Arc 1 – The Conclusion Chapter 1

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Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Conclusion Chapter 1


With just a small number of troops, defending is difficult. The other side is Black Swan Flag army, filled with abled people. Losing in quality and having equal numbers, I am unable to see the possibility of winning.

As I thought of such scornful things, I can see Captain Ars and General Paulus holding back the enemies’ invasion on the protective wall that seems pathetic, when compared to the surrounding large walls around the castle.

As Mikana is commanding the hundred soldiers under my direct supervision, our side ended up having three General-class commanders. But, that is regretfully not a definite dominating position.


“She should be rather exhausted though.”


I looked at Kaguya-sama who is commanding just slightly behind the soldiers of the Black Swan Flag army, and whispered as such.

It’s an attack filled with Sophia’s magic power. It should be fine to basically think of it as an attack the same level as Sophia. To strike a night assault on the night of the same day receiving that attack, she’s really energetic.


“Now then, what should I do? Even if I dragged time, the castle would fall without doubt as it is.”


In this situation where I could not prepare reservists, it would likely end up with Kaguya-sama’s night assault force taking down the castle. There is a wide difference on abandoning the castle and having the castle taken down. Though there is also the morale aspect of it, the latter would feel like you lost. I have came to learn that such mood can influence the battle greatly here.


“Strategist! A envoy for surrender have came again, you know?”


Without the sign of cleaning his face dirtied with blood, he said that while coming to my side.

Kaguya-sama have stopped the attack temporarily, so a person that seems to be an envoy approached our location.

Though to take up the surrender is easy, I am troubled if there are no assurance of our safety. For now, I guess I should just do what I can.


“Captain Ars. Let’s establish a place for negotiations. As I will be bringing Mikana along, I leave the command of the soldiers to you.”

“Got it. Please refrain yourself from getting cut down immediately, got it?”


Captain Ars, who stroke his head with his right hand, said something that can’t be joked about. Honestly, such a possibility is high.

While replying “I will be discrete”, I optimistically greet the envoy while thinking that I would likely not die if I bring Mikana along.




While saying it’s negotiating, the reason why the forbid of bringing weapons on yourself is not conveyed is because if the magic-capable Kaguya-sama were to become serious, whether she is carrying a weapon or not, there is no difference in the danger on our side. If that’s the case, it’s better that our side also have our weapons with us. Though that’s what we thought, unexpectedly, it might have been unnecessary.

Within the four person that are negotiating, both Mikana and Kaguya-sama are holding onto their weapon, with the remaining two, me and Kaguya-sama’s strategist, Yuri Stratos, were not holding to a weapon. Well, I do have my fan in my breast pocket though.

Though I say that, the problem here is not about this. Or more like, what I am concerned is not that.

Yuri Stratos

The person who was displayed with such a name, is a short-build person, whose face is hidden behind a black robe.

Previously, Mikana said that though he is a very resourceful person, his background is unknown.

Wisdom is at the seventy mark. The rest were also around 70. The only high pointer is magical power. It’s at least on the lower 90s. Since Sophia is around the upper 90s, he is surely quite the magician. His combat ability is lower, considering that though. And one more thing, there is a suggestive word of “Inducement” written there. I wonder if that means it’s his forte.

However, I just somehow feel that shady about this person. But, Kaguya-sama seems to have really high opinion of this person. To the point she said that he’s her strategist.

Though with such ability score, I don’t think he is fit to be Kaguya-sama’s strategist, I feel that it’s Kaguya-sama’s freedom to put whoever on her side, so I just replied, “I see.”.

If the opponent is incompetent, it will be helpful on our end though.


“Kurei. Will you not surrender?”

“Regretfully, yes, I am unable to say to surrender. From my position.”


Though Kaguya-sama has come to ask that, I have already decided on my reply. I can’t surrender as long as I still have the war potential to fight.


“I see. Then, we can only fight, is it….”

“Kaguya-sama. Is it fine to say something?”


Stratos on Kaguya-sama’s side asked her that. Instantly, I felt that Kaguya-sama’s eyes lost focus slightly. Though I feel that it could be my imagination, I felt a really bad vibe from it.


“Ah. I don’t mind.”

“Now then, a retainer of Kaguya-sama, I am called Yuri Stratos.”

