Arc 1 – The Conclusion Chapter 3

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Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Conclusion Chapter 3

( at your service!)

A black flash is moving fast along the straight path towards the royal castle’s gate.

Unluckily, those soldiers who were on the path, especially those that tried to obstruct, were cut down as they were passed and were almost instantly dead. Even if some of them were alive, they were already ¾ dead. In other words, they will die soon.

Running at the back, my face cramped towards the quick work, and at the same time due to running at full speed, I placed my hand on the right side of my stomach as a dull pain started to surface from there..

This is a battlefield. And I am weak.

As I breathed roughly while managing to move forward, an arrow came flying towards me.

While I do not have the ability to dodge in the first place, I am tired now. Ways to avoid is an absolute zero. That’s if I can dodge though.

I know I do not have the need to dodge. It had occurred three times on the way here. The fact that I was at the verge of death.

I was saved that three times.

The arrow split into half before reaching me. And, the archer that shot it, was blown away by lightning.

( at your service!)

“Don’t leave me and not fall behind, haven’t I told you multiple times already?”

“Haaahaaa…. And every time, I replied that I will do my best, I am already giving everything I have….”

“Fumu, is it a bit too fast? I was just doing a light run even like this though.”

“…..I would like to request for a slower pace. With this repetition, it’s a waste of time. If that’s not possible, then please go ahead.”

( at your service!)

A soft smile like Dio-sama floated towards my words.

( at your service!)

“That’s not a choice. You have saved my life. By the name of Kaguya Halberd, I shall protect you. Yukito.”

( at your service!)

That’s what Kaguya-sama said.

Though her spoken words were inspirational, I wish that she would consider my condition if she thinks that way.

At any rate, whenever magic came flying over, it’s cut down, whenever an arrow is shot over, it’s cut down, and whenever someone comes attacking, it’s cut down as well. Just a repetition of cutting things down.

( at your service!)

“If you are fighting with your actual abilities, I think there aren’t any threat here. I believe you should go on ahead.”

“Fighting ability doesn’t decide the fate of a battle. Though on a direct confrontation, I would win against my Father, my Father would never take me on from the front. And I would likely lose to my father. After all, he should definitely have prepared a plan to defeat me.”

“Then, why are you going?”

“My brother is waiting. Plus, there are also prospects of winning. And that’s you, Yukito. As my Father is not wary of you, move with all your might.”

“I shall do my best on that too….. If possible, I would prefer that you could settle this alone.”

“Don’t you think that it is kind of shameful for a guy to ask the girl he embraced to fight alone?”

( at your service!)

Kaguya-sama, who floated a mischievous smile, threw such words of tease at me.

Since if I react, it will be to her expectations, and most importantly, my sides still hurts, I continued to give excuses that it can’t be helped in my heart. I am definitely not unfaithful. I am purely just worried. It’s not like I remembered the sensation of the body.

( at your service!)

“….I apologize for my impoliteness.”

“It’s fine. That actually saved me in a way. Really….. But, don’t you think they are way too late?”

“To run at full speed in armor can only be punishment and nothing else….. I believe it will take some more time.”

“Fumu, then let’s go ahead a bit more.”

( at your service!)

There is no one here that can receive my anger.

Saying something like that without hesitation, Kaguya-sama pulled my arm forcely to make me stand while I was bending my knees.

( at your service!)

“Let’s go, Yukito! Don’t fall behind!”

“…..I shall do my best…..”

( at your service!)

I feel that the feeling I am having right now is like the time when you meet a person with multiple personalities or when you meet a girl who is abnormally skilled at feigning naivete.

I wonder. Is this the kind of feeling you would say that you have been deluded by a raccoon? (TL: I think Japanese’s perception on raccoon is that they are cunning and would cheat you and all those kinda of stuff. Someone might want to help explain that in the comment section if you are able to.)

But, I think this is the actual Kaguya-sama.

She had returned to her former self at that time.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

In a room in Castle Harpe, it sounds like something cracked. Actually, it’s not like something really cracked. Perhaps, it’s the sound of the invisible chain that binds Kaguya-sama cracking.

What’s spreading in my heart was relief. My eyes were on Kaguya-sama’s legs. From then, as I raised my head, there was Kaguya-sama whose expression is twisted by the roughly conceivable feelings of sadness, anger, shock and disgust. But, her eyes still firmly settled. (TL: Why the hell were you looking at her legs? Though I understand your feelings but……)

And the Kaguya-sama who met her eyes with mine said this one sentence.

( at your service!)

“….I am in your debt.”

( at your service!)

At the instant of that sentence.

A flash.

With a move that fits that description, Kaguya-sama drove the fan received from me at Stratos’s hood, likely where the throat is.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

Like the sound of a frog being crushed, Stratos was in agony.

