Arc 1 – The Siblings Chapter 4

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Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Siblings Chapter 4


As expected, they are early. The distance between Castle Harpe and Castle Canon would take a horse 2 archaic period of time, basically 4 hours.

But, it was yesterday’s noon that Dio-sama collapsed. Though I have no idea how superior of a information network they have, it should be yesterday’s night that they had heard of the news.

And for them to lead the army here this morning, it means that they make a decision with unthinkable speed, and make a move.

Though Dio-sama was speaking figuratively with godspeed, it was indeed something to that extent. However, as I anticipated it, it wasn’t that surprising. Well, me though.

I could hear the sound of people walking hurriedly and also bellowing from the outside of the room. As it is in the early morning, many people were unable to cope with the situation. It is necessary to stall time here. If we took a surprise attack, we won’t be able to stand it. Even if Castle Harpe is a strong fortress, we won’t be able to resist if the soldiers are in chaos.

Thinking to that extent, I looked at the long coat made of good quality black cloth right in front of me. It was something made for Dio-sama. Dio-sama told me that he wants me to wear it. As Dio-sama has a physique similar to mine, I could, of course, also wear Dio-sama’s clothing. Furthermore, it’s a coat of height long.

The problem is that there is no weird feeling in the black short sleeves after putting on the black coat over the similar black horseback riding hakama. Dio-sama was the one who make the suggestion, saying might as well make the whole thing black, and only prepared just that. Not bothering whether it match or not. And because of that, I am very troubled by it.

Though I say that, my haori was confiscated by Dio-sama and was told that it will be returned after everything is over, only to be handed this black coat. As I was only given this clothing, I can’t not wear it.


“Kurei-dono! Do you happen to be awake!?”

“It’s fine to enter.”


Making a side glance to the flustered Mikana who entered, I put on the black coat. As I couldn’t go through the sleeves, I wore it like a mantle.

A whole body of a single black color. It is certainly eye-catching. Moreover, it’s a rather mixed-up clothing.


“Is it conspicuous?”

“For a commander, to use unusual clothing and color is to…. be conspicuous. To that point, I believe it is conspicuous without any problem.”

“Thanks. Let’s go, shall we? First, we have to  greet them after all.”




With Mikana accompanying, I ascend the castle wall facing where Kaguya-sama’s army appeared.

Though many soldiers have gathered, I do not see people above unit officers. If we were really hit by a surprise attack, it would have been a bad situation, but Kaguya-sama’s army started stopping after closing in to a certain distance.


“Would shooting an arrow reach them normally?”

“I believe it wouldn’t reach. If it’s a normal archer.”

“Then, let me change my question. Would Mikana reach them?”

“There is no problem in reaching them. If you are asking me to hit or shoot through, it will be difficult though.”


I see. It’s a distance where you will consider those, I see. Whether the other side also has trained archers, we can only simply know from experience, I think. Or is it a different aim, I wonder.

It’s only the distance but, I ended up thinking that the opponent is without doubt skillful than us. Even if the opponent doesn’t think of it as a significant thing, we will worry, think and finally start losing our ability to think. It’s such a time that you lose in a wisdom contest.

Even in chess or shogi, the one who can read the opponent’s next move, think of one’s move, and think of how to make the next one is the stronger one. If you can win in this inter-deduction, I believe you won’t lose in chess or shogi. Ultimately, it’s a game where you refrain from making errors.

But, this is a battlefield, and a war is not a game. There are unforeseen factor, and in terms of chess or shogi, it would be like unthinkable situation where the table get flipped, and cases where the soldiers acting as chess pieces are unable to move also exists. Also, the opponent’s pieces might also display strength more than what was anticipated. That’s why as long as there are considerably little winning prospects, we should not be fighting.

If there is one more thing that I am feeling insecure about, it would be my ability. In chess and shogi, no matter how smart someone is, one will still lose to a certain group of people. They are experienced ones. Experience is a weapon that can surpass any other thing. It’s not something that can be filled up in a short period of time.

And I have to add in the difference of an amateur and top pro for me and Kaguya-sama. On that point, I have no odds of winning. There isn’t any amateur that can win a top pro by chance. After all, people at the top don’t have negligence.


“Kurei-dono? You are sweating profusely, you know?”

“When I think about fighting that from now on, of course, I will sweat. Cold Sweat, that is.”

“That’s unusual. Even though you know everything, you are in cold sweat? Just to report anyway, there are 3 rows on the vertical setup. Twenty battalion of 100 men in the front row. At the back where the flag is raised is the same as the front, where both the 2nd and 3rd row have twenty battalions each as well. To actually line up so orderly, it makes counting easy. ”

“Even if I know, and prepared for it, I am still me after all. I won’t change from being a coward. Even then, our side is 10000 as a whole. Don’t you think it’s quite little to come for a castle siege?”


