Arc 1 – The Siblings Chapter 3

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Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Siblings Chapter 3


I am shocked!

How should I say this? It’s towards the versatility of the skill I hold, Obtutus.

During the period where we are concentrating the military force, I was trying to recall the things regarding Sun Tzu for now, trying to do what I can.

As everyone knows, it’s the Art of War. Right after the 13th volume, it featured heavily on war concepts. It was written down not to lightly approach it, but I was shocked when I read it.

I have pretty much remembered the content as I have read it multiple times since it was interesting. Just that, a person’s memories isn’t perfect. As there are parts where I might miss out no matter what, when I tried to recall them, Obtutus is activated and whatever I could not remember are accurately displayed on the terminal.

The 7 Laws of Sun Tzu

Friends or Foes, whose master holds the hearts of the people.
Which general is a superior talent?
Which army is more advantageous in terms of divine luck and location?
Which army is keeping their ranks strict?
Which army is stronger?
Which side has soldiers that are trained well?
Which side defines reward and punishments equally?
Only when after comparing the above 7 and having enough prospects of victory, should one wage a war.
(TL: Sorry, not so much of Sun Tzu guy, so not sure if the above is correct.)

This is good. Really good. I no longer need to have a vague recollection to use strategies and tactics like this. Though I say that, I have to modify it to fit them in this world. In this world, there are magic and the existence of dragon is being written down in reference books. It’s hard to think that tactics used on Earth can be used directly just like that.

Even then, there is more than enough worth in it though.


“You say that the ruler that holds the hearts of the people, though Dio-sama is overwhelming superior than the current king, I should say it’s on par when compared with Kaguya-sama, I think. As there is Kaguya-sama in terms of the general’s quality, it’s their side that has the edge. It’s similar when it comes to luck and location advantage, i guess. I should treat this as on par, then. Though Kaguya-sama’s army seems to be certainly strict on military regulations, our side is likely more firm from an overall perspective. I believe in terms of military strength would belong on the other side. The opponent have Kaguya-sama’s army that was recently protecting the borders and the current king’s direct controlled army that have been fighting continuously. The experience levels are different. In terms of training, it’s also advantageous at their side. There is certainly difference in the training proficiency. The final point on rewards and punishment is a difficult one. In some sense, if people on the other side acquire achievements, the things they gain are plenty. Even for punishments, from seeing how they are tied down by fear, it seems to be something terrible. But if you talk about the point of being fair, without doubt, it’s our side.“


After talking to myself for a while and repeating the content just now, I unintentionally gave out a sign. Out of seven of the laws, 3 of them are on the other side, and 2 were on par. The only remaining 2 aren’t conditions to win.

Seriously, they have a better advantage in terms of the factors of the battle. I can’t anticipate the prospects of victory at all. But, the battle is already a confirmed fact. We can’t say to stop because we have no chance of victory at this late hour.


“Excuse me. Kurei-dono. Would you like to have lunch any time now?”

“Mikana? Just nice. I have something I want to ask you though.”

“Then let’s do that after the lunch. I heard that you didn’t eat anything in the morning too. As your attendant was begging in tears, I took the time to come down. Please take your lunch.”


~Jirori~ Mikana glared at me. No matter how I think of it, it’s my fault, so talking back is difficult.


“Then, I will have my meal. But, could you join me?”

“Me? I don’t mind but, as my meal has been prepared at the lodge, I wouldn’t be able to take it from here, you know?”

“It’s fine. It wouldn’t take too long anyway.”


As I said that, after I moved my prepared meal on the table, in the form where Mikana can be seen standing in the middle of the room, I started having my meal.

Though I said it myself to accompany me, it’s really hard to eat while being looked upon. Let’s settle the main stuff quickly.


“Do you know about the people around General Kaguya?”

“I believe you already know all the reputed generals in Castle Canon though?”

“I mean things like who is the best, basically things in regards to abilities.”

“I see. But why ask me?”

“It’s your admired General Kaguya, right? I believe you would be knowledgeable about her associates as well.”


Trying to tease Mikana slightly, Mikana nodded, showing agreement. Not knowing if it was embarrassing, though I thought she would deny it, it seems like for Mikana, her respect for Kaguya-sama is something that is embarrassing, but not to be denied. But, it’s the enemy general after all.


“To the extent of what I know, there are 3 person that can be called General Kaguya’s close associates. One is Anna Dietrich-sama. Though the castle lord, she usually leave it to her representative, and continue to assist General Kaguya, doing government affairs and giving instructions, a faultless lady from what I have heard.”

