Arc 1 – The Conclusion Chapter 5

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Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Conclusion Chapter 5

( at your service!)

The battle right outside the King’s Throne ended with the enemy’s surrender.

When the numbers are already small, that number is even more reduced. Guess I should say that it’s natural.

I entrusted the treatment of the surrendered to the different captains, and first made my move towards the King’s Throne.

Even though it’s just outside the King’s Throne, there is a long straight path that continues to the King’s Throne. As I ran down that path, I concluded that the corpses that I see lying around is Kaguya-sama’s deed. Most of them are beheaded.

Most likely, they are the ambush team. I guess making it a straight path is to make it easy for a pincer attack and also difficult to run away.

( at your service!)

“Was it a bad move to come alone?”

“Let’s see. It’s a bad one.”

( at your service!)

I stopped my feet as I hear a familiar voice. It ‘was’ a voice that I am familiar with. But, he should be dead.

( at your service!)

“…..Stratos….!? How did you survive?”

( at your service!)

Who appeared in front of me is Yuri Stratos whose face is hidden by a black hood.

( at your service!)

“I won’t die from most things. Well, I have a immortal body after all.”

( at your service!)

I peeped and narrowed my eyes at the status of such a Stratos. Though the fact that other than magic power stats being high did not change, all the numbers were subtly different. Above all, the place where inducement is written, is now written as ‘Misrecognition’. Though look alike, this guy is a different person.

But the voice belongs to Stratos. As long as I am holding my fan, I should not be affected by magic though.

( at your service!)

“Are you really Stratos? Try taking off your hood.”

“I see. I have been exposed. You seem to have a good hunch, don’t you?”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Stratos took off ‘his’ hood, and showed a face different from the man who got his head cut off and got himself exploded later. Firstly, the gender was different. It’s girl. To say more, she is definitely younger than me. You can say that there is barely any common point between the appearances.

( at your service!)

“Who…are you?”

“It’s Stratos. The voice is also the same, right?”

“….did you use magic and took over the consciousness?”

“That’s pretty close. Well, it’s generally correct.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, the girl whose voice was Stratos laughed. It’s a smile that sends shiver. Without doubt. This person is Stratos.

However, it is the fact that she is able to take over consciousness. Even if anything is possible, that’s going to be a limit, isn’t there?

( at your service!)

“So? Did you come to kill me?”

“That’s interesting in its own way, but I just came to give my thanks. Thank you. Because of you, I could get my hands on something that I have spent a long time desiring for. Owing it to you.”

“I can only remember obstructing you thought?”

( at your service!)

Stratos distorted her face to my words. It was an expression that is hard to differentiate whether it’s a smile or suffering one. But, I see it as an expression where her expression and Stratos’s expression being mixed together.

( at your service!)

“That’s correct. You have taken my Kaguya-chan. With that Divine Fan, Klarus! It’s that annoying fan! The nemesis of magicians! Why is such an ancient instrument in your hands!” (TL: I am hearing Kugimiya Rie voice in this character though….you know, with the voice from the anime Kingdom.)

“My bad. I am loved by the goddess. Also, try calling Kaguya-sama again in that foolish method. I will definitely beat your actual body.”

“Fufufu, well, let’s forget that. Though it’s regrettable I couldn’t get my hands on Kaguya-chan, that’s fine. After all, I only made her my puppet as it’s convenient to kill this country’s king…..Ah, but, you know, I am reflecting on the fact that I should have made her do various things more.”

“You piece of garbage. I will definitely beat you up so you better remember it.”

“If you can do it, then just give it try. You would curse your own existence some day. I am looking forward to that time. Well, now you go ahead and save Kaguya-chan. It’s annoying if that king took her away after all..”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Stratos draw a square in the air with his finger.

Releasing a red light, it displayed a total different space.

( at your service!)

“That magician, Stratos, really did well. Just with words, he made Kaguya not able to move at all.”


( at your service!)

A tall man with golden hair and red eyes, whom you might feel that he’s the Dio-sama when he grew up, was laughing out loud with a big book in one of his hands. And, in front of him was Kaguya-sama kneeling on one leg, and warping a mortifying expression.

( at your service!)

“It’s the current King’s Throne. I handed over the magic book that allows the King to reproduce the manipulation magic. As actually she is supposed to only listen to me, so when I present Kaguya-chan to the King, I was planning to make her assassinate him when he drop his guard but because of you, it became a trump card to totally seal Kaguya-chan. ”

“…..why is he able to use it instantly when it took you half a year? Is it such a powerful magic book?”

“It’s not. The magic book is a degraded version of mine. The problem is on Kaguya-chan’s side. She got used to getting manipulated. Manipulation and inducement magic deeply enroots as the target gets accustomed to it. That’s why time is essential. Even if it’s dissolved, the foundation will be left in Kaguya-chan’s heart as it is. It won’t disappear so easily.”

( at your service!)

So to gradually let the hypnotism sinks deeply, Stratos’s magic also took time to control the target’s mind little by little. Not passing her the fan was a mistake.

( at your service!)

“Dio! Don’t bother me and save Kaguya!”


“Dio! Don’t you ever move!”