Removing the hood with the momentum, we could see the light brown hair, and furthermore, the face of a round plump man appeared. I believe he is slightly older than me. While agonizing over the pain of the throat, he was glaring at Kaguya-sama desperately. What futility. This person is really…

It’s not your trick.

( at your service!)

“…..I have never….. Felt anger of this extent before….”

( at your service!)

Stratos was floating a “Why” expression. He doesn’t know the situation.

I believe it was due to fear of reinforcements that Stratos’s throat was rendered useless. Not talking about Kaguya-sama, I would be taken out immediately. As expected of her situational awareness. Saved by that one hand.

( at your service!)

“A, Aguyazama…” (TL: Kaguya-sama in broken throat language.)

“It’s not anger towards you…. It’s towards myself….”

( at your service!)

Though Stratos is putting in magic in short verses, Kaguya-sama is holding to the fan. Stratos’s magic is no longer effective.(TL: Saved by the guy’s first girl’s item… I wonder how does she feel when she finds out… Shuraba :P)

Swaying closer to Stratos, Kaguya-sama seriously looks like a ghost or vengeful spirit or something close. I could totally understand Stratos who is shrinking away to the the point it hurts. Thought there is absolutely no feeling of sympathy.

( at your service!)

“Because of my own immatureness…..I invited needless sacrifice and chaos….Though normally I would take my own life here…. But before that”

( at your service!)

You shall take the blow of my anger.

The words were not powerful. On the contrary, the fear is several times more.

Stratos, whose face twisted in fear, turned his back to us and ran. Without the thought of stopping that, Kaguya-sama drew her sword from her waist.

In an instant, she closed in on Stratos and cut his back. (TL:…….OP…)

Being too fast, I have no idea when she got close. If I think of the human stature, no matter how fast you move, the fact that you move should be detectable, but by the time you realize, she already approached Stratos.

Shukuchi(Territory Shrink). Such words floated in my head. (TL: Exact translations should be shrink the land, but i thought that was cooler so… yeah.)

【Shukuchi. Or Territory Shrink Technique or Art of Territory Shrink. The technique or Senninjutsu to instantaneously move long distance by shrinking the distance. While the Senninjutsu version allow instantaneous movement of distance that can be seen long distances away, the technique version is a combat technique to approach with a shorter pace.】(TL: I use Senninjutsu as a way of representing a more holy/OP version of magic. It’s like skills that can only be used by God or those hermit wizards/monks that you watch some shows.)(Friendly comment reminded me that this is the same as Death March’s Ground Shrink so you can take that as the translations as well.)

The reason why I can’t laugh at the information on the screen might be due to having seen a similar phenomenon right now.

Though moving 500km away is pushing it as expected, to be able to approach Stratos at least 10 steps away is truly a technique close to Senninjutsu.

Though since we have magic, Senninjutsu seems possible, I guess I should think of this as the application of magic. Well, nonetheless, I believe it’s not a feat that can be easily done.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

Though he moaned after getting cut in the back, Stratos quickly ran off. That’s quite the feat. To think that he can face his back twice to Kaguya-sama running away, I can’t do something so stupid. Even knowing that she’s going to approach anyway.

After thinking that much, I realized that Stratos is running towards the balcony. Is he planning to jump off? Or is he thinking of something else.

No matter which.

( at your service!)

“Kaguya-sama! Be Careful!!”

( at your service!)

Just after calling out to Kaguya-sama who was approaching with absolutely no caution, Stratos leaked out a smile that causes shiver unconsciously.

( at your service!)

“….. should have made her do more stuff…. Kaguya-chan…”


( at your service!)

The approaching Kaguya-sama decaptitated Stratos’s head.

Instantaneously. Stratos’s body started to release light and exploded.

I couldn’t open my eyes from the blast. I pressed down my body to the back. I tried enduring it by pressing my knees and shoulders against the floor while covering up my face with my arms.

After the blast stopped, what was left was only the destroyed balcony and burnt wall.

( at your service!)


“I am here.”

( at your service!)

As I faced to the diagonally to where the sound came from, my face cramped up. Not to say injuries, there wasn’t even a dirt on her clothes. How in the world did she tide over their explosion?

( at your service!)

“It’s good that you are fine.”

“…I guess this is what you call living in disgrace….”

( at your service!)

Gripping to her katana strongly, Kaguya-sama said that while biting onto her lips before she dropped her sword, strengthless. And then gradually lowering her knees to the floor.

Thinking that she might just fall, I moved to receive her.

Then, Kaguya-sama came falling gradually into my arms. I was shocked from the soft body that makes it difficult to believe that this body belongs to someone who was holding a sword and showing movement of godspeed just now.

In the state of having her forehead touching my chest, Kaguya-sama halted her fall. Though I could see her beautiful nape, my heart wasn’t throbbing with the situation after all.

( at your service!)

