Arc 1 – The Beginning Chapter 3

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Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Beginning Chapter 3

When describing the beauty of women, flowers are usually used, otherwise, it will be gems. If that’s not enough, it might be the rarely used “stars”. Something absolute that has an unreachable mysteriousness, and reaches out to the never-ending space.

Within the stars, the most prominent ones are the Sun and the Moon. The impressions of them are pretty much humongous. Next, it would be either daytime or nighttime. The light that shines down is a blessing that even gratitude would not be able to be sufficiently expressed. If compared to those, even the female side would feel tactful about such a description. If one was told that her beauty is like the sun, she might not reject it, but that would have been too much.

However, women that suit such a description truly exists. I, a modern person, have seen many women through books, television and the internet. Within them, there are those that uses their beauty as their weapon in the society. To be frank, it’s like we are living in a different world, and just by looking at her, you know she is beautiful.

Compared to those women, right now, the lady, the Celsus Maiden, right in front of me has a beauty that puts them to shame. Her age is said to be of 17 years old. Though she is younger than me, she has a sense of maturity, whether or not it’s due to her conduct or her appearance, I have no idea.

Her golden hair on her back is more charming than any high quality silk. Her blue eyes emits a transparent radiance than any blue sky. Her white skin has a fine texture, and her waist and limbs that slides off her white robe is astoundingly slender. Even all these descriptions are not even enough to portray her. Her beauty is not something I can compare with.

I understand that I should not use the sun or moon for comparison. However, unless one has a way with words, to not use them to express one’s feeling would proved to be difficult.

She might be the manifestation of man’s imagination, that’s what I really thought.

It’s enough that I can watch her from a close distance. How long could I continue to watch her? I wonder.

However, she have been there sitting on the chair, just looking at the scenery from the window for quite a while already. It’s the job of the companion to start a conversation and break the ice during times like this, but it hasn’t been a day since I am awake.

And besides, I am not really good with conversations. If it’s about books, I am still fine but the books here are still alien to me. If I start making a conversation regarding modern books, it will end up as if the books I am talking about are my works or experiences. I do not have the confidence to make that kind of conversation. Even more, I do not have the art of communications.

Let’s see, what should I do? Dio-sama had an urgent matter to attend to, so after receiving her in the castle, he immediately left the castle.

Originally, the reason for her coming was to replenish goods and take a rest. I guess being the only safe house in this danger area, it can’t be helped.

Even so, I can’t really just let her wait on just like this. Given the ability to move around freely, and furthermore, possibly able to attract her interest, is me. On Dio-sama’s decision, I was left alone in the room with the Celsus Maiden.

Though Dio-sama simply said to get friendly to the level of calling each other by the name with the Celsus Maiden, that hurdle is too high for me. What are you asking a person, who doesn’t have much chance to talk to the opposite sex, not to say a beauty, to do?

“… Celsus Maiden. Is there anything that inconveniences you?”

“…. My name is Sophia Leedsberg, not Celsus Maiden.”

A voice with the rhythm of a bell floated out from the small mouth. It’s been years since I have heard a voice that I longed for more, the previous time being listening to a song of a beautiful voice of a singer. She is truly a person with no fault, not just her appearance, even her voice is beautiful.

“Excuse me for my rudeness. I was warned to not lightly call you by your name.”

I will just say that while smiling but, the warning from the escort captain-like huge man has abnormal eyes. I was told not to call her by her name, not to touch her, not to get close her as I was the one chosen to be her partner, and I was really shocked about the warning. Even if you don’t tell me, I don’t intend to touch or get close to her. How can I do that to a lady I just met.

“Only Captain Larg would say that. It’s fine to call me by Sophia.”

“Then, I shall call you Sophia-sama. Did you wish to have a conversation?”

“Let’s see…. I wonder what’s with that unusual clothing?”

“It’s my native clothing. It’s not a common item in the market, so I guess it’s unusual if you think of it that way.”

