Arc 2 – Change Chapter 4

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Arc 2: The Reconstruction – Change Chapter 4

( at your service!)

3 months has passed since the border attack from the 3 kingdoms.

As long as there is the possibility of a pincer attack from both land and sea, the strengthening of the defence of the coastal areas has to be achieved. Because of that, Kaguya-sama has went down to Earl Uren’s territory for a inspection on the strengthening of coastal defense, while taking a breather since a week ago. With Kaguya-sama’s speed, she should have arrived yesterday. Of course, the Imperial Guards are with her.

Earl Uren’s territory is located the most Southern area of Veris. It faces the sea and is also prosperous in trade. However, its preparation against coastal attack is far from sufficient. I gave a few important points to Kaguya-sama and based on that, I requested her to see what can be done to stop the invasion.

Including the required facilities and human resources for defending against the invasion, it’s also essential to think if it’s possible to defend the attack even then. In the event of a negative prospect, it’s necessary to think of an alternate plan and the movement of every forces have to change to match it as well.

I came out from Sophia’s room. Though it’s morning right now, it’s not like I was always in the room. Though I have some business to do, it’s already over. (TL: Don’t lie, Yukito. 😛 )

( at your service!)

“It seems that you are still playing with various petty tricks, aren’t you?”

( at your service!)

Captain Larg, who is the room’s guard, called out to me. The reason why he’s slightly unhappy is literally because I have been moving around alot.

( at your service!)

“Sorry. But all of these are necessary.”

“You said that yesterday, did you? Stand in our and Sophia’s shoes.”

“I am sorry for Captain Larg and the rest but I feel that Sophia seems to be enjoying quite a bit.”

( at your service!)

As Captain Larg sharpened his eyes, I shrinked my shoulders, and murmured “Scary, scary”, made a 180 degree turn and moved away from Sophia’s room.

If I stayed here, I am going to get beat up by the guards. It’s bad for the current situation.

As I was about to quicken my footstep as I thought that, I was called out by an unknown man.

( at your service!)

“Please wait.”

“…..May I inquire who are you?”

( at your service!)

The words that float to me was “butler”. Sharply worn black clothing, and a well combed-down golden hair. However, from the information that is displayed, this man is not a normal person.

His name is Bascal. His combat stats is over 90. The same as his magic power. There’s no way I would have missed him with his kind of capability. In other words, it’s someone that I have never met even though he was in the castle. He’s most likely a guard for an envoy.

Not a single envoy that have come to Veris have not returned. Because we have no idea which countries are our allies or our enemies. We can’t simply return the envoys that entered the country back to their countries. It seems that as the envoys themselves seem to understand the circumstances around it, they have not been complaining in that decision of Veris.

( at your service!)

“I am the escort of Liasha Donahugh-sama, the envoy from the Empire of Aether. My name is Bascal. Liasha-sama have requested to be able to speak to you.”

( at your service!)

Seems like the Empire of Aether have made their move. It looks like it was worth purposely trying to avoid contact. If the other side got tired of waiting, it’s more advantageous for us in the negotiations.


( at your service!)

“I am really sorry, but I have work after this, is it okay even if it’s during the night?”

“I am ordered to seek your presence as soon as possible.”

“Even if you tell me that, I was told to refrain from communicating with the envoys on an individual level and I have to also work hard in the absence of Her Majesty. However, is it of an important matter?”

( at your service!)

After I firmly replied, Bascal kept silent slightly and gradually made his statement.

( at your service!)

“As it is regarding the survival of Veris, please do meet her at once.”

“What a serious matter. In that case, let’s see. Once there’s a break in my work, I shall visit your side. Is that fine with you?”

(trytranslationscom at your service!)

When asking for the time of visitation, the other side should be prepared to match us. Since we got the initiative, they wish to negotiate at our preferred timing.

( at your service!)

“….I understand. However, please do come by noon.”

“I shall do my best.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, I bowed, and I advanced towards the office that was prepared for me.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)


“Yep, yep. As Danna said, they started moving.”

“Yeah. Since we will be negotiating in the envoy’s room, standby around that area.”

“Roger that!”

( at your service!)

I was talking to Ren who did not show her appearance. I guess it’s just her mood that she didn’t came out. I quickly ended the conversation to prevent the fact that Ren was by my side to be exposed to the other side., if we took too long.

Their side also has a spy on the same level as Ren. I am moving under that assumption.

The envoys aren’t here to deepen the relations with Veris. They should be here to investigate the secrets and also military affairs. Very likely, every envoy has brought in one more spies in.

While Sophia used magic, Kaguya-sama used her sharpened senses and confirmed a few spies. And maybe the spies realized it, when Kaguya-sama and Sophia are by my side, they wouldn’t approach. But it’s different this time.

To request for a visitation when I am alone should mean that I am to come alone. To bring anyone might result in the negotiations in failure.

The envoy of the Empire of Aether, Liasha Donahugh, is the niece of the king of the Empire. Her father is the younger brother of the king and is the superior admiral that unify the navy. Unlike his elder brother, he is sharp and due to this excellence, he was ostracised by the previous king and was called the person that couldn’t be king.

