Arc 2 – Moving Forward Chapter 2

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Arc 2: The Reconstruction – Moving Forward Chapter 2

( at your service!)

Awesome. I really thought that from the bottom of my heart.

Lord Bayd settled a whole lot of work as if it’s nothing in his allocated workspace.

He quickly finished what’s important in his judgement, and accurately delegated tasks to people who are capable of them. Even though he can’t see the statuses, his selection is perfect.

( at your service!)

“Sorry to call you. I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“What is it about?”

( at your service!)

Taking the materials from the desk, Lord Bayd swam his eyes on the paper.

( at your service!)

“From your report, this Stratos guys is still alive, is that right?”

“Yes, that’s right. Controlling multiple people, he was moving around as Stratos while controlling multiple people.”

( at your service!)

Muttering ‘I see.’, Lord Bayd stood up from his seat, circled around the desk and came to my side.

And then, he placed both his hands on my shoulder.

( at your service!)

“Then, why did you not suspect me?”

“….I heard that you were against fighting Dio-sama.”

“It’s in the past. It’s been a month since you let Stratos escaped, right? In that interval, how can you be assured that I have not been controlled?”

( at your service!)

Being said that, I couldn’t even make a sound. I definitely should have vigilant. No, as Kaguya-sama’s only accompany, being vigilant is natural.

His frivolous attitude from our meeting is no longer there. Even though his appearance has not changed, it’s as if he’s a different person. There is something in his eyes that allows communication with Kaguya-sama. Very likely, it’s fighting instinct. He is totally treating me as an enemy.

( at your service!)

“I shall give you a warning.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, he released his hand from my right shoulder, and held it in front of my eyes. And then, it was at the instant he bend his hand.

A short blade came flying out from his sleeve. Though I said short, there is at least 5 cm. I wonder if it’s a hidden weapon.

However, why did you installed it on his wrist.. No, actually why is he letting me see it?

( at your service!)

“….what is it….?”

“At that time, I could have killed Kaguya anytime. When you were carefreely staring at Kaguya’s breasts. You idiot.”

( at your service!)

At the same time he said that, he grabbed my neck with his left hand. If his left hand has the same thing installed as his right hand, I would have already have my neck thrust with a short sword.

In my head came an image of Kaguya-sama having her heart pierced and blood flowing all around. It easily came to me. And also made me dumbfounded.

( at your service!)

“I have already heard and saw your battle records. You were vigilant to the point of being timid. However, you were not being careless. If that’s the case, what’s the reason of you not being vigilant against me? The reason is simple.”

( at your service!)

‘You do not treat Kaguya as a master to be protected.’

Lord Bayd put in strength in his left hand, while saying that.

Having told that, I actually thought that it was true. Though I recognised Dio-sama as my lord, I have not recognised Kaguya-sama as one. As in from the bottom of my heart.

( at your service!)


“What do you think other countries thought of you?”

“…..I do not know.”

“It’s Arkwright’s Strategist. Right now, there are only 2 person under the name of Arkwright, Diorood-sama’s mother, and himself. The right hand man of Diorood. That’s what you are thought of. Though what the other countries think doesn’t really matter, it’s troubling if you have that kind of mindset. The king of this country is Kaguya. Not Diorood Arkwright.”

“….I understand.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Lord Bayd released his hand from my neck.

And then he returned to his seat, took out a cloth and started to carefully return his blade back to position.

( at your service!)

“The blade in the right hand has anesthetics applied to it. The one in the left is applied with poison. You aren’t going to say cowardice, aren’t you?”

“I believe it was a concrete counter-measure.”

( at your service!)

I will put aside whether to follow his example or not. It’s not really a situation to be speaking much. I wonder if Kaguya-sama is feeling down because she realized I didn’t really recognize her as my lord.

How should I apologize? Nah, before that, could I swore my loyalty to Kaguya-sama? I have the Dragon’s Scar engraved on me. I can only Dio-sama in regards to this.

( at your service!)

“Kaguya was sent to me from the castle when she was 12. Using an excuse of having potential as a warrior, Rarior, my acquaintance, got her to escape from the castle. ”

“So to escape from the King?”

“There’s also that, but at that time, though still a child, it’s not a place for a female. Well, the destination of escape is also not a place good for females as well though.”

( at your service!)

It can be easily guess on where that is. Kaguya-sama is the general protecting the country’s border. What can be interpreted from there is:

( at your service!)

“The battlefield….right?”

“That’s right. Kaguya-sama went on his debut battle when she was 12 and turned into a general 2 years later. She became a general where attacking would definitely result in claiming new lands, and when protecting, the opposing army would definitely not pass. She has the talent for it and I also raised her as a general as well. Because of that, there were also plenty of things that I couldn’t teach.”

( at your service!)

Making a slightly sad expression, Lord Bayd looked at capital from the window after sheathing the blade.

( at your service!)

“If I make her into the strongest general, I thought even the king would not put a finger on her. That thought was totally smashed part. Recently, one of the reason I have left Kaguya-sama with Anna was because I thought that just raising her to become the strongest general was my job.”

