Arc 2 – Moving Forward Chapter 1

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Arc 2: The Reconstruction – Moving Forward Chapter 1

( at your service!)

A month has passed since the end of the civil war.

Veris has Kaguya-sama in place as the new king and the scars from the ex-king’s tyranny and civil war is steadily being healed.

Though there were supportive voices of Dio-sama being the new king, Dio-sama declined using not being able to live for long as a reason. Actually, if everything is alright, he should be able to live for another 30 years but if that’s exposed, the country will be split into two again. I went around persuading people supporting Dio-sama and managed to restrain the voices of objection against Kaguya-sama somehow.

The deciding factor is that she stood beside Dio-sama against the king, i guess. If it wasn’t, it could have been dangerous. Well, as not facing the king means still being under Stratos’s magic, I guess it would still be still in the midst of the civil war. If I think of it that way, I might have made quite the deciding action.

I am praising myself as there is no one who would praise me.

Being forced, no, being entrusted with government affairs that doesn’t require Kaguya-sama’s and Dio-sama’s judgement, I have plenty of tasks that needs me to make my own judgement. If you are asking why I am forced to take those on, that would be because there aren’t anyone suitable around.

There are very few remaining civil officials that worked for the ex-king. The rest were all judged from Dio-sama’s impartial decision. As if we talked about bribes and threat, there would be no end to those sinful people, there wasn’t really a need for impartialness. Almost all of them were given the death penalty.

The problem is the point where there are very little people that can take over. Kaguya-sama has Anna as her assistant, while Dio-sama has Earl Uren by his side. Because of that, I am the only one left in the royal castle that have achievements from the civil war.

The rest of the skilled personnel were spread all over the country. That’s because the country is still not stable internally yet. The reason why even Dio-sama who announced his remaining years is taking part in the work in the royal castle is simply because of being shorthanded. The surrounding people advised him to recuperate but Dio-sama does not agreed. Well, since the person himself has a weird confidence of not dying anytime soon, I guess that’s natural.

In any case, due to that reason, any matters that the newly appointed officials are troubled with are all brought to me.
In other words.

( at your service!)

“I think I am going to die from overworking….”

“What are you saying? Didn’t you say at Castle Harpe that such plain tasks are essential to maintaining an organisation?”

“I was desperate that time. Life threatening at that. Right now, it’s different! I want a break! After sleeping sufficiently, I longed to read a book….. ”

( at your service!)

Mikana mercilessly placed a bunch of paper of non-so-high-quality in front of me, and protested to me who sat on the chair while hugging my legs.

( at your service!)

“I who is your assistant also did not rest. Do you have any complaints?”

“….not really but…”

“Then, please take a look at the documents. And please think about how to go about dealing with it.”

( at your service!)

Urged by Mikana, I reluctantly read the document.

The matters sent over aren’t very significant. From the handling of a portion of the soldiers that turned into bandits during the civil war to written opinions of citizens that lived in the center of the country which was the main battlefield of the civil war. It was determined to have Captain Ars’s mercenary company to deal with the bandits. They have already subjugated 3 bandit group since then. I guess it’s fine to leave it them this time as well. It’s fine to just leave the content in the corners of my head, reading the written opinion. Important matters will be conveyed to Dio-sama and Kaguya-sama from my mouth.

However, numbers is power. As concentration gradually drops, I can’t think of countermeasures as time goes. As time goes, sleeping hours also reduce. As sleeping hours reduce, concentration is quickly cut off.

( at your service!)

“The most important matter is insufficient civil officials…. That person has not come out from the castle?”

“Is it Bayd Fern-sama? Let’s see. I heard about him not coming out obstinately.”

“Being obstinate for what…….”

( at your service!)

The person named Bayd Fern, who has a hand in the supply for Kaguya-sama’s army, is ignoring Kaguya-sama’s request and locked himself in the castle.

It seems that he was displeased for having been given house arrest by Kaguya-sama. Though he should have been told that she was manipulated, he wasn’t able to wipe off the distrust, I guess.

( at your service!)

“I believe I can understand his feelings. If Yukito-sama also did that to me.”

( at your service!)

Since around the end of the civil war, Mikana have started to call me Yukito. As the surroundings were calling me Yukito, she seems to have been hooked into it. As the person herself and me did not feel out of place, I didn’t see the need to say anything about it.

( at your service!)

“I would shoot you.”

“Do you mean kill me? I might have a reason, you know?”

“Then let’s change that to thrusting. I believe you wouldn’t die from a sword.”

“Rather, as dying would have a better prospect, I will try not to transfer Mikana anywhere.”

“A wise decision. However, let’s see. I, too, desire a break soon. Or more like, I wish to see a face other than Yukito-sama’s.”

( at your service!)

