Arc 2 – Change Chapter 5

Yoshiro: Not a long chapter, but one with tons of difficult to translate, long connected sentences… Almost made me gave up seriously… T-T

Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

Arc 2: The Reconstruction – Change Chapter 5

( at your service!)

Though Liasha-denka placed more effort into discerning me, I have already seen Denka’s hand. And she also understands that the hand is unable to win against me. While fear is necessary, it’s also important to inquire in a more cautious manner. This is the time to take back the initiative.

( at your service!)

“The 1st fleet should be the fleet of the ‘Child of the Tiger’. I believe it’s bad if they met a storm here, isn’t it?”

“…it doesn’t seem to be a lie.”

( at your service!)

Narrowing her eyes, she murmured that. Perhaps, it would have been seen through if it’s a lie. Well, since we are already predicting an attack coming from the coasts, I wouldn’t do something wasteful like leaving Sophia in the castle though.

( at your service!)

“When did you foresee it?”

“It’s not that I foresee it. I just assumed the worst scenario.”

( at your service!)

The worst situation for Veris right now is in the case when the Empire, the Dominion or both of them are already an enemy. If it gets to that, it’s more difficult to receive attack from 2 countries coming in from the coast than receiving a land attack from 3 countries receiving aid from Albion. That’s why I have sent Kaguya-sama to the coastal area. and matching it, I am also gradually sending units that were crammed into various castles to the coastal area.

And I made Sophia, the trump card, be behind the scenes and the defence for the coastal area is now complete. As long as it’s on the surface of the sea, the ships would be affected by wind and waves. Sophia, the strongest wind magician, can create winds of absurd level. Even if they are able to penetrate through that and reach the shore, Kaguya-sama would repel them. This is the measure thought of to counter the 2 big countries.

Though it’s a plan made totally dependent on individual qualities, since we have lost in terms of numbers, we can only outdo them with quality. Though if we even lose on quality, we would have no room for recovery, we can only give up on that point. It’s no longer a problem that can solve with a strategy.

( at your service!)

“So you move, assuming an attack from the alliance of the Empire and Dominion…. You believed that the escorts of us and the dominion would move, isn’t it?”

“Let’s see. If you did not move, I will just throw you into the prison and if you do, I will just negotiate as it is. Be it Liasha-denka or the escort from the Dominion, your statuses are high. I believe you wouldn’t not be informed of anything, so I thought that you would make some movement.”

( at your service!)

Leaving the envoy in the enemy’s territory while attacking would usually result in he/she being executed or thrown in jail. If the invasion is decided beforehand or even having that possibility, the envoy should have been informed already. Especially someone with high status. Of course, by making use of that mentality, we can assume the attack coming, and preparing it such that it’s fine for them to attack prior to the invasion.

( at your service!)

“So to make the Celsus Maiden who doesn’t need her escorts attached to her all the time, was to make the impression that as long as the escorts are there, she’s there as well. To think I made a mistake like that.”

“When a smart or strong person fails, one of the factor is definitely negligence. That’s why I made much effort to make you have the wrong impression this time. It’s good that it works well.”

( at your service!)

Actually, Sophia is not in the room.

If this is a place free to move around, then Liasha-denka shouldn’t have fall for such a basic trick. But his is the royal castle of Veris. No matter how skilled their spies are, the information they can gain is limited. In that situation, they wouldn’t verify matters that they are firm of. And just as I thought, Liasha-denka did not put all efforts to check if Sophia was really in the room.

( at your service!)

“Who would have think that the Celsus Maiden that left by your side would go out of the castle. Thinking that you were being cautious, you would have left her by your side, wouldn’t it?”

( at your service!)

From the outside, it definitely looks like I am being cautious.

Sophia is a person from another country and is a magician that is capable of picking up sounds from far. Having such a person in the castle is nothing less than dangerous. That’s why I left her on my side. That’s how Liasha-denka concluded.

Well, if you were to ask me, I can’t say no totally. In regards to the voices, I can only give up. As long as I can’t find out whether we are being bugged, it’s endless to try to counter it. However, in regards to written materials, we can add some improvise to it. First, important undone materials are to be in Kaguya-sama’s room. And within them, the important ones will be handled by me. It won’t stop Sophia if she gets serious to investigate the insides of Veris at this level but in that sense, she have my trust.

