Arc 1 – The Conclusion Chapter 6

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Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Conclusion Chapter 6

( at your service!)

“Yukito! Claire-sama!”

( at your service!)

Earl Uren called out to Claire and me from far. As I could hear many footsteps, I believe the suppression of the capital should be over, and the reinforcements should be on their way.

But I don’t have the composure to see that. Right now, my sight on Braig’s status is blurred.

I feel as if I was about to grasp something, and see something. Just that, the more the status screen is blurred, the sharper the pain deep in my head becomes.

I guess it’s best for the body to stop. That’s why the pain is spreading. However, there are two person fighting in front of me. Even though they are already worn-out, and tired to the point where you want to call out to them to stop, their eyes absolutely doesn’t give up.

Seeing both of them, I also want to persist. And, I also admired that appearance. The both of them who can influence anyone.

Most likely, I like such people because I wanted to become like them.

Being able to do anything, having different people by their side, they are the core of the circle. My close friend being the same, I have always admired them since that time. But because I admired them, I know. The fact to become like them is difficult. While having different people around you means having to communicate with different people, being able to do anything also means you have to do almost anything.

Such a responsibility is something that I do not desire. Even now, I am bad at communicating with other people. Even if I was able to communicate with the different people in this world unreasonably trying to imitate my close friend, I will only be doing it smoothly on the surface, being understood only to a certain degree and the stress would just be accumulated.

Unconsciously, it was to the point that I thought it was Dio-sama’s fault. That’s the reason I realized it. Perhaps, my close friend was also pushing himself over his limits, and has been irritated on not being understood.

Because I tried imitating, I know. Social disposition is difficult. My heart seems to be collapsing.

But, because I know that, I won’t avert my eyes this time.

People who support you during tough times are precious. After being supported myself, I do understand that.

It’s because I admire both of them that I wish to support them. Though I would wish to be of use outside of fights if possible, it’s right in the middle of the war, and this war has a very big significance to the both of them.

Right now, I wish to be of some help, even if it’s just a little.

( at your service!)

“….I will sneak a look at everything you have….!”


( at your service!)

There is the sensation of liquid flowing down my face. I have confidence that it’s not tears. The liquid made contact with my lips. When I tried tasting it, it has the taste of metal in it. It’s blood.

I can grasp that Earl Uren rushed over to such a me. Claire-sama has already left my side. Most likely, she have been moved to the back of the knights. I can’t stand having her become a hostage again.

However, it is my first experience to have blood flowing down from my eyes. But, I can feel that feeling of doing my best, so it isn’t bad.

Within my sights are 4 different screens being displayed, and each of them are displaying information in regards to Braig.

When was he born and his sleeping habits. From his detailed history of his parents to the injuries he got from the battlefield, and even how many people he have killed.

The person himself probably don’t even remember but such information that the person himself don’t even care naturally flow into my head. It’s not that I am reading it. It’s pouring into the my head. Without distinction.

( at your service!)

“Gu! uu!!”

“What’s going on, Yukito!?”

( at your service!)

I couldn’t reply to Earl Uren’s voice. I do not have the composure. My head feels like it’s about to get short-circuited. But, just a bit more, I have not arrived at the information about magic power absorption.

Instantly, all the information stopped, and the new fifth screen is displayed in front of me.

Majin. A subspecies of the human that feeds on magic power. Though they are pretty much human, they easily excel in physical and magical prowess, and they prioritise their instinct over reason. Due to the need of magic power to maintain their body needs, they need to absorb magic power at a fixed interval. They, as a race, are pretty much extinct. (TL: Translation was Demon, but in this case, it doesn’t make sense so i decided to go with the romaji of it.)

Constitution that absorbs magical power. It’s something like a meal for Majin. From the palms to the mouth, or the chest are places where magic can be absorbed from. Majin uses lots of magic power to sustain their body. Due to that, negligence in absorption will result in their death.

I have acquired it. Decisive information. I now know things I wanted to know.

All five screens have became one. It’s the status screen as before but, a few additional information has been appended.


Vitals: Nape. As that’s the organ that controls magic power.

Note: The divine fan that can decompose magic power and negate magic, would result in effective attacks.

( at your service!)

“….How kind….”

( at your service!)

Murmuring, I close my eyes. As it dried up after opening it wide for a while, and above all, it hurts from overuse. I really wonder why am I doing this. Words of regret just keep passing by my head.

But I did it. What’s next would not be my job.

The common thing, no matter the job, is the suitability of it. While there are people capable of grasping the situation of the surroundings using his or her wide vision, there are also people who are good at concentrating on the one work that is right in front of him or her.

And, my task on the battlefield is not to defeat the enemy.

It’s to investigate and think of a way to fight, and tell them to the people capable of accomplishing it.

( at your service!)

“Earl Uren….. How many people are here…?”

“There are about 100 knights, but… rather than that, are you alright…?”

“I am fine…. Are you able to force your way through that fight, leading 100men…?”

“That… fight, you say..? Is it necessary for victory….?”

( at your service!)

