Arc 1 – The Conclusion Chapter 4

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Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Conclusion Chapter 4

( at your service!)

A boisterous dance.

That is the impression I get of how easily Kaguya-sama cut down the Imperial Guard. Kaguya-sama and I are breaking into the royal castle, aiming at where the King is.

Even now, knights who swing down their sword against Kaguya-sama were decapitated before they could swing it, dying tragically.

If it’s a one-on-one scenario, the enemy would be decapitated mercilessly. If it’s a one-on-many scenario, the opponent’s arm or leg would be cut down to immobilize, creating a serial of one-on-one scenarios momentarily and again, momentarily giving the finishing blow.

And not only that those were usually done continuously while running.

Though I couldn’t see Kaguya-sama’s gallant figure and the fighting soldiers, there are faint glimpses of things rolling off at times and things that flew off every time Kaguya-sama swing her sword, to which when I tried to verify, it’s without doubt a traumatic experience.

Run while not shifting my sights. That is something I find out that is the only way to keep my calm when I was running behind Kaguya-sama’s back, and I have not think of anything else other than following her.

Overall, though quite far back, Dio-sama’s army lead by Earl Uren and Kaguya-sama’s knight were pressing in so the suppression of the royal castle should be soon.

The problem is.

( at your service!)

“Dio-sama who went to defeat the king in the detached force…..”

“Halt, Yukito!”

( at your service!)

Hearing Kaguya-sama’s voice, I desperately put in strength in my legs to put in brakes. (TL: LOL! That’s how the translation went.)

As Kaguya-sama has also stopped, I almost bumped into Kaguya-sama’s back, but I somehow managed to resist it. It’s better to be useless, than holding one back.

( at your service!)

“What’s wrong….?”

“Yo. Princess Kaguya. It’s fine to come to the Royal Castle, but could you come in in a more graceful way?”

( at your service!)

Standing in front of Kaguya-sama are 4 men. Their equipment are diverse with no common point. I can only see one thing that they share.

Their combat ability are all above eighty.

( at your service!)

“Unfortunately, I have been raised with no affinity towards gracefulness. That’s impossible.”

“About 11 years old wasn’t it? Until before you left the castle, you were really graceful, just like your mother.”

( at your service!)

Taking the initiative to speak was Raior Clift. He has a combat ability of 92 making him the highest one among the rest. The values of the others were also high, and not only having “Spear” written in them, they have short spears in their hands, so without doubt, they are spear users.

I believe their age is about the later half of 20s. Having trimmed golden hair and a huge scar on the fact as the feature, though rough-looking, he is giving a gentle smile.

Of course, if he’s not an enemy, that is.

( at your service!)

“Raior. I am thankful that you have recommended me and sent me to follow under Bayd. But, if you are going to stay in my way here, I will not be merciful even if it’s you.”

“It’s useless to say that from the start. We were picked up by that king, and have come to a point where we can no longer stop. What’s left is to perish together.”

( at your service!)

Instantly after saying that, Raior, likely due to having the assumption of using it indoors, charged at Kaguya-sama with the short spear. At the moment the silver blade touched Kaguya-sama, lightning repelled it away. Kaguya-sama used magic to defend.

( at your service!)

“Raior. You sympathize with Mum’s predicament and were also kind to me. I do not wish to cut you down.”

“Oioi. Even if you say that, it won’t change. But, if you are going to say that, think about why I came here.”

( at your service!)

Though Kaguya-sama charged with the short spear multiple times, Kaguya-sama received all those attacks with magic.

The reason for not receiving the attack with the sword might be either because she doesn’t want to cut the opponent down or it was an attack to the extent that the sword would not be able to withstand.

The three behind Raior did not move. Though I think it’s better to attack together, the feeling is as if that they are observing the fight between Raior and Kaguya-sama. No, are they really watching?

I do not see any sense of wanting to join in the fight. Perhaps they are surveying. So that Raior would not betray.