Mikana, who made a hurting comment without hesitation, took out a piece of paper from the bottom of the stack of papers that she passed me, as if remembering something.

( at your service!)

“A petition from Kaguya-sama.”

“I don’t understand at all…”

( at your service!)

He shaked my head to the left and right as I received that paper. When a petition written from the King already doesn’t make sense, I also can’t make any sense of Mikana’s act of putting that paper at the bottom of the stack.

( at your service!)

“Let’s see, ‘Would you accompany me to persuade Bayd Fern together?’…. Despite bringing my substitute over, if I leave the castle, who’s going to settle this stack of papers?”

“Though I thought that you would reject it, so I left it at the bottom, I feel that even if Kaguya-sama make her way there herself, I don’t think Fern-sama would respond.”

“Ah, that’s true. But, there’s also the possibility of Kaguya-sama dragging him back by force?”

“That’s why there’s the possibility that the door can’t be opened. So Yukito-sama, please do accompany her and actually persuade Fern-sama.”

( at your service!)

Mikana sighed with a tired expression. Either maybe due to the shock when she realized even the admired Kaguya-sama isn’t perfect, or she is just tired from having to follow up with Kaguya-sama’s action.

It felt like it’s due to both. Kaguya-sama will put what she had in mind into action. Wavering and hesitation are things that she have no affinity with. Whether it’s right or wrong, advantageous or not, her mind terrifyingly processes them rapidly including these calculations. However, the surroundings will be puzzled and hesitate. Also, their ability to process isn’t that fast.

That’s why to follow Kaguya-sama isn’t something you can do half-hearted. Therefore, whenever Anna can’t handle the follow-up herself, Mikana will be seeked out.

Just a while ago, she suddenly wanted to go for a local inspection, went out at a crazy speed on horses, and by the time they returned on the day itself, even I feel pity for Anna. Though that goes for exhausted Mikana who returned from going with them.

Seeing that, Dio-sama was nasty for laughing all the while. Not smiling, it’s laughing.

Dio-sama who is in a position to caution her, ignore it as it was interesting, so in the end, the one cautioning her was me. I did tell her to think about her surroundings but as it was not effective, the result of telling her to at least request for permission from me or Dio-sama was this petition, i guess.

The point about why she wrote a petition in a grand way is the question. Why is it not a decree? Could it be that Anna have finally snapped? Nope, i guess that’s impossible. It’s the loyal Anna who followed Kaguya-sama even when she is controlled. It isn’t possible for her to explode from disatisfaction.

If that’s the case, I don’t understand why a petition.

( at your service!)

“Hey, Mikana”


“Why do you think it’s a petition?”

“This is just my thought but, even though controlled, her dignity doesn’t allow herself to order to help her clean up her mess, on the other hand, her dignity doesn’t allow her to ask for it in person.”

“What a difficult personality.”

( at your service!)

Being able to do anything is a common point Kaguya-sama has with the previous king and also Dio-sama. High pride is something that they do not share with Kaguya-sama. Because of her pride hindering, she wouldn’t become like the previous king.

The role of a brake that Dio-sama request of me is bearing that pride. Just that, once in a while, that becomes the reason for disturbance as well.

A person who lives burdensomely. That’s how Dio-sama phrased it and it’s right. And to say it further,

( at your service!)

“What a troublesome person”

( at your service!)

Murmuring with a sigh like that, Mikana got angry. Unintentionally my true thoughts.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

The next day.

I was dragged along by Kaguya-sama with her favourite horse to the castle where Bayd Fern confined himself in. Anna and Mikana will be settling a large pile of work, under the supervision of Dio-sama and Earl Uren while we are not around. If it’s those four, I believe it’s fine for a day. The new civil officers should also start to get used to work after all. That’s why.

The problem is not at the royal castle. But my current situation.

I believe even riding on the horse itself was something forced on me.

Kaguya-sama is definitely bad at teaching people.

Though I wouldn’t say other people can definitely do what I can do, I believe that things I can do easily can be done by others if they worked hard.

Plus, to reach an answer quickly, she have the tendency to skip the process. In other words, she doesn’t understand why she have to explain how she come to such a conclusion. People only receiving a solution are usually flabbergasted. And then, seeing that expression, I finally realized Kaguya-sama isn’t able to help the other party reach the process of the solution..

It’s normal with prodigies. However, I hope she could be a little more considerate.

This speed is bad. If something goes wrong, I will be shaken off.

To not lose the horse Kaguya-sama is controlling, I let the horse I am on run. Of course, it doesn’t follow my instructions. Due to that, all I can do is cling to it.

( at your service!)

“Fuu, we have reached. Yukito”

“Please allow me to return….”

“What happened!?”

( at your service!)

