Arc 2 – Moving Forward Chapter 3

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Arc 2: The Reconstruction – Moving Forward Chapter 3

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The next day after Bayd came to the royal castle. Dio-sama and I left the castle and was taking a walk in the market of the capital. Dio-sama was wearing a hat, disguising as a merchant. For me, I was wearing a light green clothing of the island, unlike my usual. With just, we should not be exposed…. supposedly.

As Dio-sama’s face is known to some extent, it’s being covered by the hat, but for me whose image is more on my clothing over my face, I shouldn’t be noticed if I do not wear black clothing and black coat.

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“Well. What a great day for a walk. Yukito.”

“Mentally, I wish to be left in a slump in my room though.”

 ( at your service!)

I replied tiredly to Dio-sama who walked by my side. The reason is because of what was said to me after leaving Bayd’s room yesterday.

You should not believe in Bayd.

Having said that, I finally realized Dio-sama does not believe in Bayd. Even then, he was also trying to hide that fact.

I was done in again. For some reason, why am I always on the palms of Dio-sama.

 ( at your service!)

“It’s not something to feel down about. For me, everything other than Sophia-sama was as expected.”

“I realized that for most part….. That’s why I am feeling down….”

“Then, let’s hear my strategist’s opinion. Why did you not reject inviting Bayd whom I do not trust into the royal castle?”

 ( at your service!)

Looking at his smiling face which is amused, I gave a sigh while getting even more disappointed.

 ( at your service!)

“There are 2 reasons. Firstly, it’s basically just shorthanded. And next would be to let Bayd create a faction and rounding them up in one go.”

“That’s correct. As expected of my strategist. Amazing. Skillful. You fit the name ‘Arkwight’s Strategist’”

 ( at your service!)

He’s definitely saying it on purpose. He is having fun watching me feel down.

After saying a few more harassing words of praise, Dio-sama satisfactorily started to explain everything.

 ( at your service!)

“Since young, Bayd has been asking me if I have the thoughts of becoming the king of the continent. I replied saying that I have no interest. And then, three days later, Aneue was brought out of the royal castle. Because of that, I could only meet her 2-3 times a year from then on. Just from that, I could no longer forgive Bayd. Also, he is also from the clan that made Father the king. If possible, I wish to lecture continuously about the foolish things we have done.”

“Did you drag me out to mention such personal grudges..?”

“The main point comes after this. The clan of Fern was one that produces prime ministers-tier personnel 7 generations back. Veris’s most noble family of all.”

“And during the reign of King Braig, they were met with an unfortunate era. ”

 ( at your service!)

I spoke of my predictions to advance the conversation. Dio-sama, not irritated by it, nodded while smiling and continued.

 ( at your service!)

“Correct. For generations, Fern who holds power similar to the king, was chased off in the name of national border defense by my father during Bayd’s father’s generation. Bayd was taken as a hostage and stuck in the castle close by for lengthy amount of time. Well, he’s still using it though. So because of that, Bayd hates my father to a scary extent. Just that, even with that, my father had high opinions for Bayd’s talents. That’s why he became Aneue’s teacher.”

“You say that that king released Kaguya-sama but that doesn’t seem believable.”

“Father has no interest in adolescents. I think he started to have interest in Aneue when she’s around 16. Though he tried making up a reason to call her back, Bayd purposely caused a war at the borders which resulted in her unable to return. I thought that this was something to praise him for. The only thing that I thought he did well on.”

 ( at your service!)

Totally looking down on him. From Dio-sama’s perspective, Bayd is just a small existence. No, he was a small existence.

 ( at your service!)

“It’s forbidden to be over-estimate yourself. Right now, Dio-sama has only ⅔ of your strength after all.”

“That was not my intention but… it’s as you said. I shall accept that. I will not underestimate Bayd. Anyway, Bayd raised her so she is docile. To say it accurately, other than things necessary in the battlefield, he only teach her basics of all other stuff. That’s why Anue is so ignorant of the ways of the world.”

 ( at your service!)

Dio-sama shaked his head as if lamenting. I don’t really think that the person who always tease people would take advantage of that ignorance. At the very least, I think he does not think that ignorant is a bad thing. It seems that Dio-sama has many thoughts in regards to Bayd who induced her that way though.

 ( at your service!)

“I understand. Having such trust from Kaguya-sama and having that self-proclaimed brother entering the royal castle, and having told me about Sophia’s situation, was it some kind of a plan?”

“You can’t call him a brother. Isn’t that right? I was deceived by him. It seems that it’s true that the Fern clan has a group of spies under them. He definitely knows beforehand. He kept quiet to make us focus on just that.”

“Well, with that kind of information-gathering ability, he should know of the close relationship we had with Sophia. And without letting us know of it beforehand, it’s now no longer a time where we can gradually stabilize the country.”

