse with no soul.”

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Yukito felt that the words from Dio were heavy. That’s because he has never thought about such a major thing. To Yukito who is rarely interested in other people before coming to this world, thinking of people who he does not know and in masses is a realm he have never imagined.

That’s why Yukito carry respect towards Dio who is angry for the mass.

Yukito was following silently after Dio. Dio who walked around the castle town with his own legs, were verifying the situation of the town with his own eyes.

At the end of that day, Dio went towards the walls that surrounds the castle and castle town.

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“Yukito. No matter the reason, I believe I, who caused the civil war, is the evil to this country.”

“….I wonder. I do not think so though…”

“To the people living under Father, I am a hindrance.”

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Dio smiled bitterly towards Yukito who was having trouble expressing himself considerately.

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“That…might be true. Just that, that might be the minority, you know?”

“Why do you think so?”

“Since Dio-sama murmured that this place is still better, then it’s worse from a whole country’s perspective, isn’t it? ”

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Seeing Yukito who picked up his murmur and derived the actual situation of the country from there, Dio nodded with satisfaction.

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“Is something the matter?”

“It’s nothing. Only, I found some light on the path and thought that I could still work hard.”

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Saying that, Dio looked in the direction of the capital far away. Nah, he’s looking at something further than that.

Kaguya, his sister that is at the frontlines of the borders. The reason why Dio raised his army.

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“Are you worried about your sister?”

“Yep. Very. But if it’s Aneue, she should be fine.”

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Turning his back, he followed the way back to the castle.

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“Opposite to the reliable-looking back, there was also a slight lonesome feel to it. Seeing that, Yukito started thinking how to do something about the current situation.”

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With the map of Veris displayed on his menu, Yukito simulated the path of the civil war in his head.

And gave out quite a few unknown sighs.

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“With the current situation, we can’t win, can we?”

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Murmuring, Yukito looked at the map. In the south of Veris, the soldiers of Earl Uren’s aren’t enough. And in Dio’s camp, though we have nobles and volunteer soldiers joining the fray, they still do not have influential nobles joining the fight.

Dragging the opportunistic nobles is Dio’s biggest task. And that trump card is Sophia herself, and for that to happen, Dio was resolved to use any means possible to have Sophia on his side.

But, that resolve was made useless with Yukito’s existence. That’s because his existence has strongly pulled Sophia in.

Though Yukito realized that, even knowing Dio’s intention, Yukito has never personally went to Sophia’s room.

The attitude of Yukito not going on his own discretion unless upon Sophia’s call, was what grasped Sophia’s trust even more with her ability to capture sound through the wind, but that’s not something Yukito would know. That’s why Yukito is most troubled towards Sophia’s friendliness.

Though Yukito was having some stupid thoughts of “Is this my period of romantic interest?”, he quickly dismissed those thoughts, shaking his head.

As he did that, one of Sophia’s escorts invited Sophia.

Realizing that it was time to be Sophia’s talking companion, Yukito thought. A way to penetrate though Larg’s fault-finding and reach Sophia’s room.

As he thought “now, what should I do?”, he reached a conclusion of not being an opponent of someone troublesome and tough and also not fighting as the best solution.

The Yukito at this time wouldn’t think that this trivial thought would result in a development of a tactic after a talk with Dio.

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8 thoughts on “Arc 1 – The Beginning Chapter 3.6

  1. Dragons33 April 29, 2018 / 16:24

    Thanks for the chapter.

    I never even knew you were translating intermission chapters. These are really good chapters, so I wonder why they’re treated as short story chapters? The don’t stray far from the main story, and they actually improve the flow of the plot. Either way, I especially enjoyed learning more about Sophia in the previous SS. Now she doesn’t feel so much like a cardboard character, and instead has a more solid form in my mind. 🙂

    P.S. I’ve always meant to point this out before, but you should use less commas (,) in your sentences. Commas are sentence interrupters where you take a brief moment to pause, as if taking a quick breath, before you continue reading the rest of the sentence. Other places to use commas are when you use conjunctions such as: “and” “or” “but.” When you use a comma in the wrong part of a sentence is what’s called a comma splice – pretty much the bane of all English grammar, and the most common and easiest mistake to make – so just try to keep an eye out in your editing. One way to avoid comma splices is by speaking the sentence aloud and seeing if those brief pauses sound unnatural to you.

    Alright, that’s the end of my lecture. This ended up being a really long post script, but thanks for bearing with me. 🙂


    • Yoshiro April 29, 2018 / 17:51

      So for example, “Yukito smiled bitterly, shaking his head.”.

      Is this a wrong use or right use of comma?


      • Dragons33 April 30, 2018 / 12:00

        I’d say yes for the most part because tone is important too. The other annoying thing about English grammar is context and how you want to convey that sentence. Your example works though.

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      • Yoshiro April 30, 2018 / 12:11

        thanks. also embarassingly, my translation are usually unedited. i usually do them when I reread them after a while later, so I dun get tunnel-minded on my original sentence.


      • Dragons33 April 30, 2018 / 23:40

        Ahh, that’s understandable. Editing can be really tedious, but it’s worth it in the end when you can proudly say you’ve done a good job. If it is too time consuming for you to fit into your schedule though, you could probably send a shout out to your readers that you’re looking for an editor. Still though, your unedited work is actually pretty good so it would turn out really good with just a bit of polishing here and there. All in all you’re doing great and I wish you the best of luck as you continue translating. 🙂

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  3. Drama April 30, 2018 / 03:45

    I wish improvements for you and that everything happens well in your surgery, and thanks for the chapter ..

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  4. macktheknife123 May 1, 2018 / 08:49

    Thanks for the chapter.

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