That’s a lie. It’s crazily bulkly manufactured, but I doubt that would ever flow into this world’s market. If I wear it, it will mostly attract lots of attention. Since I don’t have any other clothing, I guess I can only ask Dio-sama for assistance.

“The Island’s clothing… Other than clothing, you have other unusual items as well.”

“Why did you think I was from the Island?”

“Was I mistaken?”

“Well, I wonder. Just that, former inhabitant of the island also have children with black eyes and hair. So, just because someone has those, concluding that he or she is from the island might be a hasty one.”

“Then, either of your parents were former inhabitants?”

“Both of my parents were from the island, and that includes me as well.”

After answering with a smile, a strange silence filled the area. It’s that. Telling a joke to a person who can’t joke, it’s quite close to the silence when the person is about to get angry. Damn. I might have angered her.

“In other words…. a lie?”

“No way. I am just saying that there is such a situation. I did not deny it. I was just asking why did you think that way.”

“It’s the same! What’s this about? I don’t really understand the reason for the lie”

“It’s not a lie, just a joke. It’s just playing with words. Though there are times where people doesn’t get it, this time, I was just teasing Sophia-sama.”

Smiling complacently, Sophia-sama’s face turned beet-red, and begin glancing to the scenery outside again.

That was a failure. Planning to make the conversation enjoyable, I was the only one getting into the mood while making the other party angry. Here I thought it wasn’t a bad move.

“… I… have neither joke with nor tease anyone before….”

“I think it’s quite stifling if it’s always about facts. Sometimes I believe it’s necessary to add a bit of exaggeration or enjoying meaningless conversations. I believe it’s important for people to have some form of composure.”

“Stifling.. Composure… What do you see in me?”

“You seemed really oppressed, and lack of any composure at all. Is it tiring? To act as the Celsus Maiden”

Immediately after saying that, a breeze passed the side of my face. Turning my face to the back like a broken plate, I see a wall with light cracks on it. Seems like bullets of wind, or something along those lines. I shouldn’t die if hit by one of those, but I should at least be knocked unconscious.

“Never should I hear that from your mouth again.”

“…. This is about a friend of mine, so it has totally nothing to do with Sophia-sama. May I begin my story?”

“Please do.”

After acquiring permission, I take a deep breath. Seeing those wind bullets, what i am about to do is most likely suicide. She was also trying to tell me that the next one would hit, having missed her first shot. Even so, I still wish to release her from her anxiety.

I realized something after getting stabbed by my close friend, and that is anyone would act to some extent. To act as the person others wanted to see. If it’s the old self, no one would open their hearts, so everyone is keeping on with it. I believe that was the situation of my friend. It could have been nervousness. It could also have been that he actually didn’t like chatting. That’s why he was pressurized to that end. As a friend, I couldn’t even realize that, not to say to accept my friend’s true self.

That regret is also giving me a push on the back. Sophia-sama is without doubt, forcing herself. Coming to such a dangerous zone, it is impossible for a female to stay calm and cool. She is only acting to look that way.

“I have a female acquaintance that is truly beautiful. One as divine as the sun, and as mysterious as the moon. She had been requested to do a certain errand. However, at the point of the objective was a womanizing tyrant.”

“You, that story…”

“I have gotten permission. Please listen to the end.”

“… continue”

“I got it. The lady was reluctant to get close to the tyrant. However, she doesn’t have a choice. If she doesn’t go, someone else will be asked to take on the errand. It was something the lady was unable to shut her eyes from. In the end, she ended up taking the task, where she was discovered by the tyrant. But, the lady knew of a way to repel the tyrant beforehand and was able to do that easily. However, her heart had not been cleared up yet. That’s because no matter how many repelling tactics one might have, there is always the “perhaps” or the “possibility” factor. Every time she think of it, she always felt a sense of fear. Once she is done with her errand, she was planning to return straightaway.”

“… then, what happen?”

