Arc 2 – Moving Forward Chapter 5

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Arc 2: The Reconstruction – Moving Forward Chapter 5

( at your service!)

A unit that act independently. In modern terms, they are the special forces like the USA’s marines and the British SAS. I proposed to create such a commando unit and it was accepted.

Dio-sama’s current post is the Supreme Commander of the army. In other words, Veris’s highest commanding officer. That’s why as long as I get the permission from Dio-sama, I can create the independent unit. Of course, I have to also get permission from Kaguya-sama though.

As Dio-sama would do something on that side, I have to think about what kind of unit to make.

I was told that the number of people in the unit that is allowed to move independently is 5000. Anything more than that would result in running out of supplies.

No matter how well you fight, there are definitely sacrifices. I can only cope with it. The problem is how much this army of 5000 can acquire achievements.

( at your service!)

“You seem to be troubled?”

“Yeah… Of course while the individuals of the unit are lacking in quality, the commanders leading them are also insufficient. Splitting 5000 into 5 would result in 1000 each. Letting one general to lead each of them, as of now, what’s decided are Mikana having the role of surprise attack or high-speed maneuvering, Nicola with her reliable instructions and tenaciousness of not crumbling and Captain Ars who has the experience to cope with any situations flexibly. These three. I still wish for 2 more, one that has overwhelming attacking strength and another who has high magic capability.”

( at your service!)

Mikana gave a sigh by my side. I can understand why. I am aiming too high.

I have already 3 generals that were hard to get. Even then, since we are moving independently, I want overwhelming strength.

( at your service!)

“Am I not enough to answer Yukito-sama’s demand….” (TL: Yukito, you guess it wrong… Definitely)

“I am relying on you. However, I am not so optimistic that just you alone can defeat the enemy.”

“….I see. Then, to make you rely on me more, allow me to provide you some information.”

( at your service!)

After saying that, she kept silent for a while. Somehow, she is giving an expression of not wanting to say it.

( at your service!)

“If you dislike it, it’s fine, you know?”

“No, it’s not me, I believe Yukito-sama might dislike it….”

“What do you mean?”

“…I do have an idea of a good magician. Most likely, comparable to Kaguya-sama based on magic alone.”

“Is that such a person? Or more like, you actually know such a person?”

“I found out at work just the other day.”

( at your service!)

From that, I understood. There was a job for Mikana that she has been spending time on for a while.

It’s the bodyguard for the women that entered the ex-king’s harem. As the number easily reached over a thousand, and due to people having died within those number, they were all gathered in one location and those that have a place to return to were sent back as courteously as possible, but of course, there were also those that don’t have such places.

As said previously, while there were people thought to be dead, there were also people whose family had perished, or have no idea where they are. And also those that were originally alone.

Mikana’s job is to think of the future for such people.

( at your service!)

“You mean those people who enter the ex-king’s harem, right?”

“Yes. Her name is Erica Fanir. Feared as the ‘Guren no Majo’, and was the queen of the country Veris destroyed.”

“Queen? How old she is?”

“I believed she will be 23 this year. She was forced to take a marriage of convenience at 17 and 3 years later, Veris declared war on them and the country was destroyed. Just that, she was kidnapped just before the proclamation of war and was said to have died. I believe it was the ex-king that kidnapped her.”

( at your service!)

Opposite to her plain tone, Mikana’s expression has quite the anger. Well, though I can understand why, I am no longer surprised at what the ex-king will do. Or more like, I felt like ‘as expected he did it’.

( at your service!)

“Obviously there is no place to return to….. So how is she like?”

“She is calm. Could you meet and to talk her? She seems to be looking for a reason to live.”

( at your service!)

I nodded to Mikana’s words. If it’s a skilled magician, I would really love for her to lend her strength but before that, I am starting to be interested in what kind of a person she is.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

I endured my sights from moving towards the voluptuous body wrapped in a black robe. To give such glances here is more than just impolite, it’s the worst. After all, she is a person who have lived in a situation where such glances are forced on her on a frequent basis after all.

Erica is sitting on a chair. She tried standing up when I entered, but I stopped her with my hand signal, so it ended up in this situation of me standing, while she sits.

Her magic power is in the upper 90s. Even her wisdom and combat prowess. Though the others were quite high as well, the score for beauty that is over 100 was what my eyes set on. I scolded myself that I wasn’t here to look for beauty.

Her platinum blond hair and black robe is atrociously contrasting, leaving a really strong impression. And her emerald eyes that look straight at me holds the profundity like a forest.

