Arc 2 – The Independents Chapter 3

Yoshiro: Sorry guys! This is the actual Chapter 3.

This is even more emotional than the chapter 4, the mistaken chapter 3. Hope I really managed to portray that, and like what some of you guys said, “Just get married already”….

Arc 2: The Reconstruction – The Independents Chapter 3

( at your service!)

Roy’s unit that went off first was formed from the volunteer soldiers during the previous civil war. They are commoners and farmers, and not the child of nobles capable of complex tactics. Obviously, their movement is flawed. However, their explosive physical strength that can survive the battlefield is astounding.

When Roy who have been running continuously was targeted as he was thought to be the commander of the platoon, they were instantly countered. And as Roy was unstoppable, the unit was unstoppable. When the lead is unstoppable, those 500 soldiers running from behind were also unstoppable.

( at your service!)

“As expected of Roy. He’s going crazy in there.”

( at your service!)

It’s easy for openings to be made in the midst of an attack. It takes time for thoughts to switch from an attacking state to a receiving state. And during that switch, the action to switch will also take more time. All the more when it comes to a few thousand soldiers.

I told Roy to not stop their run and break through to the opposite side. After that, Nicola will absorb their unit and take over command.

Using the 400 cavalries under me, I trampled the enemy units that was still in chaos after Roy’s breakthrough. Though I feel sorry for the weakened segment, I shall have you taken out thoroughly.

( at your service!)

“Destroy the stairs! While dealing damage to the enemies as it is, we shall chase after Roy.”

“I shall not let you do that! Everyone! The Strategist of Arkwright is here! It’s worth more that a famed General! Do you desire his head!?”

“So that is the unit’s leader. If I kill him, this unit shall shut down itself.”

( at your service!)

Using the fan as a substitute for the commander stick, I raised my voice and pointed to the knight that was inspiring the surroundings.

Momentarily, the target of the 400 cavalries changed.

The 400 soldiers around me were formed from various units during the assault on the capital with Dio-sama at the time of the civil war. Dio-sama selected elites from the already elite-selected unit and made them join in Nox.

While each and every one of them are skilled, without doubt their combat prowess, they are also capable of team tactics, with each of them being qualified at being a platoon commander or even higher.

If I didn’t find Roy, I would have chosen 1 person from the 400-man as the unit commander. They are such people. The commander and his surroundings were instant-killed. As literally as it is, the moment they passed, heads are flying out casually.

( at your service!)

“I guess I should say as expected. Should I just advance through just like that?”

“Please don’t make a joke. Please give us a chance to claim our achievement.s”

( at your service!)

Erica appeared from the back on her horse. Gradually, her unit started coming over at the back. Guess that means that the consolidation magic had been released.

( at your service!)

“That was surprisingly fast.”

“After the ambush of 3 units, the formation of the rear was in great chaos. If we smack a consolidation magic right in there, our allies would also suffer casualties.”

“I see. I guess it’s the same for the other side.”

( at your service!)

The alliance’s magicians are unable to face their consolidation at us. That’s because there will be friendly fire. Without doubt, there will be sacrifices for their side than our side.

Furthermore, the rear where the magicians are being pursued by 3 units intensively. Consolidation magic towards the fortress have also reduced.

( at your service!)

“However, there are only enemies in front of us. You purposely made it this way, right?”

( at your service!)

Likely understanding my aim, Erica set a circle formation around the area I trampled the enemies.

Creating a defensive formation in front of the enemy. That might have been seen as a stupid thing to do at first. If we stopped, the enemies can calm down and cope with the situation coolly. That is the same as throwing away the advantage of the surprise assault. However.

( at your service!)

“It helps that you already noticed. Prepare a consolidation magic focused on power.”

“Please leave it to me.”

( at your service!)

It is said that consolidation magic, when used alone, is weak, and will have low effective area and range, but when used in numbers, it becomes a powerful magic that has the multiplicative effect.

