Arc 2 – Change Chapter 1

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Arc 2: The Reconstruction – Change Chapter 1

( at your service!)

My grandmother is scary when she is angry. To the point that she is the scariest among the people who I have met. Though I said that, it’s not that when she’s angry, she would scold or change into a really scary face or something. It’s also not because she would turn violent.

It’s just staring at you continuously in seiza position, opposite of me. Without a word. Until she knows I know I was wrong.

If I tried to talk or changed my posture, she would sigh with dejection, so I can only endure without being able to do a thing. It was really like a time in hell. However, it’s always my fault when she was angry at me.

If you ask me why am I remembering this, it’s because I am in a similar position right now.

I was the one getting made at, and Sophia being the one who is mad. I was left on the chair in front of her, and without saying a word, she have not been answering my question. All she did was just stare at me.

But I do know she’s angry. After all, her face was totally written with “I am angry right now.”.

Though it’s not like I do not know why.

I got it. I will apologize. I won’t do something like that again.

( at your service!)


“You were angry because I didn’t consider about myself, right? I won’t do that again.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, I gave a smile but Sophia does not make a reply.

To ignore is said to be the best tease, so this is really intense. And in this case, her glance is onto me so it’s even more intense. She will definitely know if I was ignoring it.

I, who understand what it means to have no island to cling on by feeling it on my body, hung my head and decided to wait until Sophia gave in. But, earlier than I expected, Sophia gave in. No, in this situation, saying that she gave in is wrong.

Since she has not forgave me after all.

( at your service!)

“…..I am happy that you are doing something for me.”

“Eh? Ah, is that so?”

“Yes. However, please don’t misunderstand. The matter this time does not make me happy at all.”

( at your service!)

Thinking that I found some hope, it seems to be just me. Being told that she is not happy at all with a serious face is quite hurting. I was doing it, thinking for Sophia though.

Even though I thought of doing it for Sophia, I guess that doesn’t mean it will make her happy. This is what we call doing something that’s none of your business.

( at your service!)


“I hate to be used in Albion and also to have my freedom taken away from me. But, here in Veris, that’s fine. Do you know why?”

( at your service!)

Towards her question, I slightly pondered. What’s not in Albion, is in Veris. I think that there are plenty of things, but at the same time, not so much as well. But, it’s definitely something special.

After thinking to that extent, I realized. I see.

( at your service!)

“Because Dio-sama and I are here?”

“Yes. That’s right. Because I have people I can rely on and friends that are by my side, so no matter what happens, it’s fine. But, this time, Yukito didn’t notice such of my feelings.”

“No, that’s because you said to grant your wish….”

“You promised that you would stay by my side. But if I haven’t force my way in, no matter what kind of result Yukito got, you would have been chased out of the castle, right?”

( at your service!)

I frankly nodded to her words. Though it’s not a definite 100% possibility that I will be chased out of the castle, I will be dismissed from my role as Nox’s commander. And the trust from my surroundings will also be lost. Nah, right now, Veris’s influential people should be gradually losing trust in me.

But, it doesn’t really matter. Creating Nox, the position as a strategist, and even bringing Veris up were all for going to see Sophia and built to help her. It doesn’t feel regrettable at this late hour for me.

I will let Dio-sama take over Nox, leave the castle and assist Dio-sama by settling as his advisor. That was something I even thought to.

But, Sophia doesn’t approve of that.

( at your service!)

“I definitely promised to stay by Sophia’s side, didn’t I? I thought that I might have been able to stay by your side nonetheless. Was that bad?”

“It’s bad. Please don’t leave me alone…..”

( at your service!)

Sophia floated a sad expression. I was the one who made her show that expression.

I was planning to protect her even with this body. But, Sophia wish that I would include this body within the realms of that protection. I guess self-sacrifice would only bring self-satisfaction.

I really didn’t think of the people who would be left behind. At that time, I was thinking of nothing other than protecting Sophia.

( at your service!)

“Sorry. I was about to break a promise.”

“….I will just forgive you this time. There’s no second time, got it?”

( at your service!)

Towards Sophia who finally have her smile returned, I replied it with the same thing.

Thinking that it’s over, I stood up from my chair but Sophia grabbed hold of my clothing.

( at your service!)

“Is there something?”

“….there’s one more important matter to discuss.”

( at your service!)

Sophia spoke with some hesitation.

Seeing such a Sophia, I returned to my seat and looked into her eyes.

( at your service!)

“Important matter?”

“Yep….. It’s regarding Kaguya-sama.”

( at your service!)

