Arc 1 – The Siblings Chapter 2

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Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Siblings Chapter 2


Castle Harpe. Able to be called Veris’s third largest castle, as it’s almost right in the center of Veris, it is also a strong fortress prepared to face attack from all directions.

That’s the castle I am in right now.

As an encirclement net is being laid out here, the armies of the nobles continues to gather. While there are armies of few numbers like us who gathered, there are those with armies exceeding a thousand. I guess it’s because the encirclement net that is narrowing gradually that we could have a centralized operation. (TL: I believe the gaps in the net are the ones narrowing.)

As I was thinking about that, after taking a glimpse of the fan, I looked at a piece of paper. As it was in between the fan, it’s from Sophia.

The content of the letter that was written in very polite words was the explanation of this powerful fan that was called the Divine Fan and also her words at the end of it. Though this would be more of a manual than a letter, but it doesn’t only have instructions, so if a letter is what you convey your feelings with, then this would be a letter, i guess.


“Think of it as my substitute…you say”


Please think of it as my substitute.

Though those are the only words written at the end of it, even it’s a short sentence, it could convey what needs to be conveyed. I grasp the fan tightly, and release it slowly.

This is already the battlefield. To fulfil the promise, I have to become stronger no matter what. I have to continue showing my strength no matter what. Towards the enemies, even to my allies.

A small knock could be heard from the door. This is a simple waiting room. After reaching the castle, I was brought here immediately.


“His Highness has requested for you to come quickly.”


Though an unknown youngster, he lowered his head while informing that.

Even if the preparation of receiving me has been made, it’s still too early. If there’s a clock, it’s a time where the needle would have already moved to the next day.


“What is Dio-sama doing right now?”

“He’s in the middle of a war council. He wishes for you to join in.”

“I see. I will go immediately. Can I ask you to guide me?”



As I walked quickly out of the room, the youngster said “This way”, and started walking in front of me. This castle is enormous. I have confidence that without a guide, I will definitely not be able to reach my destination. Well, though when the time comes, I can always just bring up the map, but it feels like I am wasting the use of my skills. Being too dependent on it would result in a blunder from an opening. You must always use your own strength to do what you can first. For now, I will start with remembering the structure and routes of the castle.

It’s about 10 minutes of continuous walking, i guess. As I have climbed a number of stairs, it’s most likely on the higher levels. Though it’s quite harsh on the legs, I reached the front of the destined room.


“Excuse me. I have brought Kurei-sama over.”

“Kindly enter.”


Likely that it has been conveyed beforehand, the escort soldiers said that without verifying with the insides. Though I am about to leak a smile as I thought that it has been a while since meeting Dio-sama and Earl Uren, I can’t let that smile be expressed. This is not to meet up with Dio-sama and Earl Uren. I came for the sake of enabling Dio-sama to win as soon as possible. Not as the usual talking companion.

I opened the 2-metre long door slowly.

It seems like there are various people in armor chatting around a huge table in the middle of the room. No, it shouldn’t be something like chatting, right? I guess I should say they are discussing about their opinions.

And that was stopped. The sights of 10+ knights, furthermore knights who lead an army, were concentrated on me. As expected of people who threw themselves into the fight, the glint in their eyes are all bizarrely sharp and strong. To the point I could feel difficulty in my breathing.

It’s already like this with your allies, and not the enemies. I think it’s even worst if it’s against the enemies.

Then, if I am going to be overwhelmed by them to this extent, I don’t think I can even face Dio-sama’s elder sister Kaguya-sama. If I don’t get engulfed here on the contrary, that is.

It seems impossible to make Dio-sama win.


“Yukito Kurei. Reporting at your call.”

“It’s good that you have come. Good work on the escort task of the Celsus Maiden.”


Dio-sama informed me with a casual tone. Though it basically means it’s such a place, if I am going to be overwhelmed, I have no choice but to seize the initiative.

For now, the only thing to do is to gather everyone’s visual.


“If it’s task of that extent, there are plenty. Just that, there aren’t any task that are so gentle to the eyes.”

“Then, sorry for disturbing your fortunate time.”

“Totally. But, I heard that Princess Kaguya is also a beauty. I came all the way here because I am looking forward to that.”

“Ane-ue is definitely a beauty. That dignified beauty most likely wouldn’t lose to the Celsus Maiden as well.”

“In that case, let’s quickly go to have a look. As the victor..” (TL: Uwaki-mono, should be able to search this rather easily 😛 )


At the same time I spoke those words, I took out the fan from my chest pocket with my right hand, and lightly strike it on my left hand.

After making a slightly unexpected expression, Dio-sama informed boldly with a smile.


“Do our strategist have a plan of certain victory?”