“That’s true. Really, we got done in. If Aneue and Yukito didn’t visit him, he would have leak the information somehow, and it will result in information flowing to the capital. Albion and I will direct ourselves to Albion and Bayd will gather his followers with a triumphant expression. And then Aneue would start to lose her power, and become a puppet king. The king Bayd desire is as such. I wonder if this is just one of the tactics he had thought of.”

 ( at your service!)

Looking around at the shops in the marketplace, we were making such conversation, but of course, we did take care of being heard upon. Even though talking in the middle of a crowd makes listening upon difficult, it’s not perfect.

That’s why Dio-sama and I requested a skillful support. It also includes the thoughts of trying see the prowess of these people.

 ( at your service!)

“The secret organization that was used heavily during my grandfather’s generation, Umbra. Their ability is authentically high. Also, due to their village being in Veri’s largest forest, it was hard to make contact with them.”

“Then, how did you reach them?”

“As the village was in the territory of Earl Uren, I entrusted it to Earl Uren after the war. During the war, they were reluctant to cooperate to avoid sacrifices, but I thought they would cooperate now. If it’s them, they would not ally with Bayd. It gives me a peace of mind. ”

 ( at your service!)

Though he easily said that he entrusted it to Earl Uren, and even though the village it’s in his territory, I wonder how much trouble did Earl Uren go through to get the secret organization to cooperate. I guess I should thank him when I see him next time.

 ( at your service!)

“However, I heard that they would dispatch a skilled personel down but….”

 ( at your service!)

I peeped to the back. There is a person who is following behind Dio-sama and I. Well, as the person knowing that there is someone following is obviously aware, but to those unaware, I believe they wouldn’t know. After all, the sense of distance and how the person blend within the marketplace was superb.

 ( at your service!)

“I was shocked when it was such a small boy,”

 ( at your service!)

Dio-sama robbed the words I was going to say. However, there was a slight but definite difference to what I wanted to say.

 ( at your service!)

“Dio-sama…. That kid is a girl, you know?”

 ( at your service!)

After saying that to Dio-sama, I looked back at the person again.

Her stature is small. At most, to the height of my chest I guess. Her light brown hair that reach the back is done at a higher point. I guess, a pony-tail.

Her face gives off a child-like feel. No matter how one would try, she would only look like a middle school student. Or perhaps, even elementary school student. Though there are no one that uses elementary and middle school students in this world.

But, the age written on the status is 17. The same age as Sophia. And since her gender is written as female, it shouldn’t be wrong. Her speed is over 100. However, her combat prowess is lower 70s. It’s definitely not wrong that she was sent as a spy. Though right now, her role is counterintelligence.

 ( at your service!)



“To think I actually mistook her for a boy….”

 ( at your service!)

Seems like he got quite a shock. And is feeling down. Well, Dio-sama has quite a lot of confidence in handling females, so I guess his pride in that direction was hurt.

 ( at your service!)

“I trust my ability. Well, even if this conversation was heard, there isn’t any problem.”

“What disgrace. Yukito. I feel shameful of myself…”

“Please get over it…. Hey look, we are reaching the gates. Please quickly regain yourself.”

 ( at your service!)

Saying that, I dragged Dio-sama who looks like his soul has left him out of the capital.

 ( at your service!)


 ( at your service!)

Today, a training exercise for the army is being held outside the capital. Though I said training exercise, I guess education would be more correct.

The ones doing the instructing are Kaguya-sama’s direct flanking unit and Captain Ars’s mercenary unit. In other words, the ‘Black Swan Flag’ Army and elites of Dio-sama’s rebel army. The combined numbers of both side are just before the 400 mark.

On the other hand, the opponent is the united front of the ‘Black Swan Flag’ Army and Dio-sama’s rebel army, a new reformed Veris Knight unit of a 1000. (TL: Likely complicated here, the combined force of both army, excluding those on the opposing side. Basically, 400 elites vs 1000 men of the combined front of both armies.)

 ( at your service!)

“Who do you think will win?”

“I believe there is no need to ask.”

“Just tell me.”

“The side where Captain Ars is.”

“There is 2-times the difference in forces, you know?”

 ( at your service!)

Even if I go easy on my consideration, Captain Ars’s win will not waver. If it was a 5000 vs 20000 battle, it would be difficult but the difference in the commander’s strength would not create much changes in a 1000 vs 400 situation. The battle is way too small.

As it’s a battle of quick wittedness over field of vision, Captain Ars’s side whose unit moves independently would be more advantageous.

 ( at your service!)

“One person just has to defeat 2. Even if the one side is doubled the other, it’s a difference where quality can cover it up., ”

“Didn’t you say that war is all about numbers previously?”

“If the numbers exceed 5000, we can start talking about numbers, Well, that’s leaving aside magic arts.”

 ( at your service!)

Magic arts is dependent on the individual’s talent. You can even say it’s the ultimate element. To take that into calculation would only make things even more complicated. If there are useful magic arts in the battlefield, there are going to be those that are disadvantageous. It’s not so simple.

