Arc 2 – The Independents Chapter 5

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Arc 2: The Reconstruction – The Independents Chapter 5

( at your service!)

In a meeting room of the fortress.

There were General Paulus, the leaders of Nox, Sophia and her escorts and me.

The reason for our gathering was to ask her for why she was pursued.

( at your service!)

“To talk about why I was pursued, I have to explain in regards to the current Albion.”

( at your service!)

Sophia who said that, explained Albion’s situation in simple terms.

From what she said, Albion is said to have now split into two factions. Those that favor war and those that don’t.

And the opponent to wage war with is, well, let’s say it’s understandable or as expected, Veris. The deciding factor was the targeted Sophia. This triggered the extremists of top management of that country.

Sophia is pretty much in a situation close to house arrest and is said that she was not able to go out until recently. Just when she thought she has her freedom, this time she was told of Stratos from her retired grandfather and without preparation, she was to leave Albion under the pretext of participating in the party hosted by Veris.

( at your service!)

“It is thought that as of now, most of the top management of Albion has already been controlled by Stratos. The problem is that the most of the citizens approve what those people say.”

“As it is now, it’s war……. Kurei. How should we move from now on?”

( at your service!)

General Paulus fold his arms and thought but quickly gave up thinking and asked me. I couldn’t help gave a bitter smile towards him giving up way too fast.

( at your service!)

“Let’s see. For now, taking that the war would reach the whole country, Albion should not confront us directly and initially it will be the war with the 3 small countries. Likely, the dealing with them. Just that, a direct confrontation of Albion and Veris should be avoided at all cost.”

“We can’t win?”

“It’s not a problem of winning and losing. This continent is shaped like a diamond, and in the middle of it, it’s Albion.”

( at your service!)

In front of my eyes, a menu appear and displayed the entire map of the continent. In the south side of the slightly irregular diamond shape, there is Veris and the road towards the center of the continent is being blocked up by the small 3 countries and Albion. It’s not just Veris. While at the pointed sides of the continent that looked like caltraps are all big countries, all of them have their road towards the center of the continent shut by Albion which has taken up position in the center.

The 5 large countries of the continent. The 5 countries that is reputed like Veris and Albion reign the continent with an irregular balance. And the one that governs that balance is Albion.

( at your service!)

“To the 4 big countries, Albion that is right in the middle, is a totally obstructing lid while at the same time, a shield that prevents attack from other countries. And that is something Albion understands, so even though they have the magic skills of their pride, they did not assertively make military affairs.”

“Yes. As Yukito said, Albion knows that its own actions would result in a big influence on the continent so they have been moving in discretion.”

( at your service!)

All large countries sent out envoys to deepen relations, developed magic skills and enhanced their own strength. That’s why including Veris, the 4 countries does not make a move on Albion.

Whether the battle with Albion is a win or a loss, they know that they will lose in the end. If they challenged Albion, no matter who falls, a heavy loss will be incurred. Even if Albion is destroyed, or attacked when weakened or even lost to Albion itself, the weakened Albion will be invaded by the other countries.

As it will not be in their own countries’ interest, they will never move from their side. That is the common point for the 5 countries. But there was a country that moved.

( at your service!)

“Veris gave an excuse for Albion to attack. And there is a person that was spurring on it.”

( at your service!)

One of it being Stratos is certain. Because he is moving secretly, the discrete Albion started making their move. And there is more person who is burning with the ambition of uniting the whole continent and also one who doesn’t mind sacrificing to no ends for that purpose.

( at your service!)

“Veris’s Prime Minister Bayd Fern. Looking at the fortress’s decree, he has everything to do with it. Purposely thinning the border defense, he induced the small countries and Albion to attack. Also, he plans to bring it to war by killing pro-Veris influential men coming to the country.”

( at your service!)

Though it’s totally speculation, I guess i am not too off the truth. This time, Dio-sama was the one who invited the envoys and those that came were mostly people who are closely connected with Dio-sama. Killing the envoys would weaken Dio-sama’s strength.

Though Stratos is troublesome in his own way, Bayd is also troublesome for bringing war into his own country. Likely his aim is..

