Arc 1 – The Conclusion Special: Kaguya

Yoshiro: This is a scene in the book that I thought was interesting. I won’t be doing the full translations but just the love comedy in it. I won’t be doing this often so please don’t anticipate it too much.

The following event happened when Kaguya, Yukito and the group were taking a rest on the way to the capital. Kaguya is looking for Yukito on his rewards for saving her while thinking of the things Yukito did for her.

Well, it’s quite a half-assed job since I skipped the front portion of Kaguya’s thoughts. But I thought it might be interesting for some nonetheless.

Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Conclusion Special: Kaguya

( at your service!)

From Kaguya’s perspective……

( at your service!)

“I wonder how should I return the favour……”

“Then, could you quicken the restoration of diplomatic ties with Albion?”

( at your service!)

Being called out suddenly, I stretched my right hand to the direction of the voice.

Having grabbed cloth in my right hand, I threw whatever I grabbed due to the habit that have been ingrained in me.

( at your service!)

“That hurts!? Did you not want that so badly!?”

“Mu, My apology. It, it was a habit.”

“Do you have a habit of seizing someone single-handedly….”

( at your service!)

Yukito who was released from my right hand, lightly rotated his shoulders, saying that.

( at your service!)

“It’s because you suddenly spoke to me that I thought it was the enemy. Though I do have my faults, you also have your faults, you know?”

( at your service!)

The location is on the bank of the river near the resting place. Yukito seems to have come here to refill his water supply.

( at your service!)

“Let’s see. Just that, I thought that Kaguya-sama would have realized it when I approached.”

“I was thinking of something…”

“In regards to my rewards?”

“Well, something like that. So? Why do you want to quicken the restoration of diplomatic ties with Albion?”

( at your service!)

A naive question.

Yukito is likely a person from the island.

If that’s the case, I thought it would be normal for him to prioritize the island which is his home though.

( at your service!)

“I have a promise. That I would go and meet her… I promised her.”

( at your service!)

He doesn’t say who is it.

However, it’s not difficult to guess who it is. From what I know, Yukito is only acquainted with one person from Albion.

Of course, the possibility that it’s not is also high. But, my instinct tell me that it’s correct.

( at your service!)

“Is it the Celsus Maiden, Sophia Leedsberg?”

“Yes….. that’s why I am hoping for the war to end quickly and after that, I wish to settle the post-war operations promptly. ”

“You are already in the mood of victory? It’s not easy, you know?”

( at your service!)

Yukito weirdly tilted his head.

( at your service!)

“Wasn’t Kaguya-sama also thinking in regards to rewards?”

“…well….. I did think of it though….”

“Then, isn’t Kaguya-sama convinced of victory as well? So even if I am in the mood of victory, it isn’t wrong, right?”

( at your service!)

I wonder why.

Somehow, I feel like I am being mocked.

( at your service!)

“You… are you mocking me?”

“No way. I am not teasing you, you know.”

“You are teasing me, aren’t you!? Right!?”

( at your service!)

I am going to compare the current Yukito, it will be to a child who is playing a prank.

His smile is slightly giving an unpleasant feeling.

( at your service!)

“Well, teasing is an essential method of communication of meaning after all.”

“That’s the first time I am hearing that….. Seriously, at the very least, I am still your master’s sister, you know.”

( at your service!)

I said that to get back some dignity.


( at your service!)

“I know.”

( at your service!)

If you know, then give me some respect.

That was what I thought in my heart, but I didn’t speak of it.

If you say something about respect yourself, it will end up like an expression of wanting to be respected.

A person who speak of such desire, would not be respected.

( at your service!)

“Then, it’s fine.”

“It’s fine?”

( at your service!)

Yukito somehow made a rather disappointed expression.

Was he anticipating me to ask him to respect him, I wonder?

( at your service!)

“I am not as childish as you think I am.”

“I see….If I say it like this, Sophia will definitely pout about it, so I was wondering if Kaguya-sama might pout too.”

( at your service!)

My heart is enveloped in cold emotions.