“…have you been protecting her since then…?”

( at your service!)

Before she became the invincible general, she had been targeted. Those words could be taken in that way. Lord Bayd nodded to my question.

I wonder what’s the real face of this person, between the first time I met him, and the one right now. Both actually seems to be the real Bayd Fern. Just that both have different roles.

( at your service!)

“My father was a big fool who gave lots of money to the previous king to gain favour. That’s why the name ‘Fern’ is something that the people in this country hates. In addition to atonement for that, I took care of Kaguya-sama. Just that, I wasn’t planning to make Kaguya King. Do you know why?”

( at your service!)

“….is it because of Dio-sama?”

“That’s right. The strongest general under Diorood-sama. That’s the assignment I wished for Kaguya-sama to have. However, due to your trick, she ended up becoming king. Even though I didn’t teach her the knowledge to become king.”

( at your service!)

Lord Bayd slightly glared at me. Even if you tell me, with the situation right now, there are no other options that making her king.

( at your service!)

“My apologies….”

“Don’t just leave everything to Kaguya. Support her properly. As long as I am a ‘Fern’, the citizens would revolt if I surface. From now on, I will teach her the necessary knowledge as a king. From behind the scenes, I will support her so you do that from the front. You were the one who made her king. At least, do that much. This is an order as Kaguya’s Aniki-bun.” (TL: Aniki-bun means a older brother figure. There is no exact or roundabout translation I can think of so I decided to just romanji-nize it.)

( at your service!)

Saying that, Lord Bayd sighed and sat down on the chair from the momentum.

If I were to say he is ill humor, he is definitely ill humoir, but if I were to say, it also seems that he is displeasure about himself too.

( at your service!)

“….sorry. I do know that it’s not your fault.”

“At the very least, the responsibility is mine. Leave the frontal support to me.”

“…..Kaguya and Diorood-sama. Whichever have a child, if it’s a boy, then have Kaguya stepped down from king.”

“A problem with the party might occur. There aren’t any appropriate choice within the country. Until ties with the other countries have been revived properly, the influential power of the other countries would also be harsh.”

“…Kaguya is like a sister to me. If possible, I wish that she could live normally. Come out with a plan. I will also think of it.”

( at your service!)

‘Even if you say that’ was what I was thinking. Other than Dio-sama and Kaguya-sama, there are two other royal children. Both are both of their elder sisters, but both of them ran away to other countries.

From the perspective of ages, if you desire children, it would be those two older sisters, but I do not think the citizens would consent letting the children of royalties who fled for other countries during the difficult times of the country. I guess for the time being, Kaguya-sama have to stay in the position as king.

( at your service!)

“That’s quite difficult.”

“True. As difficult as it is, let’s have a talk of something problematic while we are at it.”

( at your service!)

Having said that, Lord Bayd took a piece of paper from the desk.

Going close to take a peek, there was a picture of a fan drawn on one of the paper.

( at your service!)

“This is!?”

( at your service!)

I took out the fan in my chest. When I compared it, it was the same.

( at your service!)

“Divine Fan. Klarus. The treasure of Albion. I heard that you got it from the Celsus Maiden so I investigated about it but I caught onto something problematic.”


“The feature of Klarus is decomposing magic, and you can store magic power in that small magic stone at the bottom of the fan. With that, while being able to negate magic power, it can also function as a powerful magic tool. However, wouldn’t you have a doubt?”

“…..Are you saying why Albion made a item that negates magic?”

( at your service!)

Lord Bayd nodded.

Like when you make spear, you also make shield, it isn’t weird for Albion, which create powerful magic arts, to create something to go against those magic arts. But even though it’s not weird, that fan is too strong, no matter what. If it can be mass produced, Albion’s dominant position will quickly disappear. It will instantly turn into their crisis of collapse.

( at your service!)

“It was made 300 years ago. When Albion was still a town of Magic Arts. For many generations, their king are chosen from what they called the Five Noble Families. It seems that that fan is created from those founders. To eradicate the clan of the betrayer.”

“Clan of the betrayer?”

“No magician shall be allowed to hurt each other. That was the rule in the town of Magic Arts that time. There was a clan that violated that rule. The magic art they used was an original one, and they called it Inducement Magic.”


“To negate their magic, they created many similar weapons of the fan, with the help of the ancient sages. And then as the clan was annihilated, the weapons were all destroyed by the anicent sages. The blueprints of the fan was sealed and Albion took the fan as a treasure to safekeep it. Well, if I say it like this, you understand it, don’t you?”

( at your service!)

Whoever doesn’t understand that is just an idiot. That Yuuri Stratos is either the survivors of that clan or a person who learnt that magic art. And to his luck, the fan being the weapon to counter that is in my hands. That’s why Stratos retreated.


( at your service!)

“Albion….is in danger….?”

“As his original motive is not Kaguya and Veris, his actual objective can be seen to be Albion. Additionally, thinking about the things he said to you, it is likely the truth.”

( at your service!)

