Arc 2 – Moving Forward Chapter 4

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Arc 2: The Reconstruction – Moving Forward Chapter 4

( at your service!)

Two months have passed since the civil war. The newly formed Veris army has again been deployed to various castle’s of the national borders.

We, the Kingdom of Veris, make our next moves after the deployment of the army have been completed to some extent.

It’s to recover the ties between the other countries. For that, we sent out an invitation to the various countries we wanted to make contact with.

It’s an invitation to a party to deepen friendly ties.

For a while, Veris’s invitation has been thought to be either assassination or kidnap and will never be accepted, but the Veris now is being recognised to be different from the old Veris. This party was approved by the various countries and have conveyed that influential personnels will be joining as the envoy of their respective countries.

However, there were countries that did not reply. Albion was one such country. Well, it’s obvious though. The previous envoy being Sophia was being targeted. To Albion, it was likely a very disgraceful thing. I doubt their impression of Veris will be so easily changed.

( at your service!)

“Ren. You there?”

“I am. Danna.” (TL: Casual way of saying “Master”)

( at your service!)

This is my room where the sun has just raised. When the door opened, the young girl from the spy organization of Umbra came in. Almost without a sound.

Her name is Ren, and because she uses a way of speech similar to a male, Mikana also mistook her for a male at first. Seemingly due to being street smart, she said that if she acts like a female, it can be quite troublesome. She was quite alarmed when I asked her whether if she was a girl.

( at your service!)

“I have a request.”

“Make sure you pay for it.”

“I know that. ”

“Is that a message to the Elder? Don’t push such simple task to me. Can’t you just send a fast horse?”

( at your service!)

Showing an annoyed expression, Ren gave me a bitter smile. For some reason, when I give her a task that is too simple, she will complain about it. Seems like she thought I was treating her like a kid.

( at your service!)

“That’s true. Then, I will send a fast horse. Ren, please go ahead and inform the envoy of the various countries to gather.”

“Isn’t it becoming simpler!? Isn’t there task like tapping into the conversation of the prime minister or searching for neutral parties!?”

( at your service!)

Ren was stamping her feet in the room. However, from my point of view, I do not want to do anything unnecessary when just a few days ago, Bayd was named the prime minister and is under Dio-sama’s jurisdiction.

Also, Dio-sama is already making contact with the neutral parties. Right now, what I should be doing is dealing with Albion and the preparation of the party.

( at your service!)

“The prime minister is being handled by Dio-sama. What I should be focusing on is not the inside, but the outside.”

“Don’t say that…. I am starting to not know why I am here for….?”

( at your service!)

Showing a down-hearted expression and lowering her shoulders, I feel like I did something bad. I do not have anything urgent for her to do now.

I guess it’s fine to move a bit.

( at your service!)

“Then, I will have you do something. I want you to find out the location of a person.”

“Really!? I will go check on it immediately!”

“When Dio-sama and I went to see the exercise, there was a commander that made good movement. He is part of the regular army.”

“The one who fought with that reckless guy? I just have to find out about that guy?”

“Investigate about him, and if possible, since I wish to meet with him, find out his location as well.”

“I got it. I will get to it immediately!”

( at your service!)

Saying that, I floated a bitter smile as I see Ren going out in high spirits.

( at your service!)

“What an easy to understand kid.”

( at your service!)

As I say that, anticipating that she will return by afternoon, I decided to finish the work I have to some extent by the time she returned and started working on it.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

“I have investigated…….”

( at your service!)

Though she entered full of vigor at first, she slowly lowered her volume. Likely, it’s due to me preparing for a trip.

What I am wearing right now is something similar to Dio-sama when he goes out, but the color is slightly different. It’s deep green in color and was something Mikana selected for me. (TL: Is she your wife now?)

( at your service!)

“I was thinking that you are about to come. Wait for a bit.”

“…..I worked really hard to make it at this timing? Why are you able to anticipate that….”

“It’s because I know you will work really hard.”

( at your service!)

Saying that while showing my smile, Ren accompanied me and left the office.

I could listen to the report while we walk and it’s Ren after all. He likely got hold of the person’s location as well.

( at your service!)

“What kind of a person is he?”

“It’s a ‘she’. Her name is Nicola Rior. Daughter of a fallen earl. Her impression is rather vague and she’s quite timid, you know? Her nickname in the army is ‘Coward’. Is it fine with such a person?”

“It’s fine. Being coward is not always a bad thing. So, where is she?”

“Orphanage. Seems like she is playing with the children there.”

( at your service!)

I was shocked from the unexpected location. The orphanage in this capital is something Kaguya-sama made. Though that said, it’s not truly operational and I have also heard that they are lacking in manpower, but i wasn’t expecting that people related to the army is helping out.

( at your service!)

“Hey Ren.”

“What is it?”

“Does she look kind?”

“… I guess so? It seems to be a day off but she use it to go to the orphanage. Well, it could also be that she doesn’t have any friends.”

“I see. I am anticipating to meet her.”

“I am not so interested to meet her. Why do I have to follow you?”

( at your service!)