( at your service!)

“If Albion and Veris gets into a stalemate, the other big countries would start to join in. And then, a world war that dragged every countries into it would begin. That’s why, we have to avoid fighting with Albion.”

( at your service!)

After explaining so much, I looked at Sophia.

I’m sorry, but right now the most problematic one is Sophia. Sophia’s influence is strong. Very likely, if she were to grandly announce that she is against the war, regardless it’s the citizens, soldiers and civil officers will, people who are against the war will start to appear. That’s why she was under house arrest and that’s why she was set free. To stop Albion from the outside, as no matter how she shout on the inside, her words would be distorted.

However, coming to Veris is a problem. If Sophia criticise Albion’s actions from within Veris, her words would be made under the pretext of being kidnapped or threatened and the possibility of her words not being conveyed is high.

And it will give Albion the excuse of the rescue of Sophia. This is the worst point. Sophia does not only have influence on Albion but all magicians. Believing that Sophia was captured, magicians attached to Albion will come in great numbers. And of course, that includes Veris as well.

Just like how there were many magicians that joined Dio-sama’s army, catching the news of the ex-king assault on Sophia during the civil war, the chances of them turning into our enemies is rather high.

( at your service!)

“First, what’s important is dragging time. General Paulus. This can be quite the burden on you.”

“It’s fine. If it’s for this country, I will fight no matter what. What should I do?”

“Hold the borderlines. No matter how much we discussed here, we can’t decide the movement of Veris. I will take Sophia and traveled back to the capital. And I will propose the actions to be taken from here on. All these require time.”

“Fu.. Leave it to me. If it’s just to endure it, there’s no problem. I will push all of them back.”

( at your service!)

General Paulus who floated a fearless smile nodded to me and looked at Sophia.

( at your service!)

“Perhaps… might make you quite unpleasant but…. I will definitely protect and assist you so would you come with me to the capital?”

“At that time, Yukito also said that and protected me. I will believe Yukito. That’s fine, fight? Captain Larg.”

“I don’t mind. If need be, we shall protect Sophia-sama. Only that, Kurei. If things get that way….. You understand, right?”

( at your service!)

What the escort captain said about having to protect Sophia at all costs is likely if Sophia is being targeted for her life or being threatened. And in that case, Captain Larg will not go easy on me. But there is nothing to worry about in that case.

( at your service!)

“Be at ease. No matter what happen, I shall protect Sophia. Now then, Nox shall return to the capital.”

“Ah. Please leave this place to me. Go and have your fight.”

( at your service!)

General Paulus stroke hard on my back. That hurts considerably. Though I almost coughed heavily, I endured and returned a strike on his back. Though he doesn’t have his armor on, likely due to his muscles, there is no effect at all but it seems that my thought were conveyed to him.

General Paulus gave a broad grin, bowed to Sophia and left the area. A new army is already advancing towards our position. We do not have time. General Paulus and me, as well as Veris.

( at your service!)

“We should depart immediately as well..”

( at your service!)


( at your service!)

Reinforcements are successively gathering at the border fortress. They were the soldiers that entered the fortress before in case the border fortress was broken through.

The army strength and count is not a problem. For an average opponent that is.

If it’s to the extent of Albion sending out magicians, we could still do something about it. However, if Albion sent out General-tier personnels, things would get bad.

It’s been 3 days since we left the fortress as I thought of those things. While the reports given by Ren wasn’t much, we reached the capital with Sophia without a problem.

Normally, a unit can’t enter the center of the capital. However, anticipating that Sophia might get into a situation, Nox entered the capital using that fact that we are an independent unit and the pretext that only Kaguya-sama can command us.

Though it’s quite forced that there might be other problems later, I can’t let Sophia run without military force. At worst, I will let her escape via the seas to other countries. To do that, I will still need military force as expected.

( at your service!)

“So you wanted the independent unit rights to move at your own discretion after sheltering Sophia-sama. I am slightly surprised.”

( at your service!)

Dio-sama opened the speech with that as he welcomed me, showing his smile.