After hearing my words, Mikana gave out sigh while putting her hand on her brows.

Though I do have a guess, to some extent, towards what that sigh was for, I still shrugged my shoulders, and tried asking “why?”.


“You are not denying that you know everything, aren’t you…..”

“To some extent, that’s my weapon after all. My knowledge-base is without doubt big. The problem is that this weapon cannot be used alone and have to make use of other people, i guess. My ability is just averagely good after all.”

“Am I wrong in my impression that you have been doing just about everything on your own, compared to what you just said?”

“Isn’t it wrong? If you live normally and have knowledge, you should be able to do something about most stuff. That’s why I will do it alone. But, in a battlefield, that’s not impossible. I will relying on you. Officer Mikana.”

“What a convenient person I am. But, it doesn’t feel bad to be relied on.”


As I returned the smile to Mikana who floated a smile saying that, I close my eyes and slowly think.

In the event of a castle siege, there are two options.

Short-term or long-term battle.

A tactic used for short-term battle is while mobilizing an overwhelming army, you ensure a safe escape route and the lives of the castle garrison, and also the negotiations of multiple terms for capitulation. (TL: Using the novel version here, as the web version sounds odd for me.)

“A gentle treat”, I guess.

In a large scale engagement or just before the turning point of a battle, for the sake of holding onto a strategic superior position, you will decide whether to make a strong attack against a strategic castle with the resolution of losing war potential. As for other methods, it’s also possible to snatch the dominant position of the castle defender by attempting a surprise attack and sneaking into the internals of the castle when the enemy is not vigilant.

For long-term battle, firstly, you will encircle the castle upon securing the supply lines and roads. Next, you will use siege weapons or fire arrows to attack the castle, or the soldiers themselves.

If we go from the perspective of the strategic view, while conducting capitulation negotiations or scheme, it’s also possible to push in psychological pressure as well. Fundamentally, you will conduct everything, and when you judged that they are weakened sufficiently, you will initiate an all-out attack, or wait for the enemy to reach food shortage. These are all long-term battles.

Castle siege usually becomes long-term battles. Holding onto multiple times the battle force than the opponent, you will cut off their communications to the outside by encircling their castle. You will be possible to cause despair to the soldiers and lower the morale as from now on, you can plot to dry up their emergency supplies for water and food and isolate information from them, causing difficulty in making accurate assessments of the situation.

It’s usually more beneficial having long-term battles but though the attacking side has minimum losses, it takes too much time. The attacking side, similar to the defending side, also require food supplies, and they also have to prepare for a surprise attack, not only from within the castle, but also the enemies, reinforcement. In other words, they also require the strong vigilance of the surroundings.

Both of them aren’t easy. That’s why Sun Tzu remarked that it isn’t easy to attack a defending side that has devote themselves to defend and the fact that castle siege is a poor plan that must be avoided at all costs.

Kaguya-sama didn’t bring a huge army, and also not prepare a surprise attack. Then, what did she came for?

That’s easy, right?


“A cavalry is coming towards us.”

“An envoy to recommend surrender or to negotiate, i think…. No matter which is it, it will spur the chaos on our end.”

“Is this the time to say that so leisurely? The highest authority is you, you know?”

“Well, it’s not that I didn’t think of anything so be at ease.”


As I said that, I came to the front, moved towards the edge of the castle walls and climb up the fence as high as my chest.

A man wearing a black weird outfit has climbed up the fence. It surely stands out. I did it to stand out though.


“Let’s have you stop there! State your business!!”

“Assistant to the General, I am Anna Dietrich! I would like to establish a negotiation dialogue with your side!”


Her chestnut-colored hair, cut and arranged just above the shoulders, swayed on the horse. Though due to the distance, I couldn’t see the details, I can feel that she is a female with considerable beauty. That’s not the problem. It’s the figures on the floating screen that is displayed right in front of my eyes.

Everything are on the upper eighties. There are also those in the nineties. I give up, this is Dio-sama’s level. I heard that she is a omnipotent assistant, but just from the figures, she surpasses all the generals on our side.


“What if say I do not wish for a negotiation dialogue?”

“….may I know who are you?”

“Yukito Kurei. The one who worked as Dio-sama’s strategist! ”

“I see. You are the rumored strategist, i see. Then, what’s your reply?”

“I am not really sure what rumor you are talking about. Well, I shall reply your query. We do not intend to negotiate.”


A commotion started raising from the castle. Many soldiers are already starting to gather on the castle walls. They heard the words I have said just now. And they are making a stir about it. Now that Dio-sama has collapsed, many soldiers should be feeling that the chances of winning is gradually disappearing for this battle.