So that’s what he meant by ‘Think about why I came here’. The people behind are somewhat the commanding group.

If that’s the case..

( at your service!)


“I know! Are you looking down on me too much?”

“….I believe you might be getting too engrossed in the fight.”

“I am not a battle freak! After I clean up this people, I will give you a taste of a lightning attack next!?”

( at your service!)

Pulling away from Raior, Kaguya-sama who stepped back to my area, seems to be a lot more calm than I thought. No matter what, due to the impression during the time at the fortress, I always feel that Kaguya-sama is mentally weak when it comes to her relatives, allies or people like Raior who she’s close with.

( at your service!)

“I will die, you know. Then, will an instant of opening be sufficient?”

“Hooo? If you can make it splendidly, I shall spare you from the lightning attack.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Kaguya-sama laughed with a broad grin. No matter how I see that, I feel that she can’t help but find fighting enjoyable. If I said it, it seems like the sword would come down so I won’t say anything though.

This is a straight path. There is nothing that is obstructing the rather narrow path. Such a place just happen to be convenient for me.

If I swing my fan strongly, a squall will occur. But, that is not something I can control.

After waving it, the strength and range cannot be adjusted. But, if it’s here, I can control it. Though the squall scatter when I waved it at the front of the gates, if it’s here, a squall that is more than enough for the 4 of them can be created.

( at your service!)

“Those words….. Don’t forget about them!”

( at your service!)

At the same time I said that, I open the fan in my right hand and wave it strongly.

Having anticipated what I will be doing, Kaguya-sama has stepped back to my side. Since if she’s at the front, she will be affected by the squall. Well, for the Kaguya-sama now, it wouldn’t even be a slight tremor though.

But, in that situation, there is a possibility that we might miss the moment of opportunity.

The squall that thousands of men in front of the gate found weird is now turned towards 4 men in a narrow path.

The skillful four not just wasn’t blown away, they also did not cover their face with their hands. They stood there naturally as if they were receiving the wind from an electric fan.

That was fatal.

The first to be targeted was Raior. At the instant the squall ends, Kaguya-sama came stepping on Raior from above. I meant literally that. Sheathing her sword in the scabbard, kicking the wall, jumping high and kicking onto Raior’s shoulder while stepping on it.

Without being able to resist, he fell prostrate on the floor but that was good fortune for him. He’s after all the one in that place that did not receive the attack (TL: I think the kick can be considered one though…)

Kaguya-sama took a stance to draw her sword with flowing movement, the scabbard in her left hand, the grip in her right hand. From the status, I can see that her magic power is reducing.

Momentarily, both of Kaguya-sama’s hands was electrified.

And then, she drew the sword with a speed that the eyes could not follow. I could only see what happen before the sword was drawn and after the sword was drawn. I could only see those. The process was really not projected.

( at your service!)

“Yoi no Hiken. Jinrai. Be honored that you received this in the other world.”(TL: Wondering if I should keep the names in Japanese while translating it to make it cooler)

( at your service!)

During the speech, the 3 men fell over in clatter. Though I didn’t want to see, they were pretty much cut into two equal sides from top to bottom. This might come out in my dreams.

( at your service!)

“Oi…. How long do you plan to step on a person….!”

“N? Sorry. I forgot about it.”

“Princess, you, didn’t you get quite the personality…!”

“Fumu, you never change, do you? But, why are you still under my father? You could have ran away after letting me go, couldn’t you?”

( at your service!)

Sheathing her sword in her scabbard and removing her foot from Raior, Kaguya-sama asked him. Rarior shrugged his shoulders at the question.

( at your service!)

“I have to protect the prince’s mother after all. To you, she’s also your parent that raised you, right?”

“… Mother safe?”

“She’s likely above. We are talking about that ill-natured king. He’s probably planning to use her as a shield.”

“It’s sufficient to just hear that. Let’s hurry.”

“Ah, do that. As I have something that I have to do, I shall leave the king to you all, okay?”

( at your service!)

