Arc 2 – The Independents Chapter 2

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Arc 2: The Reconstruction – The Independents Chapter 2

( at your service!)

To invade the smaller countries, the previous king moved the old capital to the current one as close as possible to the borders. To make it easier to command and also to be able to lead his army.

It’s 10 years since then. Due to the King’s invasion, the border has now moved far away from the capital. Even the nearest border with Redonia now requires a distance that takes 3 days to reach on horses. But if we were to think about the distance to the capital of a large country, it’s quite close, i guess.

Trying not to insert a break in between, the Nox that I lead hurried towards the fortress.

There are two reasons. If we take too much time, there is a chance Bayd might do interfere and also the simple fact that I am worried of General Paulus who is protecting the borders.

From the scouting made by the organisation ‘Umbra’ Ren is from, the enemy has increased its numbers to around 7000 and they are moving to making their attack on the fortress. It seems like the units from Morl and Canaan were more than expected. On the other hand, General Paulus who defends the border have a little less than 3000 in the fortress. Originally, there was around 7000 man, but due to the escort of the envoys, patrol of the routes, the messengers to the towns and villages that the envoys will be passing through and etc, the soldiers have not been able to return to the fortress after being pushed with so much jobs.

Most of those soldiers are still in the capital as after the party, they are to escort them till the borders.

Though they are supposed to be replacements for them, the distance to the fortress is about two days. If we think about our advancing speed, the fortress is about 1 day long. That’s why we will reach the fortress earlier than the replacement unit.

In other words, at the very least for a day, it will a battle of 3000 vs 7000. Plus, it will be a battle with the Albion’s magicians against us as well.

( at your service!)

“Listening to such an unpleasant report, it really feels like an invasion from the 4 countries.”

“That’s the only possibility I have been thinking of all this while though?”

( at your service!)

By my side. Erica who is riding lined up by my side, said that with a bitter smile.

Apologies but if you ask me, that possibility is pretty much null. The attack this time is definitely being plotted. I have no idea who is it but most likely….

( at your service!)

“I believed it’s Stratos who had moved.”

“That magician that controlled Kaguya-sama? But Morl and Canann’s units with Redonia and Albion. Even if he’s controlling them, isn’t that a lot?”

“He manipulates people. And he will prepare a replacement of himself. Putting aside Albion, sneaking into the 3 countries will them should be of no trouble. The question would be why those manipulated people can use Inducement magic.”

( at your service!)

As I murmured that, Erica thought of a while and answered.

( at your service!)

“Magic skills are techniques. If the control is perfect and the person has enough magic power, I believe controlling them should not be difficult.”

“I see. That solves one riddle. And I am even more sure of it.”

“Why do you think it’s Stratos?”

( at your service!)

I was asked the obvious question. After all, my judgement is this unit’s top order. Decisions will be the objective so not being bothered about it is weirder.

Though I say that, even if I am sure of it, I do not have the evidence for it. If I think about the situation of the 3 countries, I believed that an invasion is impossible so why would it turn out like that. Thinking that, it can only be due to someone being manipulated.

( at your service!)

“The border defence units of Morl and Canaan are currently in panic. Most likely, the units that linked up were moving on their own judgement. Redonia’s border defence unit were also not moving in full. They seems to be bewildered. Their movement are not in sync. Perhaps, the 3 countries themselves are the ones that have the least idea of what’s going on.”

“From shaving off impossibilities, Stratos’s existence floated into the situation?”

“It’s because impossible things happen that I think it’s Stratos. Just that, why would Stratos move at such a time. I just don’t understand.”

( at your service!)

Saying that Erica said “that’s true” and nodded her head, but a reason came to me.

It’s Sophia. If within the suspicious group, Sophia is in there, then everything connects. Stratos would want Sophia to escape to Veris the least. However, if Sophia barely escaped, then I should think that most of Albion would have fall into Stratos’s hand.

( at your service!)

“Danna. Isn’t fine to talk?”

“Did anything happen?”

( at your service!)

Shocked that Ren could easily lined up with the horses by running, I asked Ren. To come here would mean that something had moved.

( at your service!)

“The fortress that we have just passed through is starting to gather. Veris’s main unit, as said by Danna, seems to be moving in assumption that the enemy would siege the fortress.”

“Well, that’s true. How much has the fortress gathered?”

“Right now, it’s around 10000. I believe it would continue to increase.”

( at your service!)

We have stationed soldiers in different cities of Veris. If we gathered them, we can easily exceed the 3 countries’ army. This is also the reason why I think that it is impossible for them to want to attack us. After taking down a fortress, what’s next would be Veris’s army that is prepared and waiting for them. No matter what you think, it’s too reckless.

( at your service!)

“I got it. Ren. Can I leave you with a message?”