“If it’s on the level of the Hounds, then I can slaughter them no matter how many they are. When the opponent becomes your Highness’s elder sister, that is very much no longer the case. But, there are a few plans that I wish to try out.”

“That’s enough. As you see, we are unable to come out with anything, even after discussing together.”


As I stepped up to the side of Dio-sama who said that, I transferred my sight to the map laid on the top of the desk.

There were pieces on the map that shows the military force present at that place.


“If we continue to surround them for a long period of time, the opponent will be exhausted after some time. That’s why I advise to create a huge encirclement net. Though that was no doubt a certain victory in its own way, why was it cancelled?”

“Fun~, that’s certain victory? Just taking out a few small castles doesn’t connect to a victory! And the small army sent to take down the opponent’s castle have been taken out by the ambush team led by General Kaguya multiple times! The one who have victory in their hands is the other side!”


A trimmed up blonde man with a large build was looking at me suspiciously while releasing those words.

It’s displaying Lector Paulus on the screen. He is of General rank, and have a combat strength of the upper 80s. His wisdom is exactly 50. If it’s an infantry, there isn’t any problem, but as a commander of a unit, isn’t that problematic? From the words he spoke just now, you can understand that his vision is narrow. He is only thinking about defeating the enemies in front of him and then acquire what’s there.


“General Paulus. Then, if it’s you, what will you do?”

“If it’s me, I will lead the whole army and desire for a big decisive battle! As we have been piling up small defeats one after another, it is necessary for a big victory!”


There were various voices who raised their voices in support to General Paulus who shouted out.

What’s this person talking about, even though he said it himself about taking down small castles just now? Taking down castles are also small victories. And also, that is the development Kaguya-sama is waiting for anxiously. Though Kaguya-sama can achieve victory in whatever the battlegrounds there are, she is prided for having peerless strength in open-field battles above all others.Well, this is something that comes from records that were stored so I am not sure if it’s accurate, but for a rumor to take shape there also needs to be some truth. It’s sheer stupidity to fight an opponent like that from the front.



“Then the whole army, let’s see…. Please lead the force of 10000 that is still gathering and make a frontal attack on Kaguya-dono, and tear them apart. Is it fine for the commander to be General Paulus? Dio-sama” (TL: I am loving this guy!)

“I don’t mind if Yukito is fine with it.” (TL: Your Highness…. LOL!)

“You hear him. Then, all the best!” (TL: I can imagine him smiling and that Yoroshiku face, with his hand up as if saying hi/bye)

“Wai, Wait just a second! The opponent is an army of 10000 directly supervised by General Kaguya! And the one here is an just-gathered army of “not-even-sure-whether-there-will-be-10000”, you know!? It’s reckless to fight like that! The enemy is General Kaguya, you know!”


To the shouting General Paulus, I deeply gave out a sigh. Those generals that caught my intention let it passed unconcerned, while those people who approved General Paulus also realized that he was in a bad situation.


“You were the one who said it. That… ‘If it were me, I would desire a big decisive battle’”

“That, that is only when we gathered an army that overwhelms the opponent, or a composition of a highly skilled army. An army of equal number and skill won’t win against General Kaguya.”

“That’s correct. If you know that, I would like you to refrain from making declarations under the imagination of something that doesn’t exist. With that victorious manner of speaking, I unintentionally make the blunder of having some expectations.”

“You! Are you mocking me!?”

“If it’s not mocking, then what do you call it!? Dio-sama is wise. That’s why he understood that you have been speaking under plenty of assumptions! But, if he doesn’t understand and believe in your words literally, and you ended up taking lead of the army, what were you planning to do!? This is supposed to be a place where you give suggestions to win! It’s not a place for rash conduct!”


Totally lost for words could be the description about General Paulus right now. If he doesn’t even understand after saying so much, I would go to the extent of petitioning to Dio-sama to dismiss General Paulus, but from seeing that he dropped his shoulders and is bothered by the people around, there don’t seem to be that need.


“Yukito. Why don’t you leave it at that? General Paulus is my precious subordinate. If he thinks he is incompetent, he would also reflect on himself.”

“If Dio-sama says that, I won’t say anymore. But, it’s unpleasant to be obstructed by insignificant words. If there’s a second time, I might just shut your mouth.”

“Fufu, though I would like to see your appearance of shutting people’s mouth, that would be after hearing your thoughts. How do you analyse the current situation?”


Unsure if Dio-sama is considering General Paulus’s feelings, he asked with a cheerful and gentle tone.

The map on the table has here, which is Castle Harpe, on one end, and Kaguya-sama’s stronghold, Castle Canon, and in between them, there are many small castles and fortress drawn on it. As the fact to battle is already final, this map would be suitable for planning tactics, but if we are talking about the strategy side.