As he raised his back and said “it hurts”, he rotated his shoulder that Kaguya-sama stepped. He actually was okay from that. Though it wouldn’t be weird if his bone broke.

( at your service!)

“We are going towards the Inner Palace?”

“Inner Palace? We don’t call it that way. That place is a prison. And that being the case, we are the jailer. If they see the situation are unfavorable, a number of idiots will come, so I have to take care of them. I just got released at great pains, so I can’t just watch this nightmare any further after all.”

“….you are really kind, aren’t you? You have my gratitude.”

“It’s fine. It’s something I want to do. But, be careful. That king was really confident. ‘At long last she have come to attend me at night, I see. I shall let her taste the enjoyment of the night’, Wait wait! That’s not what I said, it’s your father who said it.”

“I came to let my father taste the sensation of eternal slumber though.”

( at your service!)

Raior, who desperately stopped Kaguya-sama trying to draw her sword, gave a slight sigh.

Kaguya-sama is slightly displeasure. Well, it’s like Kaguya-sama to end with just displeasure though.

( at your service!)

“Then, Raior. After everything end, come to my side. I shall pick you up.”

“I shall think about it. Hey, that weakling there. I shall leave this princess to you. She’s, to some extent, my benefactor’s daughter after all.”

“I shall keep that in my heart.”

( at your service!)

Rarior called out to me saying that while wiping his head with one of this hand. I believe the benefactor he’s saying is not the king. Most likely, it’s Kaguya-sama’s mother. Though I have no idea what kind of connection they have, Raior stayed under the king because of this obligation.

( at your service!)

“Okay, let’s go, Yukito. We have to hurry.”


( at your service!)

Saying that, Kaguya-sama and I separated from Raior, and went towards some room of the king in the highest floor.




It was going well till before the interlude with the king. Yep, till before the interlude.

( at your service!)

“I didn’t think it would turn into a melee fight.”

( at your service!)

Dio-sama’s army and the 100-man stalwarts that the protect the king is fighting in melee combat. Well, as half of the 100-man were cut down by Kaguya-sama, I believe there are at most around 50 of the stalwarts left, but those 50-man are strong. Just a soldier wouldn’t be able to stand against them. (TL: Stalwarts here also means their ability to fight like Lu Bu from Three Kingdoms, not just being the sidekicks of the king. Actual: 猛者, Direct: Aggressive man? Would man of valour actually be more fitting here?)

( at your service!)

“It can’t be helped. I shall..”

“No, allow me to do something about this here. Dio-sama is not here. He is likely already inside.”

“What are you planning to do alone?”

“I shall take command. Even if they are stalwarts, they can’t win against an army that is well controlled.”

( at your service!)

As I said that, Kaguya-sama slightly, just slightly twitched her eyes.

( at your service!)

“Please do not worry. I will come soon.”

“It’s not that I am uneasy. Just that, you were the one who said to go together. We came all the way here with those words. That’s why I just thought we would fight together at the end.”

“It’s an honour. However, we are fighting together. Right now, the people in this castle, Anna who is moving to stop the battle, everyone is fighting. That’s why we are not alone.”

( at your service!)

As I said it that way, Kaguya-sama blinked her eyes as if unexpected.

I was planning to say something cool, so I felt embarrassed when she showed such a reaction. Should I have replied with slightly safer words?

( at your service!)

“You…. like to act cool unexpectedly, don’t you?”

“Do you want to fight alone?”

“Don’t get angry. Forgive me. I am already done with being alone. Not knowing what I am doing, and also not knowing what others are doing. It’s as if I am just following someone, always alone.”

“….it’s already okay. Dio-sama is waiting. Please do hurry.”

( at your service!)

By my words, Kaguya-sama’s dark expression changed to a sharp expression. If it’s Kaguya-sama, she should be able to make her way through this chaotic situation easily.

( at your service!)

“Yukito…. I am also waiting, you know?”

“I shall come quickly. May the fortunes of war be with you.”