What a beauty, was what I thought. Of course, since it’s the person that king chose, it can’t be anything other than beauties, but recently, I who have been looking at Kaguya-sama and Sophia, have been becoming quite strict when it comes to the appearance of females. Even then, the fact that I also thought that she is beauty, is because she has something that the other two does not have. I guess I should say that she has a really strong glamor of mature women, compared to the other two.

( at your service!)

“I am Yukito Kurei. It’s an honor to meet you. Erica Fanir-sama.”

“It’s also an honor to meet you. The Strategist of Arkwright-dono.”

( at your service!)

I wonder if it’s just me that within that high pitch that is a sensual feel to it. (TL: Direct translations was “wet”, but it sounded weird english-wise so….)

Nope, it’s not my imagination. Right now, she is readjusting her legs on purpose when she is wearing clothing with slits on them.

She is seducing me. As if I will have such idiotic ideas. I guess she is trying to see what kind of a person I am. I guess she could be thinking that I am someone who came to buy a beauty that was once part of the ex-king’s harem.

Well, it’s not wrong to say I came to buy her though.

( at your service!)

“As I do not have time, allow me to go straight to the point. Would you lead the magician squad of my newly formed unit?”

( at your service!)

Unexpected was the expression written on Erica’s face, and she who realized that I wasn’t looking for her value as lady, blushed and stopped crossing her legs. As expected it was embarrassing, i guess. Well, I could see her thighs after all. (TL: Yukito no ecchi… But I guess I would too.)

( at your service!)

“That is to say…. That you value of skills as a magician, is that right?”

“Yes. Right now, there aren’t such magician in Veris. Of course, if you reject, it’s not like I would do anything, so please do answer honestly.”

“Erica-sama. I will vouch for Yukito-sama’s words as Yukito-sama will not break his promises.”

( at your service!)

Mikana said that from my back. After hearing that, Erica put on a difficult face.

Seriously, my request is not something to be praised about. Erica doesn’t have much selections after all.

It’s basically asking someone with no one to rely on to come to the battlefield. It’s unfair. From a calculative view point, even though I am the one saying it, it’s the worst.

But, it doesn’t seem to make her feel happy to let her just sit here. Of course, it’s just my own selfish speculation.

This person is not one without power. She is released from violence and power. She is capable for living freely as she likes.

( at your service!)

“To be desired for as a magician is a first. Two kings have desired me as a woman.”

“….would you reject then?”

“Nope. I am glad. Though my choices are few, I couldn’t make any choices before. This is already on the better side. To fight on your side doesn’t seem bad. However, I do have a condition.”

( at your service!)

Erica showed a single finger with seducing movements. Why I felt it was seducing is likely due to her breasts shaking when she moved her arms causing my eyes fly, i guess. Erica was just showing her fingers so this is totally my corrupted fault.

( at your service!)

“I wish to have the freedom to research magic. I love magic arts. And that was something I cannot do until recently. Of course, I won’t put my hand on dangerous stuff, so don’t worry, okay?”

“If it’s just that, I don’t mind. Anything more?”

“More? Let’s see….. Right now, that gentleness of yours is plenty. It’s rare to find gentle guys these days.”

“I believe I was normal though….”

( at your service!)

Saying that, she showed a smile to me and stood from her chair, and kneeled before me.

( at your service!)

“Erica Fanir hereby vow my loyalty to Yukito Kurei.”

“Then, I will also vouched upon this name that I would not betray you.”

“Fufu, contract established. I am now your subordinate. Whats should I do now?”

“Then, would you stand up quickly? That clothing…”

( at your service!)

I have problems placing my sights. Realizing it without being told, Erica gave a broader smile towards my reaction.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

1 person remaining. I want a general that can lead the main attack. Contrary to what I thought, I couldn’t find someone so convenient.

A talent that can lead a piercing and destructive charge while having strength on his own. Though previously I thought of General Paulus, he is in the border defense army. As expected, I can’t pull a general for the border defense. I have already unreasonably took Captain Ars. I can either find someone who have not distinguished himself in the army or from outside the army itself.

( at your service!)

“It seems quite difficult, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. I can’t seem to find the person I want.”

( at your service!)

As I walked with Dio-sama in the royal castle’s corridor, I said that.

There are many people who possess personal strength. However, more or less, such people are too straight-forward, and would not listen to my words. Their self-confidence is too high.

( at your service!)

“Pondering on what I should do.”

“Un.. Let’s see. Wouldn’t it be good to try changing your perspective?”