“Omnipotent, you say….. That’s troublesome.”

“Another person is Bayd Fern-sama. Though I heard that he is a man who is entrusted to the army’s supply and the management of the financial matters, he is basically someone who worked behind the scenes, and likely would not come to the frontlines.”

“I see, so it’s his ability to be able to maintain an army of 10000 without deficiency, then? Who is the last one?”

“Yuri Stratos-sama. Recently, he was picked up by Kaguya-sama during her trip, but at any rate, I heard that he excels in being resourceful.”

“I got it. From an omnipotent assistant to a supply supervisor, and then a strategist. It’s lineup that assumes that she will lead herself certainly.”


As I muttered, Mikana muttered as if amazed.


“Since she is a general, isn’t that natural?”

“True. But, I wonder if we can make use of that nature?”


Well then, I managed to hear what I wanted to know. Though the problem is if there is a person that is able to represent Kaguya-sama to lead the whole army, while maintaining the army is possible, leading seems difficult. If that’s the case, there is a way.


“Thank you, Mikana. That’s enough.”

“No problem, I will go after verifying that you have finished eating. I won’t be able to stand it if you left anything behind.”

“No, I won’t leave behind my food….”


As I could feel a strong will when I looked into her eyes, I gave up and let her do as she pleases. Though it’s not like we were eating together, it’s not bad to have a companion.


“Now that I think of it, I am able to stride the horse now.”

“I believe you mistook that the horse strided for you. But, it was unexpected that you could ride after a few days.”

“Taking Mikana’s advice, I washed and fed the horse after all. To grow accustomed to it is really important.”

“A horse is also a living thing. As the anxiousness of the rider is conveyed to the horse, and above all, the horse is also afraid of letting inexperience riders on it.”


I could understand those words now to the point that it hurts. After all, I was thrown off multiple times. At that time, it seems like the horse was angry, but it was most likely afraid. I did something bad.

To some extent, it took about 7 days till I could ride the horse. Along the journey towards the castle, I was under the guidance of Mikana. After being asked why a horse carriage for some reason, and I answered about not being able to ride a horse, “Special Training” was what I was told.

Well, having a commander that can’t ride a horse can only lower the morale of the army, and likely not raise any morale at all.


“Okay, I have finished my meal. Is it fine like this?”

“I have confirmed that. But, please do have your meal everyday. Please make sure that you sleep too. There are voices of worry from your subordinates.”


I scratched my head and averted my sights from Mikana who was showing an expression of worry. Though I feel sorry, but right now, if I don’t force myself, I won’t have the chance later.

There are approximately 12000 soldiers gathered in this castle right now. As the encircling net is still continuing as of now, this can be taken as the limit. Though we could still gather after releasing the encirclement net, if we do that, we will end up in the initial state of being on equal terms.

Right now, the rebel army has acquired close to two-third of Veris’s land. If the king’s side is to see the land from the sky, there should only be left with a long and narrow trapezium shaped land. To root Kaguya-sama’s army of 10000 in the middle, we have used a plan of slowly attacking their flanks, but as Kaguya-sama is still well, the long and narrow trapezium shape most likely hasn’t change. The main body at the centre has not moved a single millimetre after all.


“The situation is tensing up. That’s why I will manage myself to an extent I won’t fall.”

“That will be troubling. For Us.”


As if to interrupt Mikana’s words, a knock came from the door.



“Excuse me! Please quickly come to his Highness’s room! His Highness has collapsed!”


From the report that came at such a time, it was something that would shake the rebel armies from its core..




After strongly telling Mikana not to reveal it, I quickly made my way towards Dio-sama’s room.

Though likely due to running, I was out of breath, I knocked on the door without caring.


“Yukito Kurei! Reporting!”



The voice that came from the inside was Earl Uren’s. It could be possible that his condition is so bad he couldn’t voice out.

While thinking of the worst imagination, what I saw when I entered the room was,



“Yukito. If I could see your reaction, it was worth the collapse.”


Dio-sama, walking towards the desk and Earl Uren who was assisting at the side was as usual.


“What’s going on?”

“For now, come closer. I wish to keep it quiet.”


Basically, he doesn’t want the conversation to be heard. I nodded slightly, and slowly approached the desk.


“First of all, sorry. I need you to be in a panic. Most likely, the people around would think I have collapsed. Well actually, I did collapsed slightly due to overwork though.”

