Arc 2 – Moving Forward Chapter 6.5

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Arc 2: The Reconstruction – Moving Forward Chapter 6.5

( at your service!)

Repelling the successive attacks coming in from the left and right with pure strength, Roy breathed roughly while jumping backwards to keep his distance.

( at your serice!)

“Are you done? Platoon Commander Roy”

( at your service!)

The one who sent out words mixed with some teasing in it was Ars holding his favourite sword in his two hands. Unlike Roy, Ars grinned with an expression of composure.

( at your sevice!)

“Shut up! Ossan! I am a unit commander!!” (TL: Ossan: Uncle or someone really old)

“Ranking-wise that is. As it’s actually a platoon, it’s not that different from a platoon commander, right?” (TL: SAO’s Klein sounds right for this guy…)

( at our service!)

Though that said, Ars’s eyes were shining with competitiveness. People capable of fighting on par with Ars are rare.

As he thought of having to have found an interesting guy, he looked into the eyes of Roy who was brought in by Yukito.

There’s no much difference in their strength. The difference is experience. Having been in multiple wars, he knows the terror of losing one’s stamina in a battlefield. That’s why he knows of ways to use the least movement to dodge attacks and also to create breaks in between the attacks.

But though Roy have made great achievements in the civil war, he not knows of the battlefield outside the civil war. He has always been fighting at full strength without considering his expense on stamina. And furthermore, it’s also his first time having someone who could confront his attack calmly.

Realizing Ars is planning to resolve the duel, Roy got to a stance with his sword.


( at your sevice!)

“What are you guys doing?”

( at your service!)

Mikana’s words paused their movement. Right now, as it’s in the middle of the preparation of Nox’s formation, the unit commanders were running around for that sake. That’s because the supreme commander, that is Yukito, is in the castle busy.

Of course, the unit commanders that are next in rank of Yukito, are basically busy giving instructions to various units and verifying details. However, the fact that Ars and Roy are exchanging sword blows at each other is…..

( at you service!)

“I should have said to do your work properly, haven’t I?”

‘This is already the second time’, added Mikana in a lower tone and sharper one at that.

( at your service!)

As Ars thought that it’s getting really bad and thinking of how to apologize, he gradually stepped away from Mikana

But, Roy calmly spoke, without showing fear.

( at your service!)

“It’s practice, practice”.

“For today, tomorrow’s preparation is the top priority, isn’t it?”

“Why must I do something so troublesome? Can’t you just do everything?”

( at your service!)

15 year old and 16 year old Mikana are the youngest among the Nox’s unit commanders and their age are close. Seemingly due to that, Mikana is the only one that Roy uses casual speech on. And Mikana does not find that attitude amusing.

( at your service!)

“Since you are calling yourself a unit commander, fulfil your responsibility.”

“My job is to swing my sword in the battlefield. Anything other than that, it’s secondary!”

“That’s the mindset of a platoon commander. You are a unit commander. Your job cover a lot more fields. As a unit commander, quickly complete the tasks given to you. If you stay with a mindset of a platoon commander, then like a platoon commander, follow my instructions.”

( at you service!)

Mikana said that with her sharp glance on Roy. Roy furrowed his brows and rebutted towards the

( at our service!)

“Why do I have to listen to your instructions?”

“Stop there. Unlike me, Mikana doesn’t know leniency.”

“How can I lose to such a girl?”

( at your service!)

To Ars’s light restraint, Roy laughed scornfully.

Like how Mikana isn’t pleased with Roy, Roy is also not pleased with Mikana. But their reason for their unamusement is the same.

They were not amused on the fact that Yukito took a liking for both of them.

Mikana had the conceit from being in Yukito’s debut battle to serving him till now, and also the awareness of being his first subordinate. On the other hand, Roy thought that he should be looked upon for his strength due to him being brought in by Yukito himself.

That’s why Mikana was unable to feel good in regards to newly recruited Roy being in the same rank while Roy can’t stand that Mikana, who isn’t that much different in age, was being appointed a more important role than him.

Ars was wondering if he should stop this but quickly decided not to. While getting involved would usually result in a not-so-good ending, they will also likely get lectured by Yukito if they had a dispute here anyway. In that case, it will be better for them to release their gas here.

( at our service!)

“Looks like I have been looked down upon quite a lot. Even then, I am your senpai though?”

“How can I acknowledge a senpai weaker than me? I am currently on the same level as you who have been serving Yukito all this while. Aren’t you not being trusted?”

( at yor service!)

You have incurred her wrath.

That was what Ars thought. At the same time, he started retreating gradually to prevent himself from being part of casualties. Mikana doesn’t know what is to hold back. It’s pretty much impossible for Mikana to miss her shot at this distance and it was something Ars got to know from experience.

( at your service!)

“If you correct that right now, I still can forgive you.”」

“Ha! Why would I do that? Deputy-commander Pretension.”

( at your service!)

Instantly. Mikana took out her short bow tied to her waist, and simultaneously took out an arrow from her quiver tied to her waist too. That short bow of hers is an in-house developed bow for battle purposes and its features are its ability to be taken out easily and quickfire. Though that said, in Mikana’s hands, even such a bow turns deadly. Especially at such a short distance.

Mikana took a stance with the bow and nocked her arrow.

As he glanced at Mikana, Roy grinned and said.

( at your service!)

“Isn’t it forbidden for fights between unit commanders without the consent of both side? I have no thoughts on fighting with you, you know?”

“I shall tell you something regretful. Other than you, when you are having a behavior not suited for a unit commander, we are given permission that it’s fine to punish you.”

“Ha!? What’s with that!?”

“By the way, it’s true. It’s not a problem if it’s a punishment that doesn’t kill you.”