“Perspective, you say? That’s true. There isn’t any point to be too influenced by the current situation and it’s not like it’s necessary to complete it right now.”

“That’s right. Yukito just have to raise the person up. A powerful general feared by other country.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, he went towards the opposite direction after ending with “See you”.

Though it’s true that it’s possible for me to raise one, that would mean the person has to at least listen to me to some extent. The best would be someone younger than me. Including future expectations, it’s better for it to be as young as possible.

( at your service!)

“I wonder what should I do.”

“Oi. Master. If you are troubled, shall I lend a hand?”

“Ren. Don’t suddenly stand behind a person, didn’t I told you that?”

“Isn’t it Master’s fault for not detecting it? So, if it’s searching for someone, I can help, you know?”

( at your service!)

Ren said it with an excited tone. Now that I think of it, I have been assigning messenger tasks to him and tasks that can make full use of Ren’s ability.

( at your service!)

“Even if you say that, it’s too vague.”

“How vague?”

“Younger than me and strong. Just that. The younger the better.”

“The lower 10s teen and strong you say…. I don’t think there is such a person? If there is, he should have distinguished himself, shouldn’t he?”

“Yeah, so maybe his status is low or he was late in getting achievements, or even….”

“I do know someone who is low in status and low in achievements…”

( at your service!)

I reacted to Ren’s words. I basically do not care the status of the people under me. My own status is low after all.

( at your service!)

“If I am not mistaken, he came from the remote areas of the village, and normal soldier at first, but due to his achievements during the civil war before, he came to lead a unit of around 50 people. His age is 15 but from his achievements, he is said to be able to promote a lot earlier usually.”

“What kind of achievements did he acquire?”

“He is part of the rebel army, you know. Though he didn’t participate in the central battle. Something like rushing into the enemy formation alone, and seems to have cut the magicians into pieces. Because of that, the army being unable to use magic lost. It is said that he did the same thing thrice.”

( at your service!)

Though usually such rumors have something else in them, but if it’s true, that’s quite the ability. Also, his decision to target the magicians is also not wrong. However, he is slightly reckless, to say.

( at your service!)

“I wish to meet him. Can you find him?”

“Give me a day. I will find him.”

“I leave it to you. What kind of reward do you want?”

“Prepare me a delicious meal, you got it!”

( at your service!)

Informing me with that smile, Ren left without making a sound.

A simplistic kid as usual.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

A few days remain before the party for the messenger arrives, I who didn’t have much time, finally found time to meet the rumored young man Ren mentioned.

As there isn’t much time, I thought of just seeing the status and leave if it wasn’t as good as expected, I shuddered at the intense training of the unit held at the outer side of streets. Nope, rather than the unit, it was towards the young man in the center that gave a really conspicuous colour to it.

( at your service!)

“Seems like the rumors are more docile. Definitely.”

“Certainly. How intense.”

( at your service!)

In a training between 50 fellow mates, the results can be pretty much seen by just the strength of the young man that charged in right at the beginning. He possessed the strength on par with Captain Ars.

As I doubted my eyes, I managed to somehow get to see the status from far.

Combat Prowess of 92. Though his wisdom is more regrettable than General Paulus, I could always teach him to get him by somehow.

It’s the feeling of finding an unpolished gem. Or also, the finding of a raw ore

Even though his wisdom is low, the fact that he could destroy the weakest point of the unit, he should be one that runs by instinct.

( at your service!)

“What boar-like movement. Master can definitely get him to drop in a traphole, i think.”

“Right now, it seems simple. But, if he matures, it will be difficult.”

( at your service!)

The young man went to celebrate with his mates after quickly ending the training in their victory.

( at your service!)

“Roy, you say…. I guess he’s the last one.”

“Are you going to make him lead 1000 soldiers? Isn’t it impossible?”

“I guess at the start, it will be 100. I will lead the rest.”

“He seems like he doesn’t listen to instruction though?”

“It’s fine. That will have to depend on my ability and there are also outrageous people around too. If he gets too full of himself, he will definitely be in for a bad time.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, I walked towards Roy.

From then on, after a few days, when the messengers arrived and the party is finally about to begin, our newly formed unit also established successfully.

The name is Independent Mobile Unit, Nox

In the end, the black robe that ended up becoming mine was cheaply mass produced and used as uniforms.

When they wear their black coat and form up, it really resembles the night.

After greeting and when I was about to think of merrymaking for the commemoration of the establishment, Ren came with an urgent message.

That there is a suspicious group at the national border.

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