For such a person’s niece to come to Veris, it shouldn’t be something as simple as deepening ties. And to move at this time.. Nah. It should be “To not move until now”, I guess.

( at your service!)

“Do the Empire have intentions to forge friendly ties….”

( at your service!)

It was confirmed that it is imminent the small countries alliance are forming up an official alliance army near the borders of Veris the day before. The initial attack was explained as an arbitrary decision made by the unit commander, but I doubt it’s the same this time.

The trigger was Bayd’s thinning of the borders’ defence. It’s likely Stratos’s behind-the-scene actions that causes the state of affairs to move. And then, due to not being able to stop the momentum of the affairs, the alliance received support from Albion and is trying to attack Veris.

If I were the one writing the script for this situation, it would be time to bring in the Empire of Aether or the Dominion of Imperieuse as allies. Getting any of them who holds strong navy forces, they can attack in a pincer attack. Then, by implying an attack on the other country, they can stop their movement.

Veris would really like to request aid from the Commonwealth of Lucrum in the North to defend that and attack Albion in the rear but they have been getting small skirmishes from the island since 30 years ago and their sea route has been pretty much sealed by the island’s ships. Due to that, as Albion has been sending goods to the Commonwealth via the land route, they are Albion’s most deeply tied countries within the 4 big countries. Either penetrate through the island’s ship encirclement or penetrate through Albion, but even if we could send down an envoy, the chances of them joining in the fight on Veris’s side is low.

Though we sent out an invitation to deepen ties, the one that came was a low-ranked official who also only came to greet and returned immediately. Because of that, they managed to get out of Veris but I was thinking that rather than coincidence, he might already knew that Albion is sending the alliance to attack.

With that, the only one Veris can request for aid is the island but there are almost no exchange and Veris caused a very problematic situation in the island.

Kaguya-sama’s mother was an inhabitant of the island and having come into Veris by chance, she was abducted by the ex-king. Towards the island’s bitter objections, Veris showed response of ignorance and after a few years, Kaguya-sama’s mother died from sickness and it was explained that she was taken as a prisoner by bandits and when they arrived they were too late, when they returned her body to the island.

It might be possible to cover it up with just that, but a blacked-hair and black-eyed princess, that was Kaguya-sama was born which can only be possible by a person from the island. To some extent, if you have enough imagination, they should be able to notice what the ex-king has kidnapped Kaguya-sama’s mother.

After that, the island and Veris has little to no communication, and once in a while, visitors might come in by boat but they just come and go.

Requesting for assistance from the island might result in getting attack instead. That’s why we won’t be requesting help from the island in this situation. Unless we get back to an even state of war at the very least, they will attack us without question.

( at your service!)

“But we are really surrounded.”

( at your service!)

Murmuring that, I looked at the paper that shows the whole continent which I showed Kaguya-sama.

Though the Empire of Aether and Dominion of Imperieuse do not carry much animosity to Veris, we aren’t really close too. They wouldn’t think about joining Veris in this unfavourable situation. Even if there are some, they are few.

At the point when Veris triggered Albion, we are already in a bad spot. Even after the ex-king fell, and Kaguya-sama took over the throne, there was no change in Albion’s thoughts towards Veris. And Veris that is hurt from the civil war is nothing more than appearance right now.

Bayd realized that but even then, was trying to drag the whole continent into the fight but it wouldn’t make it in time. The encirclement should be almost completed. Since before I came here. At the point where the ex-king’s reckless actions were not stopped, Veris is pretty much at its limits.

To reverse this situation is difficult.

( at your service!)

“Well, making complaints doesn’t help the situation after all.”

( at your service!)

Since I have already decided to fight for Veris, I can only do it no matter how difficult it is.

Muttering that in my heart, I left the office, and approached the room, Aether’s envoy had prepared.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

This is the first time I am seeing silver hair. It’s different from Erica’s platinum blonde. Pure Silver. It’s so transparent I felt as if I could see myself like in a mirror.

The person in front of me is Liasha Donahugh. Covered in black gothic dress, she was sitting on the chair while looking at me as if appraising me.

Though her combat capability is below 50s from the status screen, her wisdom is over 100 and magic power is shown to have an extreme stats in the 90s. She is the type that shows her strength as a strategist or commander leading from the rear. Thinking that she’s only 14, this numbers are even more shocking. That’s because it means that those numbers can still grow.

Slanted red eyes with the silver hair. Her face that still holds a slight childish look, has a bright future to look forward to in years to come. Her charm as a lady is dispensing, but in regards to just beauty, at this point, Sophia and Kaguya-sama wouldn’t lose to her. Well, towards not winning, I doubt Liasha Donahugh would be satisfied though. For some reason, I feel like she doesn’t like losing. This person.

Proud. That was my first impression of Liasha Donahugh. In actual fact, she is distinguished so there’s no porblem, but it just feels that she has a self-important attitude.