(trytranslationscom at your service!)

Roy felt cold sweat running his back.

As it was the serious Mikana, Yukito thought that she wouldn’t do things to cause trouble, therefore the stimulation, but it seems that the assumption was totally blown away. The moment the bow was readied at this distance, Roy was left in a bad situation.

Roy glanced at Mikana’s eyes and averted quickly.

She’s really angry. As he thought that, Roy decided to assume a stance with his sword. Though it was for self-defense, it was instead a sign of battle to Mikana.


( at your service!)


(trytranslations.comat your service!)

Mikana released the arrow without listening to Roy’s voice.

Roy who disdained the likes of arrows, shivered after the arrow flew past his face at high speed and heard the sound where the arrow penetrated the ground.

Not being able to react, Roy was shocked. That’s because he thought he could deflect the arrow.

Fast. As he thought that, the second arrow was already nocked. The movement itself was also fast.

Even to Ars, Roy’s capability is on par with Ars and is considerably high, and he does not lose out to the other units, but he loses to the rest in terms of experience.

Mikana’s speed in nocking her arrow was something necessary to survive and was learnt naturally in battlefield. Furthermore, to follow Yukito who likes going upfront to take command, Mikana’s executions have no unnecessary movements. As if she took her time nocking each shot, it will result in allowing the approach of Yukito.

That’s why Mikana does not much of a preparation phase, compared to other bow users. That’s because she has more opportunities killing enemies in mass and speed, than enemies that are far and the arrows take time to reach.

( atyour service!)

“Please calm down. Please refrain from the face, not the face.”

“I am calm.”

( at your service!)

Mikana replied to Ars’s words but Ars didn’t feel that way. Obviously, the one being aimed at, Roy, also agreed.

If I don’t think of something, it’s going to be bad. The moment Roy and Ars thought of that, Mikana was suddenly hugged tightly from the back.

( at your service!)

“Araara. Weren’t we told not to bully him too much?”

( at your service!)

Erica said, having snuggled to the back of Mikana. And removed the intensity of the atmosphere from her action.

( at your service!)

“Erica-sama!? Please release me!”

“That’s fine but keep your bow. It’s dangerous.”


“It seems that Yukito-sama is coming. If you took out your bow, won’t you shocked him?”

( at our service!)

‘Is that really fine?’ continued Erica as she separated. Then Mikana reluctantly sheathed bow.

Erica smiled satisfyingly and looked at Roy and Ars.

( at your servce!)

“So who’s the naughty one?”

“Uncle Ars said something about me so…..”

“That’s because you were cheeky and said that you can defeat me. Also, the one who anger Mikana was him so I am unrelated.”

( at your service)

Watching the dispute on responsibility, Erica did not tear down her smile. But Ars and Roy knows. Her eyes has no laughter in it.

( at your service!

“So the two of you were neglecting your work and playing around, right? Then, Mikana who warned him was angered by Roy. There’s no mistake to it, right?”

“Ah, well, that’s basically it.”

( at your service!)

Seeing Ars nodding, Erica create a small fire in her palms. And it gradually grows so big that it could cover Erica’s arm.

‘It’s not really hot’ was something Roy thought of due to the out-of-place situation but when he saw that Erica’s bewitching smile was facing him, he got a bad feeling.

( at your service!)

“So which do you prefer? Apologize or burnt?”

“I am truly sorry!”

( at yourservice!)

Roy immediately bowed down his head. Without thinking the meaning behind it, he just bowed down for now. Having cut down many magicians, Roy realized that Erica’s fire is not the same as the fire the other magicians have. That’s why he quickly threw his pride away.

And that goes the same for Ars. Looking at the 90 degree bent Ars at his side, Roy reaffirmed that his decision was not wrong.

( at your service!)

“Oh well. It’s good that you are honest.”

( at your service!)

Erica instantly dismissed the fire after saying that. Roy and Ars gave a sigh of relief after verifying that it’s gone.

Believing that the situation have calmed to some extent, Mikana asked a simple question.

( at you service!)

“Erica-sama. How’s the tasking on your end?”

“Ara. That’s right. I neglected it.”

( at your ervice!)

Saying that, she also muttered that she has to return quickly, realizing it. Nah, it’s not just Erica. Everyone in the area sensed it.

That Nicola ended up taking the largest tasking.

( at your service!)


( at yur service!)

“Captain Nicola! What should I do with this?”

“This should be…”

“Captain Nicola! What should we do?”

“Etto, then, link up with that unit.”

“Captain Nicola! What’s tomorrow’s form up plan?”

“Ah! Tomorrow’s form up is…”

“Captain Nicola! As I said, what should I do with this?”

“Please wait a moment!”

“Captain Nicola! Please give us instructions.”

“Captain Nicola!”

“Captain Nicola!”

( at your srvice!)

In this place are close to 4000 subordinates and while the ones seeking for instructions are platoon commanders, Nicola having been called out was running around, giving instructions without rest, making units standby and somehow managed to continue with work. Then, she realized that she’s about to reach her limits. But, there is no sight of all her colleagues that could help split the work.

The question of whether there was a mistake in the choice of unit commanders was something that cannot leave Nicola since a while ago.

Being called upon from far again, as Nicola was trying to move, she entangled her legs and fell forward.

The surrounds ended in silence and worried gazes gathered on Nicola. She rubbed her hard-hit nose while crying out loud.

( at your service!)

“Mouuu, where did everyone go!!!!!!?”

( at your service!)

That cry was loud enough to reach Yukito’s ears that was closing in on his horse and with just that, he could already guess the situation.

At the same time, he was relieved from the bottom of the heart that he really make Nicola his unit commander.

( at your servce!)

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