Arc 2 – Change Chapter 3.6

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Arc 2: The Reconstruction – Change Chapter 3.6

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At a time where it’s unsure whether the sun had came out, Yukito was roused out of bed.

Having coming Kaguya-sama’s teacher and resigned from the commander of Nox, Mikana served as Yukito’s adjutant. Though he likely have many thoughts about it, Yukito is really thankful for the silent Mikana even then, but as expected, if he’s going to be roused out of bed early in the morning, the gratitude also disappears.

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“…what izz it?”

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Yukito who murmured unhappily, yawn heavily and sluggishly crawled out of bed. Maybe it’s irritating seeing such a Yukito, Mikana pulled Yukito’s arm.

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“Please hurry up! Quickly!”

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Seeing the unusually flustered Mikana, Yukito concluded that there may be an emergency after using his head slightly that was finally starting up.

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“Explain the situation”

“It’s a fight!”

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The assault or plot of a foreign country, revolt or disaster. Yukito who was thinking among those words, instantly felt as if his strength left his body. Like a balloon having a hole opened on it, Yukito quickly lost his motivation.

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“What a low level problem…”

“It’s a rare problem of the history!”

“Can’t you just stop the fight?”

“I can’t stop it!”

“Even Mikana? Then, just request Captain Ars or Erica, couldn’t you?”

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Perhaps angered at the carefree Yukito, Mikana grabbed Yukito’s collar, and closed in on his face in an instant. Though Yukito’s mood turned better in the unique sweet scent of a lady, the words from Mikana totally cooled him down.

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“The ones in the fight are Sophia-sama and Kaguya-sama!!”

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Feeling that the blood was leaving his face, Yukito verified the fan that never leave his side. As he grasped the fan hard to calm himself, Yukito gradually took a breath and distance himself from Mikana

Getting his usual haori and wearing it, Yukito was no longer in his laid back appearance but a stern one when he was going against the ex-king

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“Let’s go, Mikana”

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Saying that, he left the room.

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At the side of the royal castle of Veris is a big dome-like training ground. The soldiers would usually polished their skills there but today, there are no signs of any soldiers. In exchange, some of Veris’s leading figures are gathered.

They were the commanders of Nox,  Ars, Roy, Erica and Dio.

Led by Mikana, the late-coming Yukito’s face cramped up, seeing the disastrous scene of the training ground. Wooden sword are stabbed into the ground all over the training ground. It’s deep enough to make me think that I might not be able to pull it out.

And the two who created this scene is still in the middle of the training ground. Kaguya and Sophia.

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“Dio-sama…. What in the world…”

“I am troubled even if you asked me. But I wonder why. If it goes, it’s definitely going to cause problems.”

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Dio said that without lifting his sights from Kaguya and Sophia.

Sophia is the envoy from Albion and Kaguya is also the king of Veris after all. There’s a problem no matter who win, and furthermore, a question of liability for the injury might be brought up. In addition, if this matter get outs, multiple diplomatic issues will appear. A king and an envoy fighting is something that shouldn’t happen. Even if it’s the envoy on the opposing country right now.

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“Isn’t the soldiers used for morning training here?”

“I requested Nicola to seal surroundings of the training ground.”

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Just as Dio said that, Nicola’s figure entered Yukito’s field of view. As she entered from the opposite entrance that Yukito used, Nicola was desperately running towards Yukito’s area within the wooden swords fluttering around at deadly speed. Literally, desperate.

Nicola that managed to somehow reach the proximity of Yukito and Dio reported while breathing roughly.

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“Haahaa….. The blockade of the training ground….have been completed…”

“Thanks. ”

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Hearing Dio’s words, Nicola ended up sitting on the spot, losing strength to her legs after calming down.

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“Mikanaa….. It was scary……”

“It’s fine already. This place is safe after all.”

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There’s a reason why Mikana can say that firmly. The place where Yukito and others were at have Ars, Roy and Erica in a defensive line to reflect all wooden swords, basically making the safest location within the training ground. However, the three’s defensive line is also not perfect.

