Arc 2 – The Independents Chapter 6

Yoshiro: The fateful chapter.. one that screws my heart so badly, just to translate and also to reminiscence the feeling of this chapter.

Kaguya-chan!!! Fighto!!!!
PS: I also understand how Yukito feels though…. Conflicted….

Arc 2: The Reconstruction – The Independents Chapter 6

( at your service!)

There is Kaguya-sama sitting on the throne of the Throne room and to her right is where Bayd is standing. Then the various influential people who lined up on the left and right of the room.

At the point of sheltering Sophia, I have already sent Ren to report the situation so the people that have gathered were quite something.

I am walking just behind Dio-sama. It’s arranged to have me report first, before allowing Sophia to enter the throne room. Well, though the arrangement were made by Bayd.

( at your service!)

“Captain of Nox, Yukito Kurei. I have returned.”

( at your service!)

When I confirmed that Dio-sama has stood by the left side of Kaguya-sama, I went down on my knees and greeted of my return.

( at your service!)

“Thanks for your trouble. So, would you report the situation? And also the reasons for your actions and etc.”

( at your service!)

Kaguya-sama slightly narrowed her eyes.

Well, I guess it’s the obvious reaction. The independent unit had come right to the front of the royal castle. And also, it was with the rights of the independent unit that signifies her trust, so Kaguya-sama should have plenty of things to think about. I really do have the awareness of doing something inexcusable.

However, if I don’t do that, I will never be able to keep my words.

I have to show my resolve no matter what.

( at your service!)

“Yes. Then, as simple as I can, allow me to explain the situation at hand. Albion is currently pondering whether to make war with Veris, and is more inclined towards making war. And I believed that it’s Stratos who is behind the scenes.”

“Stratos… What a vexatious name. So? What’s his aim?”

“Without doubt, I believed it’s Sophia-sama. And one other aime might be also to create the seeds of conflict on the whole continent.”

( at your service!)

Stratos’s aim is not clear. But, what’s definite is that he’s aiming for Sophia. And the fact that it will lead to war. Though I am not really sure what is his intention but for now, it’s fine to leave it that one of his objective is war.

( at your service!)

“I see. If Albion moved, it will be a war of the whole continent. Having Albion attacked Veris is an effective way to cause a full-fledged war.”

( at your service!)

As expected, when it comes to military affairs, her calculations are abnormally fast. Though it’s annoyingly strange why she can’t do that normally, she is after all someone specialized in war and also that it reduces the time needed to explain, I guess it’s fine.

I nodded in a grand way and started explaining in regards to Sophia.

( at your service!)

“It’s as you said. And to prevent the worst situation, Sophia-sama have came to Veris. There is a possibility that within Albion, her words might not be conveyed. That’s why her motive is to spread her words from the outside to stop the world.”

“And so, she was pursued. So I should say that the other 3 countries is either taking advantage of the situation or have been controlled by Stratos, I guess.”

“Affirmative. I also believe that the thinned defence of the border is also one of the reason. Because of that, we weren’t able to push forward and also retreat.”

( at your service!)

While implicitly saying that it’s his fault, and looked at Bayd with a glance, Bayd acted aloof as if it has got nothing to do with him. What a shrewd guy. What an obvious way of feigning ignorance.

Guess it’s a waste of time to handle him right now. For the time being, let’s ignore him unless he do something to obstruct me.

( at your service!)

“It is as said…. However, it’s not like there’s no way out. If we can cooperate with the other countries, we might be able to avoid a war. Within the 5 big countries, there are 3 other big countries excluding us, Versi and Albion. The Empire of Aether to the east, the Dominion of Imperieuse to the west, and the Commonwealth of Lucrum to the North. Among them, the envoys from the Empire of Aether and the Dominion of Imperieuse are still here. I believe if we were to punish the envoys of the 3 small kingdom’s alliance, they would have returned to their country quickly. Your actions on that point is definitely an achievement. But why……”

( at your service!)

For what reason did you move your army into the capital.

What strong words. It’s not like she raised her voices or she said it loudly. Just that, that voice that sounded clearly and the penetrative glance makes one think that way.

But, it’s enough to make her think that way. After all, trying to make Kaguya-sama think that way make me understand something. I ended up realizing it.

Right now, she doesn’t think of me as an ally. Though likely not as an enemy, I believe it’s quite close to one. If I do not make a mistake in replying, it’s highly possible to withdraw from this place. Nah, an even worst situation is possible.

Dio-sama also stiffened his expression slightly. As expected, even Dio-sama is afraid of the current Kaguya-sama. Bayd floated a slight smile. It seems enjoyable to him that I had provoked Kaguya-sama’s displeasure. This guy is totally looking at me as an enemy. Really what’s with this. This country, that is.

