Arc 1 – The Siblings Chapter 1

Yoshiro: Welcome to The Siblings, guess I still haven’t overshot my anticipated release of 1 per month. But as usual, do note that that timing is not always going to be fulfilled.

Quite the emotional chapter for me, hope I manage to translate the feelings behind it as well.

Nonetheless, I wish that you would enjoy it! 😀

Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Siblings Chapter 1

After a war, a clean up would be necessary. There are things like nursing the injured, putting the equipment in order, the treatment to the prisoners and many other things. That’s why I am busy as hell for that clean up, having not slept properly for about 2 days. Asking the townsmen for their cooperation was also a problem, as to show our thanks, it’s necessary to work out even a bit of remuneration. As most of those 2 days were pretty much for that task, you can say I am reaping what I sowed. Sophia’s opinion of driving people’s ears mad even with 150 men was rejected, but was pressed in just in case after all.


“Increasing personnel excessively is something to think about…..”


As I was saying that not only in the morning, but also on the bed, I, who finally took a long sleep, changed into the usual “Haori”, and left the room entitled to me. (TL:

My intended destination is Sophia’s room. As I rarely talk to her the day before yesterday and yesterday, it was a move made thinking to apologize for it, but that was intercepted by an unexpected person.


“Mikana? Is something the matter?”

“I came to report. It’s an order from Dio-sama to summon Kurei-dono. Take care to come forward to the front-lines as soon as you can.”

“….there is still something you have not mentioned, right?”

“Yes. It will be to make Sophia-sama return to Albion.”

“To return her, you say. Well, I guess it does turn out that way.”


Mikana, as if disgusted, gave a sigh at my muttering. I intend to not be dull enough to not know what the sigh was about from that flow just now. (TL: Basically you are not dull like other harem chars.)


“Telling me to come over to the battlefield was as expected after all.”

“It’s not something to laugh about. Our opponent is Kaguya-dono who has the “Dark Princess” as her 2nd name. She has not lost a single battle till now.”

“It will work out somehow. Besides, there is something else I have to think about no matter what.”

“What is it?”

“Persuade. It’s that sort of order after all.”


After giving a sigh, I left Mikana behind, and quicken my steps towards Sophia’s room.




“I don’t want to.”


Yep. As expected. I already know it. I knew that she won’t obediently obey.

Sophia made the remark, sitting on a chair. As I conveyed “Please return to Albion”, I was given a reply immediately. Though I understand those feelings, there is nothing I can do.


“Dio-sama is saying that. I will also be going to the front-lines. I can’t protect Sophia.”

“Can’t you just reject Diorood-sama’s request? That you are not a military officer.”

“There is no way those words are going to go through, right? I am Dio-sama’s servant after all, and above all, I have just took over command 3 days ago.”


As I said that, Sophia averted her face from me. This is going to be more difficult than I thought.

The distance between Sophia and I in steps is about 10 steps. To shorten that, I move my right left forward. Though I moved it, my body slightly ended up falling back, causing the distance to not shrink. There’s something stopping me. No, I should say that the wind is pushing me back.

It’s the same even I move my left left forward. Sophia have no intention to shrink this distance of 10 steps.



“What is it?”

“I have come to persuade you.”

“I know.”


Using a tone as if it’s natural thing, Sophia replied. That’s why I,


“But you have no intention to accept it. A friend’s persuasion.”

“…it’s because it’s a friend that I can’t accept it.”

“Then, I will request some other people, okay? Someone you have no idea who it is, got it?”

“I got it! I won’t use magic!”


Turning her back towards me and restoring her turned waist, I walked to Sophia who sat on a chair. Unlike just now, there is no longer any push back. That’s of course. Sophia won’t betray the words she spoke of just now.


“I wish to speak, facing you though?”

“Though I said I won’t use magic, I didn’t say I would accept your persuasion.”


Even with this flow, you are still going to say things like that. Even with the same method just now, though I think she would comply, that would be too pitiful, and above all, dangerous. I don’t have even the least intention of entrusting the persuasion of Sophia to someone else. If it’s interfered that way, I will lose the initiative of the conversation at that moment.


“Let’s begin with the talk.”

“I also didn’t say that I will listen to the talk.”

“I see. Then it’s fine even if you don’t listen to it. I do not have the ability to make you listen to me after all. Just that.. It’s regretful that I will departing for the front-lines tomorrow. The fact that I couldn’t have a good conversation with you here is truly regretful.”


Thinking that I have to push in more, as I was thinking of my next words, Sophia came to face me and spoke.


“For a while now…. Haven’t you been having fun teasing me?”

“It’s exaggerating to say I am teasing you. It’s just …. making a pass to sound you out.”

“… are you really going tomorrow…?”


After slightly glaring bitterly at me, Sophia muttered that in a dispirited and soft tone. It’s something you don’t have to ask me. I can’t deny it. Though I don’t intend to say it out.


“I will go. It’s possible that I will go off by tonight.”

“Why must Yukito go no matter what!?”

“Dio-sama is probably taking a gamble. To try to reduce the possibility of the bad stuff happening, he plans to use everything that he can. Even the few soldiers that are gathered here in this castle, and also me.”


As she said that, Sophia got up from the chair, and stood facing me. As she was 4-5 cm shorter, to match the one’s glance, there is a need to face my head lower.


“I don’t want…. to return….but if I will become a bother to Yukito, … I will return…”


Sophia’s feelings was conveyed to me, despite hesitating and glancing away a few times.

But, the words have not stopped with just that.


“But! I object Yukito going to the front-lines! If you are going to be forced to go, I will stop it, even if I have to write a protest to Diorood-sama.”