People in the castle, or more like Bayd and Dio-sama as well, would not pass over important documents to Kaguya-sama if they know Sophia is in Kaguya-sama’s room. Actually, as we wanted time for study, we were anticipating the effect on this. In actual fact, since Sophia started helping, Kaguya-sama’s work has reduced. Bayd and Dio-sama has likely adjusted it.

It’s not weird for people outside to think that Kaguya-sama and I left Sophia on our side due to that, because they did not know our circumstances. It’s just weird, and as it’s doubtful that everyone thinks that way, I didn’t really count on it.

And that has proved to help turning the tides on Liasha-denka to a good direction.

( at your service!)

“I wonder. Just that, Sophia is assisting us assertively, without doubt. That’s enough power to turn over Albion’s capability.”

“I see. So you mean you can deal with Albion any time? And then, right now there is another troublesome thing.”

“Yes. They are the Empire and the Dominion. Whoever would become our ally, we would be able to turn around the force that were initially planned on the coastal region.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, I looked at Liasha-denka suggestively.

Pondering for a bit, she returned my glance with eyes filled with resolution.


( at your service!)

“Very well! That role I shal…”

“I am thinking of discussing it with the Dominion.”

( at your service!)

Liasha-denka’s face stoned. And her expression with composure previously was lost, lifted her brows and Stood up from her chair.

She glared at me and voiced out from a position where it’s dubious whether she can reach my chest.

( at your service!)

“Are you making a fool out of me!?”

“Of course not. Just that, if I think about it calmly, I believe it’s better to cooperate with the Dominion.”

( at your service!)

As I said that, Liasha-denka further lifted her brows. Her beautiful face is already a waste. Approaching me as if to bite me, Liasha-denka commented.

( at your service!)

“What do you mean?”

“The Dominion’s forces is split into 3. The navy, the army and the magy. All three forces are strong so they would even give Veris’s elites a tough battle. On the other hand, though the Empire do have the strongest navy, the rest of their forces has the lowest proficiency. It’s true that Veris wishes to ally with the Empire’s navy but if we support the Dominion appropriately, they should be able to win even the navy of the Empire. Especially with Sophia around. And the Empire with that navy defeated will have no tomorrow. So who should we cooperate with, you should know that by now, don’t you?” (TL: Naval=navy, armed forces = army, so mage = magy. Please comment if you have a better idea. 😛 )

( at your service!)

After giving a thorough explanation, I lightly pushed Liasha-denka’s shoulder to separate her from me. There’s no deep meaning in it. It’s just that her face was so close I am getting slightly embarrased.

( at your service!)

“….but, the Dominion should be allying with Albion. We, the Empire, were invited like that.

“It should be to the extent of attacking the coastal waters of Veris as well. If they know that Sophia is here and that preparations has been done, their thoughts should change. Rather than Veris’s land, the lands of Albion are more attractive. And, the Dominion have the power to do that.”

( at your service!)

Even if they end up attacking the Empire’s navy upfront, the Dominion should ally with us if we promised them with Veris’s assistance and Sophia’s support.

Of course, that’s if the Dominion is to become our allies.

( at your service!)

“…then what should the Empire do….?”

“I would advise that you think about it yourself. However, isn’t time sparse? Even if you tried your best, you would still take 6 days to reach the coastal area. By the time Liasha reached, wouldn’t the 1st Fleet have already started their attack?”


( at your service!)

Liasha-denka bit her lips in regret. The act of negotiating at a tight schedule resulted in a backfire. They did not suspect their dominant position after all. Everyone thought that Veris is in a bad situation and though the truth is not wrong, if it’s just facing the Empire alone, we can do it no matter how many times. And as long as the Dominion’s navy does not come in with the Empire’s, there’s no problem.

Instead, it might be better for negotiation if we took out the Empire’s navy. And we can point out to them that Sophia is actively assisting Veris and the fact that Veris is still a strong country.

( at your service!)

“Liasha-denka. As I have duties on-hand, I shall excuse myself.”

“W, wait a moment!”

( at your service!)