Due to the unexpected name coming out from an unexpected person, I wasn’t able to hide my astonishment.

I wonder why would Kaguya-sama’s name come out from Sophia’s mouth. No, rather than that, why would that be an important matter?

( at your service!)

“Did she did something to you?”

“She didn’t. Yukito, what did Kaguya-sama did to you?”

“What she did? Uhm…. What do you mean?”

“Did you not notice it yourself? Yukito is carrying a lot of negative feelings towards Kaguya-sama. To the point you can feel it from your words and way of speaking….”

( at your service!)

Pointing that out, Sophia cast her eyes down sadly. On the other hand, having pointed it out to me, I started to remember my actions towards to Kaguya-sama until now.

Yeah, I guess, what Sophia said was right. I treated Kaguya-sama badly, and I do have some thoughts on why in my heart. To say it simply, I hate her. That person.

( at your service!)

“…that’s true. I hate…..Kaguya-sama.”

“Yukito. If it was the Yukito that met me not long ago, looking at the current Kaguya-sama…. I think you wouldn’t have abandon her. Do you know why?”

“….I am not sure. Do Sophia know?”

“…..You are gentle. You could think from their point of view. It’s that gentleness that saved me. Have Yukito… thought of thinking from Kaguya-sama’s perspective? Like how you did for, could you read her true feelings that are hidden?”

( at your service!)

Every time she pointed it out, her expression turned even more sad.

If she feels bad saying it, she can not say it, you know. Though I thought of that, I think it’s not wrong that she’s saying it for me. I did not consider a single time what Kaguya-sama was thinking. I did not try to read her hidden thoughts at all as well.

When I met Sophia for the first time, I realized Sophia can’t helped but be uneasy. The reason why the surroundings did not notice was because they have the recognition that if it’s her, she will be fine. They were too conscious of Sophia’s strength and did not put her feelings into consideration.

Thinking like this, I realized it. Like how those people did not see Sophia’s feelings, I also did not see Kaguya-sama’s feelings.

( at your service!)

“….I did not. I didn’t think of doing that.”


“…..I thought Kaguya-sama would be fine and maybe I might have hated her, I guess?”

“Why did you think she would be fine?”

“…..she is the person who defeated me.”

“…..why did you hate her?”

“…..Because she killed my comrades….. Nope. Not only that. She was the trigger to the whole civil war. She created the reason for me to enter the battlefield. Including all that, it’s because I couldn’t forgive Kaguya-sama…”

( at your service!)

I finally understood. The negative feelings that I got from the civil war was not in my calculations. I thought that all the reasons were due to Kaguya-sama and stroke every of those feelings at her.

But, just because I realized it, I can’t do a thing. The fact that one of the reason the civil war happened was without doubt because of Kaguya-sama.

( at your service!)

“Are you not able to …….forgive Kaguya-sama?”


“It’s because I am a stranger, I can understand the danger of Veris. The power struggle of Diorood-sama and Prime Minister Fern under Kaguya-sama is amplifying, and proposals with such various intents included were passed down to Kaguya-sama. Kaguya-sama should be unable to believe anyone right now. And….in this situation, it is suggested that Yukito might leave Kaguya-sama.”

“What…..should I do?”

( at your service!)

Without knowing what to do, I asked Sophia.

But I was replied with an unexpected answer.

( at your service!)

“I believe this should be something Yukito think about.”

“How strict…..”

“Yukito also replied the same thing to Kaguya-sama, right? Even though she sent you a glance, hoping to rely on you, you did not reply. That’s a very….. sad thing….”

( at your service!)

Hearing that, I finally understood why did she tell me about Kaguya-sama. A mirrored image. Kaguya-sama and her.

They are definitely similar. Especially the point where they were influenced by their surroundings.

( at your service!)

“I know that saying this to Yukito who saved me is rude and also showing ingratitude. But even so, I hope that Yukito can save Kaguya-sama.”

( at your service!)

Please be kind to Kaguya-sama. (TL: I almost used “gentle” here and it sounds so wrong….)

Though I nodded to relieve Sophia’s plead, my heart is still in the midst of a hurricane of feelings going at each other, having not come to a compromise.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

A few days have passed since the negotiations.

The power struggle from Bayd and Dio-sama instantly intensifies. Dio-sama started to crush Bayd’s influence. In full force.

The trigger was the very fact that he fondled Kaguya-sama’s breasts. For Dio-sama, I guess it’s something he cannot ignore. (TL: Breasts are the hopes of the world…. and yeah, High School DxD is coming back to town!!!! LOL!!)