The offense and defense had reversed. Once she accepted to return to Albion, Sophia has no longer anything to protect. The necessity for her to visit to gain favor is no longer there. Though you can also say that she has turned defiant.


“That’s…. quite the request.”

“Though you listen to Diorood-sama’s request, you won’t listen to mine?”

“Dio-sama’s is an order, while Sophia’s is a request. On one side, there is a compelling force that prevents refusal, while on the other side, even if I refuse…. The party will only get unhappy, that’s all.”

“Then, I order it.”

“Is that fine? Sophia and I…. will no longer be on equal standing, you know?”


Even if I desire for a relationship of close standing to Dio-sama, I will never desire for an equal standing. That’s why. I will not include personal feelings in an order. If I judged to make use of something, I will use it. If I refuse an order, it will be handled like all other soldiers, I think.

On the other hand, Sophia desires to be on equal standing with me. Even though there was her willfulness of wanting me to listen to her request, she has never use her status of the Celsus Maiden, envoy of Albion as a pretext of authority to force me into anything. That’s because if she does that, we will no longer be on equal standing.


“…..I wish to be on equal standing with Yukito. To stay as friends. But…. I do not wish for you to go to a dangerous place! You might end up being close to death again! At that time…. I won’t be able to go to save you, you know….?”

“I understand Sophia’s feelings. I am not reliable after all. But, I also have similar feelings. Dio-sama is fighting. He is suffering. I wish to help him. Of course, I also wish to stay by Sophia’s side. However, I can’t handle both sides. That’s why I will go to the dreadful one.”


Not really sure about Dio-sama, but I treat Dio-sama as a friend. And that goes for Sophia as well. However, if I am going to choose any of them, I will choose Dio-sama this time.

That’s because I am strongly required.


“I am also troubled….. If Yukito is gone…. I won’t have anyone, you know….?”

“Sophia…. Sorry. For just a period of time, please let me go to Dio-sama’s side. I will end this civil war. And then, I will go to Sophia’s side this time.”

“….would you come immediately…?”

“As fast as I can, I will promise to use all my strength to do what I can.”

“…. then….”


I will endure for a while.

Sophia said that while shedding tears.

Though I unintentionally wanted to withdraw my words, and say to stay by her side after seeing that appearance of hers, I suppressed that swaying heart of mine and left Sophia’s room.




“Take this…”

Late at night. At the time where most would have fallen asleep. I, together with 100 cavalries, are about to move towards the front-lines.

With the preparations at its final stages, at the time where what was left was the signal for departure, Sophia came running to where I was.

And then, what was presented with both hands was a green folding fan. Additionally, from what I see, it looks expensive.


“Etto…..” (TL: Uhmm…)

“Divine Fan Klarus. A wind magic tool, where just moving it can negate any magic, and fanning it hard can raise a gale. This can… protect Yukito’s life.”

“I think it’s an amazing item but,…. thanks. I will take it. Though I think I am slightly lacking as it’s user.”


After receiving the fan, while surprised at how fitting it feels in my hands, I put it aside in my pocket and look at Sophia. As I can look at the fan later, if I let Sophia run away now, I won’t see her for quite a while.


“Even if the battle is lost, no matter how much you are drove to a corner, please swear that you will never give up and live….”

“Ah.. no matter what happen, I will live. There’s a promise after all.”

“…. Please come to my side without fail. I will be waiting…”

“I will come as soon as I can.”


Contrary to Sophia’s seemingly crying expression, I am constantly smiling. It’s not like I am faking it. I am just simply happy about it. Even if there were people who say “Please win it”, “For victory”, there wasn’t anyone who would say that he/she wants me to live.

At the very least right now, there is one person who wish for my safety. And, I have something I need to do after this. As I think of it as a very fortunate thing, a smile is naturally formed on my face.


“Yukito…. Even now, I do not wish for you to go…. but”


“I decided to believe in you…. That’s why I will no longer stop you. May the fortunes of war be with you.”


While lowering her head deeply, Sophia slowly fell back step by step.

There is the coach that I have prepared. If I don’t board it, the knights can’t advance. No, without my command, they can’t advance.

That’s because, in the decree written by Dio-sama to me, I was to lead a hundred knights to the front-lines. The commander in this place is me.

I can’t part my sights on Sophia who is at a place not far away. If I turn my sighs away, though I don’t want to think about it, it’s possible that I might not even be able to see her the second time. In that case, what is Sophia supposed to do? I wonder if she will continue to live acting as the Celsus Maiden that others desire.


“Kurei-dono… If this moment gets prolonged, it will only feel as tough as it is. For you, and also the rest of the knights.”

“….I see, it was not just me. Everyone also have people waiting for their return, right?”

“Though the male who is being waited upon by the Celsus Maiden is only you.”

“Those willing to wait have nothing to do with status, gender, or anything. That’s why I have to return no matter what.”

“That’s true….”


As Mikana came close on her horse, and said that without turning her eyes to me, I grasped the fan in my chest tightly, breathed in deeply, and turned my sights away from Sophia.

At the same time by back totally faced Sophia, I announced.




I wish to return to Sophia’s side. But, it’s useless if it’s just that. I have to take responsibility and return the people in this place, Mikana and also the knights who I do not know. That’s the duty of those who lead.

It’s very heavy. My insides are being crushed. It’s that kind of feeling. You worry for every single thing, you feel anxiety for every single thing.

But, I mustn’t step on the feelings of the people who have send us out.

We can only move forward.

After that, around 2 days later, Yukito Kurei, leading a hundred knights, linked up with the main force of Prince Diorood’s army of 8500.

Gathering one by one, Prince Diorood’s army expanded to a number of 12000 5 days after Yukito Kurei arrived, so many people feels that the decisive battle against the 10000 elite army led by Princess Kaguya of the King’s faction is close.

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