“If the supreme commander was to fall, we can’t fight a war, you know? What were you planning to do?”

“I had a weak constitution since young. That’s why my elder sister would not suspect that report. And then, they will depart for battle with godspeed and if they surround this castle, they will certainly have to form up somewhere close by. After saying that much, you understand, right?”


If the supreme commander falls, the rebel army will be in chaos. Kaguya-sama would certainly not missed that chance. Towards an army that can’t function, she can hunt them down no matter how many times.

In the opportunity to attack Kaguya-sama after she came out to hunt, we will make a surprise attack towards the capital and defeat the king.

Most likely, it’s a plan like this. Just that, the one who acts as the decoy will have to endure the attack.


“What’s the numbers of the ambush element?”

“I would want around 2000-3000. As I will have a small reserve element separated for my escort, I believe that 2000 would be the limit.”

“Is the 10000 the decoy?”

“That’s where you come in Yukito.”


Earl Uren smile with a Nyari~. And Dio-sama floated a similar smile too. (TL: Why would the author describe it as if they are up to no good… Lol..)


“I will have to entrust you with this again.”


As he say that, what he took out was short sword sheathed in a golden scabbard. Belonging to Dio-sama’s grandfather, at the time of the Sophia’s protection, it was a symbol to show full authorisation.


“I know it’s a difficult task. I understand that I have entitled a dangerous task to you and also the fact that I have betrayed the people who trusted me. But, I don’t have the time. If I let this opportunity go, I don’t think I would be able to strike at an opportunity of my elder sister again. Long-term wars would only lead to the decline of the country. The other countries are gradually starting to show movement. If we are going to move, it’s now.”



His eyes are being filled with vigor that I have never seen before. Holding strong determination, Dio-sama is ready to face what the things to come from now on.


“I hate my father. But the reason why I continued to call him Father is to show everyone that I intend to carry all the burden. This battle is a foolish family feud. No one would gain anything, and be happy about it. That’s why I will use these hands of mine to bring a conclusion. But, I have to fulfil my responsibilities as those on the top. So, I…. Yukito, for the sake of the soldiers, I will leave you behind. Though I am sorry for always relying on you, please listen to my request.”

“Do you think I can lead 10000 soldiers?”

“If you can’t do it, you won’t do it. You will search for other means, right? If you can’t lead 10000 soldiers, you will wisely split the responsibilities, and definitely accomplished your role. ”


Though I know I am being praised, I am not really happy. Most likely, I have already seen through the fact that Dio-sama is exhausting all words to appoint me as the acting supreme commander.


“… long should I draw Kaguya-sama’s attention?”

“As long as you can”


The requirements are quite difficult. I can’t lose the soldiers here. Whether permission have been given beforehand to retreat, or having instructions to move to another castle, if we do not control the damage to Castle Harpe and a small number of soldiers, we won’t have a second chance. On top of that, we have to keep Kaguya-sama at bay.

Extremely troublesome. The most troublesome one is regarding the upcoming things that Dio-sama did not think of. Well actually, the failure of the ambush would mean total annihilation. So I guess there is no point in thinking what comes next.


“This life has been saved by you. Therefore, it’s decided that it will be used for your sake…. I have come here to make you win. Please do give your order. If it’s your order…. Even if it’s against a dragon, I shall battle it.”

“Fufu, I must thank your loyalty and the luck of mine that saved you. Immediately after this, I will approve a meeting with the generals and conveyed that I will be stepping back. At that time, I will also conveyed that all authority will be entrusted to you. My elder sister should immediately make a move. It will become a battle before any dissatisfaction is being spouted out. That’s why please make a plan with a peace of mind.”

“Though I can’t guarantee you a peace of mind, I will do my best with all my power.”

“I am relying on you. My strategist.”


The smiling face of Dio-sama who said that, seems to be slightly more tired than usual.

Within the day when Prince Diorood collapsed, it became well-known inside the castle that he have stepped to the back seats.

Though the generals were desperately circulating the different units to hold down the disorder, and somehow managed to restore back a temporary calmness in the castle, the bell that announced the approaching enemy the next morning, envelops the castle in an even worst disorder, compared to the previous day.

The approaching enemy hangs a battle flag of a black bird spreading its wings. There is only one person in the country that hangs that flag, referred to as the ‘Dark Swan’ flag.

The Dark Princess, General Kaguya Halberd.

It has been around a month since the revolt started. The main force on both sides confronted for the first time.

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