Arc 2 – Change Chapter 2

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Arc 2: The Reconstruction – Change Chapter 2

( at your service!)

The stars turned the dark sky into a glittering night.

At the highest floor of the royal castle is the Throne room. Just before the one way path towards the Throne room, there is a window where if you go out of it, you will be able to reach a place by using the path above the one-way path.

The place called the Platform of Star Viewing is a resting place only permitted to the king. Being on the peak of the highest point in the castle of the capital, its view of the starry sky is superb and no matter how much money you have, it’s only something that can be seen by the King.

That’s the place Kaguya-sama took a liking, as I heard from Claire-sama. Whenever something unpleasant happens when she was young, she would go there when it’s dark, and had a habit of looking at the stars. As the ex-king had no interest in stars, the people who knows of Kaguya-sama’s actions were few and people who would fault her for that seems to be nil.

I am now going towards that place. Moving on all fours on the unstable path, I moved forward without releasing my hands and never to look to the down, and only to the front.

Even though it’s not a path that should take that long, the reason for the time taken is not really due to my chicken heart, it’s because of my movement safety protocols were at its top form.

As it’s also the path taken by the king, I wish that they would take in consideration the safety precautions for the road. If a strong wind blows, I only think of an image of someone getting blown off to the ground.

As I am having a hard time, I finally reached the platform of Star viewing. Not such to say as expected, or as usual, Kaguya-sama is there. Sitting on the prepared chair, Kaguya-sama is either looking at the stairs or ignoring me, not trying to face me.

Her appearance with only a single thin clothing seems cold. Nah, likely because it’s cold, both her hands were hugging her own body and likely being insufficient as well, both her legs were on the seat, becoming a pose like PE sitting position(explained later). However,  even then, she does not stop looking at the stars.

I took off the coat that is weaved from feather and tried putting it on her shoulders. But, doing it silently was a bad move.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

Kaguya-sama screamed and looked at my direction, and was further shocked realizing it was me, she lost her balance on the chair. Putting my hand around her shoulder at once, I somehow managed to prevent her fall.

( at your service!)

“I, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect you would be that shock….”

“Yukito…? Why are you here? It’s forbidden to enter this place other than the king, you know…?”

“Claire-sama said that it’s fine if it’s just once.”

“Mother? I see…. She have created a chance for me to talk to you….”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Kaguya-sama gave a sad smile. Recently, I feel like I am always seeing that expression. Not just Kaguya-sama, many people were making such sorrowful expression. That’s likely the current story of Veris, I guess.

( at your service!)

“With the current situation of the royal castle, it’s difficult for me to meet Kaguya-sama after all. If we meet, we have no idea what kind of rumours they would make.”

“…..Sorry. I am not sure what I am supposed to do…. I only know how to keep silent….”

“Please do not mind it. It’s not the best way but also not the worst too. In this situation, what Kaguya-sama say would be accompanied with a huge danger. Keeping silent until the situation calms down, and from then, should you make your speech.”


( at your service!)

Seeing her unexpected expression, I felt a slight pain in my chest.

It’s surprising. For me to be advising Kaguya-sama.

I have no idea what to do. I usually say that to Kaguya-sama. To that, I do have the answer but I did not give it out. I would usually tell her to think about it herself.

Thinking that it is for her own growth is nothing more than an excuse, and truly, I just find it annoying to teach her. And enjoying to shake off her clinging eyes, seeing her troubled look, I was satisfied.

Such a disgusting act, to think I can actually naturally do it without realizing it. And even then Kaguya-sama is desperately trying to find an answer and continued to display her own answers. Towards those answers, I have always completely rejected it. Nope. That’s wrong. With words like this.

( at your service!)

“Yukito. You do not need to mind what Mother said, you know? I will put a word for you. That’s why it’s fine not to force yourself, okay?”

( at your service!)

Thinking that my change was due to something Claire-sama said, Kaguya-sama replied that way. It’s not really wrong. But that’s also not totally correct. Claire-sama was the trigger. Sophia as well. The trigger for me to start thinking.

That’s why this change is something from myself. It’s not something because I was told to do so.

However, before I could convey that, Kaguya-sama drooped her shoulders and started chatting on her own.

( at your service!)

“Mother said to pay respect to me, didn’t she…? It’s fine. I am not a suitable king to you. A stupid girl that doesn’t deserve any respects…”

“….That’s not correct.”

“It’s not wrong, isn’t it!? This castle is already running even without me! That’s because everything is being put in order by Dio and Bayd! What’s required of me is a puppet king!”

“I believe that’s… slightly mistaken.”

( at your service!)

If I think about it without my personal feelings, I believe Kaguya-sama is precious to Bayd. Though he is currently prioritizing his ambitions right now, even then, it’s likely without a doubt that Kaguya-sama is his important sister figure.