A wooden sword came stabbing into the ground, just behind Nicola. Seeing that, Nicola’s body which was slightly shivering started to shiver even more unnaturally. Not knowing what to say, Mikana started looking at Yukito for now, as if looking for help.

Being looked upon, though Yukito also wished to do something about it, he can’t grasp the situation at all regrettably. Therefore, he asked Dio who should know the best in this place.

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“Any idea on the reason?”

“That’s unknown. Though I am the first one to see it, I also came upon it in the middle of my morning walk. Do you understand? The feeling of seeing this scene after trying to ascertain the situation hearing a explosion-like sound from the training ground when I was having a good time taking a morning walk.”

“….I can sympathise with that.“

“I really thought my heart was about to burst out. I believed that was what meant to be startled. Seriously, my decision of calling the Nox’s unit commanders were fantastic though saying it myself.”

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Yukito stayed silent after being unable to say anything, looking at Dio’s distant gaze.

Dio who generally likes interesting and fun stuff, couldn’t love and enjoy this situation at all. This fact pretty much explains the severity of the current situation.

Why is the training ground filled with so many stabbed wooden swords? That’s due to Sophia’s fighting style.

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“Using wind to manipulate the wooden sword…is what i think but?”

“I think that’s correct. I heard that wind magician can move far away objects but, well, i guess only Sophia-sama could control several hundreds of wooden sword.”

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The multiple wooden swords stored in the training ground are floating in the surroundings of Sophia, moving according to the will of Sophia.

Sometimes thrusting at high speed towards Kaguya, sometimes exchanging blow with Kaguya as if being controlled by a swordsman.

Kaguya was thrown into a situation as if fighting multiple enemies at the same time, but…

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“Aneue, who could pull through that, is also abnormal though.”

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The wooden swords stabbed in the training ground are not due to Sophia losing control and ended up there. If Kaguya dodges it, Sophia can regain control and make an attack. Kaguya who started to find it troublesome, parried the wooden sword with all her strength to make it difficult for Sophia to control easily, which result in the current situation of having all the swords stabbing all over the place.

All the wooden swords stored in the training ground is already used. While hoping that they would think of the post-cleanup, Yukito gave a small sigh.

Having calmed down to some extent, no matter the reason, he understands that both of them aren’t having a quarrel. The fact that they aren’t using real swords is a good proof. They do not have the intention to hurt the other. Just that, they got a bit too fired up over it. (TL:….. abit….? )

Though it’s a problem that they didn’t take into the account of their strength, they did not have bad intentions. And Yukito can feel it. Being able to feel it also made him thought that it’s about time they will end it.

Sophia who had not take a step, moved. She jumped. Really high.

And stopped in mid-air.

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“What an absurd battle… ”

“Anything goes, isn’t it?”

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Unsure whether Sophia heard those words of Yukito and Dio. Though Sophia is controlling the wooden swords around her surroundings, she seems unsatisfied with the amount.

She ended up pulling out all the wooden swords stabbed in the training ground. With the wind.

And then, wooden swords that make you think if there were a 1000, is spread out around Sophia. They are aimed at Kaguya under their sights.

Kaguya gazed at such a Sophia and her countless wooden swords formation and took a stance with her wooden sword. Even after parrying and receiving Sophia’s wooden sword, her wooden sword took almost no damage. That’s because that’s how Kaguya used it. With that, you can understand what kind of superior techniques she has in terms of sword.

However, even with those technique, one can’t defend against those. That’s what everyone at that place thought.

The three holding the defensive line, thinking that it’s impossible as expected, came to where Yukito and Dio was, changing their plan to trying to do something about the wooden swords that would come towards both of them. Yukito’s and Dio’s back were Nicola and Mikana, with Mikana taking stance with her bow and also at wooden sword to some extent.

While tensions run all over, Sophia waved her right hand, raining countless wooden swords on Kaguya.

The smoke dances. That’s because the rocks that made the floor of the training ground were breaking apart. Yukito shut his eyes unconsciously while Roy and the rest endured all the wooden swords that were likely parried by Kaguya.