That’s why we are supposed to be desiring for negotiations but, my role is to draw in Kaguya-sama. Though it will be insufficient to ‘dogeza’ to everyone left in the castle, I shall continue to bring this situation into a battle.

Don’t joke about deaths and murder, not to say war. There are possibilities where you or those close to you might be killed. You might waver, ‘Even so, is there any meaning to do it?’ No, I have always been puzzled over it. I still do not know the dreadfulness of war. Even if I know the fear of death, I do not know of the fear of killing someone and others dying. To withstand all those and move forward is what war is about.

However, I will not yield. Even if it ends up with many sacrifices, I have a friend who desires to accomplish something, and it’s up to me in regards to that once in a lifetime fight of his.

Besides, I have a promise after that. If I do not achieve anything after i completed my role, I would not be able to meet her.

The time when we had our lunch at Earl Uren’s castle. That was the most fortunate time I had. I want to make that chance of having the three of us gather together again.


“What’s your reason for declining negotiation?”

“I can’t stand it if we were assassinated after complying to the negotiation.”


I tried to give as much of a provocative smile as I can. Just that, to the point it doesn’t seem to be necessary, the other side got on board my provocation.


“We won’t do such cowardice deeds!”

“How can I believe in the people that are under that king! There were people who took hostage of their own country’s villagers to capture the Celsus Maiden! The king they revered is the same king you people revered! We are all people under His Highness, Diorood-sama, and we are fighting for the sake of bringing order and peace to this country! To prevent people from crying of irrationality! To show that there is still light that can depend on! To fight for those numerous people that are oppressed! To call that a rebellion and have come to hinder us….. Kaguya Halberd, I won’t believe in such a person!”



Though I don’t really understand, I believe she is certainly glaring at me with eyes full of hatred.

If this turns into a battle, I will certainly be marked but this is helpful for me. Since it’s helpful, I believe I should do it more.


“Mikana. Make preparation to call out to his Highness, Diorood-sama. As loud as you can.”

“Okay, roger!”

“Yukito Kurei! I won’t forgive you for your rudeness to my lord! We are different from those hounds!”

“Now is the time! There are only now 2 separated faction! We are the prideful retainers that fight for his Highness, Diorood-sama! Our pride is in our hearts, and there is no need to feel ashamed! Call out the name of our beloved lord!! People in the Castle Harpe, hear this! What’s the name of our lord!?”

“His Highness, Diorood-sama.”


The people from my surroundings raised their voices from Mikana raising her voice. It’s fine even if it’s soft at the start. As long as the content that should be raised has been conveyed.


“Who is the one who will save this country!?”

“His Highness, Diorood-sama.”


The soldiers on the castle walls were the ones who raised their voices next. It was already at the level where the body would tremble. But, it still have not reach its peak.


“Who did you pledge your sword to!?”

“His Highness, Diorood-sama.”

“Who will restore the Veris of our pride!?”

“His Highness, Diorood-sama.”

“Who shall defeat that king!?”

“His Highness, Diorood-sama.”

“I shall ask again! What’s the name of our lord!?”

“His Highness, Diorood-sama.”


The voices of ten thousand have became one. There are those that knock their weapons on the floor or their shield, those that raised their weapon up high, those close by that strongly wave Dio-sama’s battle flag, marked by a big star made up of 5 smaller star, and those who raised their fist. What accompany their actions is the raised voices of everyone.

After a while later, seeing that the Castle Harpe has finally calmed down, I announced.


“We can announce it out loud. The fact that our lord is correct. However, you people wouldn’t be able to do that! That is if you think your lord is correct!!”


I believe she realized my aim. Anna turned her horse around. But, her voice was faster.


“Try calling out your lord’s name!!”


After a short while of silence, a large sound started to reach our side, ‘Kaguya-dono’, that is.

Even though they fall behind in terms of numbers, Kaguya-sama’s army, whose voice level doesn’t lose to our side, hit their weapons on the ground rhythmically, while continuing calling out Kaguya-sama’s name.

Without knowing that that was my intention.


“Kaguya, Her Highness!!!”

“Kaguya, Her Highness!!!”


I felt sorry for the soldiers who called out proudly, but I shall be using that loyalty of yours.


“To think that when asked to call out their lord’s name, the name of a mere general comes out…. It looks like the soldiers under the Dark Swan flag has no idea what their lord’s name is! Isn’t the king’s name what should have been called out in this place?”

“It’s just that to them, Kaguya-sama is a lord that they revered!”

“It sounds like her Highness, Kaguya, is an independent existence? Are you planning to act as a third independent force?”