‘I just came to give my thanks. Thank you. Because of you, I could get my hands on something that I have spent a long time desiring for. Owing it to you.’

Stratos definitely said that. At that time I didn’t understand what those words mean, but it’s definitely words that knows the fact that the fan is in my hands. Easily getting the fan off the hands from Albion, to the person who was troubled on the plans for it, I guess you would even want to give gratitude for it.

( at your service!)

“‘You would curse your own existence some day’…. That’s what he said….”

“It ended up helping him out unexpectedly. Also…..”

( at your service!)

Lord Bayd stopped speaking looking at my face. I believe I am giving an awful expression.

I felt as if I am losing myself from the anger and my own uselessness. Stratos came and told me directly. For some reason, I did not catch onto his intention.

I do not have much relations with Albion. However, even then Stratos came to give me his gratitude, and also left words that I will hate myself in times to come.

I only have one connection with Albion.

It’s Sophia.

( at your service!)

“That rascal….!! From the start, he was aiming for Sophia….!!!”

“As if he took over Veris, he could just go for a frontal attack with Albion, so that might have been his plan. But, the situation changed. If he can control the Celsus Maiden, it’s the same as controlling half of the magicians in Albion.”

“I shouldn’t have accepted it at that time!!”

( at your service!)

Forgetting that I was in the presence of Lord Bayd, I hit the desk with all my strength. I ended up silencing Lord Bayd.

( at your service!)

“However, without that fan, you would have lost. This country would have been controlled by Stratos, and would have been used to attack Albion recklessly. It won’t do anything to regret anything at this point of time. Calm yourself down for now.”

“How can I stay calm!? Because of me, the situation is going to the worst direction!”

( at your service!)

As I said that, I turned and started moving out of the room.

( at your service!)

“Where are you going?”

“Obviously. To Albion. And to return Sophia this fan.”

“You can just go Albion yourself. You know that, don’t you?”


“Yukito. Calm yourself slightly.”

( at your service!)

The door gradually opened, and suddenly, Dio-sama entered the room.


( at your service!)

Lord Bayd stood up and bowed. I did the same actions as well.

( at your service!)

“I could heard your voice from outside you know. You can’t save Sophia like that. Isn’t that right?”


“Diorood-sama. When did you start listening into the conversation?”

“From the start. Lord Bayd. I thought you were going to kill Yukito who made Aneue king.”

( at your service!)

Dio-sama said that while showing the sword on his waist. Don’t tell me he was planning to kill Lord Byad.

Lord Bayd shook his head while sweat poured from his face.

( at your service!)

“I won’t do things that would cause a revolt.”

“Thank you. I am also tired of wars. Though that depends on the reasons.”

( at your service!)

After Dio-sama said that, he instructed Lord Bayd to bring out the map.

Dio-sama received the map taken out immediately by Lord Bayd, and spread it out on the desk after looking at it for a while.

( at your service!)

“Yukito. I will say it beforehand. I have no intention to forgive Yuuri Stratos at all. I would take pride to say that the anger I am carrying is even more than what you are feeling. That’s why, if he’s at Albion, I would also go to Albion.”

( at your service!)

For the sake of killing him with his hand.

Saying that, Dio-sama’s eyes turn scarily cold. He had totally snapped. This is the first time I see Dio-sama this way.

( at your service!)

“After Aneue, he has the guts to aim at Sophia-sama. Is he planning to make the females related to me unhappy?”

“Diorood-sama should be the one calming down.”

“I am calm. Anger is something to be stored. For now, there are 3 small countries left in the surrounding border. They are all showing hostility to Veris. If we don’t do anything about them, we can’t go to Albion. There are 2 choices. Annihilate or make peace.”

( at your service!)

The first choice is impossible. If we think of the time of annihilation, Stratos would have casted the magic on Sophia before a path is made to Albion.

I believe we should make peace here.

( at your service!)

“I think other than peace, there are no other choices.”

“I too think that way. First, it’s to make peace with them. Then, it will be a visit to Albion. There aren’t much time. What we can do is do it as quickly as we can.”

“If we rush too much, isn’t there the possibility of increased failure rate?”

( at your service!)

Dio-sama laughed lightly at Lord Bayd’s words. The laugh could be seen as a bold one as well as a mocking one?

( at your service!)

“My strategist would not fail. Especially if it’s for someone important. Lord Bayd. Apologies, but Yukito will be my strategist for now. As always.”

“…..If we do managed to save the Celsus Maiden, what do you plan to do in the case Albion itself falls to Stratos’s hands?”

“If he attack, we will receive him. If he doesn’t, we will just leave him alone. For me, what’s important is Sophia-sama’s safety after all. I won’t expose Veris to unnecessary danger, so don’t worry.”

“I am relieved to hear that.”

( at your service!)

Lord Bayd said that while bowing his head. However, if I am going to say about the face Dio-sama is making at that time, I would not believe in those words.

That face shows that he is planning to crush Stratos utterly. Dio-sama has reached the point where he does not plan to let Stratos run away no matter the means.

Even if I thought of that, I did not speak out.

I am also in a similar state of mind after all.

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