After thinking about it, I realized I have not introduced myself, so I kneel on a single knee and greet.

( at your service!)

“It’s nice to meet you for the first time. I am Yukito Kurei. Princess Laisha, your Highness.”

“It’s not my first though?”

( at your service!)

Slightly lifting her corners of her mouth, Her Highness, Liasha, laughed. As expected, her way of speech is self-important.

( at your service!)

“Please excuse my impoliteness. But for someone like your Highness, I believe I won’t forget you after having seen you though?”

“I am the only one. I saw you when you entered the party. You seem to be only concerned of the Dark Princess, and did not notice me.”

( at your service!)

Though I would put in a bitter smile to those words mixed with slight teasing, seriously, please refrain from such teasing in such places, plus it’s in front of people who I just knew. I am troubled with what to react.

( at your service!)

“Now that’s a regretful thing. It’s a real pity to not have seen your Highness’s dress appearance.”

“How honest. Seeing you that are being waited on by the Celsus Maiden and the Dark Princess, you wouldn’t be charmed by me, would you?”

( at your service!)

I am seriously not waited on. I murmured that in my heart. And I changed my thoughts a bit. Recently, people who knew about Kaguya-sama, Sophia and I being together are limited. It’s not something that the envoys that are being restricted in the capital should know.

I guess they definitely brought in spies.

( at your service!)

“‘Waited on’, I am the one serving them.“

“As her teacher, she wouldn’t oppose you and I heard that the Celsus Maiden made tea for you, you know?”

She really do know a lot. She isn’t even hiding the fact that those were information gathered by the spies. Either she has confidence that those spies can’t be found or she isn’t bothered about being pressed for an answer. Well, no matter which is it, she knows that those were just trivial matters.

(trytranslationscom at your service!)

“Is this necessary for the upcoming talks?”

“It’s necessary if you are talking about whether it’s essential. You do not want to lose your precious king, right?”

( at your service!)

The atmosphere changed. The one that changed was Her Highness, Liasha. I can feel a sense of pressure that seems to squeeze the heart. In a situation like this, you can’t stand up even if you want.

Her eyes looking down at me who sat down on a chair was sharp. Just looking at her eyes is suffocating.

( at your service!)

“…what do you mean?”

“Veris is pretty much surrounded. You should know that best, isn’t it? And also to break through that, it’s necessary that you acquire our cooperation, the Empire of Aether.”

“….it’s as you said.”

“Then, let’s enter the main subject, Yukito Kurei. Right now, there’s Aether’s best fleet at the coast of Veris. Prepared to move at any time.”

( at your service!)

Unconcernedly, the contents that seem natural to be spoken of was to let me know that the Death Reaper’s sickle is coming down on Veris.

( at your service!)

“Are you saying you will be on the side of Albion?”

“That depends on your answer. If Veris is willing to be our vassal nation, then the fleet shall destroy the Dominion’s fleet coming in a few days time. However, if you reject…”

( at your service!)

Your king at Earl Uren’s territory shall turn into a wasteland.

What’s on Her Highness, Liasha’s face was a smile. What a terrifying person. This is not even a threat. This was just her giving a choice. Moreover, to me.

( at your service!)

“I do not have such authority….”

“No, you have. If you assent, the Dark Princess would not reject. And even if there are objections, you are capable of disposing them, right?”

( at your service!)

After carelessly making comments like that, Liasha rushed for my answer by asking me, “So what’s your answer?”, while still floating that smile on her face.

( at your service!)

“There are no reinforcements, you know? I also do know that the Celsus Maiden had caught a flu yesterday. Even if she heard this conversation, she wouldn’t be able to come. It’s the same as the spy outside.. As long as my spies are here, it’s impossible for anyone to enter.”

“I believe that’s the case. Sophia and Ren wouldn’t be able to enter. Especially Sophia.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, I looked outside the room. It’s a weather that is appropriate to be called fair.

While looking at that, I grinned broadly and informed Her Highness, Liasha. (TL: Okay that’s it. I am changing 殿下 Denka from the english version of His/Her Highness, to use the romanji version. To some extent, it’s actually used like dono and sama, but usually for royalties.)

( at your service!)

“However, do you know? A storm suddenly occurred at the coast of Veris. Isn’t the storm the natural enemy for ships?”

“What? I did not hear of such…!?”

( at your service!)

It seems that she finally realized what my words meant.

It’s impossible for a storm to occur suddenly. Unless something man-made was done, that’s right, something like wind was blown.

( at your service!)

“Impossible! Isn’t the Celsus Maiden and her escorts still in the castle!? You should have checked her condition his morning!”

“She’s like the wind. Having the habit of leaving her escorts behind and going someway on her own, it’s troubling. After I verified, her room this morning was also an empty husk. Though I hid that fact as it will cause an uproar. Now then, I wonder where did she go? Since she can move at high speeds with the wind, if she went out by night time, she might have linked up with Kaguya-sama. Really.”

( at your service!)

What a troublesome person.

Saying that, I looked up at Liasha and gradually stood up.

( at your service!)

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