Ren said that while putting her hands behind her head. Even though she said that, her footsteps can’t be heard. It was totally covered up.

( at your service!)

“It’s fine to play with the children at the orphanage you know?”

“I won’t play! Don’t treat me like a kid!?”

“No, when I am talking, you will be bored, right? So it’s to kill some time.”

“I won’t be bored! I have to pay attention to the surroundings! It’s enough! I won’t follow you!”

( at your service!)

Guess treating her like a kid got onto her nerves, Ren stopped her tracks and waved her hands with a spiteful gaze.

I smiled bitterly and negotiated.

I will buy something you like from the marketplace, so accompany me.”

( at your service!)

“….it angers me that you are trying to bait me with things.”

“Is that a no?”

“…since I have not taken my lunch, treat me to lunch and I will follow you.”

( at your service!)

After saying “Negotiations complete.”, I started advancing. Ren is also following behind. I could hear her footstep slightly.

Really an easy to understand kid.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

Eating at the eatery the capital is famous for, we went leisurely towards the orphanage when our ears hear the high spirited yells from children.

There are many children in the orphanage that was remodeled from a small house. A number of people is required to take care of that number of people.

I guess it’s insufficient manpower anyway. From the ex-king’s tyranny, the population of Veris dropped drastically. Though wars were one of the reason, those who have connections with people outside the country all left Veris. The ex-king did not do anything to stop it. He most likely anticipate that a number of people with no connections and money will stay.

As long as you have a certain level of population, governing is difficult without firm policies. On that point, that ex-king does know about himself and the country.

( at your service!)

“May I know what business do you have here?”

( at your service!)

When I was pondering, an elderly called out to me. Likely the person managing the orphanage.

( at your service!)

“I wish to take a look at the state of the orphanage, is that fine?”

“I don’t mind but… who might you be?”

“Envoy from the castle. I was told to look at the situation of the children in the orphanage.”

“It’s different from the envoy from Her Majesty, right? I was told to be cautious of suspicious people though..”

( at your service!)

I guess, the current me is having an appearance that looks at most like a merchant. If such a person suddenly visit the orphanage, it’s definitely suspicious.

I took out the short sword from my clothing. As the short sword has the royalty’s crest on it, it should be enough to show my position.

( at your service!)

“Would you understand from this? If not, I can go directly to get the permission from Kaguya-sama though?”

“N, no! I am truly sorry to not know of someone your status! Please forgive me!”

“Please do not mind. In the first place, it’s our fault to come down without acquiring permission beforehand. Is it fine to enter?”

“P, please do! However, what should the children do…”

“It’s fine to let them be themselves. Please do not mind us. Just think of us as just guests. We would be returning soon. If you feel uneasy, it’s okay to report to Kaguya-sama. If you tell her my feature, she should know immediately.”

( at your service!)

Unsure if the elderly woman realized my identity, after flickering her eyes a few times, she gradually bowed as if understanding.

I am the only person on Kaguya-sama’s side that has black hair and black eyes. Not as an immigrant from the island, but if it’s someone related to Kaguya-sama, they should realized immediately, I think.

( at your service!)

“Again, I am sorry for my impoliteness.”

“Please don’t mind. We should be the one who should be apologizing.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, I faced my back to her.

Ren’s delightful voice came from the back, wondering if it’s because she was treated to lunch.

( at your service!)

“Danna is quite cool. You are usually so plain though.”

“It’s not like I have any peerage, so I am just a commoner. And, saying I was plain normally is unnecessary.

“Got it got it. However, I can understand that you are a commoner. You are too courteous towards using us spies.”

“Are others more cruel?”

( at your service!)

It’s normal since it involves money, and they usually find faults in our work and gives us unreasonable tasks and what’s more, they don’t care about any of our lives….

Ren twisted his face when she talks, as if remembering something unpleasant.

Towards such a Ren, I reached my hand out and stroked her head.

( at your service!)

“It’s fine. Dio-sama and I do not plan on sending you people to war or assassinate anyone. Though I can’t promise that, I will try to make sure that there are no sacrifices on your side. With all my ability.”

“…don’t treat like a kid!”

( at your service!)

Ren who shaked off my hand, turned her head away. I guess I shouldn’t do that to a 17 year old girl.

( at your service!)

“My bad, my bad. You seem to be feeling down so, I couldn’t help it.”

“You would do it to anyone who is feeling down…?” (TL: A flag?)

“No way. Only those that seems necessary.”

“I also do not need it!”

“I got it. I will keep that in mind.”

( at your service!)

As we make such conversation, we came close to where the children are playing. Within them, there was a shoulder-length golden hair girl who is drenched in sweat and totally spent.

She should be Nicola Rior. It’s definitely that drooping big eyes that’s giving her the weak impression. Due to her small stature, she doesn’t look like a knight. If I am to say, she seems to be more suited to be a maid or what she is doing now, the caretaker for the children.

Nicola’s light brown eyes caught sight of me. As she is tilting her small head, she likely hasn’t realized that I am someone from the castle.

( at your service!)