“Aneue” (TL: Elder Sister.)

( at your service!)

On the display Stratos made, the point of view moved to a slightly further point, and also projected a blonde lady restrained to a chain and Dio-sama. I guess that lady is Dio-sama’s Mother.

Dio-sama seem to be wavering on who to save. Likely he was told that moving would result in his mother’s death. Thus, Kaguya-sama said “Don’t move”. No matter who he save, the other party is in the hands of the king in the end. It’s quite the bitter situation.

( at your service!)

“It seems like what the king would do. If it’s me, I would just control everyone though.”

“It’s like saying you aren’t the same, isn’t it? You and the king, trash are just trash.”

“That’s awful. That guy lives on instinct. To the point that my control doesn’t work at all. Well, though I could control him if I am serious, it isn’t interesting to control him after all.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Stratos put his hood on again, and walked naturally to my side in the direction opposite to mine.

( at your service!)

“Now, how about going off quickly? Strategist-dono.”

( at your service!)

Glaring at the back of Stratos who spoke those words, I ran after facing my back to him. Most likely now, Stratos is floating that shuddering smile of his.

Though I feel like I am being manipulated by his hands, thinking about that now won’t help at all. Right now, I should just think about saving Dio-sama and Kaguya-sama.




The doors to the King’s throne was opened, so I know what’s the situation on the inside.

I can see the figure of the King, Braig Halberd. At the same time, the status menu was opened, and I gave out a sigh due to the combat stats being over 100, even though I anticipated it.

Even abhorrent, he is after all the father of Kaguya-sama and Dio-sama. The other stats across the board are also high.

If I ran towards the King’s Throne, my footsteps would expose me. Passing through the doors, I was glared at by Braig’s red eyes.

I guess I can say that I am like a frog being stared at by a snake. Even when I fought Kaguya-sama on the battlefield, I did not felt pressure of this extent. Grasping to my fan, I endured my impulse to run away.

( at your service!)

“Who are you?”

( at your service!)

He looks like Dio-sama. But, Braig asked me that question while floating a smile filled with bottomless malice.

He only looks similar. This man is bad to the core.

While pondering over such things, I looked at Kaguya-sama who fell at the foot of Braig. Though her clothing is torn at various places and her skin can be seen, she doesn’t have obvious external wounds.

However, looking at her status, her magic power has dropped to a single digit. She likely exhausted due to this. Either having used too much magic power or other reasons. No matter what, our strongest battle asset has been devitalized without a doubt.

( at your service!)

“…..I am called Yukito Kurei. Your Majesty”

“Yukito Kurei….? Ah, I see. The strategist under Dio.”

( at your service!)

Braig, as if showing a smile towards a friend of his son, swung his right hand not holding on to the magic book to the left.

Instantly, I was blown to the right as if being hooked by it. (TL: there is no error in the direction as the directions are said from the perspective of the subject. Braig’s left is Yukito’s right. Just in case anyone actually got confused.)

I was dragged by something that I can’t see.

( at your service!)

“Uu!? Gu!”

“Normally, you should have been killed….. You have hindered me way too much.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Braig waved his right hand to the back. I was again hooked by that action, blown off, and has groveled unsightly at the feet of Braig.

I have no idea what’s going on. I don’t even have the time to look at the status.

( at your service!)

“About Kaguya… let’s forget that. I managed to enjoy it in a different way after all. As expected, to make a defiant lady submit is a wonderful thing….but…. there should be one more person….”

( at your service!)

Having anger filled his eyes, Braig’s expression turned into one that is truly dreadful.

There is no need to even think who the other person is. Braig targeted two person. They are Kaguya and..


( at your service!)

“…..maybe you need to study the ways of picking up ladies…?”

“That imprudent mouth!”

( at your service!)

While my face is still frowning from the pain on my body due to the drag, I was kicked away after I provoked him, who raised his voice.

It hurts. Feeling that, I now feel the pain of the impact of smashing into the ground. And, I was again dragged by some invisible thing.

No, it’s not that I can see it. It’s just very fine. If I am going to be drag two or three times, I will know what has been entangled on me.

It’s thread. A few strands of threads were entwined on my arms and legs, and with those, Braig were controlling them with his hands. I don’t really know why such fine threads can drag people and moreover, his ability to be able to control with such freedom though.

( at your service!)

“Gu…..! I see….. thread….”

“As expected, you realize it. That’s correct. They are threads that have been hardened by pouring magic power into them. And, I can control them freely on the top of it. Though I can easily cut off your head….do accompany me for a while longer with my distraction, i guess.”

( at your service!)

Towards the King that continued to chatter, I smiled broadly and exclaimed.

( at your service!)

“….I reject, you idiot!”

( at your service!)

I already know where the threads are entwined to. And my right hand is not entwined by thread. Moving my right hand, I cut the threads using the fan. Making contact with the fan that removes all magical effects on contact instantly, the thread is nothing more than a thin thread.

It’s not difficult to sever them.

Drawing the short sword on my waist with my left hand, I continued to cut Braig.