“I am Yukito Kurei. So? What is it exactly? I can’t surrender, you know?”

“No, the surrender is fine. Our side can defeat your side anytime anyway, but…. All of you have to protect your retreating comrades. In other words, a bait piece. Do you understand that?”


“Kaguya-sama. Please leave it to me”


Maybe finding fault in Stratos’s conduct, Kaguya-sama tried to voice out, but as Stratos replied instantly, Kaguya-sama lost focus again for an instant, and nodded.

What in the world is this? Right now, that looked as if Kaguya-sama is following Stratos’s words. No matter how you think of it, it’s weird. Also, this guy has been consuming magical power every time he speaks from a while ago.


“I know. It’s my own thoughts after all.”

“Then, don’t you have no use for this castle after the retreat is completed?”

“What are you trying to say?”

“We will overlook the people retreating. So surrender.”


An extremely proper opinion. But, when he speaks, I just somehow feel suspicious. There is just something that seems to be behind it. As I was thinking about that, Mikana spoke from my side.


“I believe we should accept it.”


For an instant, I doubted my ears. Mikana, who told me that it depends on the situation when I talked about surrendering, is now approving the surrender.

Shocked, I looked at Mikana’s eyes. They are eyes that seems to be looking somewhere far. For now, what I know is that with the some kind of magic Stratos is using, its effects are affecting Kaguya-sama and Mikana.


“No, I reject. I wish to stop this conversation from going any further. If you wish to speak again no matter what, I wish to have some time. I also want to hear the opinions of those at the back.”

“Is that so? In that case, please send an envoy from your side this time. Is that fine? Kaguya-sama.”

“Ah. I don’t mind.”


Averting from the eyes of Kaguya-sama who spoke like a doll, I returned while taking Mikana to my camp.




“Being controlled?”


Listening to what I said, Captain Ars asked with a troubled expression.

On the side of Captain Ars, General Paulus is also making the same expression. In the form of me facing both of them to talk, I looked at Mikana who is sitting on a chair, slightly further away. Seems like she is rather down from the matter a while ago.


“Most likely, that is the case for Kaguya-sama. I should say that Mikana was induced, is that right?”

“Looks like you also do not certain of it. But, if you think of it that way, I can understand why her highness, Kaguya, would be hostile against Diorood-sama. ”

“That’s right. They do not have the hostile relationship. Rather, it’s more shocking that they are cooperating together. Also, there is also that Stratos. It was half a year ago when he was employed. Though he was an underling at the start, he suddenly begins to be recognised by Princess Kaguya-sama, and came all the way up. Unexpectedly, that might be the truth.”


Captain Ars gave me information that I did not know of. With that ability score, it’s weird that he’s a close associate. As expected, with some kind of means, most likely magic, he is controlling Kaguya-sama.

Mind-control. A technique that forcefully induced one to a result that was decided previously, as if it’s really your own choice, and also, the act itself.

Hypnosis. It’s one of the state of mind that could easily be hypnotised. It can refer to that state of mind and also the technique used to result in that state.(The Japanese word can be used in that way, unlike English, “Hypnotized” and “Hypnotism”). It can also be called Hypnosis. Things that the person really does not want to do cannot be forced.

I was shown the two words that I thought of and I skimmed through both of those information. Though, as this is most likely something induced from magic, I am not sure if modern knowledge would be useful, it shouldn’t make everything possible. While hypnotism doesn’t allow the person himself to do what he dislikes, mind-control is also just a way to show him doing something as if it’s his own intention. Both are just inducing the person himself.

The “Inducement” written on Stratos’s status is likely talking about that. Slightly inducing people’s thoughts. With the accumulation of that, even Kaguya-sama’s actions has been manipulated. The Mikana just now very likely has her thoughts induced. Though that itself is a threat, it is those eyes that don’t focus. That is the state of a person being completely controlled. If I don’t do something about that, ending up not able to express myself might be something to think about. When that happens, even if he doesn’t use magic, I will always be a puppet.

The Kaguya-sama just now has totally no dignity. She was just affirming to things that was told. I wonder how much of a humiliation it is. Having your thoughts trampled upon. That is also one of those things that must not be done.

We have our own mind. Have that suppressed, we are just a puppet. And Kaguya-sama is moving towards that state.