( at your service!)

Even though he detests it, he is quite obedient this time. I guess at times like this, he do understand.

Or it could be the atmosphere around me right now is preventing that. I do know I am different than normal. People who know me would perhaps think that I am angry.

Well, I guess I am angry.

( at your service!)

“Tell Mikana at the back to increase their speed. Erica, return to the lead and increase pace.”

“Should we hurry?”

“Just a bit.”

( at your service!)

After giving instructions, I left the group. I dropped out from the sides.

Though the people surrounding tried to follow, I stopped them.

The sights started to gather on me. Erica returned to her unit, conveyed the message and regain control of her unit, which didn’t took much time.

Let’s do a side show while saying what’s required.

( at your service!)

“All troops of Nox! Listen while you move! The invading army is closing in on the border fortress! The attack could have already started! And the tactics taken by Veris’s main army is that the fortress would be besieged!”

( at your service!)

There I stopped my words. I can verify that many people are tipping their ears over.

I then accelerated the horse and advanced close to the lead.

( at your service!)

“There are two units that can reinforce them! Right now, the replacement unit that is 2 days away, and us that is closing in to the fortress with a day’s left.”

( at your service!)

Just a bit, there were soldiers cheering. Not enough. I would not do this sideshow with just this extent.

( at your service!)

“The people in the fortress are all believing in reinforcements that they can’t see!”

( at your service!)

I slightly pulled the horse back. Putting whether I can be depended on aside, I am the unit’s supreme commander. Showing one’s appearance would raise the morale of the unit.

( at your service!)

“What they are protecting, clenching to their teeth and enduring the attack is the country of Veris and all the citizens of Veris! Within that contains your land, families and what you people all love!”

( at your service!)

The cheers are starting to increase. However, it’s still sparse.

All the soldiers’ morale have not increased. Long distance movement is accompanied by fatigue. However, morale raised to a high extent can result in forgetting those fatigue.

( at your service!)

“Just from having the border fortress taken down, Veris would not fall! However, 3000 comrades would die! No matter what the reason the invasion is for, the 3 countries have deep hatred towards Veris! Those swords that contain those hatred is right now being swung down at those 3000 comrades! This battle is not a battle to defend the country! It’s one to protect our comrades! The new Veris would not abandon their friends! It’s a battle to show every country that!”

( at your service!)

Reaching the rear, I have to return to the line from now on.

I saw Mikana’s appearance who is looking after Roy at the rear. As our eyes meet, she raised her bow and answered.

As I floated a smile slightly, I gave my last words.

( at your service!)

“All soldiers! Knights! Heed me! We have already regain our pride! Under our new King! This is our debut battle after regaining our pride! This battle will decide Veris’s path! Save our comrades, and crush the alliance army attacking Veris! All units Advance!!”

( at your service!)

Raising one hand largely, and swing it down largely.

At that instant, cheers were raising from everywhere. And the advancing speed as well.

( at your service!)

“….a battle to save our comrades….”

( at your service!)

Though I said that, to me, it’s likely a different kind of battle.

For me, this battle is one for me to keep my promise.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

The fire spell released on the fortress was taken down just before it reached.

( at your service!)


“Consolidation magic. Very likely the magicians of Albion.”

( at your service!)

At my side, Roy was leaning forward while staring at the battle. I am sure that the scene of him itching to go is not my imagination.

What a child. To think that after seeing such a large-scale magic for the first time, he would think of joining in.

We were now on the left flank of the huge mountain at the sides of the fortress. We entered the mountain such that we would not be noticed by both enemy and ally. The reason is simple. After all, it’s for a surprise attack.

( at your service!)

“Erica. Is horseback consolidation magic possible?”

“I believe it will be difficult.”

“In that case, ignore that and after covering for the ambush team, go around to the side of the fortress and assist in the defense.”


( at your service!)

The team that will be doing the ambush are Captain Ars, Mikana and Nicola. Roy’s unit and the 900-man under my direct control will stand in front.

( at your service!)

“Mikana and Nicola, prioritize taking down the magicians.”



( at your service!)

I look at Captain Ars that show a belligerent smile. It is filled with his exaltation, enough to make me think that we might be cut down if we approached him carelessly.

( at your service!)

“Captain Ars.”


“Hunt down as much enemy commander as you can. As long as they are an alliance, that should help dull their movement.”


( at your service!)

To some extent, I have completed giving instruction. I will leave what’s after for the commanders themselves to deal with. It was my plan to gather commanders that are able to make such independent decisions themselves. However, I won’t know if they are able to unless I see them in action.

I wanted to observe various things during practices, but time did not permit. Though I say this at this late hour and it can’t be helped, I just can’t help being anxious.


( at your service!)

“Roy. Did you hear what I said?”