I believe Dio-sama is also thinking of her as his important elder sister. Right now, the fact that he is trying to crush Bayd is the best proof. Just that, since he seems to be unnecessarily anticipating something higher from Kaguya-sama, he’s on a direction of not giving much advice, so Kaguya-sama likely misunderstood.

Bayd is doing it to reduce her burden, while Dio-sama is desiring her independence, so they were actively clearing the work away. Dio-sama is perhaps waiting for Kaguya-sama to speak of her dissatisfaction at the current situation or trying to break the current deadlock. No, wait a minute. That’s why he left Bayd’s faction alone. And because of losing his patience, the royal castle now is in a situation where both factions are in a fierce confrontation.

( at your service!)

“There’s no misunderstanding! Even you….. Are also dissatisfied with me as king, right…..?”

“I was the one who support you to become king.”

“That’s right…. Then as I was unable to show you the anticipated appearance, you treated me only? Because I was pitiful and undependable…..?”

( at your service!)

You were unable to believe in me?

Her words are filled with strong emotions. Guess it’s her feelings that she has been hiding all this while.

The feelings that shouldn’t be displayed as a king is now pouring out here.

( at your service!)

“That’s not it.”

“Then, why!? Why can’t I acquire your trust!? Is it because I am so far from your desired king!?”

“That’s wrong too. The reason why I didn’t trust Kaguya-sama is….. simply because I couldn’t forgive you.”

( at your service!)

I couldn’t forgive you. Listening to that, Kaguya-sama was dumbfounded. Well, of course. When she was released from the control of Stratos, the battle at the capital, the fight with the ex-king and till now, no matter how it was, Kaguya-sama were under the same flag. We have been fighting by each other. Such a person said that the other couldn’t be forgiven so it’s going to be a huge impact.

( at your service!)

“If you have been firm, there wouldn’t be a civil war. Because you came out, I was thrown to the battlefield. From your attack, people who I fought with died. I couldn’t digest all that.”

“……yukito… is that…. true…..?”

“Yes, it’s true….”

“I …see.. That’s true. As you said. It’s all my fault. If I don’t exist, nothing would have happened. If I have been level-headed, If I killed Father before he does anything…. No, if I have just presented this body, we would not be in the current situation.”

( at your service!)

Kaguya-sama leaned against the back of the chair. Guess if she doesn’t do that, her balance will collapse.

As I waited for Kaguya-sama to calm down for a while, Kaguya-sama drew out a short sword from the scabbard at her waist and pushed it out to me.

( at your service!)

“What are you doing?”

“….You hate me to the depths, don’t you? If it’s now, I won’t resist.”

( at your service!)

It’s fine to kill me.

Her eyes were filled with resignation. Hating myself for making her show those eyes, I wanted to leave the area so much but the one in the most pain is Kaguya-sama.

The relationship between Kaguya-sama and I have to be renewed for once.

I took the short sword, and returned it to her hands as it is.

( at your service!)

“What’s wrong…?”

“I have a few things to apologize for as well. And tons of stuff to talk about. To do all that, this short sword is not necessary, so I am returning it.”

“….did you not hate me?”

“I disliked you. To say if I hate you is going to be questionable, but disliking you was a definite thing. I was convinced that everything was your fault. I was depending on you like that. I hit every feelings that I can’t sort out on you.”

( at your service!)

I gradually knelt down as I said that. And then putting my right hand in front of my chest, I placed my left hand on the floor.

It’s a bow towards one’s master. To say things in circles and saying them to Kaguya-sama were my hopes on wanting Kaguya-sama to understand. That I have such feelings in me.

Even then.

( at your service!)

“If you are fine with such a me….. Kaguya-sama. Please grant me your permission to work for you?”

“…..didn’t you dislike me…?”

“‘That’s what I thought’ is what I am trying to say. The civil war, the fact that I went out to war, and the fact that my comrades died is not totally your fault. It took me quite some time to realize that. No, I didn’t realize it. I just wanted someone to throw all my unsorted feelings at.”

( at your service!)

People who served Kaguya-sama should consider me, who participated in the civil war, as a detestable enemy. Even within Nox, there might be some of them who were such people. However, none of them said anything about it. I believe it’s not because they were afraid of me or the captains of each unit having stopped them. They have likely sort out their feelings.

Perhaps they were all more matured than me. Or I could just be too childish.

( at your service!)


“I am truly sorry….. For giving you such harsh experience.”

( at your service!)

At the instant I spoke, tears came flowing down quietly from her eyes as the amount increases gradually.

( at your service!)

“….why….. Didn’t you say it earlier…. No one taught me anything. I have no idea who I can depend on. I was anxious, it was painful….but even then, I tried hard to be a good king…”

“I know. I also realized in regards to that.”

“….I tried to live up to your expectations….”

“I truly apologize….”

( at your service!)

Kaguya-sama then wiped her tears with both her hands. But, soon a new stream of tears were formed. Next, a sob was leaked out and the start of sobbing was heard.