Earl Uren’s face turned stiff. It’s definitely an intense fight. To the point where Earl Uren and his retainers’ knights can’t go near, even though it’s embarrassing for them to let just their lord fight.

However, both of them are reaching their limits. They will be overcame if it goes on. It will be bad if they don’t take a break once.

( at your service!)

“It’s necessary… Earl Uren… I am not dependable, right…?”

“What’s wrong, so suddenly!?”

“I’m not dependable, right..?”

“Yeah…. Very. Honestly, I only thought that you were on the level of a bait to attract Kaguya-sama’s eyes. Of course, it’s not right now, but well, you are not dependable.”

( at your service!)

As it’s such a situation, Earl Uren said it bluntly. It’s the worst. I believe Dio-sama is likely the same. I guess he is like his father where he doesn’t choose his means to achieve his objective. For example, Dio-sama even made a slightly close partner a bait for the sake of defeating his father.

Perhaps, it might have been for me to become desperate to befriend me. Even if it’s not like this for every single aspect, I believe there should be some level of calculations in it.

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter for now. I am at fault for being used cleverly. Or more like, it’s because he can do this much, he was able to hold onto the battle with the king on equal terms and brought it to a direct confrontation here. That’s what I think.

Unexpectedly, my eye for people might be good. Though I am not so calculative.

( at your service!)

“But… even Earl Uren and I…. Very likely, when seen by Dio-sama or Kaguya-sama, we are not dependable, right…?”

“The comparison targets are way too bad, you know… both of them, are the king’s children…”

“That’s right…. Usually, both of them won’t need any help… but… it’s essential now…”


( at your service!)

Putting strength in my pain-filled body, I stood up. Particularly, the pain in my right hand is unnaturally bad. When I fractured my leg during my childhood, it wasn’t this painful. Well, it’s not like I forced myself to move that time though.

( at your service!)

“The people who have worked hard all this while, is now requiring assistance….Right now, even the slightest ability will become of assistance…..Though usually, it wouldn’t be of any support.”

( at your service!)

My voice slowly raised. There is something I have to convey to the knights in this area.

One’s mind would cower when confronting an enormous enemy. It’s difficult to appeal to a cowered heart. That’s the current state of the knights. Such a heart can only be released by themselves.

Though it depends on how much the knights admired Dio-sama, there shouldn’t be any problem on that. What’s left is how I am able to address the knights. To shake their hearts.

( at your service!)

“We can support them right now…. There is something I have vowed to…. To definitely win…. Right now, the fate of the country depends on the result of this battle, and the future is something slightly after this…. To grasp that future, the current me is insufficient…”

( at your service!)

Addressing them. If appealing is used to pull others, addressing to others is used to rely on others.

( at your service!)

“Though I am weak and undependable…. Would you ride on my plan?”

( at your service!)

There are also people who dislikes relying on people. But I don’t really mind. What’s important is results. No matter what happen in the process, I don’t mind who I have to rely on. Being picky is the privilege of the strong.

I am weakling so I will fight like one.

( at your service!)

“…Even if you don’t say anything, we are the knights of our lord. We have vowed to cast our lives away if it’s for Lord’s.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Earl Uren drew the sword from his waist. Following that, one by one, the knights started taking a stance with the sword.

( at your service!)

“Speak of the plan. What should we do?”

“First, we will separate Dio-sama and Kaguya-sama from the King. From then on, I am sorry. Please try hard to put the King on check. Surround him with 4 to 5 knights and retreat when hurt and repeat the process. We should be able to somewhat drag time.”

“Then, both of them, who had recovered will stop him, is that it? What, in the end we are leaving it to them, ain’t it?”

“If you can, I don’t mind, you know?”

“Well, that’s true… It isn’t bad to take the king down with this hand! Everyone, let’s go!!”

( at your service!)

Along with the cheer, the knights approached the king.

Sensing the sign of our side, Dio-sama and Kaguya-sama took some distance from Braig in the form of the knights switching position with them.

I dragged my body to approached both of them who were breathing roughly on one of their kness. Though my body is so painful that I felt like fainting, thanks to the pain, I ended up not fainting.

Yep, thanks to it. I can’t just faint here.

( at your service!)

“For now, please just listen.”

( at your service!)

I told them a simple plan, after saying that.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

After a few minutes, the knights surrounding Braig were down to half the numbers. Earl Uren had also suffered an injury and have retreated. As expected of someone with combat stats of over 100.


( at your service!)

“If he’s not immortal, he will die when he is cut.”

( at your service!)

I moved to venture into Braig’s sights. This person seems to be losing interest. That’s why he will instantly pounced onto a new prey.

( at your service!)

“What kind of plan have you thought of?”

“A plan to kill you.”

( at your service!)

Perhaps due to fighting knights that were unsatisfactory to him, his excitement seems to have settled down. Even though he cut down that many knights, he doesn’t seem to be breathing roughly and is treating the knights coming from his left and right like children while talking to me.

( at your service!)

“I am… looking forward to it!!!”

( at your service!)

Easily penetrating the encirclement, Braig drew near to right in front of me. But that was anticipated.