“Eh? Ah, just a bit”

( at your service!)

Ahahaha, laughed Roy and every commanding officer gave a sigh. Though it won’t help being worried, it shouldn’t be a problem.

( at your service!)

“Attack soldiers that are besieging the fortress. As you will be totally be on offensive, you wouldn’t be able to intercept incoming attacks. That’s why it’s important to not go out on your own, got it? Always be moving with your unit.”

“I know that as you have been saying it all this time. Since I am an idiot, I don’t really understand, but I believed in Yukito-niichan. I want to be a general. For that sake, if I listen to Nii-chan’s instructions, I will be able to acquire war achievements, right?”

“Well, simply said, that’s right.”

“Mum raised me alone. I will definitely let her live in comfort. That’s why I can’t die here. That’s why I won’t do as I like. That’s why don’t fail, Yukito-niichan, got it?”

( at your service!)

What a cheeky thing to say. But, I am relieved from his words. He is firmly resolved in his own ways.

I closed my eyes slightly. It was wind that repelled the fireball. The wind was continuously repelling the incoming arrows, bullets and consolidation magic. Likely, nah, I am almost sure Sophia is there.

I wonder how long has it been since I said I will definitely go to Albion. The place is not Albion, but the battlefield though.

Sophia is right in front of me.

( at your service!)

“Return to your positions. We will begin.”

( at your service!)

Though I feel bad for the alliance, I will end this battle soon.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

“Prepare the consolidation magic! Match the surroundings!”

( at your service!)

Facing her hands towards the Alliance army, Erica gave instructions to consolidation magic.

When I checked, all the magicians’ mana started to reduce at an equal rate. There are 200 magicians within Nox. Out of them, there are around 100 magicians that are amateurs, still unable to use consolidation magic. I had Erica guide them for a short period of time.

They were unable to do consolidation magic, but they are capable preparing the supporting magic formation and tools required for consolidation magic.

Erica’s remaining 800 man are knights for protecting the magicians. They are to become to shields of the magicians, and legs. Their job also consists of helping out with the retreat when the magicians get exhausted.

After they release the consolidation magic, the knights will be transporting the magicians to the fortress.

The coat of the magicians, preparing the consolidation magic, started to flutter. The magic that is being filled with mana is slowly becoming larger.

( at your service!)

“Ambush unit, being your assault! We will go too, Roy!”

( at your service!)

On the timing where the magic is about to be fired, the ambush unit started to run down the hill at once. The one in the front is Mikana’s unit. If it’s the route that Mikana took, there shouldn’t be a problem of failure in running downhill. That’s why I took the 2nd unit to follow her.

On another hand, we do not need to hurry. We will assault only after the magic consolidation met its target and after the ambush unit went in.

( at your service!)

“Is it okay not to go at the same time?”

“It’s what they call time-difference assault. When there’s an ambush, they would swing their conscious there and the confusion will increase. At that point, we will assault.”

( at your service!)

Going down the hill with care, I explained to Roy.

Almost at the same time, a few consolidation magic met their marks in the middle of the alliance army with the sound of the explosions.

And then, with a large voice, the 3rd unit in-charged of the ambush, assaulted.

( at your service!)

“Now then, shall we go? Roy. I left the lead in your care, got it?”

“Leave it to me!”

( at your service!)

I waved my hand slightly. With that as a signal, the 1000-man unit increased their pace.

Even though Roy’s unit are on horseback during advance, as they can’t fight horseback, they are now dismounted as foot soldiers. My direct-control unit of 500-man are also now foot soldiers so those on horses numbered 400.

The reasons are to uniformize the pace and the worry of the possibility of having the horses stopped after attacking the besieging alliance army in close formation. Horses that can’t run does not function.

With that, our unit has lots of foot soldiers. And the vanguard is Roy’s unit, the foot soldiers.

( at your service!)


“Osha!!!” (TL: Yosh!, Let’s do this, man!-kinda meaning)

( at your service!)

Roy drew his sword from his waist, and ran down the hill and starting hacking at the unit attacking the fortress, with the his 100-man unit accompanying him.

To enlarge the opening made my Roy’s unit, another 500-man charged in and finally it’s the turn of the cavalries and me. Though that said, my job is not to fight.

I made the ambush unit and Roy’s unit flag-less. Just a simple Veris’s flag, but I did arrange it slightly from Kaguya-sama’s Black Swan Flag. There is only that one flag.

That’s why to announce it clearly, I shouted out.

That we are on the same side.

( at your service!)

“This is Veris’s Independent Mobile Unit!! Reinforcements have arrived! To all soldiers of Veris! This battle! Shall be won by this Yukito Kurei! That’s why!”

( at your service!)

Raise your voices

After that, bellow-like cheers came from the fortress and the units that assaulted the enemy army.

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