This is the first time I saw her like this. I never thought she would have such an appearance.

Why did you not answer my eyes of reliance. Why did you not realize my wordless message. No, why did you cornered me till it reaches this stage.

Without being able to control myself, I hurt Kaguya-sama. And again, I was unable to notice the change in Kaguya-sama. Why did I not realized it all this time. As this time, the one who cornered her was me, it was nasty.

I might have also cornered my best friend just like that. Without realizing it, it might have been that he was cornered so he stabbed me. What the hell did I meant by wanting to understand his feelings. What arrogance I have.

Even if I have the skill to see through everything, I ended up making a lady cry like that. And I was unable to stop those tears too.

I am the foolish one. Kaguya-sama was desperate. She was in dire distress over her subordinates that does not move to her instructions and is always working to death as a king, but even then, she is always pondering how to move as a king. And also about how to make her surroundings accompany her. Even though I knew that. I…..

( at your service!)

“Kaguya-sama. I have inquired from Claire-sama that you are planning to step down from throne.”

“….I am unable to….. put this country in order…..”

“You will put them in order. This time for sure. Though my poor ability, I shall teach you the way. I will help you. That’s why do you have the spirit to try hard one more time?”

( at your service!)

Even though I didn’t help her previously, now I say that I would help. If it was me, I wouldn’t believe in such a person.


( at your service!)

“…will you really help me….?”

( at your service!)

This person would actually believe it. She really doesn’t know how to doubt people. Though this might mean that she isn’t suitable to be a king, it’s better than having to be suspicious with every single person. Besides, if she doesn’t know, I just have to teach her.

( at your service!)

“Yep. For real. However, you shouldn’t believe in people so quickly, you know. There are people that are trying to deceive you.”

“….how do I decipher that?”

( at your service!)

Wiping her tears that were finally stopping, Kaguya-sama asked that. To such a Kaguya-sama, I smiled slightly while replying her.

( at your service!)

“You would try to read the opponent’s movement on the battlefield, right?”

“Ah. I do.”

“It’s not that different from that. Thinking about what that person is thinking and always be pondering about it. By doing that, Kaguya-sama would be able to see through their lies shortly. You can do it in a battlefield. You should be able to do it here too.”

“This is not a battlefield and I feel apologetic ….to look at the surrounding comrades with that kind of eyes.”

“Then, let me judge those around. In return, please always doubt my words and actions.”

“….do we have to doubt someone? Are we unable to trust our allies?”

( at your service!)

She displayed her eyes of reliance. That was quite the difficult thing to ask.

However, since she have already asked, I can only answer. Truthfully.

( at your service!)

“Though that’s the best if we can do that but that’s impossible. Human have emotions and due to that, people create society. Dio-sama had said it before. A world where you can trust everyone is as dangerous as a world where you can’t trust anyone. This is likely because no matter which the society will collapse. If there aren’t any opponents, the outlet for the negative feelings will be lost. Well, though it’s possible that in a world where you can trust anyone, there isn’t any negative feelings, the main thing is that both sides are hard to anticipate so they are both dangerous. It’s natural since it’s the extreme ends of both side after all.”

“It’s a bit complex, you know… Say it so that I can understand it.”

“Okay. To say it simply, Kaguya-sama’s wish will not be granted.”

( at your service!)

As I replied, she commented “is that so” and went into a state of feeling down, ~Shunnn~. (TL: I prefer ~Shoubon…~ though… sounds cuter 😛 )

( at your service!)

“Would you prefer words of comfort?”

“….it’s alright to say it honestly. I do understand that to believe everyone is impossible. But I would never doubt you. That’s what I decided now. With no doubt.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, she looked straight at me with her eyes that were swelled from her crying.

As expected, this person is really straightforward. To the point of being awkward.

Her way of living is sure difficult. That’s what Dio-sama spoke of about Kaguya-sama. It’s really as he had said. Alone, you won’t see such person with such difficult way of life. But she just needs someone to support her.

Though I could have been that someone, I have always run away from it. If that happen, I would no longer be able to run away from anything. But, I have decided to stop running away.

Just as I thought of that, a gentle wind blew.

There’s no need to even think of who is the one that caused the wind. It’s likely Sophia. Perhaps, she has been listening on to the conversation I had with Kaguya-sama.

Sophia has always been the reason I fought. That itself has been denied by Sophia. That it should not end.

That’s why I should fight for something bigger this time. Carrying every bit of it.

For Veris. That’s something I have spoken of for a few times. But I have never really fought for Veris at all. It’s because of Dio-sama that I am in Veris. However, it’s not right to have such casual feelings any longer.

( at your service!)

“Kaguya-sama. I have a small request though?”

“What is it?”

“Can I name myself as the ‘The Strategist of Veris’?”

( at your service!)

Hearing that, after being slightly astonished, she nodded, and burst into a smile

( at your service!)

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