Why is the effective area necessary? It’s to bury the enemies inside a castle or within an area at one go. Why is range necessary. It’s to allow magicians to fire one-sidedly from a safe location.

I am sorry for the magicians but I shall throw that safety away. In other words, I made a plan to reduce the distance from our side and deploy consolidation magic.

Consolidation magic is different from the catapult and canons of the weapons. It doesn’t take time to move and it’s not like you can use it at close range. With the effect of consolidation, the range increases so long range attack can be done but that isn’t that different from normal magic. If you are going to reduce its power.

( at your service!)

“Everyone, concentrate! We shall blow the formation away with this attack!”

( at your service!)

The magicians did not answer to Erica’s call. That’s because they were putting in their mana into the magic, clenching their teeth. This time, as there is no need for fine-tuning, all the magician are joining in.

The adversary of consolidation is, as expected, itself. Defensive magic from consolidation is pride with astoundingly high defensive strength. When both types of magic clashes, it becomes an endurance battle and the side that lost will take damage. Like during the time I took charge of the army in the civil war.

However, that’s like saying the battle is already over before the battle itself. No, actually, the number and quality of the magicians is the deciding factor of the war. It’s not really wrong to say that the side that gathers many powerful weapons will win. Just that, that is if they were used well, as the prerequisite.

There’s no doubt, magicians decide the battle. Magicians are that strong. In that case, it is said that if the strategy revolves around magicians, weakness from numerical inferiority can be countered and gain superiority from an equal state.

The point is how one uses them so I thought of applying tactics close to a self-propelled artillery or mortar. If we can do something about the defence, we can apply its usage like a tank. Since they are human after all, we can’t really use it as it is, but we can make movement at the speed of normal people. We do not have the choice of not moving. (TL: I guess he meant use them like tanks, but with the speed and defence of a human. Paper tank. haha)

( at your service!)

“Preparation of the aria!”

( at your service!)

Even though it’s an aria, they would just sing the name of the magic. That is the trigger.

Though it seems that a few officers of the alliance army knows what we are doing, they couldn’t break through the firm circle formation we have set up. And to not be able to break through means…

( at your service!)

“It means it’s already too late.”

“Explode!!” (TL: Eh…. Not Exxxploooooosion!)

( at your service!)

Voices overlapped from the rear.

From the middle of the circle formation, a large red body of light rises and with a shape somewhat like an arc, it landed in the center of the unit which was attacking the fortress.

Instantaneously. An unbelievable explosion occurred where even the aftershock reaches our side. That’s not the end of it. It’s a consolidation magic with Erica as its center and around 10 other magicians. There is at least 10 remaining shots.

( at your service!)

“I do not resent you but you all gave me the reason to take you down. In regards to this battle, what’s important is just that.”


( at your service!)

The red light that keeps ascending kept destroying the vanguard of the alliance army. The rearguard that should come in to reinforce and the central unit that commands the overall army should be getting trampled down by our ambush units.

Though I tried not to look straight at it, the location where the explosion is directed is likely in a very gruesome state. Though I was the one who created this situation, seriously, even the place where the explosion is not directed at makes me want to vomit.

But, that’s fine. You lose if you lose this feeling in a battlefield. If I forget this feeling, I feel that I would easily cause war. I would rather not forget this feeling than let that happen.

I think it’s fine for those soldiers fighting in front to forget about it. But, I must not forget about this feeling. To fight against this feeling is also one of my battles.

( at your service!)

“The result was superb, I guess.”

“For now.”

( at your service!)

Likely due to the continuous release of consolidation magic, I avert my sights from Erica who was weirdly panting in a seductive way with a flushed expression and replied that. I do have the desire to watch her more but it’s not that kind of time now. Though there is also a problem if it’s really fine at those kind of times.

Very likely, Erica and I would not have such a time in our lives. (TL: That’s usually a flag, Yukito.)

( at your service!)

“Is Roy okay?”

“It’s fine. I left him with a very kind Onee-chan.”

( at your service!)