Kaguya-sama is drawing near from the back. If we can injure the neck, that person would become unable to control his magic power properly.

( at your service!)

“I know that already!”


( at your service!)

Braig received Kaguya-sama’s slash to his back. Though he pushed back Kaguya-sama with pure strength, Dio-sama came plunging in from the side in that opening. A thrust.

Reading that, Braig twisted his body to dodge it. And he then drove his knee into Dio-sama’s abdomen.

Braig grinned broadly but, that exact same expression floated on my face as well.

The short sword that I drew with my right hand is already on its path towards Braig’s nape. He should not be aware of my attack at all, I think. Braig should not be able to dodge it as he was careless.

That’s what I thought.

( at your service!)

“I have a personality that quickly change the evaluation of people. My evaluation for you is unexpectedly high.”

( at your service!)

Braig who grasped my left hand that is not holding the short sword, put all his strength into my right hand.

( at your service!)

“U!? Gu!”

“It’s a pity….?”

( at your service!)

Braig looked at my expression and titled his head. It’s too late. You took it lightly.

Dio-sama’s tenacity, that is.

( at your service!)

“It’s a pity. You lost to my strategist.”

“W, what?”

( at your service!)

Braig who was hit by a fan in his nape realized his irregularity. Majin that uses magic power to maintain their body has his magic power decomposed. It’s more weird to have no irregularity.

From the status screen I am looking at, Braig’s combat and magic power stats is dropping drastically.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

Braig tried mustering his strength to absorb magic power from me. However, that’s meaningless.

( at your service!)

“Almost no magic power….how can it be!?”

“If it’s my magic power, please don’t mind me and try absorbing. It’s only ‘1’ though.”

( at your service!)

Braig no longer has the power to reply my words. His complexion having turned green, the fighting spirit he was showing a while ago is no longer to be seen.

Dio-sama mercilessly swang the edge at such a Braig.

( at your service!)


“Allow me to bear your crimes. I shall atone for all those crimes you have committed. That’s why swiftly disappear from this world.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Dio-sama tried to draw his sword.

He wasn’t able to.

( at your service!)

“Ha Ha Ha…. I was naive…. To Dio, and Kurei, you too… but”

( at your service!)

You all too took me too lightly.

In the instant that was said, Braig’s body was enveloped in flames.

Releasing his sword immediately, Dio-sama stood in front me and spread open the fan.

After that instant.

The flame that envelops Braig’s body engulfed to the whole of the King’s throne.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

“Yukito! Do not leave my side!”

“I won’t leave your side even if you don’t tell me!”

( at your service!)

Dio-sama and I are in a state of leaning our backs to each other, unable to move due to the surrounding flames.

I could also not grasped if the knights and Kaguya-sama is fine. Well, though it’s us that is in a bigger pinch.

( at your service!)

“I seem to have make light of Father’s tenacity… To think he used magic in expense of his own body.”

“Not talking about the flames that was formed from magic, as the fan has no effect on the flames that was spreaded from the movement and dispersion of burning things, and also both Dio-sama and me are wounded all over…… this is bad, isnt it.”

( at your service!)

Withstanding the suffocation slightly, when I spoke to sort out the situation, Dio-sama started laughing.

Releasing his voice.

( at your service!)


“Seriously….I don’t get bored when I am with you. Yukito” (TL: OMG!!!!)

“Those words should be mine. Hiding all sorts of truth, using me as you like, and on top of all that, to think that we were left in the middle of the flames of tenacity. If it’s the previous me, I wouldn’t even likely be able to imagine this.”

( at your service!)

With the intention to divert my attention from the heat and pain as well, I said that. Of course, it also included various feelings.

( at your service!)

“I really do feel sorry. But, it can’t be helped, right? It’s for that reason I called you after all. To this world.”

“That’s true…. eh….?”

“Your reaction is interesting, you know. That’s why I can’t help but not want to reveal the secrets to you.”

( at your service!)

I could not understand well to the words Dio-sama spoke off laughing. I could still understand the portion ‘For that reason I called you.’, but to say ‘to this world’ is weird. Firstly, to use the words ‘this world’ means….

( at your service!)

“Stop speaking like that without my permission. Diorood Arkwright.”

( at your service!)

As I tried asking Dio-sama ‘what do you mean’, I looked back to a voice that was not Dio-sama.

Having green hair, a man with surprisingly white skin was standing in the middle of the flames. He is holding onto a harp. Dio-sama started speaking closely to such a man.

( at your service!)

“Yaa, Lerfa. As you see, it’s a bad situation. Would you help us?”

“I would be troubled if you die. Of course, that foreigner too.” (TL: Here, the foreigner isn’t those that you use for people for other countries, but literally something foreign.)

( at your service!)

Saying that, the man called Lerfa played his harp. With just that, the flames was extinguished instantly. I have memories of having heard that sound.

It was the sound when I was enveloped in that darkness.

( at your service!)

“Thanks, Lerfa. Now then, Yukito. Where should I start talking form?”

( at your service!)

Dio-sama floated a gentle smile, asking that.

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