Liasha-denka grabbed my hems of my clothing. There isn’t much Liasha-denka can do at this point. She no longer have the rights to decide after all. No matter what conditions were put out, there will be no firm promises. And I have no thoughts of accepting it.

Though the method from now on will be quite violent, it would be quite a forceful plan like taking me as a hostage of sorts and slipping out of the castle . So, I looked at Liasha-denka’s eyes and after understanding her thoughts of doing exactly that, I informed.

( at your service!)

“I believe it’s best that you do not make any move. The escorts outside have been suppressed.”


“The spies shouldn’t be able to approach. Because in the surroundings, ”

( at your service!)

There are 5 of Nox members.

In that instant, Liasha-denka’s hands lost her strength. While she should have known of Nox’s previous war records, Ars and Erica are people who were well-known personally. To fight them is just reckless no matter what.

And sorry about that, but it’s not a lie. I have request beforehand for Ren to to call out to them. I won’t request Ren for such rough matters. This is to ensure that I do not lose Ren’s trust.

( at your service!)

“Do you have anything that you wish to say?”

“….what is your wish? You have a demand after all, don’t you?”

( at your service!)

Though it’s still possible to try to refuse her purposely, I do not have the interest to torment a younger female and even more so that I will also be troubled if she despaired from being cornered.

So this is the turning point.

( at your service!)

“Yes. A very simple one.”


( at your service!)

Slightly, Liasha-denka’s eyes wavered. Having her absolute dominant position taken, her safety is at my discretion.

Well, it’s not like I planned to do anything to her.

( at your service!)

“Since Albion had gotten in touch with you, then the Dominion should have been contacted as well?”

“Of course. As there is the possibility of cooperation, contact has been made secret.”

“That is even in this castle?”

( at your service!)

She kept silent. She likely understands what is it that I want. Pondering whether it’s okay to say it so easily.


( at your service!)

“Denka. I dislike doing things like the ex-king, you know?”

( at your service!)

Liasha-denka instantly twitched her body in shock and took a distance of a few steps. Though her eyes were as if looking at a beast, I couldn’t really care at this time.

( at your service!)

“… I do not believe you were a person who would do that though…?”

“If necessary, I will do anything. Towards people of other nations, and especially to those that threatens. In the basement of the castle, there are many weird drugs and tools stored here that were gathered by the ex-king. Though I am troubled on the disposal of these items, to check their effect is also a plan.”

( at your service!)

Just like that, thinking of the ex-king, I tried floating a smile.

It seems to have quite an effect. Losing strength in her legs, she ended up sitting on her chair.

( at your service!)

“Denka. Please answer the question.”

( at your service!)

As I say it with a slightly stronger tone, Liasha-denka started to speak gradually.

( at your service!)

“….we have contact with the Dominion’s envoy. But the other party does not know about the details. He seems to be only told to escape if the matter of the invasion was found out.”

“The envoy of the Dominion should be the 4th Imperial Prince…….Are they using him as a sacrificial pawn?”

“Most likely. So it’s impossible for you to negotiate with the Dominion through the envoy, you know?”

“No, it’s enough that you told me that. The fight within the Dominion itself is also quite intense. There’s plenty of chances to take advantage of it.”

( at your service!)

If the 4th Imperial Prince is to be abandoned, a ripple of some extent is going to be caused in the internal of the Dominion. There might be people of a faction that will use that as a trigger to show movements of attack in regards to it. In that situation, they are no longer in a state for war. Though the Dominion has one of most lands of the 5 big countries, if because of that, they lost their footing, they will take time to recover.

( at your service!)

“But, an information to this extent is insufficient to cooperate with the Empire though.”

“What!? You! I have already honestly told you our relations with the Dominion, haven’t I!?”

( at your service!)

From that reaction, she doesn’t seem to be lying. Her reaction is too honest. What a simpleton. Well, if this is the castle of the Empire, the position would have changed though.

This is my home town. With lots of comrades. I would not lose to an opponent whose movement and information were restricted.

I only have one more thing I wish to know.

( at your service!)

“Now here’s the last question. Depending on the answer, I might be unable to guarantee your safety.”


“The Empire’s navy, is your father the one leading the 1st Fleet?”

( at your service!)

Maybe due to how unexpected that question was, Liasha-denka blinked her eyes a few times before nodding.

( at your service!)

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