“…..I have…..committed an outrageous crime…”

“That’s exactly as you said. You have been totally controlled, went against Dio-sama and intensified the civil war that breaks the country into two.”


“However, it’s not just your fault. I believe the the main fault lies with Stratos, with the next being the current king. There are also others like Anna who blindly believed in you who was controlled, and also all your retainers who desire a battle of no cause. Besides, I believe I also have the guilt of not realizing that you were controlled before Stratos came. Though it’s harsh, there’s no helping lamenting about it.”

“…..what should I do…..?”

“All citizens, all soldiers, the whole of Veris desires one thing from you. If you happen to have the greatest sin, that would be the fact that you slightly hesitated in the things you want to do. That’s why you presented an opening to be taken advantage of. Even despite this, please stand up. However, if you can’t find the purpose to push yourself up, please stay here. I shall go to do what I need to do. Though if possible, I wish to go with you.”

( at your service!)

After saying that, Kaguya-sama hit my chest with her forehead with some strength and while using the recoil to raise her face up, she stood up immediately.

( at your service!)

“I shall….stop bringing my shame to myself any further. I will go. To take my father down!”

“Then, allow me to accompany you.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, I lower my head towards Kaguya-sama. She have finally returned. The person, Veris has waited for eagerly. The person whom Dio-sama wished to save.

( at your service!)

“But before that, I guess we have to settle the clean-up here. I also have to apologize to Anna. No, Bayd as well. I ended up locking him in the castle.”

“The final close associate, right? Did he not participate in the army this time? ”

( at your service!)

As the 10000-men army function without deficiency all the while, I thought surely that the person who worked behind-the-scenes did came.

( at your service!)

“I was the one who locked him up in the castle after all….. Bayd who opposed fighting against Dio.”

“I see. I guess there is a need to apologize.”

( at your service!)

It seems that Kaguya-sama’s camp also have various matters. Well, seeing Kaguya-sama’s condition, it’s more scary that there isn’t though.

As I smiled bitterly at Kaguya-sama who is racking her brain on who to apologize, I am thinking of whoever was the one to control Kaguya-sama. Of course, Stratos is the actual one who was controlling. However, Kaguya-sama’s actions are way too unbeneficial to Stratos.

I get that he’s by Kaguya-sama’ side. But, I don’t see the reason to use Kaguya-sama to fight in the war.

Even if she did that, Kaguya-sama’s army will only be exhausted and weaken. Above all, I don’t need it’s something a man who thought of fighting assertively would do.

I think it’s more natural to think that he moved under the instruction of someone. Then, who is that someone.

A person who would benefit from the opposition between Kaguya-sama and Dio-sama. A person who wish for Kaguya-sama to win.

There’s no need to think.

The present King of Veris. Braig Halberd

I understand why Dio-sama has been hostile to him all this while. It’s because the moment he left your sights, you have no idea what measures you might take. Because he’s one to be cautious of than any other person, he have continued to stay vigilant.

Also, Dio-sama anticipated that Kaguya-sama would appear. As to why he knows I wouldn’t know exactly, however, he most likely realized that Kaguya-sama’s condition was weird.

I believe she heard about the matter on Dio-sama’s remaining lifespan from himself. Dio-sama then realized that Kaguya-sama was strange and raised an army. Trying to discuss at the beginning, and when the communication breaks down, he raised an army. If it’s this sequence, it’s not weird at all. I guess to why I could hear the sensation of anger from him when I asked him why did he raised an army is likely due to the fact that he knows that he(The king) has already reached out to Kaguya-sama.

No matter what, here,

( at your service!)

“Kaguya-sama. I have something I have to convey no matter what.”

“Dio-sama right now, is advancing to the royal castle, leading an army of 2000. I believe it’s not weird even if the battle is about to start.”

“Fufu, a Dio-ish plan. However, with just Dio, I don’t think he can win. I will go as well. Yukito. Of course, you too.”


( at your service!)

From then, we quickly prepared and departed for the capital. While even the cavalry corps that showed the godspeed movement were galloping seriously with that outstanding horseback riding, I was riding the horse in the form of being dragged halfway within that group.

And in just slightly less than a day, we reached the capital.

Though a reckless forced march, we managed to reach in time, thanks to that.

The capital is now being attacked by Dio-sama’s army, so riding on the flow, we entered the capital on foot, having assumed to also enter the royal castle beforehand.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

Dio-sama’s army and Imperial Guards were fighting it out close to the capital.

The Imperial Guards desperately trying to defend the Royal castle’s walls and Dio-sama’s army trying to penetrate through. However, Dio-sama’s army have many people that are believed to be commoners mixed in it.

( at your service!)

“Are those volunteer soldiers?”

“They hate Father after all. By now, I believe I should be the same as well….”