Roy’s unit that penetrated out from the side took the chance from the consolidation magic and assaulted again. Together with Nicola’s unit which broke through the rearguard and came out from the sides.

Nicola gave instructions as required to the other units so that Roy doesn’t push too far out, overrunning the enemy. Not specially fast and also not specially powerful. The only one riding with the momentum is only Roy’s unit. But, they are actually defeating the enemy efficiently. The reason why there is barely any momentum is because Nicola is grasping the reins of the soldiers completely.

( at your service!)

“Caution and definite. How reliable.”

“That’s why I can have a piece of mind. The front line is pretty much collapsing from Nicola’s and Roy’s assault. What’s left is how well the back is doing though.”

“Then, there’s nothing to worry. When we made our move, Mikana’s unit has raided the magician’s unit and Ars’s unit cut up the enemy’s unit, drawing near to the general. He might be taking on the general about right now?”

“Though I don’t think the alliance army would end from taking down a general, I guess that might have assisted in preventing reinforcements from the back then.”

( at your service!)

As I murmured that, loud cheers came from the fortress in the back and the fortress gates were opened.

I instinctively thought, “As expected”.

( at your service!)

“What’s wrong!?”

“General Paulus had come out to fight. I think.”

“A general that defends the fortress to come out to fight…..”

“Well, the momentum is on our side anyway and if General Paulus lead around a thousand cavalry, it will end a lot faster, so it’s not a bad thing. Erica. Can I leave this place to you?”

( at your service!)

Since the door is already opened, I have something that I wish to verify with my own eyes.

( at your service!)

“Are you going to the fortress?”

“You knew?”

“I know. There is someone very precious, isn’t there? You were looking at the fortress as if looking at your lover, you know?”

“I don’t think that’s the case though.”

“A female’s eye will not be wrong. Go for it. This battle is already ending.”

( at your service!)

At where Erica put her sights on after saying that was indeed the scene of the alliance army retreating. It’s dangerous for me, the commander to move for my self-interest. It’s foolish. There’s also the feelings of being sorry. However, in this situation, I am just being useless being here. (TL: Stop the excuses, just go..)

( at your service!)

“If the enemy retreat, do not pursue them far. And quickly link up with all the other units. If the enemy make any unexpected movement, prioritise on the defense. Leave the countermeasures to me.”

“Understood. Is it fine if you leave what I can deal with on my own? I don’t really like to destroy a good mood.”

( at your service!)

I gave a bitter smile to Erica saying that with a bewitching smile,. However, I am happy that she’s being considerate.

I nodded and went off with the few escorts I have towards the fortress.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

In the fortress, I dismount from the horse and surveyed the surroundings.

Even though I can see injured soldiers and soldiers looking out for them, I do not see Sophia’s figure.

I guess, as expected, judging that Sophia is here from just the wind magic is too rash. But, to cast such magic in such succession and short span of time, I can think no other than Sophia. At least, that is something that should be achievable by someone at the same level as Sophia.

Maybe worried about me who was restlessly looking around in the fortress, my escorts was calling out to me but I ignored them.

I hope that she’s here. I want her to be here. I am troubled if she’s not here. Such words and uneasiness gradually floated in me. If she’s not here, does that mean she’s still in Albion?

I might be able to meet her. The more I think of that, the more shock I received from not seeing her figure. The feeling I have right now is similar to when she tried to grip onto something but it slipped off your hand. Though the shock is 10 times more impactful.

What I tried to grab was a very important person, and a girl who I promised that I will definitely meet her.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

At the time I murmured that and covered my face, wind brushed my face. The wind that was blowing my back suddenly blew from the opposite direction.

As if being lured into it, I looked in the direction of the wind.

On top of the defensive wall of the fortress. At a place where the injured was assembled, the wind gathered.

I quickly ran off. Though the escorts were calling out, I ignored them like just a while ago. I don’t have the time to mind about them. Right now, I believe even Dio-sama couldn’t stop me.

I ran up the stairs going up to the top of the wall. The defensive wall was a long straight road.