The ex-king, Bayd… every one of them are too faithful to their desires. Do they have any considerations of the surroundings?

Why do I have to be doubted even though I am moving for Veris. I seriously can’t understand that. Though I can’t accept that, I can’t let this misunderstanding continue.

( at your service!)

“The reason I moved my army in is to protect Sophia-sama.”

( at your service!)

The throne room instantly froze. A few stern glances concentrated on me. Nah, I can’t be bothered with those. The problem is the one that is looking down on me.

( at your service!)

“Did you….think that I would harm Sophia Leedsberg……?”

“Then allow me to inquire. Where is the Imperial Escort Captain, Anna Dietrich?”

( at your service!)

The person who I wished to be here is Anna. But she isn’t. Then where is she. That’s simple. She’s likely fortifying the surroundings of Sophia.

( at your service!)

“She’s the escort of Sophia Leedsberg though?”

“Despite the discourtesy, allow me to ask….. Did you not mistake it for surveillance and isolation?”

( at your service!)

Though Kaguya-sama raised in anger and glared at me, I then, for the first time, matched her glance and confronted her.

( at your service!)

“Yukito…..what are you trying to say…..”

“For the country’s benefit, you were advised… you accepted the advice to use her. And because I believed you have accepted it, I have moved my own army into the capital. If you were about to make that error, I would stop it with force.”

( at your service!)

I raised my side up from a kneeling position and stood up. Without Kaguya-sama’s permission, it’s a rude act but the first one who was impolite was Kaguya-sama.

( at your service!)

“I thought that you believed me that’s why you granted me the rights to my independent unit. However, it seems that I was wrong.”


“I said that I would protect and help Sophia-sama and she believed my words and have came to this capital. I would protect her under my name and pride. I swear under this name that I would definitely save her. However, it seems like you would understand my determination and vow.”

( at your service!)

There is initiative in an conversation. Previously it was Kaguya-sama but now, I have the initiative.

Though I feel sorry for Kaguya-sama, I will not go easy this time. About pride and determination, honestly, I can’t be bothered. Right now, for some reason, she was able to accept advices even when she is slightly smouldering in anger.

I guess she’s not thinking what Sophia would be thinking being surrounded by a unit of Imperial Guards. If Sophia ever abandoned Veris, we would not be able to stop the war. Nah, it could actually intensify the whole situation itself.

We have to gain Sophia’s trust no matter what, so why is she making such a foolish move.

She should be more capable and should be able to do it better.

With a bit of irritation and distrust, I looked at Kaguya-sama.

( at your service!)

“Though it seems that you are feeling distrustful of me, it should be the other way round.”

“Yukito! Calm down right now.”

“Please be silent. This is my problem.”

( at your service!)

Actually, making Nox enter the capital is supposed to be some kind of restraint and also the last resort. That’s why even the unit officers were made to standby outside the royal castle. We do not intend to do anything within the royal castle. It’s an expression of that meaning.

But, this person doesn’t seem to understand it.

That’s what I thought from the directed suspicious glance.

( at your service!)

“While you might have been probing for my loyalty, I was also probing for your feelings.”

( at your service!)

I gradually took out the short sword from my chest and took off the coat I was wearing.

Though both of these are things Dio-sama have given me, it’s also fine to say that these items are what signifies the authority I have.

In other words, these are the everything I have as the commander of Veris’s Independent Unit, Nox and the Strategist of Arkwright. If I throw these away, I will be just Yukito Kurei.

( at your service!)

“Whether I should serve you.”

“…..are you saying….. I am not worth to be served….?”

“At the very least, from your actions this far, I believe that possibility is rather high.”

( at your service!)

Towards those words, Bayd grinned widely and pointed at me while alerting out loud.

( at your service!)

“What blasphemy! Guards! Capture Yukito Kurei! ”

( at your service!)

Showing a slight reaction to Bayd’s words, I turned my head to see the closest approaching guards and I pointed back at Bayd while announcing.

( at your service!)

“There’s an insolent man that grope the breasts of his master, so is it fine to not capture him?”


( at your service!)

Kaguya-sama blushed while shouting that out. Bayd stiffened his expression. During our first encounter, though he put a facade of being a frivolous person to let our guard down, those actions are quite the disrepect.

( at your service!)

“… that true? Prime Minister-dono”

( at your service!)

Dio-sama asked Bayd with a sharp sense to it. Well, i guess it will end up that way. Though I didn’t say it to keep it for use next time, I didn’t expect that I would say it in a situation like that.