The smoke starts to gradually dissipate, and everyone thought that most likely the training ground would not be in condition for use for a while.

The rock floor are stabbed with multiple wooden swords, making one think if they were trying to make such a work of art as there were no gaps. (TL: Replication of Unlimited Blade Works maybe? Wooden edition?)

However, there is a place with no wooden swords. That’s where Kaguya is standing on. Kaguya defended against the rain of swords. With just that one wooden sword that she is holding onto.

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“I wonder why. Though it’s amazing, I don’t feel like commending it at all. I guess making me feel that way is as expected of Aneue.”

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Yukito was rather taken aback while Dio sighed with astonishment. Within both their heads were various remodelling plans of the training ground already being worked out, and at the same time, the calculations of funds required for it.

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“Now that I think of it, Aneue gathers famous swords.””

“Should we sell them?”

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Having decided how the budget would come from easily, Yukito and Dio were already in the mood of ‘Whatever happens, happens.’.

Whether they know about this or not, Kaguya’s and Sophia’s fight have not ended.

Kaguya instantly reduced the distance towards Sophia in the air. And though she released a horizontal slash, Sophia dodged it with a sudden descent. And.

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Sophia gathered the wind in her right hand, making a whirlwind and attacked Kaguya. Kaguya took the blow with her wooden sword.

Kaguya’s wooden sword broke as it gave out a creaking sound, but she succeeded in blocking Sophia’s magic. Then.

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This time, in reply, Kaguya released lightning with her left hand.

Coming straight at her, Sophia judged that dodging the lightning is impossible, deflected it with a wind barrier.

Then, Sophia gradually settled upon the top of one of the wooden sword, with Kaguya doing the same thing.

Having both of them facing each other, Yukito verified their mana dropping drastically, and got a bad feeling from it. The one who affirm his feeling was Erica, who muttered.

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“This is bad…”

“What are they planning to do?”

“They are planning to use the high power consolidation magic alone…”

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Erica said that while finding it implausible, and shake her head.

The power of consolidation magic is something everyone knows. That’s why everyone could predict what’s next.

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“I guess this place is also dangerous.”

“Let’s leave. It seems that we are not in their sights after all. We can’t count on them to hold back.”

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To Dio’s mutter, Yukito replied and almost at the same time, everyone turned abruptly and began running.

Kaguya joined both the palms of her hands together while Sophia linked her hands together in front of her chest and started chanting. (TL: Kaguya’s hand pose is likely flat and spread on the each other without gaps in between fingers while Sophia’s is likely one as if praying in a church way, with the hands gripping each other)

( at your service!)

“Sing, Roar, and Reverberate!”

“The Heavenly Wind brought forth by the Divines”

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Kaguya’s body started getting wrapped around by lightning while wind starts to gather around Sophia’s surrounding.

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“I craved for the Lightning God of Salvation”

“Rage against the distress that obstructs one’s way.”

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Instantly, the lightning and wind around both of them expanded. That’s because they put in mana in a moment’s time.

Simultaneously, they directed both their hands at each other.

And then.

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“Saviour Bolt!!”

“Divine Tempest!!”

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The manifestations of natural phenomena collided each other.

One side being lightning, the other side being tempest.

Both were like a dragon swelling, repeating its clashing.

After clashing thrice, the roof of the dome-shaped training ground were devastated and the lightning and wind also disappeared.

Yukito and the rest who went out of the training ground had their face cramped up looking at the lightning and wind that continued their collision that continued their ascent like a rising dragon.

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“Even consolidation magic seems docile…”

“True. However, since they did it till it’s so pretty and we could treat the matter as lightning has struck, let’s consider it a good thing, shall we?”

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Listening to Dio’s words, Yukito thought of what a violent lightning that was in his heart, and decided the preaching of both of them.

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A while later. After finding out that the reason for the fight was to see who will be able to play with Yukito during the break, a seriously useless reason, it became Kaguya’s and Sophia’s turn to have Yukito’s lightning struck upon them this time.

(Hmm… would they like it actually…? ….let’s not get into that direction… :P)

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