Arc 1 – The Conclusion Chapter 2

Yoshiro:  Kurei’s explanation on the strategy was hard to translate. I might not be able to portray them well, so I can only hope you can understand it.

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PS: For those who don’t get it, read it using Japanese intonation and not using phonetics.

Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Conclusion Chapter 2

Towards me who is holding the fan in front of her, Kaguya-sama sheathed her sword in her right hand.

I tilted my head to that unexpected choice.


“Why did you sheath your sword? Though I said to surrender, I am still an enemy, you know?”

“Just by looking at your eyes, I can see whether you have that fighting spirit. Your eyes do have the resolution but do not have the fighting spirit. You do not wish to fight with me, right? Kurei?”


I have been read. (TL: I might have to use “exposed” if this doesn’t make sense to most people reading this.)

Feeling that, I was having cold sweat on my face. I didn’t expect that she could just see through whether or not I plan to fight by just looking at me. As I thought, the feeling of being seen through isn’t just a weird feeling. Is it from experience, insight from birth or from something else. No matter what, those eyes are real.

And also, the fighting spirit released from those eyes are also real.


“…. I could be hiding it, you know? For the sake of attacking you on that one chance. ”

“You knew that it was impossible, right? That fan is quite the high grade item. However, it is fundamental to compare the user’s magic power. Being able to release that much power was due to having filled in magic power from the very beginning. I could barely feel any magic from you after all. But, even if it’s some famous magician, to pour in that much magic power is difficult. At most, it should be a one-time effect.”


That’s quite the insight. She was totally spot-on. Well, having that read is not a problem to me though.


“……Correct. However, my weapon is not my combat ability. It’s words. Is it fine if I ask a few questions?”

“I don’t mind. What is it?”


I was shocked when she accepted it so easily. Isn’t it normal to be more vigilant? No, more than that, Stratos who isn’t interrupting is weird. If it’s this fellow, I believe he would have said something though..


“Well then…Why did you take your father’s side?”


A upright and clean-handed person should know. The serious sin of cutting down your father. I can understand the reason to hesitate. It’s even more so for Kaguya-sama who Dio-sama would refer as a person who lives a life of difficulty. But, I don’t understand the reason for going against her brother, Dio-sama.

The meaning in fighting, or should I say, the point to be able to fight while agreeing to oneself shouldn’t be different, be it on the side of Dio-sama or the King.

Why did she have to specially choose the path of opposition? Even if it’s the king’s order, for a battle of no cause, I don’t really think she will come forth.

Is the reason because she is being manipulated? Or is that wrong? This is a question to see through that.


“Even you….. would ask that…..”


Lonely. With that expression, Kaguya-sama who said that seems similar to Dio-sama who I just met. It’s the same as Dio-sama when he talked about fighting for his sister in the carriage at that time.


“….Dio-sama….is fighting for your sake. Are you…. Fighting for your father?”

“Kurei is trying to understand me, isn’t it? A question for that sake, I see…. Looks like if I don’t answer, I would be impolite.”

“That’s correct. I believe Kaguya-sama should reveal your true feelings.”


Kaguya-sama smiled sadly. Seeing such a Kaguya-sama, I bit my teeth hard. Her eyes lost her focus. That’s because Stratos interrupted.



“It isn’t like I fought for my father. I fought for Dio. Not for the country, or the people. I… have fought for my only brother.”


Saying that, Kaguya-sama lower her shoulders slightly.

On one hand, I am shocked. That’s because it’s the exact same reason Dio-sama has. But, I wonder if this is something Stratos is manipulating her to say against her will. Or is this really Kaguya-sama’s real feelings?.


“Then, why…. are you opposing him….?”

“It’s to end the war quickly. Father is thinking about a prolonged war.”

“Is there no option to work together….?”

“There isn’t enough time to defeat Father…. Even if Father is defeated, after that, I will be all alone….. In the fight to defeat Father, precious time would be lost and if it’s going to be me alone, then…..”