“It’s fine. Everyone thinks that you have some form of reason for your actions. For example, something like ‘trying to create an opening’ would be just fine. If they understand that you are on the side of the people, the fallen reputation would return even in a night’s time.”

( at your service!)

While viewing from the surround for a while, I advise Kaguya-sama as such. Of course, what I said about a night’s time is about the matter right now. If she join this battle on Dio-sama’s side, many would change their evaluations of Kaguya-sama. Her popularity is this high. While being on the King’s side, she is yearned by the people to the extent of never-ending.

( at your service!)

“I see…. I am thinking of going right to the front just like this, how is it?”

“Let’s see. Then, in that case, an advice from me. I believe it’s better if you can get it as flashy as possible.”

“Flashy…. You say. Then, Yukito. Instruct Dio’s soldiers to get away from the gates. If possible, as soon as possible.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Kaguya-sama closed her eyes and started to concentrate for some reason.

I understood from instinct. Crap. And I found out from the status. Seriously BAD.

Large amount of magic power started to reduce abruptly. Kaguya-sama is beginning to prepare a magic skill that uses magic power of that scale.

At any rate, I ran towards the royal castle gates at full speed. I could quickly finish this if I can find Dio-sama or Earl Uren, but I don’t seem to be able to find them. The numbers are huge after all. Furthermore, they are swarming together as they are trying to break the gates down.

( at your service!)

“What should I do?”

( at your service!)

Muttering that, I looked behind me. For some reason, the area Kaguya-sama was is shining abnormally. Going like “Bachi, Bachi”.

( at your service!)

“This is bad, this is bad”

( at your service!)

Taking out the fan from my chest, I swang it strongly.

Causing a powerful wind, many people looked in my direction to verify the strong wind from behind.

( at your service!)

“The brave knights of his Highness, Diorood! Those that stands with us! Look upon that direction!”

( at your service!)

Due to the wind, the battle stopped for a short period of time and using that instant, I spoke.

Though only those that I can see their expressions, all of them have stiff expressions. Most likely, that’s pretty much everyone as well.

After speaking out and looking to the back, my face cramped.

It’s a spear. A huge lightning spear. And that’s in the sky on the capital. To say anything more, it’s coming towards this direction.

( at your service!)

“If, if you do not wish to be rolled up in the lighting strike from heaven, then gradually get away from the gates! That is the spear for our sake!!”

( at your service!)

I raised my voice. With my voice as the trigger, many people at the gates gradually move away from the gates one step at a time.

Though I said gradually to prevent chaos, I am having cold sweat as I have no idea when the spear is going to be released.

( at your service!)

“Yukito! Yukito! Why are you here!?”

“Earl Uren!? Rather than tell you later, I believe you will understand soon! For now, please stay back!!”

( at your service!)

Pulling away the armored Earl Uren who was approaching, I got away from the gates.

Not knowing how far I have to stay back, I continued to get away with the others, separating in both directions, left and right, until it’s released. And then.

That time has come.

The roar of the explosion. I plugged my ears up reflexively. The sound reverberated when the lightning spear dropped onto the gates, pulverizing it.

No, it’s not just the gates that got hit. As the royal castle is protected by a two-layer gates, that was also being destroyed. Looking at it timidly, there were many people screaming from within. Literally, heaps of corpses all around.

But, without caring such thoughts, there was a person who walk straight in the middle of the left and right separated Diorood-sama’s army with a beautiful posture.

( at your service!)

“Kaguya-sama Halberd shall enter the castle! No matter who you are, those that obstruct shall be cut down, be mindful of that!!”

( at your service!)

In that instant, many people that sides with Dio-sama sensed it.

That the strongest person has become their ally..

In that instant, many people that side with the King sensed it.

That the worst person has switched side.

( at your service!)

“It’s the Dark Princess!?”

( at your service!)

Along those words, the screams that can be heard from the royal castle became even louder.

And then, every people that supports Dio-sama raise cheers.

( at your service!)

“It’s Kaguya-sama!”

“Kaguya-sama has come!!”

( at your service!)

As I listened, I looked at the flabberghasted Earl Uren and informed one thing.

( at your service!)

“It’s Kaguya-sama, you know”

“….Ah…. it’s the Kaguya-sama I know…..”

( at your service!)

While shocked with Earl Uren who started dripping large drops of tears, I thought that it couldn’t be helped.

Though I am shocked at that change, I believe people who know the original Kaguya-sama would be shocked at the her state until just now.

She has returned at long last. As such feelings really do get conveyed, though very imprudent, I couldn’t help but make a smile.

( at your service!)


“Y, Yes!”

( at your service!)

As Kaguya-sama suddenly called out my name, I ended up replying while straightening my back.

( at your service!)

“We are going to force our way through! Don’t fall behind!”


( at your service!)

Thus, Dio-sama’s army that acquired an overwhelming war potential instantly took control of the battle that surrounds the royal castle’s gates.

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