“Don’t talk nonsense! Kaguya-sama would not cause a rebellion”

“Then, what are the words of the soldiers about!? They are admitting it! Right now, at this time, that the lord to announce is Her Highness, Kaguya! However, Her Highness, Kaguya, did not rise to the call! Even regardless of when the soldiers, the people, or the whole country are desiring for it! Her Highness, Kaguya, do not have the courage to go against her father! You people should know that more than anyone else! That the person who stand above you people is the king whose name won’t be called out proudly by the people of this world! And your lord who should have been the person to take down that king is …….a spineless human!!”


Looking at Kaguya-sama’s army who returned silence, there was no feeling of satisfaction towards me. Anna, who is glaring at me, did not realize. The fact that there is a shadow advancing towards this direction. And also because of that, that the soldiers did not make a racket.


“Yukito Kurei! You!”

“Anna. It’s fine. I will talk.”


Anna was stopped after speaking a little by a black-haired lady, moving forward on her horse. After reaching a distance close enough to see her face clearly, she named herself with a really clear voice, as if pulling the string of a stringed instrument to the limits.


“Kaguya Halberd. Is it fine if I ask regarding Dio’s safety first?”


If the princess Kaguya of the Taketori Monogatari(Tale of the Bamboo Cutter) really exists, she could have been such a person.

Though her beautiful black hair, appropriate to be called glossy black was done up to the back, even then, the beauty of that smooth hair doesn’t change, while her black pearl-like eyes are deeply transparent like the lake. Looking at me fixedly using her eyes that seems to give the impression that they will see through anything, I calmed down after gripping the fan on my chest.

A dignified beauty that Sophia does not have, so it’s neither a win or loss, as said by Dio-sama, and it was just as he said. Her appearance of wearing light blue japanese-like clothing and blue hakama with a white shawl put on her shoulders might be kind of cliched, but like a goddess, she looks unusual on the battlefield.

Though her appearance should have a familiar look from the black hair and eyes, the Japanese-like appearance, it is different as if a race that have never been seen before. Her presence is immeasurable.

Looking at the status that popped out makes me opened my eyes.

Her combat ability is within the 130s. Most likely, the highest stat is at the 150, so she is without doubt the strongest class of humans. Moreover, the other stats are also pretty much at the 90s or 100s. Truly said to be someone that Dio-sama couldn’t defeat on any case.


“I will ask again, would you tell me the condition of my brother?”

“It seems like having to fight against you caused quite the burden. Though there is no problems to his life, he is resting right now.”


I did not lie. As I would be seen through if I lied, I spoke of the truth. Kaguya-sama possesses something that made me think that way.


“I see…I am relieved. You have my thanks. Yukito Kurei”

“…. if you are that worried, why are you fighting…?”

“… you said, I do not have the intention to go against my father. That’s why what I am able to do is to end the war quickly. And….the fastest way to end the war is to capture the enemy general. What I can do for Dio as a gift, is to not take his life but to capture him.”


For the first time, those honest eyes wavered. Seems like this person has also been troubled. To point a blade towards the parent is the most unfilial thing. And also, to go against one’s parent, lots of courage is required. It’s not something anyone can do.

If we are to protect reason, no matter what kind of parent, a parent is still a parent. It can be said that it’s also the children’s duty to protect if one’s parent has been pointed with a blade.

I believe that because she is a person that gets troubled like this, Dio-sama decided to make a stand.


“Sadly, Dio-sama is already no longer in the castle.”

“But, if we ignore this castle, your side will mercilessly aimed for our back. That’s why I can’t ignore it. I do not wish to make any sacrifices. I wish that you can surrender. ”
(TL: Doesn’t sound like a general that has fought for a very long time…..well at least to me.)

“…..Is that….your answer!?No one desire that you rise for this! Justice is on our side! That’s something anyone is able to see! You helped your tyrannic father but you aren’t going to help your brother who is on a thorny path!?”



My irritation started to grow as I see Kaguya-sama hid her face. Even though if this person pluck up her courage and make a step forward, everything would have ended, however, why doesn’t she make that step? Even though she has the power, why doesn’t she use it?

I tried overlapping the resolved Dio-sama and Kaguya-sama. One side is very reliable, while other side is very fickle. Perhaps, I believe Dio-sama also saw that. That’s why he wanted to protect. But, the feelings I hold is different.

For the sake of saving this person, Dio-sama expended everything. However, this person…..


“My friend expended everything to try to protect you! If you are to trample on it…… even if you are my friend’s sister, I shall show no mercy! It’s absurd to even asked for surrender! Only when the king is dead, would the battle be over!!.”

“….If it’s Dio’s friend, all the more do I not wish to hurt them…”

“I am your enemy! I have no words to speak with someone spineless! If you wish to speak no matter what, after the king is defeated, and everything has ended, shall we have that conversation!!”


As I said that, I turned my back and moved my sights to the soldiers on the castle walls.


“Prepare the defense! The battle is going to start!!”


(TL: It’s Yukito, ….right? The person who has been acting like the main character?)

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