( at your service!)

“Now then, let’s have that later on. I only wish to hear one thing. Are you going to make use of Sophia-sama? Depending on your answer,” (TL: Damn savage…. But I can’t not understand Yukito’s feelings though…. Trying to at least protect that one person he didn’t protect his first time round.)

( at your service!)

You will lose a retainer.

I gave a kind of threaten. It’s sort of nasty, but I doubt it will be conveyed to her if I don’t do till this extend.

I do not wish for this person to take a foolish choice.

Towards my words that holds such a wish, Kaguya-sama slightly flinched.

The feelings reflected on Kaguya-sama’s eyes were panic and fear. That made me even more irritated. Why do you need to feel afraid? What’s the right decision is already obvious.

What I can think of to avoid the war is what Kaguya-sama said previously, and that is to cooperate with other big countries. And, not letting her be a negotiation chip, but allowing her to enter the table of negotiations, letting her give an impression of supporting Veris, which will make other countries change their impressions of us. Well, if Sophia is not here, the chances of them not supporting Veris is very high. That’s how bad the impression of the ex-king is.

That’s why it’s important to give as much respect as possible, and allow Sophia to assist voluntarily. Unwillingness can be seen by those who would. And now, I guess it’s best for me to think that the other countries already know that she is under heavy surveillance under the pretext of escort. The other countries also do have spies. If they know about the borders’ happenings, they would at least send out spies to the royal castle. And then, there would also be people who would sell this information to these spies, and with abilities as close as Ren, infiltrating the royal castle shouldn’t be difficult.

Thinking that much, I realized that Kaguya-sama was looking at me as if trying to cling to me.

( at your service!)

“Yukito….. Over me….. You would take side with Sophia Leedsberg….is that what you are trying to say….?”

“Depending on your answer. Please do not disappoint me. Kaguya-sama.”

( at your service!)

There were no one who criticize me for such rude words. After reaching this stage, everyone here finally realized it. My seriousness.

To catch me immediately right here is not difficult. It’s actually easy if you think about their honor. However, everyone was thinking about what’s next. Whether my subordinates outside would move. Whether I have prepare something. Such suspicions bring about more suspicions and many were tied to the ground. Within the, Bayd was also one of them. Though I said saying something as idiotic as “He grabbed her boobs”, that’s still not the most important thing.

I could have killed you anytime. That’s what Bayd said. And he should have prepared that weapon even right now. It should have enough force to destroy Kaguya-sama’s trust instanly. I believe Bayd would want to avoid that too.

At this place, the only person that could move is Dio-sama but Dio-sama can’t move even though he knows that I am doing this without a plan.

Sophia, the highest wind magician, can pick up long distance conversation if she desires.

And Dio-sama knows that. If he made any careless comments, he could be found out so he have not said a thing. Dio-sama likely wants to side with Kaguya-sama, but that would imply on using Sophia. He can’t made a move.

That’s why the only one who can restore this place is Kaguya-sama.

( at your service!)

“Please answer me. Will you use or not. If not, please promise it. Otherwise, I shall relinquish my role.”

( at your service!)

I stared at Kaguya-sama’s eyes. I won’t allow you to lie to me. I will definitely see through your words if you are trying to run away from this place. I believe such strong determination should be conveyed to Kaguya-sama.

Everything is already thrown on the table. What’s left are 2 choices.

At the instant I thought of that.

A gentle came blowing into the royal throne. At that instant, no one knows what happen, and became bewildered, but there’s something calming about this wind.

After returning some of my composure, I realized.

I looked at the exterior of the board. The piece that shouldn’t have move had moved on the board on its own. And the initiative have left my side.

( at your service!)

“It’s a calming wind. It has an effect to calm the nerves.”

( at your service!)

A really comfortable voice resounded the Royal throne room. Everyone all looked at the opened door.

A white robe with green shawl. Wearing the uniform of the Celsius Maiden, her appearance was more dazzling than a jewel, and more beautiful than the best flower that blooms strongly in the wild.

If she was to be compared, her beauty is as radiant as the sun and as mysterious as the moon.

Sophia Leedsberg has entered the Royal Throne.

Everyone gulped at her beauty and was rooted to the spot by that appearance.

( at your service!)

“It’s an honour to meet you. Kaguya-sama, your Majesty. I am the ‘Ventus Prophetes’, Sophia Leedsberg.”

(TL: After searching a bit, I realized it might have been in Latin. It should translate to the Wind Prophet.)

( at your service!)

Kaguya-sama did not reply. After all, for her to be her, means that the escort group has been broken through. But the disturbance could not be heard and there was no report.