“Everyone! Not just that Onee-chan, how about playing with this child?”

“Hey!? Don’t tell me that’s the reason why you made me follow you!?”

( at your service!)

I need to draw the attention of the children away if I want to speak with Nicola. Then a bait is necessary. The perfect bait for the entertainment-starved children is a playmate.

It’s just time that Nicola is exhausted too. The children started moving towards Ren. Though Ren took off with a cramped face, maybe because it seems enjoyable, dozens of children started chasing Ren around.

( at your service!)

“You really need stamina to take on children. Are you fine?”

“Eh? Ah, yes. I am still a knight even like this…. Likely I don’t appear that way though…”

“Yes. I really can’t see.”

( at your service!)

As I tried saying it with a smile, Nicola started becoming surprisingly depressed. I don’t think she has to feel depressed though (TL: It’s your phrasing if you ask me.)

Nicola’s status other than her combat ability is as high as 80-85. Her wisdom is somewhere in the 90s. In exchange, though her combat ability of 60 is unreliable, if you think of her instructions like mine, there is nothing to be disappointed about. Though I would take attacks from various things if I go to the front though.

( at your service!)

“I really do think that I am more suited to be playing with children and it’s more comfortable though… I was admitted to the army by my father, and ended up into a captain of a Knight corps. But since I am weak, I am not being trusted by my subordinates and as I am timid, I would quickly move to the back… ”

“Is it hard for you to stay in the army?”

“My father…. Trying to push me who is in the capital far away from the ex-king, he sent me to the army. But since the ex-king is no longer alive, and my father is no longer around, I was thinking of resigning… Eh!? Why am I talking about such things to a person I just met! Sorry….”

( at your service!)

Seeing the flustered Nicola, I floated a smile. She is likely not getting an active role due to lack of self-confidence and the fact that she is in the cavalry corps of the Black Swan Flag army. The role of a charge from a high speed movement does not leverage her ability. She needs a corps that requires her unique feature.

( at your service!)

“I don’t think being timid is a bad thing. In a battle, it’s important. That’s what ties to protecting your subordinates.”


“From now on, this country will change. A unit that represents that will be created. Independently movable, using their own judgement, for the country, a unit moving for the citizens. What do you think of such a unit?”

“….I don’t think it will materialize. Unless Her Majesty has deep trust, she can’t entrust such tasks to such a unit. There might be revolt and above all, this country is moving towards not fighting wars.”

( at your service!)

I almost laughed reflexively to her reply. This girl really sees the country’s path firmly. Steady and certain. Her answer shows her personality.

Never risk herself, never venture into danger, dealing with things normally, fighting normally and winning normally. She is such a girl. Though that is only if her unit is stronger than the other, if such a general has subordinates, you can have a peace of mind.

( at your service!)

“That’s why we make a small elite unit, shrinking the army. And then, such small and deploy-able units can be given tasks and spur the country on. The insufficient manpower would disappear, so isn’t it a good thing?”

“It won’t go so well. In the first place, even if everything goes well, who is going to lead this unit? There might be the danger of causing a civil war again. Though that said, we can’t appoint people with no civil war achievements as that leader would require status and ability.”

“Is there no suitable candidate?”

“… just one person. I think if it’s Arkwright’s Strategist-dono, it should be fine. Though it might be pushing on the side of Diorood-sama’s, I also heard that he has deep trust from Her Majesty.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, she returned to herself after going “Ha!”.

Seems like having a serious conversation is embarrassing for her.

( at your service!)

“I did it again…. I am sorry, I am bad at having a conversation, as I can’t stop speaking…”

( at your service!)

She indeed seems bad at having two-way conversations. But, since she answered my questions, I don’t think it’s a fatal weakness. Or more like, it could be a beneficial advantage.

( at your service!)

“It’s fine. So? It’s fine if it’s Arkwright’s strategist?”

“Eh, ah, yes. In regards to his abilities, though only for a few days, he had fought her Majesty before, and he also the the decision-making ability to retreat when possible without overdoing it. Moreover, he seems to be someone capable at raising the morale, so I believe he might be suited to be the commander for an isolated unit.”

“Have you seen him before?”

“I have fought him before. I was in her Majesty’s unit after all. Though that said, as I was in the fill-in 3rd battalion, I wasn’t really part of the battle.”

“Then, what kind of feature does he have?” (TL: Such a tease…. I like it.)

“Feature, you say? Black hair and eyes, yeah, like yours. He has slightly high and proper voice. His voice is quite similar to yours too. His stature is about yours and has an undependable-like atmosphere, yep, as expected just like yours. He doesn’t seem strong at all, but it doesn’t feel like you can win against him. He is a person that makes people hard to judge him. It’s not like I have talked to him before…… Eh?”

( at your service!)

Nicola looked hard at my face. And then she took some distance and started to look from top to bottom. Likely trying to imagine me wearing my black clothes and coat.

As I thought of being a tease, I took out the fan from my chest and show it to Nicola.

( at your service!)

“If you think you are right, how about calling my name?”

( at your service!)

As I grinned broadly, Nicola’s face turned green instantly.

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