To my totally unexpected charging attack, Braig received it with the short sword at his right shoulder. However, due to him bending backwards promptly, the sword tip only grazed him. It’s far from a fatal injury..

But, I managed to get him to step back. And his attention is also oriented to me. I should have earn enough time for Dio-sama to save his mother. What’s left is separate Kaguya-sama from the King.

I drew Kaguya-sama to myself with my right hand as if hugging her, and received the kick the King unleashed as it is.

Though the powerful kick blew both Kaguya-sama and I away, separating Kaguya-sama was a success. Ther other side has no longer any more hostages.

Though my whole body is filled with pain, I covered Kaguya-sama from the impact from the ground and received it in place of her. This time, the weight is two times the impact. It’s not longer the level of the pain felt. I really thought my organs were going to rupture.

My vision is blurred with tears. Regretting why am I doing this, I gave out a sigh.

Noticing this, Kaguya-sama quickly moved away from above me, and looked at me worryingly.

( at your service!)


“Huuhuuu…… didn’t you have prospects of winning….?”

“I did say I can’t win alone….?”

“Well, sorry about that…..”

( at your service!)

Saying that, I realized that my left hand wasn’t able to move. It’s bent in an impossible way. It’s due to the kick from Braig just now.

Likely due to seeing it, the pain is coming in bit by bit. Maybe due to the anxiety having cleared away after pulling Kaguya-sama away, the body aches and I am unable to put any strength in.

( at your service!)

“Yukito… I shall borrow your fan.”

( at your service!)

Just nodding my head, Kaguya-sama grasped the fan, and turned her sights on Braig. (TL: The power of his ‘lovers’ 😛 )

Braig who is in the middle of room, touched the wound on his right shoulder, and seeing the small patch of blood, he started laughing out loud. (TL: Literally LOL!)

( at your service!)

“Fufu, Hahaha!! That’s right! It’s this! It’s enjoyable to crush people that struggle! Struggle more! Kaguya! Dio!”

( at your service!)

Dio-sama who saved his mother and Kaguya-sama who dispelled the magic book with the fan moved to attack him from both side.

Kaguya-sama’s magic power is not returning. Her combat capability has dropped to around 80 because of that. Dio-sama’s combat capability has raised up to 90 but due to the opponent being that guy, it doesn’t feel reliable.

Seeing both of them moved, Braig make a slight smile and leaped towards the throne somewhere far off his current position. It’s a movement that easily overcomes the limits of humans. In distance, that’s about 5 metres. For the height, I guess it’s about 2 metres. Without any approach runs, repeating the jumps multiple times, he reached the throne where he grabbed a big sword that was left there on the side.

Likely judging that the magic book is unnecessary, he casually threw the book away.

Kaguya-sama also took that chance to pick up the sword she dropped, and confront the King.

( at your service!)

“Come at me! Entertain me!”

“Sister, can you still move?”

“Though far from my full ability, I can only do what I can, can’t I?”

( at your service!)

Kaguya-sama smiled while saying that. Being drawn by Kaguya-sama, Dio-sama also floated a smile.

While seeing both of them as such, I was thinking of a way to break through this situation.




Using the large sword as if it’s his limbs, Braig trifled with Kaguya-sama and Dio-sama.

The dulled Kaguya-sama did not dodge but received the sword attack and warded it off barely with her sword. Dio-sama also couldn’t win with strength so he was unable to exchange blows properly.

Not being able to fight properly, and also the fact that body condition will deteriorate if they left it to pure force, the advantage of a 2 vs 1 is not being capitalized upon.

( at your service!)


“You shouldn’t be moving.”

( at your service!)

I was somehow able to get myself up, but Dio-sama’s mother came to stop me, not knowing when she have approached.

Her name is Claire Arkwright. She looks so young that she doesn’t seem that she gave birth to Dio-sama.(TL: That’s why 2D or even 1D is so good, but boy, do I want a picture of her … Maybe like Lucy Heartfilia? 😛 )

As expected of the person whom that King left on his side, she’s quite the beauty. That Claire-sama is actually supporting my body.

( at your service!)

“… apologies….”

“Please don’t mind it. You are the benefactor of my daughter and son. So, sorry about when you are in such an awful state, but,”

( at your service!)

Do you have a plan to defeat that guy?

Clarie-sama’s eyes were serious, when she asked that. Please stop me with the jokes. If there were such a plan, then I wouldn’t have let both of them fight.

( at your service!)

“I can’t think of anything…. Now that it comes into a direct confrontation, it’s no longer a situation where a plan can do anything.”

“I see… if Kaguya-sama hasn’t her magic power absorbed….”

( at your service!)

I was struck when Claire said that. Certainly, no matter how you look at it, both of them are in an unfavourable situation. However, just now, she seems to have said something meaningful.

( at your service!)

“Absorbed magic power, is that right?”

“Eh? Yes. That man can absorb the opponent’s magic power, and turn it into his own.”

( at your service!)

Hearing that, I looked at Braig’s status again, but that information is not there. There is only 2 things I can think of.

Either Claire-sama is lying, or.

The information that I am looking at is not the exhaustive.

I think I better do everything I can.

Thinking like that, I started staring at Braig without blinking at all.

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