On the other hand, Bayd is desperately trying to hold onto his influences.

He was explaining that my words have no credibility and was trying to condemn me to alleviate the situation. And I guess it’s fine to say that the method was going well to some extent.

In front of Veris’s influential people, I used words showing that my unit and I would disaffect and threatened Kaguya-sama. And what’s more, after that, as I was protected by Sophia, I was labelled as a betrayer that supports Sophia. It’s painful because not everything was wrong.

There’s also the rumour of assisting Sophia to overthrow Veris. Even if I tried to deny, there is no one who can ascertain if that’s the truth. I am totally left behind. Though that said, it’s not like it’s out of my expectation. After doing all that, it’s totally unexpected that I am still in the castle though.

There’s one more unexpected matter and that’s Kaguya-sama’s reaction. In regards to Bayd, many people have came to ask Kaguya-sama for the truth everyday, but Kaguya-sama does not respond at all. While she does not cover up for Bayd, she also doesn’t say that my words were the truth. She doesn’t seem to be joining in this dispute at all.

Because of this, it became the talk of the capital. As Kaguya-sama who is the only one who can settle this situation is in that state, there’s no one who can put a brake on this situation. Naturally, this rumour is changing to something that’s not really good for Kaguya-sama but even then, Kaguya-sama is not touching this matter at all.

While observing the situation of Kaguya-sama and the royal castle, I was thinking of what to do after this. Right now, I am the commander of the unit stationed in capital, with no work in the royal castle. In other words, I am free.

I told the members of Nox to take a rest in the capital. After a while, I have to also move as the commander of Nox but I still have some free time.

And to such a me, a visitor came.

That person’s name is Claire Arkwright-sama. Dio-sama’s mother and also a mother-like existence to Kaguya-sama whose mother died early.

Likely due to knowing her strong influence on both of them, she is always living at a corner room of the capital but she suddenly came to my room in the royal castle. Of course, it’s going to be quite an uproar so I am shocked.

( at your service!)

“Is there something that matter today?”

“I have heard about you. Quite the plenty. Yukito Kurei.”

“Then…. I believe I do have some idea on that matter. Have you come to scold me?”

( at your service!)

To my words, Claire-sama shook her head left and right. With a slightly depressing expression, Claire-sama stood up from her chair and looked straight at me.

Her glance that seems like it can see through your heart, is similar to Kaguya-sama when I confronted her on the battlefield. As it seems like she can see through anything on my side, I can’t stop my heart from getting anxious..

( at your service!)

“What I came for today is to apologize. In exchange for my rude children who couldn’t reward their benefactor, I came to apologize to you.”

“….what do you mean?”

( at your service!)

Unable to read what Claire-sama meant, I bewilderedly asked in return. At times like this, my skill can do absolutely nothing. Even if I can see all sorts of information, I can’t read the heart of people. And, in situations like this, what’s useful is experience, and in that regards, the person in front of me is higher than me by a dozen times. After all, she have been lying to her feelings under that king all these times.

( at your service!)

“As literal as it means. You have saved Dio and also Kaguya-sama. In truth, though you should be granted with the most respect, those children were too preoccupied with their own stuff. Without thinking about you.”

“….. they have been considerate to me. ”

“I don’t really like deceiving yourself. You hate it, don’t you? About Conflict. If there’s a reason to fight no matter what, you would do it reluctantly but you would not take the initiative. Isn’t that right?”

( at your service!)

Her eyes are saying to not lie. I realized that I would still be exposed even if I lied. So I honestly replied.

( at your service!)

“As you said.”

“You have been exhausting your strength for Veris till now because of…. Sophia-sama, right?”


“That’s why after saving Sophia-sama, you tried to step back from battles. At the very least, you are trying to leave the position of requiring to fight wars. Was what I said till now correct?”

( at your service!)

It’s not correct. It’s a definite yes. She’s right on the money on all aspects. Is my heart so easy to understand?

( at your service!)

“Yes. Everything you said are accurate.”

“You have the face of ‘Why I knew’. It’s because you are similar. You and Kaguya.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Claire, again, gracefully bowed her head to me.

( at your service!)

“Yukito Kurei. Please allow me to apologize. Being pushed into a war that you did not want to fight, and even now, exposed to meaningless criticisms, I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. And, this is a unfair wish from a mother. Please do help Kaguya. That girl is.”

( at your service!)

Trying to step down from the throne.

( at your service!)

Claire-sama showed a bittered expression looking at my eyes, releasing those words..

( at your service!)

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