I wish to spend the time left with her most precious brother.

I wonder if it’s because she have finished what she has to say. Compared to Kaguya-sama who seems slightly refreshed, I was totally not refreshed. Having too much to retort about, I have no idea where to start retorting about.

No, there is one point I have to retort.


“Though I don’t really understand….? Why are you saying things on the assumption that Dio-sama would die…?”


Hearing my words, Kaguya-sama opened her eyes widely, floating a shocked expression.

And nodded as if she understood something, she looked at me straight into the eyes, closing her eyes strongly once, and said,


“….Dio’s life span isn’t long. The longest time-frame would be 2 months, and for the shortest, he might…. die even tomorrow.”


Hearing Kaguya-sama’s words, there was some matter inside me that connects. It got connected.

The sickly Dio-sama. Dio-sama who is rushing for a short-term battle. Dio-sama who used cosmetics to cover up his complexion. Dio-sama who collapsed from fatigue. Dio-sama who thought of the next stage.

And, Dio-sama who keeps an extraordinary resolution in his heart.

It’s weird if you connect everything up. While saying that you have to defeat him no matter what, Dio-sama is lacking slightly in caution. No, I think I should say that he’s rushing for the decisive battle.

There was that weird feeling. However, I did not request for an answer. It’s because I didn’t turn my eyes towards it.

Again, I have turned my eyes towards a place opposite to what was important. Thinking desperately too much about winning and living on that I did not pay attention to Dio-sama’s condition.

Though almost unconsciously losing the strength in my knees, but managed to somehow hold on, I was not able to hide the fact that I was wavering. My brain firmly knows that there is the possibility that Stratos made her say that. But, I felt that that seems to be the truth.


“My wish is for a short period of tranquility with Dio. Once that ends…. I won’t wish for anything else….. ”


The time spent with your family is precious. And that’s even more so when it’s the last time. I heard Dio-sama and Kaguya-sama are raised together. That’s why, Kaguya-sama’s definition of a family is not about blood relations, and it’s likely whether you have lived together or not. If that isn’t the case, then the two sisters that have been taken refuge would also be part of the family.

The problem was that Dio-sama decided to use that remaining life to take his father down, while Kaguya-sama is rejecting this decision. What remains is the fact that both of them did not change. It’s just that while Dio-sama desires for a country without his father, Kaguya-sama desires for the remaining precious time.

I gradually sort out my thoughts. Though it already has pretty much disappeared, the possibility of Kaguya-sama really breaking down is still faintly there. Having her body being targeted by her father, being informed of her brother’s remaining time, and the fact that he is raising an army. It is without doubt a dreadful mental burden.

Adding to the fact of having the responsibility of a general that leads an army, Kaguya-sama also has to think about those under here. Not able to make a move easily, she could no longer be bothered with everything after thinking about whether there was kind of plan. This is also a possibility.

To save Dio-sama, to acquire a mere period of tranquil with Dio-sama, Kaguya-sama can only fight Dio-sama, and to catch him with her own hands. Well, being tied to this only thought is something that isn’t possible.

After all, she is breaking down.

But, the possibility of that being inducted is extremely high. Due to Stratos.

Other than this, I can be bothered. I can’t think of anything else. I can understand if it ended up that way. But, I just don’t feel that from Kaguya-sama. No, I couldn’t feel that slightly.

Kaguya-sama does things half-baked. While causing a war, Kaguya-sama is restraining the sacrifices of the soldiers to a minimum. You can’t do that if you are not composed. Even if she attacks with force, not only can she win, it would be even faster. If she desires her tranquility with Dio-sama, she should have attack with force from the start.

With just her army.

But, when Dio-sama and I were spreading out the encirclement net, Kaguya-sama was going to reinforce another castle. I don’t understand the reason for doing that. Besides, the reason for attacking Castle Harpe should also be due to the pursuit. I wonder if she pay attention to that. In the first place, if they sent a small number of soldiers by the side of Castle Harpe, they should be able to reach the castle where Dio-sama stepped out from. Well, though Dio-sama is no longer there by then, I don’t understand why such a choice wasn’t made even then.