“You too!”

( at your service!)

After saying that, Kaguya-sama instantly started cutting into the chaos. As I see that, I sent out instructions to soldiers that weren’t participating in the melee combat.

( at your service!)

“We will reorganise ourselves! All officers gather up!”

“S, strategist-dono!? Why are you here!?”

“Explanation will come later. I wish to go to assist Dio-sama as soon as possible. We can’t be stopped here.”

( at your service!)

Dio-sama’s army is about 200-man. It’s 4 times if we are talking about the numbers. If we can efficiently use the numbers, even if the other side are all stalwarts, we won’t lose.

( at your service!)

“Fight while stepping back a little! If the enemy doesn’t give chase, use the number difference to charge and press on! If they give chase, attack them from 3 directions at the cross junction behind! Listen well! The opponents are strong warrior! Do not fight alone! Fight with 3-man and above! If the situation is bad, it’s fine to retreat! Basically, do not fight with 1 or 2 man!”

( at your service!)

Saying that, I emphasized it to the officers and looked at the enemy.

Obviously, the numbers are reducing. That’s quite fast. It should be Kaguya-sama’s feat. She could just run through but for our sake, she is cutting down those she can cut down.

But, I am thankful.

( at your service!)

“Front row, retreat a few steps! The back row are to throw the fallen weapons at the enemy! With such a close formation, it will definitely hit!”

( at your service!)

At any rate, as the melee combat would result in a continuous one-on-one situation, the opponent would be too advantageous.

Though the weapons the back row threw were sometimes sword and sometimes spear, they were pretty much deflected. However, during the period of being deflected, our side managed to put distance between ourselves and them.

Trying to advance ahead somehow, Dio-sama’s army aimed for Dio-sama to enter the King’s Throne first, and got caught into a melee combat. That’s why we are putting distance to calm down.

( at your service!)

“Form a defensive formation! Those holding to the shield, go forward! Those behind are to support everyone! We are to show that the king’s dogs’ charge are not effective!”

( at your service!)

The more skilled a person is, the more irritable a weakling’s provocation sounds to them. There should be a few of those people on their side that thought of ‘Don’t get too elated’ and ‘I shall show you the real thing’. That’s more than enough.

You wouldn’t call them an unit. It’s just a group of stalwarts. To say even further, I would say they are no different from a beast.

They just chase down as a group and finish the enemy off. It’s just that.

The stalwarts attacking the front row holding shields has no cooperation in their movements. That’s why I gave a simple order.

( at your service!)

“Target those nearby!”

( at your service!)

Those that charged in first were penetrated by 10+ weapons flying from behind the front row, and was stabbed to finish off by those holding to their shields with their spears through the opening.

Those who saw that and slowed down also ended up in the same fate. If you can’t get close, even if you are a stalwart or skilled professionals, you can’t do anything.

( at your service!)

“Fall back slightly.”

( at your service!)

Seeing the opponent falter, I ordered to move back furthermore.

The opponent could not hide their bewilderment towards us who are falling back slightly in the defensive formation. Well, it can’t be helped. We are in a situation we have to attack.


( at your service!)

“Everyone, listen! Just now, Kaguya-sama has advanced towards the King’s Throne to save Dio-sama! Also, Earl Uren and Kaguya-sama’s retainer are aiming for this place fiercely with their elites from the back. If we can hold on till the end, it’s our victory! Hold on!” (TL: At this place, I would use “so Hold on!”)

( at your service!)

It’s not like I am saying these words to raise the morale of the soldiers. I just wanted to create a delusion.

‘We are the one attacking’, ‘we have to attack and break them down’, trivial words that I gave to the enemy. I don’t mind if it doesn’t work, but if it’s effective, we can fight with more comfort.

And then, the stalwarts split into two. Those attacking and those that don’t move

Half of 50. 25.They are planning to charge with that. For us, that’s a very thankful thing.

( at your service!)

“Now then, let’s finish this quickly!”

( at your service!)

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