“This map is insufficient. Do we have a slightly bigger map…. Let’s see, one that can fit the whole capital?”

“That’s true. I also thought of it. I did prepared it. Bring it over.”


As I said that, Dio-sama immediately instructed to change the map. Within the generals were people trying to voice out, people who were bewildered, people who kept quiet and also one person who yawn as if saying ‘at last’.

Are, that’s weird. As this place is a war council, the people gathered here should be all generals, but there is a person who yawn so excessively. Having hair with a slight tinge of red, though he was tall, he wasn’t really very tall and his shoulder width isn’t wide. Though his grey eyes were angled, making him look sharp, he doesn’t have much other feature to his appearance. He also doesn’t have the special intimidating air that all people in this place have.

From the screen that popped out, I found out that he is the mercenary captain, Ars Crow. His combat capability is on the lower 90s. Perhaps he is strongest in this place. His wisdom is also around 80, while his speed is on the upper 90s. Without doubt, he is a warrior that uses his speed as his main combat tactic.
Likely noticing my glance, Ars, without saying anything, moved his mouth to convey his intention.

3 words, I, Am, Sleepy. I guess that means “I am sleepy so get this over and done with”. Be it his grinning appearance of smile, he seems to have quite the pleasant personality.

Once the change of the map is completed, I started explaining after breathing out.


“Our aim is to win. What I wish everyone to remember again is not the desire to win the current objective, but for Dio-sama to win against the current king. No matter how many times we lose in the process, if the result ends in Dio-sama winning against the current king, there will be no problem at all. And, there is no need to proactively fight against Kaguya, Her Highness. Whether we detour or lure them out, the main army will attack the current king. And then the war would end. This is the development of events I am thinking, please do get it in your heads.”

“Well, it’s easy to say but, the problem is how to go about doing it.”

“That’s what we should decide on first. After everyone get that in your head, think about what can be done to achieve that development. This is then a meeting. However, apologies, even though we finally made one step, everyone look rather tired. I am also slightly tired.”

“That’s true. We will be dismissed here, and we shall have our war council again tomorrow. Everyone, you are dismissed.”

“At your will.”


While everyone retired after giving their respects, there was a guy who approached.

It’s Ars.


“Sorry. Did you take my mood into consideration?”

“No problem, nothing good will come out from forcing sleepy heads.”

“That’s not wrong. If the general is lacking of sleep, you can’t win battles that should have been won. It’s the same as the war council, I guess. See you. I am Ars Crow who assembled the mercenary soldiers. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Strategist-dono.”

“The pleasure is mine. Ars-dono”


After exchanging a few words, as Ars left the room, the other generals did the same.

Just then, as I seem to have relaxed, I could no longer put strength into my legs. Though I somehow managed to lean against the table to endure it, my knees were trembling.


“Were you able to relax yourself?”

“Seems that way. I am doing something that I am not used to after all.”

“You have quite the look. Of a strategist, that is”


As I thanked Dio-sama for saying that, I returned to my posture. From now on, I have a few things I need to discuss with Dio-sama.


“I am really tired. As I believe Dio-sama is the same too, let’s finish this up quickly.”

“That’s true. I am troubled that my body haven’t been moving as I want to recently. If possible, I want to get my sleep right now.”


When I looked at Dio-sama who said that laughing, I could see something faint applied on his face. It’s likely cosmetics. Previously, like what Ars said, a sleep-deprived general can’t win a fight that he could have won. Rather than a general’s problem, it’s a morale problem. If the complexion is bad, no soldier would want to fight under a general who would collapse at any time. That’s why, even if tired, a general has to behave normally no matter what, and has to be viewed that way no matter what.


“I will end this soon. Firstly, for the road towards the capital, as expected, we must move past Castle Canon, right?”

“Well, the large army.”

“I see. Then next is other than Dio-sama, is there any other general that can lead the whole army?”

“If there is, I would already be resting. Though Earl Uren is splendidly taking charge of supply so it’s still better, but seriously, managing the army is taking everything I have.”

“I understand. Lastly, please tell me something. Is the reason why you expressly called off the encirclement net that results in the protracted war due to the surrounding voices?”

“Nope. It’s my own will. I can’t let the civil war be prolonged any longer. The aim is a short term battle. I will……defeat my father. Yukito. That’s why even for just a short period of time, can you draw the attention of my elder sister somehow?”


I can see a resolute will from the eyes of Dio-sama who said that. If your will is going to be so firm, I can’t dare to say to use the safer method of protracted war, can I? Plus, a short term battle is something I desire for too. (TL: To meet your girl, right?)


“At your will. I shall use all possible methods. I will definitely open up the road for Dio-sama.”


As I said that, I kneeled before Dio-sama and started thinking the necessities for the short term battle.

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