( at your service!)

“I used magic and slipped out. As the situation seems to be turning rough. Have everyone calm down?”

( at your service!)

As she floated a smile befitting a saint, Sophia kneeled by my side with elegant movement.

( at your service!)

“Time is against us for this situation. Due to that, I moved at my convenience. Allow me to apologize for that first.”


“Do Diorood-sama knows that I have magic that allows me to pick up long-distanced sounds”

“….I have heard it from Yukito.”

“Understanding the impoliteness of my actions, I have used that magic to listen to the conversation. That’s why I do understand how the people here wish to use me and how everyone wish to move from here.”

( at your service!)

Sophia’s voice was replied with silence in the throne room as her voice vibrates through.

While Dio-sama and I knew about Sophia’s magic, Kaguya-sama and Bayd were unable to hide their shock. And, Kaguya-sama who gave a fleeting glance at me, showed a comprehended expression. Then, her expression quickly turned to one of loneliness.

I guess she understand the reason of my commitment. It’s for Sophia to hear those words.

The word of the king cannot be easily revoked. Though I acted upon those thoughts, it was destroyed from various angles.

( at your service!)

“Yukito. I am really happy about your feelings. However, I didn’t come to Veris to bring discord. If you opposed Kaguya Her Majesty, people who longs for war will benefit from it. Please, would you return that coat and short sword to its original place? ”

( at your service!)

Saying that, after wavering for a bit, I returned my short sword to my chest and put on my coat. My plan is already in a mess. I think it’s best to leave it to Sophia here.

( at your service!)

“Kaguya, Your Majesty. Would you forgive Yukito’s behavior?”

“…..are you asking me to believe him with unchanged views after having done that much? The Yukito right now seems more like your retainer.”

“Are you not able to see through his true motive? Are you not able to understand it without telling you?”

( at your service!)

Sophia strengthened her words slightly.

Though on her knees and looking up, Sophia’s appearance looks a lot bigger. I guess this is Sophia being the “Celsius Maiden”.

( at your service!)

“Of course, I do understand that he is trying to correct me. But rather than for my sake, isn’t it for your sake?”

“That’s not it. Yukito….. He wished that Kaguya, Your Majesty, is just. He wants you to stay strong and confident for someone who defeated him. That’s the image of a ruler that he wish for in Kaguya Your Majesty, and because it got astrayed, Yukito is confronting you. The name that shaked the whole continent, The Strategist of Arkwright. If you plan not to use him, I would like to receive him as my retainer.”

( at your service!)

Sophia showed a challenging glance to Kaguya-sama. Likely lighted the fire in Kaguya-sama, she too returned the glance and announced.

( at your service!)

“It’s none of your business! Yukito is my strategist! I won’t let you have him!!” (TL: Here, Kaguya totally lost her usual tone and was talking like a girl getting her teddy bear taken away from here.)

“Then you will forgive him?”

“Obviously! I am not that petty of a ruler!”

( at your service!)

Kaguya-sama stood up from the throne and said those words. Hearing it, Sophia floated a smile.

( at your service!)

“Then, I am relieved. Let’s have this conversation end here. I wish to stop the war. If I can realize it, I don’t mind being used. I believe that Kaguya-sama would like to avoid war.. is what I am thinking but?”

“It do not have plans to cause war like I am fond of it. Especially if it’s going to drag in the citizens……”

“Then, allow me to assist Veris. Except please promise that you will still use Yukito as an important strategist. If Yukito’s not around, I believe the negotiations with the other countries would not be settled. In that case, I would not cooperate. Can we have this promise?”

( at your service!)

This place was being engulfed by Sophia. Obviously, it includes Kaguya-sama as well. I wonder if it’s more correct to say that she was in the palms of her hands.

I used my position to make Kaguya-sama not make use of Sophia. Sophia consent to letting herself be used on the promise of my safety.

In the end, the result wasn’t very different. Even if she is used, as long as she is fine with the war not occurring, the most important thing is that Veris can avoid the war. This very point.

Though I worked really hard to avoid Sophia being used, seeing that the person herself accepted it so easily, I am in a mood where I have no idea what to say. How should I say, I am feeling blue?

Also, seeing her appearance of being able to easily negotiate like this, I have to somehow change my evaluation of this lady.

( at your service!)

“….I accept. I guarantee that there will be no change to Yukito’s position, and my trust in him.”

“Well then, negotiations is completed. I thank you for accepting me. Kaguya Your Majesty. And also everyone of Veris.”

( at your service!)

Her appearance of speaking and standing up was dazzling like the sun.

( at your service!)

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