I requested Kaguya-sama who floated a smile to me. Car sickness at its highest level. Furthermore, due to putting in strength at the while, I am unable to make my body move properly.

In other words, I wish to return. Though just for 2 hours, it’s nothing less than penance for me to go along with Kaguya-sama’s speed. Mikana. You actually agreed to it to make me taste this, didn’t you? You better remember it when I get back.

( at your service!)

“Was, was it so bad…? I didn’t plan to be moving at such a high speed though…”

“Even though it’s not a battlefield, I felt danger to my life..”

“So, sorry… I will take note in future…”

“It’s fine. I will return myself after all.”

( at your service!)

If I ran by her side, she will definitely increase her speed due to her increased tension. To not run with her is the most wise decision.

( at your service!)

“What!? Are you angry…?”

“I am not. Just that, I do not wish to die.”

“Aren’t you angry…..”

( at your service!)

Having her said that, I looked at Bayd Fern’s castle. It’s not that big. The security is also thin.


But the security personnel are all competent people. I guess he has quite the eye for people.

( at your service!)

“Let’s quickly have him get out of the castle.”

“I wonder if he would allow us to enter the castle?”

( at your service!)

The people surrounding the castle does not approach us. It’s like they are just protecting their own station. Seems like they received such an order.

( at your service!)

“Since we have already sent our intent to enter, I think he would allow us to do that. Though I doubt he would welcome us.”

( at your service!)

Even though the king came, he did not come to receive. Well, I guess we travelled incognito so it can’t be helped. Even then, though a bit late, a 10-men knight squad came chasing after us. They are the knights sent under Dio-sama’s judgement. Kaguya-sama shouldn’t know but there is the possibility of her knowing from their presence.

( at your service!)

“I don’t need any reception. It’s no problem as long as he would leave the castle and come to the castle.”

“I don’t think that is something you should say as the person who got him in house arrest.”

“Recently, why are you always throwing words of thorn at me? I will say it just in case, but I am also hurt you know?”

“I will say it just in case, but not everyone is able to do anything like Kaguya-sama, excuse me.”

( at your service!)

As I replied to Kaguya-sama who glared at me, maybe catching onto something, she kept silent, while showing an expression as if she was punished.

( at your service!)

“Now then, shall we enter? Let’s finish this quickly and return to the castle at east.”

“Your words have thorns, you know….”

( at your service!)

Taking a backward glance at Kaguya-sama who drooped her shoulder and felt slightly sad, I moved towards the castle gate of Bayd Fern.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

Passing through the opened gates of the castle, Kaguya-sama and I walked around in the castle without being able to find someone to guide us.

( at your service!)

“Bayd only leave people who he trust on his side. Though I can understand why he doesn’t have much servants, this is obviously done on purpose.”

“Kaguya-sama….. Did you really only put him on house arrest? Could you have done something that made him hate you way before?”

“What are you saying!? I have always trusted him and appointed him with a important post! I have also entrusted him multiple important tasks!”

( at your service!)

While there are people like Anna who is happy about being entrusted with important tasks, there are also people who doesn’t want to work if possible. Either due to her overly good birth environments, or her personality by nature, Kaguya-sama thinks that diligence and acquiring achievements are natural.

Her vision in the battlefield is as wide as how narrow her vision of the ordinary is. No, rather than narrow, it’s the things she doesn’t know is way too much. Kaguya-sama is ignorant of the ways of the world.

( at your service!)

“What’s important is how the other party feels. How Kaguya-sama think does not matter if you would excuse me.”

“… I that bad….?”

( at your service!)

Listening to me, as if losing her confidence, Kaguya-sama cast her eyes down.

Today is a day where I can often see Kaguya-sama’s expression changes. Even though she is usually full of confidence, just today, she is seriously reacting to my words

( at your service!)

“Do you wish for me to say no?”

“….I didn’t think that you would be such an nasty person. If I could nod to those words, I wouldn’t have so much trouble.”

“It’s regrettable to be called nasty. I was so gentle that the Celsus Maiden gave me a stamp, you know.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, I examined for Kaguya-sama’s expression. She is no longer feeling down. However, she is giving a very displeased expression.

It’s the expression of trying to squeeze out as much as displeasure as possible. Likely her mental state is about the same, I guess.

( at your service!)

“Again, with the Celsus Maiden…. Don’t you get tired?”

( at your service!)

Her reproachful eyes turned even more stunned as she glared at me. I have stepped on a landmine.

Kaguya-sama dislike Dio-sama and I talking about Sophia in front of her. Even bring up the topic itself as well. Though Dio-sama said she just doesn’t like to be left out, I feel that her reaction seems a bit too sensitive even then.

( at your service!)

“Even though you say that, I believe there are not males in this world that would get tried of Sophia.”