“Can I borrow both of your strength? Of course, Mikana too.”

“Are you planning to do something?”

“I will bait Stratos and Kaguya-sama out. After that, I will save Kaguya-sama from the technique.”

“Hey hey. It’s not confirmed that she is totally being controlled, isn’t it? How are you planning to confirm that?”


Captain Ars gave such words of concern. But, I have my convictions. The word “Inducement” on the status menu and the fact that magic is used every time he speaks. I believe it’s pretty much certain.


“I wish to talk to Kaguya-sama to confirm that. This is likely the final chance. Entitle all soldiers to a horse, break through the encircle and escape from the castle.”

“Without doubt, we will be chased after, you know?”

“That’s not a problem. I will stay here after all. I believe the pursuit would be weak.”

“That’s…. What.. in the world do you mean?”

“I want them to believe that I let just my subordinates escape. And with that as a proof of surrender, I will present this fan to Kaguya-sama. As this is quite the unique item, I will understand whether Kaguya-sama is being controlled from the reaction she get after receiving it.”


As I explained while showing the fan, Mikana who is slightly further away, assents to it.

Slightly… no, quite life-threatening but, I do have enough prospects. The problem is the effect of this fan. As explained by Sophia, it’s a wind-attribute magic tool, which dispel any magic by just touching it and can raise a storm by swinging it hard. If that’s the case and it can be used in any situation which would mean that even if the magic has been cast, it would dispel it, Kaguya-sama would return to her consciousness.

I shall get her to touch the fan successfully. Or though she has to touch it no matter what, I can only skillfully use words for that to happen. If Kaguya-sama is not being controlled, and is acting on her own consciousness, then it cannot be helped. I will only be caught.

Thinking to that extent, I sighed heavily.




As I sat on the chair, I smile bitterly at the flow of events till now. What a comical progress, even if I say so myself.

Not expecting the result would end up like this, I was desperately trying to do what’s entrusted to me, and ended up sacrificing many lives.

Though it might not end up worst, I thought of that coming true.

That’s why I should atone my sins at the very least. I shall gamble this life of mine.

Kayuya Halberd. Without doubt, she was the hope for this country, but right now, she is turning into an existence that brings harm to this country. Kaguya-sama’s will is being disregarded completely at the judgement of a small group of people.

There is without doubt good and evil in this world. However, no matter which it is, it certainly has to do with one’s will. When there is no will, it’s not good or evil. It’s nothing.

Perhaps, it could be possible that Dio-sama knows that Kaguya-sama is in such a state. That’s why he doesn’t want to fight it himself.

It’s useless if you think about it. You can’t read another’s heart. Even for the married, parent and child, siblings, friends, it’s impossible to sense the depths of the heart. It’s only from disagreeing when you think that you have understood the other. That’s why it becomes necessary to convey.

Even for me, who can read all kinds of information, I can’t read the hearts of another. At most, it’s on the level of predicting something from the changes in the status. Not just myself, but others as well, we would not understand if one would not convey it to us.

But, I wonder what if those words do not reach. If there is no will. I wonder how empty could that be.

Kaguya-sama, who is falling in that state, call out to me.


“Yukito Kurei… Would you not surrender?”


Towards the sound that resounds the room, I reveal a smile. A self-derision smile.

If I just looked at the result, the retreating unit has safely retreated and the night assault unit also has broken through the encirclement.

But, the price was also huge. No matter how you look at it, around half of the numbers were killed without being able to break through the encirclement.

They were the sacrificial bait for me to make them not feel weird towards my speech.

For the sake of those who died, I absolutely can’t fail.


“Though I was at least hoping that my subordinates would survive, the world doesn’t let things go smoothly, does it?”

“If you give the word, I can guarantee the lives of your subordinates though?”

“I believe my subordinates would not consent. But, I had enough. I shall surrender.”


As I was saying that, I stood from my chair. There is Stratos’s appearance at the back of Kaguya-sama as well.

I don’t think I would have a tomorrow if I do not bring Kaguya-sama to our side somehow. Therefor, I can only do it.

Holding the fan with my right hand, I mutter in my heart.

‘Now, for the Decisive Point’
(TL: Translation says “Decisive Game”, but I don’t think of the character being such a person so I changed it to ‘Point’.)


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