Slowly, her expression started to get cloudy. Though I didn’t intend to get her to look that way, if she doesn’t want to open up her heart, it can’t be helped. It might be meddlesome on my part, but I can’t helped but see that Sophia-sama is feeling really bitter.

“But, the lady got tired. She had to find someplace to take a rest. She then went towards to the hero’s house who has the highest chance of defeating the tyrant. Even though the hero gladly welcomed the lady, she still hasn’t relaxed herself. That is due to.. her thoughts of whether the hero might have been the same as the tyrant.”

“The story is over, right? From what I think, I believe there is no continuation to that story.”

“There is. The conclusion is that she returned safely. That is a certainty.”

“What are you planning? I should have already mentioned that if you continued with your insolence, I will not be lenient.”

“That’s weird. I only mentioned the story of an acquaintance of mine. It has nothing to do with Sophia-sama. So, I have a question.”

“What is it…?”

I can feel that my throat is dry. I am not really sure about magic, but without doubt, Sophia-sama is preparing it. In the event Sophia-sama felt any unpleasantness, I will most likely be receiving those wind bullets.

If one were to bottled up one’s feelings, it will naturally turn to stress. No matter how you do it, if you release those emotions, you should feel a lot more relaxed.

Well, though I will be in danger, I don’t think I will die.

“What do you think of this lady?”

“What are you trying to say?”

“What are your impressions of the story. To be more direct, ….am I correct?”

In an instant, I am dancing in the sky. Now that I think about it, there was a sudden-gust that blew over, without me hearing it.

That room that Sophia-sama and I are in is spacious. It’s even bigger than the classroom of a school. Opposite the window that was close to the area, there was a door that also blew off.

I thought that was really bad, but it’s not like I can do anything about it. I don’t have the vitality of a martial artist or sports person. Which means I have no idea how to take a defensive maneuver from the attack.

My back strike the bed with full force. The head was shook around, while the back of the head was knocked by the bed multiple times.

While all my limbs are in pain, the main problem is that I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe properly after being severely struck on the back and also being bathed in the sudden gust. Not only that, because of the continuous knock on the back of the head, my sight is distorted. A total cerebral concussion.

“You…! Didn’t you have the confidence to defend yourself!? And you actually didn’t take a defensive maneuver!”

Seemingly felt that that was bad, Sophia-sama rushed to my side. Crouching close to me, she peeked at my face but she totally couldn’t recognise me due to how bad my face was distorted. I somehow manage to get my breathing back, but that’s all. I have never experienced something so painful since I was born.

“Even though you are the close aide of Diorood-sama…”

“I just became on..e today, ..I didn’t know how to defend … myself..”

“With such ability…. why did you make such an idiotic comment!?”

Somehow, my sight is beginning to stabilize. Looks like it was a temporary condition. After it stabilized, it seems I am starting to feel the pain. This is the worst. My whole body hurts.

“When feeling …anxious, I was hoping that… you might listen to me”

“No one would speak their innermost feelings… with such a method.”

“That’s because… since you wouldn’t truly listen to me,…. if I provoke you, you might actually be more inclined to listen, was what I thought.”

“….Are you… an idiot…? You can just leave it alone right? You just meet a lady today, and you say things like… ‘you seem to be suffocating’ and ‘catching a glimpse of anxiety’… It’s none of your business right?’”

From the voice, the impregnable mask had came off. A really soft voice. Though it’s a problem she is at the verge of crying, this must be Sophia-sama’s true self. It’s not a big deal. I won’t change. I am a human who will feel anxious and also pain. Before she is a Celsus Maiden, she is a girl after all.

“I didn’t… realize that my friend was suffering and I wasn’t able to help him. That’s why… I decided to help anyone that I see having the same problem.”


“You should have felt awful and scared as well. But you bottled up everything without showing it to your surroundings…… It’s fine. There is only me in this whole area after all.”

It’s fine even if you take off that mask of yours.

Exactly after I said that, Sophia-sama started leaking large droplets of tears. Somehow managing to move, I got my upper body up, where Sophia-sama started sobbing after leaning on my shoulder.

