Arc 2 – The Independents Chapter 1

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Arc 2: The Reconstruction – The Independents Chapter 1

( at your service!)

There are 3 small countries that exists between Albion that exists within the middle of the continent of Rodinia and Veris that rule the southern portion of the continent.

They are Kingdom of Morl, Kingdom of Canaan, Kingdom of Redonia. When the ex-king took the throne, there were 7 small country and within themselves, they created alliances but due to the ex-king, 4 of them were destroyed, and the remaining three also have their lands shaved away.

Of course, hatred towards Veris was deep. However, I thought that moving at this time might be too rash.

( at your service)

“Ren. Report with more details.”

“A suspicious group was caught near the border of Redonia. They seem to be pursued by what seems to be a mixed of Albion’s magician and Redonia’s army.”

“Albion…. How’s Morl and Canaan?”

“A portion of the national border defense unit will be linking up with the mixed unit. The pursued group should be entering General Paulus’s fortress if they continue their route. Well, that is if they are accepted though.”

( at your service!)

Listening to Ren’s report, I ponder without saying a thing. In that interval, Erica made her prediction.

( at your service!)

“Attack from the 3 countries using the attacked unit as an excuse…..? Even then…”

“The scale is too small.”

( at your service)

Mikana continued. Captain Ars kept silent. I guess he doesn’t plan to interfere in regards to such matters.

I shifted my sights slightly. Having orange hair that shows the cheerfulness of the person himself, and eyes of his belligerent self. A young man with the same height as me, Roy entered my sights.

Wearing red shirt with golden embroidery and black pants, covered with a black coat, Roy tilted his head after listening to the conversation. Actually, I wanted to incline my head towards that badly conspicious attire but since the person himself seems to like it a lot, I couldn’t say a thing.

( at your service!)

“Hey hey. Nicola-neechan. Would you explain it in simple terms?”

“Hmm. Simple terms, you mean the weirdness about it? All the movements.”

“But the enemy is here, right? Couldn’t we just beat down all of them?”

“That’s true though. We are an army after all. However, the enemy we should be taking down is also a puzzle.”

( at your service!)

Even though he is only a captain of a 100-man unit, it was my instruction for him to be here together with the 4 commanders. I have conveyed that unless it was something urgent, he can ask questions. And he is to listen and think about it.

Nicola, who is beside him, answered him in simple terms as expected. The commanders had met each other before and Roy also got along with Nicola at that time. No, I guess I should say Nicola got along with Roy. (TL: I am having problems translating this, basically, Nicola, like a elder sister, tried to get him into the group and stuff like that.)

( at your service)

“Hey, Yukito-niichan. Is it not okay to just knock everything out from the start?”

“Roy-kun!? You can’t talk to Yukito-sama right now!”

“Why? It was Yukito-niichan who said that I can ask questions, you know?”

“Roy. Try to read the mood a bit more. This is not a situation where we can use both your and my head, right?”

“Uncle Ars just find it troublesome, right?”

“What do you mean by that? Or more like, why am I an Uncle!?”

“27, right? Since it’s a difference of 10 years, you are an uncle!”

( at your service!)

As it was turning into a fight from a glaring contest, as I was about to stop them, Mikana started tuning her bow. Just like that, Captain Ars and Roy stopped their quarrel.

( at your service!)

“I thought it was a good chance to do target practice though.”

“Ara ara. Don’t bully them too much, okay?”

“Them being noisy is what’s bad.”

(trytranslations at your service!)

Though Mikana who said that was quite loud too, I won’t say it to save Mikana’s pride.

While everyone is making a racket, what we should do is pretty much decided.

Firstly, I have to go to the castle no matter what. Likely, this information is going to cause a disorder when known.

( at your service)

“Mikana. Let’s go to the castle. Roy, follow me.”

“Can I go too!?”

“Yukito-sama. To bring Roy as well is…..”

“It’s fine. It’s a good experience. Roy. Do not make a fuss wilfully. If you break this promise, I won’t feel like helping you, you got it?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine!”

(trytranslations at your service!)

Towards the reply, I unconsciously closed my other eye. I wonder if he really understands.

When I was about to say something, Erica approached Roy.

( at your service!)

“Roy. Listen carefully.”

“Eh? What?”

“You are a captain of this unit. This coat you wearing is the same as those of the unit commanders. This means that you are a person who shares the burdens of this unit.”

“I heard previously! Responsibility, right?”

“Yep. That’s why if you don’t understand this, do take off that coat.”

( at your service!)

Being told that, Roy gaped and changed his expression instantly and glared at Erica.

( at your service!)


“If you wore that coat and make any rude actions in the royal castle, it’s not just your problem. It will become a responsibility of your men and the person above you, Yukito-sama.”

“Wa, wait just a minute….. If I do anything, the others would be affected too …?”

“That’s right. You are shouldering many things. Your men’s live, the unit’s fame, the responsibility of your own life and our expectation. If you do not have the confidence to shoulder all that, go and take off that coat.”

(trytranslations at your service!)