 ( at your service!)

“That’s true. If Aneue is there, both side would be annihilated.”

“Please don’t make me remember something unpleasant. I have a close proximity experience of it after all.”

“Now that you said that, that’s true. It seems the battle between Aneue and Yukito was already way back in the past to me.”

“Please don’t say it like you have aged. It just mean that the density of a day’s happenings is that high.”

 ( at your service!)

As we are in the vicinity of the gate, we moved to prevent disturbance to the exercise. As we didn’t say we were inspecting, the only ones that can be considered as our escort is only that girl. Though that said, that girl would inform us in unusual situations, and even though Dio-sama could not use his original power, he is strong enough. It was a common agreement between Dio-sama and I that there will be no problem.

And also.

 ( at your service!)

“We have a skillful bowman who is looking out for us.”

“True. It’s terrifying that we have no idea where she is.”


 ( at your service!)

Mikana did say, ‘I will be at a place not too far away looking over.’. And also said, ‘If anything happens, I shall assist.’, so she should be at a distance where her arrow can reach.

 ( at your service!)

“It started.”

“Let’s see. General Paulus is leading half the cavalry and charging, and seems to be planning to crash the mercenary unit.”

 ( at your service!)

The mercenary unit is the only unit that doesn’t ride a horse. If it is taken out, the difference in numbers would increase. From a consideration point of view, he’s not wrong. However.

 ( at your service!)

“He’s naive.”

 ( at your service!)

They are used to the battlefield. That’s even on the dangerous ones.

Without doubt, they should have multiple experiences with the attacks from cavalries. That’s why they should know of countermeasures too.

Normally, people on horses would swing their weapons down and use the momentum to charge.

Charging attacks going from top to bottom with the momentum is very effective. But, as long as you are on the horse, you have to control the horse.

In other words, delicate control is difficult.

 ( at your service!)

“The horses are causing all the damages.”

“The first charge couldn’t be helped. They can only rely on individual ability to dodge that. However, from now on, it’s the playing field of the battle-trained mercenary unit.”

 ( at your service!)

Likely the rule is to leave on taking a single hit from training sword or spear, people are gradually leaving the field.

General Paulus should have used the momentum and leave the area. Though he is likely reluctant to show his back to the enemy, that was fatal. In a melee fight, the horses are stationary. Being mentally stressed from having to control the horse while guarding against the surroundings, the knights were being hunted down one by one by the nimble movement of the mercenary soldiers.

 ( at your service!)

“Oh, that was quick.”

“Even the independent unit that moved to flank the sides of General Paulus’s unit is fighting with the remaining half of the unit, but the situation is tied.”

 ( at your service!)

The one leading is likely the leaders of the Black Swan Flag Army, I wonder who it was. Even with the difference in numbers, to stop a free independent unit is likely difficult.

 ( at your service!)

“They are faithful to basics. Without forcing a stop, they let them pass.”

“If they let them charge in, General Paulus’s unit which has been wrecked by the mercenary unit will rout. Though as it is, it will only gradually get worse.”

 ( at your service!)

In the instant I said that, a large cheer came from the mercenary group. I guess General Paulus was taken down. As the general was taken down, the exercise quickly came to a stop. I wonder if the rule was to end when the general was taken down. And to charge suddenly is really like General Paulus though.

 ( at your service!)

“Since you said you wanted to see a training exercise at least once, so I brought you over. Did you get anything out of it?”

“Well, to some extent, I guess.”

“I think your plan is interesting. I will entrust all authority to you in regards to this. I shall be Bayd’s opponent. As long as it’s regarding Sophia, there is a need to handle Albion as well. However, Bayd is likely not trying to destory Veris so well, it’s fine not to be bothered about this side. To some extent, there is a need to verify the people that might be our enemies, so as expected, this side is going to take some time.”

 ( at your service!)

Using Bayd, we will flush out all possible enemies and round them out in one go. That’s what Dio-sama is thinking. If it goes bad, we will be done in by Bayd but Dio-sama doesn’t seem to be worried.

That is likely not due to over-confidence or negligence. After being cautioned, Dio-sama no longer give that sort of look.

 ( at your service!)

“While the army is welcoming its transition period, the domestic affairs have not stabilized yet. On top of that, we had to put our sights on another country, and the opponent is definitely a troublesome someone from an ancient race.”

“Truly a grim journey ahead. However, the shortcut is to quickly settle each of them one by one. Too rash, and it will only end in failure. Ah, but, having some form of acting of, ‘Oh, my brain is only thinking of Sophia-sama’ is required.”

“That’s not necessary.”

 ( at your service!)

I am in fact doing just that after all.

Saying that, I look up at the blue sky. The sun is shining dazzlingly. I ended up remembering Sophia’s smile looking at the sun.

I wonder what is Sophia doing right now. Is she fine?

Only thoughts like these float in, and disappear soon after.

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