To such Dio-sama, I obediently bowed my head. Though I have no intention to betray him, to protect Sophia, it’s true that it was necessary for me to have my own war potential and I did not convey those thoughts to him.

( at your service!)

“I apologized.”

“It’s fine. That goes for me as well. Well, Sophia-sama. It’s been a while.”

( at your service!)

Towards Sophia who alighted the carriage, he said that, and smiled.

( at your service!)

“Diorood-sama. It’s been a while. I thank you for receiving me.”

“That’s still too early to say. That will be discussed at the top floor of the castle now.”

( at your service!)

Though Dio-sama said that without hiding, as if not bothered, she replied, “Then let’s say that after the discussion then”.

Not knowing whether if she believed in me, or believed in Dio-sama or Kaguya-sama, she was not agitated.

The highest possible scenario that can happen is the same treatment that she received in Albion. And to be made to say things convenient of Veris at very convenient times.

If we do that, we might be able to reduce the intensification of the war. Though it’s just slightly in reality. But, I do not think that would be satisfactory with Sophia. Sophia, perhaps, has a different opinion with the surroundings and actually wished to stop the war.

( at your service!)

“Yukito. Is Kaguya-sama a kind person?”

( at your service!)

Suddenly, Sophia asked such a question. In front of Dio-sama, I can’t say anything bad though. But well, I guess to this questions, it’s fine to answer honestly.

( at your service!)

“She is foolishly kind.”

“Fufu. Could it be that you are holding grudges from losing to her? Your words are slightly severe”

“I don’t think that was the case though…..”

( at your service!)

Though it’s true I lost, I don’t think I hold a grudge against her. If I have to say, I believe that Kaguya-sama is quite high in regards to my thoughts of a certain person being capable of something.Of course, that’s concluded from looking at the status.

( at your service!)

“But then, I am relieved. I am good at getting along with kind people.”

“Please wait a moment. The reason why I haven’t been called ‘Dio’, is because I am not kind?”

( at your service!)

Dio-sama who was walking in front, turned around with a shocked expression and said that. Dio-sama have been requesting Sophia to call him by ‘Dio’. And Sophia have been rejecting him entirely.

( at your service!)

“I believe I won’t call Diorood-sama that way for life.”


“You sent Yukito to the battlefield. I won’t forgive you for that.” (TL: I am imagining a heart shaped mark at the end of her sentence.)

( at your service!)

Sophia said that to Dio-sama and averted her face after giving a ‘Pui’ (TL: I think it’s like you are teasing someone with the tongue sticking out…. Kawaii na….)

To the point as if a ‘Gan’ sound effect was produced, Dio-sama could be seen to be feeling down from his eyes. No, since he placed his hands on his knees, he should be really down from what I can see.

( at your service!)

“Yukito. My wish is for peace and tranquility. I just want to live with those of importance silently and at ease.”

“I am also the same. Sleeping tightly, reading a book and living with ….my important people carefreely. Ideally, it’s the lifestyle we had at Earl Uren’s castle.”

( at your service!)

Expressing that, I floated an embarrassed smile. As expected, this is somewhat embarrassing.

However, seemingly looking satisfied to those words, Sophia gave a wide smile.

( at your service!)

“Then, I shall wish. For peace. That’s why Yukito, please grant my wish. Please materialize my dream.”

( at your service!)

Saying that, Sophia put on the blue shawl for attendant use in splendor.

As if a switch was hit, her glance changed. They are eyes that I saw once before.

Ones that were shown when the villagers were taken as hostages.

( at your service!)

“Diorood Arkwright-dono, Supreme commander Yukito Kurei. At this moment, the Ventus Prophetes’s Sophia Leedsberg wish to seek an audience with Veris’s King, Kaguya Halberd Her Majesty. May you lead the way?”

( at your service!)

Though I thought of that when Kaguya-sama broke away from Stratos’s control, it feels like a racoon was deluding us.

But, why can females so easily change themselves? Well, Kaguya-sama is slightly different though.

It’s strange.

I thought of that from the bottom of my heart as I see Sophia gave her gratitude with her elegant smile.

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