“You are talented at making me irritated! Enough! Hurry up and find Bayd!”

( at your service!)

Glaring at me sternly, Kaguya-sama went off quickly ahead. That’s bad. I couldn’t help expressing my thoughts. If I just apologized, she wouldn’t have gotten angry.

Pondering about that, I chased after Kaguya-sama.

Once in a while, Kaguya-sama might open the doors of the room to check if Bayd Fern was in, but it doesn’t seem easy to find him. And I, who was chasing after Kaguya-sama, is about to reach my limits. I really hope to find him soon.

As I wished for that, Kaguya-sama stopped. I know the reason why Kaguya-sama stopped.

That’s because there is a wooden board hung on the door. The board says ‘I am here….’.

I wonder why. The impression of the words doesn’t feel serious. I heard that Bayd Fern was a person on his late 20s, and is Kaguya-sama’s trusted aide and a wised person so I arbitrarily imagined him to be a quiet person that might have worn spectacles.

( at your service!)

“Feels like one of those joke Bayd might come out with”

“My image of Bayd Fern is crumbling….”

( at your service!)

Ignoring my muttering totally, Kaguya-sama opened the door relentlessly. Privacy seems to be of no concern here. Well, since he went to the extent of writing that he’s here, I guess there is no problem in opening the door though.

( at your service!)

“Bayd! I will have you come to the castle!”

“Eh.. I don’t wanna”

( at your service!)

Opening the push-only door, Kaguya-sama went in with lots of momentum and stopped. No, she was stopped. By a man whose dark golden hair reaches his shoulders. Probably, this person is Bayd Fern. He doesn’t look serious from just his appearance. In modern Japan, he would be called frivolous man, I guess.

Kaguya-sama was stopped. My body knows that better than anything how difficult is that. If it wasn’t for Sophia’s magic power imbued in that fan, I believe I wouldn’t be able to stop her. That’s why I want to give my respect to Bayd Fern who stopped Kaguya-sama.

That method itself also deserves respect. Though I definitely not think of imitating him.

( at your service!)

“W, wh, wha….!?”

“Uuunnn, I have always thought of groping it, you know. Kaguya’s breasts”

( at your service!)

He’s dead. I shouldn’t be wrong to think that way. Kaguya-sama whose face turn bright red, slowly gave an increasingly stern expression and finally became expressionless. During those time, I really gave my respect to his actions of moving both his hands on Kaguya-sama’s breasts and enjoying the overflowing sensation on his palms. Though I won’t imitate even if I die..

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

It was a cold voice similar to when she cut Stratos. Kaguya-sama clad magic power into her right hand, and punch at Lord Bayd’s face.But.

( at your service!)

“It’s futile, it’s futile. Who do you think taught you magic arts?”

( at your service!)

He single-handedly stopped Kaguya-sama’s fist. I guess he invalidated the magic arts by offsetting it. Even then, it’s not normal to be able to receive Kaguya-sama’s fist.

Seeing his status, his combat ability is in the lower 80s. His wisdom is over 100 and magic power is also in the upper 80s, so he isn’t weak when in comes to fight. Why such a person continues to stay behind the scenes? No, rather than that right now, why isn’t he releasing his hands from her breasts?

I couldn’t help glare at her breasts that have obviously changed shaped. To tell a healthy male not to look is an impossible feat. Also, Kaguya-sama didn’t say anything about not looking.

( at your service!)

“Let go! I hate it!”

“I got it i got it. It’s a joke, a joke. So don’t get angry and don’t glare at me.”

“Who gropes a female’s breasts as a joke! Who do you think I am!?”

( at your service!)

Saying that with teary eyes, Kaguya-sama hugged her body with one hand and use her other hand to put me in between her and Bayd. As if a replacement for a shield.

( at your service!)

“I was just checking if Stratos or the ex-king put a finger on you. Well, looking at that state, I guess it’s fine.”

“Of course! That’s way too rude!?”

“There is no reason for manners to a person who easily got caught in a Mental Manipulation-type Magic arts. Reflect on yourself for a bit. Now then, are you the rumored strategist? I also heard that Kaguya-sama is safe because of your as well.”

( at your service!)

I shrugged my shoulders to Lord Bayd’s words. Rather than me, it’s better to say that it’s the fan I got from Sophia that helped. Without that, I wouldn’t even have my life.

( at your service!)

“I am called Yukito Kurei. I believe you are Lord Bayd Fern, am I right?”

“Ooh. I am Bayd Fern. I already know what’s going on. Since I have already groped Kaguya’s breasts, let’s get to the castle quickly, shall we?”

( at your service!)

Laughing while showing his full teeth, Lord Bayd said that while easily accepting our request. Before we even say anything.

What a person. In all sort of ways.

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