There is no one who can anticipate that. In modern terms, it’s like holding onto self-defensive tools while walking on a street known to have a serial rapist. This will very likely turn into a trauma for life.

This has nothing to do with strength. It’s not something important that must be done, she was just thrown to do it.

If the fellow that sends Sophia-sama towards Veris is right in front of me, I will hit him without doubt. That just shows how frail the appearance of Sophia-sama, who buried her face on my shoulder crying, was.


After Sophia-sama stopped her crying a while later, I return to my seat once more. Though my body still hurts, it is a lot better than what I was feeling then. The pain should subside after a while. If it is pain that subsides, I am willing to withstand any amount of it. It’s a whole ton better than pain that stays with you.

“Have you calmed down?”

“…. yeah…”

Sophia-sama answered with a feeling like she wanted to just disappear. Most likely feeling embarrassed about the fact that she cried, her face was touched up with a slight tint of red.

Now then, since the “wall” of the heart has been removed, let’s start the conversation.

“Let me put things straight first. I believe Dio-sama have no intention to harm Sophia-sama. Even if that is the case, though it will be the people around Dio-sama, there will be a notice at that time. If you are about to be captured, I will release you without fail. Please do relax. ”

“….I am sorry….”

“Uhm… May I know in regards to what you are apologizing to?”

“In regards to the magic attack…. in regards to doubting you…”

Well, let’s just put the magic attack aside. I was the one who repeatedly provoked her. The end result of the magic attack and also the guilt of the final result should be all my fault.

To doubt is not a bad thing. It’s a kind of self-defensive reflex. If it’s a carefree noble lady that doesn’t doubt a thing, even I won’t go to such ends for her.

“Please don’t worry about it. It’s not such a big deal.”

“But… it hurts, right….?”

“Well, it does hurt, but the one at fault was me. Plus… I manage to talk to Sophia-sama face to face like this. That’s good enough.”

A while ago, she had been on guard and never look into my eye, but now, I am able to look into her eyes and converse. I would say this is quite an improvement.

“You… are really gentle.”

“It’s Yukito. Kurei Yukito. Ah no.. it should be Yukito Kurei, i guess.”

“Oh my, I have not ask for your name…..”

“I have not given my name after all. Even if I gave my name from the start, I did not think you would call me anyway.”

“That’s true. Even if I did give my name, I do not think I would be called as well. Even though I dislike being called the Celsus Maiden, to not call other people by their name…. I am the worst…”

Saying that, she began gazing at the scenery outside. The outside is just a grassland that stretch out, nothing else. Supposedly a scenery where you will get bored off after watching for a while, but it seems to be not the case for Sophia-sama.

“I hate the name of ‘Celsus Maiden’. During catastrophe of the stars or magic-oriented, I am confined to the rooms conferred to me. Including the people met or the actions taken, the words spoken and the steps taken are all limited. All because of the name ‘Celsus Maiden’”

“That sound …so oppressive. By the way, in regards to being limited to both words and steps, is there any good in that?”

“Words have power in them, and without doubt, not in abundance. However, there is no truth in effectiveness to limit casual conversations and movement.”

Sophia-sama sighed after saying that. Though she was only sighing, it’s troublesome that she would just somehow make a really good picture. Her eyes lightly covered, a young beauty sighing on the chair. If it’s this era, a lot of artists would most likely have requested “Please let me paint you”. The fact that only I was able to see this sight gave me a sense of victory for some reason..

“Your feelings… I think I can understand a fraction of it.”

“Well, most of them totally don’t get it at all. But, Yukito is the first to try to understand a lady by the name of Sophia, not the Celsus Maiden. Thank you very much.”

Thank you. Saying that, Sophia-sama hang a smile on her face. My face was painted in red, and while being embarrassed, just trying to keep my composure was taking everything I had.
(TL: I want to see such a smile too… -_-” and I guess a flag has been raised?)

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