The people injured on the top of the wall were treated without letting them go through the unreasonable act of descending from the area.

Though the people treating were normal soldiers, there was a girl in white robes mixed in it.

Without minding to her white robes being sullied in blood, she was using magic while supporting the wound with her hand.

Though I could only see her back, there’s no one I will mistake her.

( at your service!)

“I have used wind magic to remove the broken blade pieces…..What’s left is just the treatment of the injury.”

“…..thank you…very much…. Maiden-dono….”

“Take care. Who’s next?”

“Sophia-sama. There’s no longer anyone that is inflicted with serious injuries. I believe you should take a break.”

( at your service!)

Sophia’s escort captain, Captain Larg, approached Sophia and warned her.

However, Sophia gradually shook her head.

( at your service!)

“Because of taking me in, we dragged this fortress into the war. I wish to do at least what I can.”

“…. if that’s the case, I shall verify if there’s anyone with heavy injures. Till then.”

( at your service!)

The words, “Please do rest”, did not continue. My escorts shouted out my name from my back.

( at your service!)

“Yukito-sama! I am troubled that you went off alone!”

( at your service!)

To those words, Captain Larg and Sophia reacted. Both of them turned almost exactly the same time.

How long has it been. To see both of them.

I feels like it’s been very very long. Since that day, when they went off from Earl Uren’s castle on a carriage, I guess.

From that day on, I have been fighting all the time. With that promise supporting me.

I slowly step my right leg forward. And then, the left leg quickly moved. Though I want to quickly start running, I somehow manage to endure it.

Mikana gave me an advice. Even if Sophia is here, I should verify that she isn’t controlled.

( at your service!)


“Kurei!? The battle isn’t over yet, is it?”

“It’s been a while. Sophia, Captain Larg. I have left the battle to my subordinates. I see it’s really Sophia that was pursued.”

( at your service!)

As I was thinking of how to make contact with Sophia with the fan or pass her the fan, Sophia smiled at me and approached me gradually.

Though dirtied with blood, her beauty is not lost at all., she is now in front of me with her appearance I see everyday just like the time at the castle. I can feel that those days were blissful. It’s because of those days that I fought. It’s because I want to return to those days that I fought.

( at your service!)

“You have slimmed down.”

“There was a lot of work.”

“You should have your meal properly, you know?”

( at your service!)

While saying that, Sophia grasped the fan that I was holding with her two hands as if hugging it in her chest.

I opened my eyes to the unexpected action.

( at your service!)

“With this…. Does this prove that I am the Sophia you know?”

( at your service!)

After she said that, Sophia floated a kind smile, like a mother to a child.

This smile is the smile of the Sophia I know, without doubt.

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

I pulled Sophia with both of my hands, and hugged her tightly.

( at your service!)

“It’s good…. That you are fine….. I was really worried about you….”

“I wasn’t that anxious, you know. Captain Largs was there and I have also decided to rely on Diorood-sama when the time comes. Also….. I believed that Yukito would come for me.”

( at your service!)

And now you have came to me in reality.

As she said that, she raised her head and smiled at me.

I couldn’t stop the naturally overflowing tears. The feelings that I have accumulated ended up overflowing.

( at your service!)

“….that fan. Even though it’s a precious item that protects you…. Because you hand it over to me, you got into a dangerous situation, didn’t you…..?”

“Please be relieved. The opportunity to use Klarus was pretty much nil, and above all, magic that uses words does not affect me.”

( at your service!)

Sophia touched my face with her hand and said that while tearing up.

That was a very impactful sentence.

( at your service!)

“You know about Stratos….?”

“Yes. Likely, even more than Yukito. Just that, I am unease as expected. But, I am already fine.”

( at your service!)

Showing a remarkable smile, Sophia gradually put her arms around my head. It became a scene where she hugged my head.

( at your service!)

“Because I am already in the world’s safest place right now.”

( at your service!)

After whispering that in my ears, while Sophia said, “How embarrassing”, she doesn’t seem to unwrap her arms.

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