Her actions and speech doesn’t match. It’s as if she has multiple personalities. Rather than multiple personalities, I think I should say she doesn’t settle down. As if a kid that can’t hold still. Doing something randomly there, and then doing something randomly here. If someone doesn’t control her well, she wouldn’t hold still. There is no longer the need to think who is the one controlling her.

I bit my lips unconsciously. Kaguya-sama’s feeling is likely not a lie. As expected, Stratos’s magic is something that induces the thoughts. Making it as if one really think about it.

It causes a small wish to give an impression as if it has to be executed no matter. And, to give Kaguya-sama the impression that only by fighting, can she be able to save Dio-sama.

Her genuine feeling for her brother was used.


“Though Father has good influence, he promised to not interfere after I capture Dio. I can also guarantee your safety. So would you tell me the whereabouts of Dio?”

“Do you think the king would protect such a promise?”

“Fifty fifty, I guess. But, my vassals are all superior. Even without me, they can win if it’s a battle. Though the battle would be prolonged.”


And during that time, she will spend her last moments with Dio-sama. Kaguya-sama seems really precarious for saying that. She is really only thinking of that. It’s possible that she is already no longer interested in any other matter. She has been induced that way, I guess.


“…..wouldn’t assassination be faster?”

“Assassination is not possible for me naturally, and even the continent’s best assassin. Father is always surrounded by a hundred of men of valor, and weapons are taken away when meeting him. And plus that, Father himself is an unusually skilled master. He won’t fall from just one attack. If I could do it, I would have already done so. It’s because I do not have other methods, I came forth. To capture Dio with these hands.”


I see. So it means it won’t proceed easily. And I can’t ignore what was said just now.

Dio-sama’s plan was for me to draw Kaguya-sama over, while Dio-sama take the king down during that time. Though this plan is with the premise of being able to take the king down, it doesn’t seem easy from listening to that conversation.

There’s a mountain of things to think of. Right now, it became necessary to amend what information is known.

I thought that it is doubtful of Kaguya-sama really assisting Dio-sama after she take down the king. But, as it is now, that thought seems to be really coming true.

To solve everything, we need to quickly get Kaguya-sama released.

But, I didn’t expect Dio-sama’s sickness is due to his remaining lifespan. Perhaps only Earl Uren knows about this. I was totally deceived. If I had know, I would have stop them, and they didn’t even ask me to use my knowledge to cooperate with them. No, maybe that’s why he didn’t say. For the time being, I should really check Dio-sama status next time. I might find out something.

Well, let’s put that aside for now. What I need to save is the person right in front of me now. And what is needed is my words. And this fan.


“I have come to understood Kaguya-sama’s true feelings properly. Now then, I pledge on my name that I would not bring harm to Kaguya-sama. However, I think that if I don’t present something, it feels somehow lacking in faith. So.”

I present the fan in both hands, and kneel in front of Kaguya-sama.


“I shall entrust this fan received from my friend to you. I wish to obtain your trust from keeping this fan.”

“This is the thing that caused the storm at that time. Isn’t this your last reliance?”

“That’s the reason. Please do receive it.”


As I spoke, I faced downwards to not have my expression read.

I no longer sweat. But, my throat is getting dry. An instant later, it isn’t weird if I am cut down, and I do not have any other way if the fan doesn’t have an effect.

I closed my eyes. My life, well, i guess it’s fine already. I guess no matter what happens I will be safe. I did surrender after all. But, I am troubled if the fan doesn’t work. If this doesn’t work, Kaguya-sama will be stay twisted from now on.


“Let’s see……. Would you receive it? After doing so much, i believe it is impolite to reject.”

“That’s true. I guess I should.”


Saying that, Kaguya-sama grabbed the fan from my held out hands.

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