Roy faltered at Erica’s words. Roy who usually goes with the flow, is treating everything way too simple. I believe there are many people who find that simplicity irritating.

If you incurred the imperial wrath, your head will instantly leave your body. Different to the battlefield where manners has no place in, it’s the royal castle where manners are stressed even for just the outward appearance. Furthermore, the envoy from the other countries are also here.

I was thinking of bringing him to let him feel the weight of the responsibility while risking to some extent, but it seems that Erica’s words has given him some kind of “damage”.


( at your service)

“Roy. Let’s go.”

“Eh!? Wait, wait a minute!”

“Was the “It’s fine” just now a lie? You should start thinking more thoroughly before answering next time round. We don’t have time so let’s go. Captain Ars, Erica and also Nicola, please prepare for departure. Very likely no matter what happen, it will be us moving towards the borders.”

(trytranslate at your service!)

Saying just that, I turned and strided until where the horse can go.

If we galloped till the royal castle, I don’t think the horse can take it. This is a part of the forests that is in outskirts of the royal castle. If possible, I wanted to have the unit established in the royal castle, but due to the envoys coming a lot early than expected, it became such a weird style.

Though Dio-sama said that he will come during the final stage of the party, who would have thought that I would have to go and meet him for such a reason.

( at your service!)

“Well, I was expecting it though.”

( at your service!)

Murmuring that, if it’s to my predictions, the situation is going towards the worst scenario. Re-verifying that, I quickened my pace.

( at your service)


(trytranslations at your service!)

The royal castle was in a commotion as if a bee’s nest.

It was due to the move made by the Prime Minister, Bayd.


“To arrest the escorts, you say. Well, if the unit close to the borders are really an attacking army, then it’s not a wrong countermeasure though.”

( at your service)

It felt a bit rushed. Would that Bayd actually not take into account that the information might be false before acting? That’s impossible.

In that case, there should be some reason behind this move.

( at your service)

“…. a war….”

“Is something the matter?”

“I just thought that he likely saw an opportunity.”

(trytranslations at your service!)

I answered Mikana like that but Mikana gave an unclear expression to my expression. She doesn’t seem to understand it. That’s natural. I did that on purpose.

Perhaps Bayd thinks that it’s fine even if we do get into a battle. Dio-sama said before. That Bayd yearn for a country that controls the continent. In this situation, it would be better to say that he has that ambition. It shouldn’t be something pretty like yearning.

If it becomes a situation where we fight the 3 countries, Veris will definitely win. Even if Albion is supporting them from behind. And, if we can somehow overcome the battle with Albion later, we could really see ourselves unifying the continent. However, to have a war with Albion is bad. Bayd thinks that they can win but sadly, even with Kaguya-sama on the frontlines, the chances of winning is only 50%, or even lower.

Having a battle with Albion is something we have to stop no matter what. I definitely do not want to send my subordinates into a battle that we can’t win.

What should I do then. It’s simple. As long as we do not fight if the 3 countries that is our buffer between Albion.

Of course, if this is really the invasion of the 3 countries, then we can only fight but the situation is too weird if you think about it.

If the unit being chased is really a tactic from the 3 countries, there should be a limit of having a rough plan. There should be plenty of options to choose from. Above all, in regards to timing, to target now will only result in the abandonment of the envoys’ lives. Even after the party when the envoy returns, the chances of the plan will not change much.

Furthermore, I am also bothered about the moving unit of Morl and Canaan being just a portion. Even if it’s a scout, to siege the fortress that General Paulus is protecting, they have to put in more forces. If you say it’s a estimation mistake, we can end it there but it’s dangerous to think that the enemy is stupid.

(trytranslations at your service!)

“Yukito-niichan… I am starting to feel bad….”

“A good change. Don’t forget fear and anxiety. Feel it and if you can’t control it properly, it’s not possible to command people.”

( at your service)

As Roy said that following me, I frowned at the continuous gathering of the guards moving towards to the reception area of the party.

I don’t think that’s a need to mobilize so much people, as arresting them should be simple.

What I can think of is two things. There are people resisting or there is a dispute within the Veris’s side.. And very likely, it’s the latter. I guess Kaguya-sama or Dio-sama is flaring up at Bayd’s action. Probably, it’s Dio-sama though.


“Mikana, Roy. Do not leave my back. And don’t talk. No matter what happen, don’t talk and move. I will do something about it.”


Saying that, I looked at the door of the reception area. From what I can see, Dio-sama is covering up a blonde female. I guess it’s the female envoy. I wonder which country is it. No, though I say it’s weird, to send a female to Veris, that’s quite the provocation or should I say, reckless.


“To arrest an envoy with no definite evidence, can’t you understand that you will only lose trust!?”

“It’s information that can be trusted. There is already an alliance army of the 3 countries and Albion at the vicinity of the borders. They have already recognize us as enemies.”


Bayd who is wearing a purple splendour clothing of bad taste said that to Dio-sama in his full white clothing.

What a seriously troublesome man. When we prepared our army, he quickly decided to make use of it. How much does this man wants to unify the continent.

I walked slowly and passed the guards. Though I say that, it was only the initial portion before they immediately realized that it was me and opened the road for me.