How should I say about this feelings? It’s hard to describe it but if I have to, it will be:

‘Unpleasant’, I wonder.

Nope, I am without doubt unpleasant.

After all, I am suddenly being compared to a girl whom I only heard the name of.

Furthermore, the person himself is giving such a disappointed expression.

He is likely hoping for the same reaction. And, as my reaction left something to be desired, Yukito was feeling discontented.

It’s unpleasant.

( at your service!)

“Yukito…. I heard that you are close with Sophia Leedsberg…… but, don’t you think that comparing her to me is kind of rude?”

“That’s true. Sophia-sama is the Celsus Maiden. To speak of her name in such conversation is imprudent, isn’t it?”

( at your service!)

That’s not it!

That’s not what I am trying to say. Furthermore, he is still staring at me for some reason.

It is apparent from that.

Yukito is looking at me at a lower rating compared to Sophia Leedsberg.

I am still more or less a princess, and a famous general at that.

And even then, to say that it’s imprudent to be compared to her in front of me.

It’s unpleasant.

( at your service!)

“You….. do you wish to anger me…..?”

“Uhm…. did I say something bad?”

( at your service!)

Yukito inquired, looking as if he really doesn’t understand.

Seeing that my anger seems to be conveyed, I am feeling not as angered as before.

Seeing such a Yukito, just slightly, really just slightly, unpleasantness seems to be going off.

But, it’s not like it’s completely alleviated.

Even though we are advancing towards the capital, I can’t stand this unpleasantness.

I have to wipe this feeling off.

( at your service!)

“Yukito…. Answer me frankly. Sophia Leedsberg and me, who do you think is more attractive?” (TL: Whoa, that’s direct and such a bad flag from our princess…. LOL…)

“That is regarding the perspective as a female or as a person?”

“Everything in regards to the person. Like me with the talent on the battlefield, Sophia Leedsberg has her talent in magic. Like the position of being the princess of Veris I have, Sophia Leedsberg has her position as the Celsus Maiden. Everything being aggregated.”

“Sophia-sama.” (TL: Pfftttt…. Sokutou kai…. Means Instant reply.)

( at your service!)

Before I could complete my sentence, Yukito announced that.

As if it was just a simple comparison of numbers.

It shouldn’t be such a simple comparison.

While there are many servants that have phrased my appearance, I believe that I am better than average looking at the numbers.

I can understand if it’s in regards to feminine behavior, but to be given a prompt reply in regards to my attractiveness as a person.

( at your service!)



“Why….aren’t you brooding over it?”

“Because I get it if I see it, I think.”

( at your service!)

You are telling me there is a difference that can be perceived just by seeing.

No matter what, there shouldn’t be such a difference.

This is definitely Yukito’s biasedness.

( at your service!)

“Did you compare partially?”

“Hmm… I believe it’s fair, you know? Kaguya-sama.”


“Sophia-sama is special, so I believe it’s better that you don’t get too bothered by it.” (TL: Baka Yukito 😛 )

( at your service!)

Yukito said that with a smile.

And then, the tail of my patience snapped.

( at your service!)

“…..IT’S. UN. PLEA. SANT!!”

( at your service!)

I stamped my foot as hard as I can on Yukito’s right foot, while screaming that.

Though I didn’t enhance with magic as expected, that should be rather painful.

( at your service!)

“U u u”

“It’s time to go! The break is over!”

“….wa… please wait a moment… my.. My foot is….”

“I don’t care! Follow even if you use just your willpower or something”

( at your service!)

Seriously, why do I have to be so irritated no matter what.

Though Yukito is bad, the origin of evil are people in the capital.

I will have them be the targets of my irritation.

Having decided that, I returned to where the knights were resting without turning behind.

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PS: This might not be love comedy but straight out rejection for our Kaguya-chwannn though..

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    Also, the reason for his instant reply is because he can see everybody’s status screen with a numerical number… And apparently….Sophia-sama won…

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    Sparks will fly if her and Sophia meet, I’m sure of it.


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