Noticing the movement of the guards, participants of the party moved their sights to me and Mikana and Roy, those following me. Not giving a care to it, or displaying like I didn’t care, I moved to where Kaguya-sama is giving a stern expression is and was slightly behind where Dio-sama were quarrelling with Bayd.

Probably pondering who she should be supporting, I guess. It’s definitely a difficult decision.

Kaguya-sama who wore a black dress that exposes her shoulders, which she definitely wouldn’t wear normally noticed me and gave an expression as if she is slightly relieved.

I kneeled down in front of Kaguya-sama and apologized.


“Even though it is an emergency, I apologise to have come without permission.”

“It’s fine. Did your information net also caught something? Yukito”


Instantly. The reception got slightly noisy. There were nobles that seldom come to the castle and also envoys from countries, other than the 3 countries. They were murmuring my name.


“That is Yukito Kurei…. He is young…”

“As he was called the Strategist of Arkwright, I thought he would be more threatening.”

“No, we cannot be negligent. He’s the right hand man of Diorood-dono. He might be hiding his true nature.”


Please stop talking at a voice level that I can hear. I am embarrassed listening to it. However, rather than my small embarrassed heart, there is something more important.

( at your service)

“Yes. There is a suspicious group at the borders close to the Redonia, and they were being pursued by the mixed unit of Redonia and Albion. At the same time, as if to link up, a portion of Morl’s and Canaan’s unit are also moving according to the reports.”


Again, the area was stirring up. This time it isn’t just noise. There were screams as well. Looking around, there is a man that was hitting something.

He is likely the envoy of any of the 3 countries. If the 3 countries do invade, it will mean that he was abandoned by his lord after all.


“My father would never do such a cowardice sneak attack!”

( at your service!)

The female behind Dio-sama stepped forward and said that in a loud voice towards Kaguya-sama.

Kaguya-sama gazed directly at that lady and called out her name.

( at your service!)

“Princess Melissa. I believe so too. However, right now in this country, in my country’s border, a conflict is about to happen.”

“There is definitely some kind of mistake, or someone’s plan. My father may be mediocre, but he is not reckless! We do not have the force to be able to attack the current Veris!”

“Aneue. It’s as Melissa said. This situation is weird no matter how you think about it.” (TL: “Melissa”, he says….)

( at your service!)

Dio-sama assisted Princess Melissa. However, with that method of assisting….


“Diorood-sama. Even if you are close with Princess Melissa, please restrain yourself to make statements with personal feelings in them.”

“Prime Minister Fern. You make it sound like I made a statement mixed with personal feelings though?”

“Though it’s truly regrettable, Diorood-sama right now seems to have lost your cool.”

It truly does seem that way. I believe that’s not just the opinion of Bayd’s and mine. Not “Your Majesty”, but the fact that he called ‘Aneue’ can derived that.

“I just think that we should not move carelessly in this situation.”

“That would be too late. Since you have been given the command for the whole army, please think of the soldiers in the frontlines. The fortress should be capable of stopping the attack. However, just for a few days. And it takes a few days to travel from here to the borders. We have to move immediately.”

“Your Majesty. I affirmed to Prime Minister Fern’s words.”


( at your service)

Without replying Dio-sama’s appeal, I looked at Kaguya-sama.

I can see that there are doubt in Kaguya-sama’s eyes. Because there are many uncertainties.

That’s why.

(trytranslations at your service!)

“Then allow this Yukito Kurei to be despatched as reinforcements. After that, I shall enquire the group and investigate deeply in regards to this invasion. Though slightly early, I would like to be granted the rights for my unit, Nox, to move as an independent commando unit. ”

“…..I do not wish to point my sword at the innocents. I wish to be just. I know that that is difficult. However, will everything be clear if I entitle you this authority?”

(trytranslations at your service!)

What return Kaguya-sama’s question was a silence from the reception area. It was a silence that you might delude oneself of hearing one’s heartbeat.

( at your service)

“I am unable to guarantee whether I am able to acquire the answer to your request.”

“It’s fine. What I want is the truth. At this time, the movement by the 3 countries has too much uncertainties. The envoys have also spoke that they do not have any idea in regards to this situation. I am also bothered about the group that is pursued. That’s why I shall grant you the authority of independence. From now on, you shall be my eyes. See everything and convey to me. During this time…”

( at your service!)

Move at your discretion and deal with the situation.

Listening to those words, I bowed down and muttered.

( at your service!)

“At your will.”

( at your service!)

After putting some distance, I stood up and faced my back to Kagiya-sama. At that time, my eyes met with Dio-sama’s.

Dio-sama slightly nodded. As expected, that was an acting. Bayd’s expression was disapproving towards granting of Nox’s authority of independence. Dio-sama also made use of this disturbance to assist in letting me acquire that authority.

With Dio-sama’s help, Bayd was not able to intrude. Next would be just the settlement of the situation.


“Let’s go. Mikana, Roy.”

( at your service!)

It’s time for departure.

Towards my words, Mikana and Roy answered me by striding with vigor.

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