Arc 1 – The Siblings Chapter 5

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Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Siblings Chapter 5


Though I thought that I do know of the amazingness of magic as I have seen Sophia made use of the wind, I was naive.


“The enemy’s consolidation magic is coming! Get ready to defend!”

“They are climbing up the castle walls, while using defensive magic! Knock them down!”


There have been fireballs flying over to our side, accompanied by the sound of a cannon-like roar. During the time when the magicians on our side was defending that, soldiers holding onto shields, and magicians that deployed defensive magic that prevents all normal attacks started to go up the ladders to ascend the castle walls in succession.

Though we managed to halt the advance, the firepower of the enemy is so strong that defending is taking everything we have. Those units that were fatigued or injured were immediately replaced by the reserve units, but if this attack continues like this, eventually, there will be likely someplace that the defense crumbles.


“Just when I thought I don’t see any siege weapons, they are using magic, i see. If that’s the case, I can understand the reason for the smaller number of soldiers….”


It’s natural to bring in large cannon during the Warring period. It’s fine if there is a method to defend, but the magicians on our side are scarce and might be washed away when they all push in at once.


“Having numerous magicians using the same magic would result in a consolidation magic that is higher in power. It is necessary to have several skilled magicians to do that. It seems that their side have many capable magicians.”

“Is there any example of using magic to siege until now?”

“I have heard multiple times in regards to that for a magical advanced country like Albion. However, the army of Dark Swan flag is the only one in Veris that make use of that. If you aren’t able to use consolidation magic, there is not enough power to destroy the castle walls, and above all, the flight distance of magic isn’t sufficient.”

“I see. So the reason why we have many magicians on our side is to defend against these consolidation magics.”


Behind the castle walls. I was asking Mikana in regards to this world’s magic battle on a tall watchtower built for the sake of giving commands, while watching over the progress of the battle. Though I could have check it out myself, my concentration would not be reduced if I ask, rather than reading it up right now. If I overlooked a disadvantageous situation when I moved my attention away, our side will be crushed at once.I have this premonition that gave me such a conviction.

The salvation is that magic is not almighty. When used, one will get tired. It seems that high concentration is necessary. The reason why we say “it seems” is because it’s just Mikana having read books, and not actually having used it. It is necessary for magicians to have some form of grounding, as if you do not have, no matter how hard you try, it seems to be useless.


“It’s because of Sophia-sama that we have a lot of magicians. Because Sophia-sama was here, there are several magicians that join us.”

“I am absolutely clear about it. The reason why those magicians were glaring at me.”

“Even then, the reason why they cooperate is because you protected Sophia-sama. I believe that your existence is something higher than a life benefactor for them.”

“Please stop them. If for that reason they get eager and die, it makes waking up bad. It feels like they might prick a nail later.”


As I say that, I looked at the interior of the attacking force, the rear force which have not shown any movement and is where Kaguya-sama is in.

Right now, the force attacking the castle right now is the 2000-men vanguard. We have 4000-men on the frontal walls being attacked, with the reserve corps at 3000-men, and a total of 3000-men deployed on the left, right and rear walls, with 1000-men on each side.

The reason why we have 1000-men deployed on the other walls is due to how astounding the speed of Kaguya-sama’s army is. If we have to deal with a speed that exceeds our expectations one after the other, the soldiers would not last. We have to prepare for it from the start.

It’s just simply the speed. It seems that making a surprise attack is the tactical forte of Kaguya-sama, to just strike unexpectedly with just the speed. Even though they were originally in front of you, if a surprise attack is made from the side, that is really unbearable. Swift tactics, and elites that are able to make it happen.

The problem is the 4000-men that has not shown themselves. Though the possibility of them being at Castle Canon is high, it’s also likely that they were hidden to make a surprise attack, and thinking of their marching speed, even if they were at the castle, we won’t know when they would link up.

Not firepower, but the form of combat that mainly uses maneuverability to execute is what we call maneuver combat.Well literally, a maneuver combat is a combat that uses mobility as its main point. To that maneuver combat, not just adding the speed of maneuverability, but also the speed of decision-making to the list, you will have a combat form called tactical maneuver combat that also takes the initiative by forcing the enemies into disadvantageous conditions. Kaguya-sama’s army is likely said to excel in this tactical maneuver combat. It’s possible that it was polished to deal with the battles of the unstable state borders.

Tactical Maneuver combat is a combat that adds psychological effects as a side to maneuver combat, and having supremacy in speed of mobility and decision-making to defeat the enemy’s vanguard and force them into disadvantageous conditions, resulting the enemy’s to lose their purpose of continuing combat as its main point.

Normally, in a military organisation, the senior commander would be entrusted with decision-making, so it will take some time for the decision to be passed down. Towards this, in tactical maneuver combat, to maintain the supremacy of speed, individual units are encouraged to do decision-making. In other words, as the lower-rank officers make decisions independently, the time spent waiting for the senior officers’ instructions would be eliminated, which would allow speed to cope with changes of state of affairs.

However, it might have been possible for the modern era where there are growth in electronics, but for ancient times, the speed of decision-making mainly depends on the independence and dauntlessness of the officers on the field, and moreover, there is no guarantee that that the on-field officer is always able to make accurate decisions and the smooth execution of the tactics involved advanced training and much luck.

Units that make a mistake in their judgement are pretty much sitting ducks to the enemies, so because of that unit, even though that opportunity was temporized, the opponent is able to cut off a portion of the force. That’s why tactical maneuver combat is a double-edged sword but I am not able to see any opportunity that looks like an opportunity in Kaguya-sama’s army. Even if I increase the numbers on our side and try to forcefully create an opportunity, there won’t be any opportunity if the various units make precise decisions and movement.

The quality of the on-field officer. This is as essential as the loss in numbers. If the officers in this field are skilled, they will cover up the slight difference in numbers instantly.

Quantity versus Quality. Right now, such a battle is going on. Of course, ours being quantity and Kaguya-sama being quality. In terms of soldier count, there is a 4000-men gap, and right now a battle of 2000 versus 4000 + reserve units is unfolding. Even though we are pressing in with the number difference, they are not crumbling. On the contrary, our side is on the verge of crumbling.

Though I thought war is about numbers, other than the fact that it’s the people that fight the war, as expected, the abilities of individuals are also important.


“Even though it is a battle just after a movement, they are really filled with vigor.”

“They are most likely used to it. Towards such tactics that can be said to be absurd.”

“That’s troublesome.”

“Our opponents are Veris’s strongest general and strongest army. Thinking that it’s troublesome would already deserve some praise.”

“What I desire is not praise, but winning chances. I believe the other side is most likely not serious today, so it should be fine, but tomorrow, or more like, when that army in the back starts to join the battle, I think we will have to be in the frontlines no matter what.”


As I said that, I instructed to send reinforcements on areas being pressed on.




Since the start of the battle, 3 days have passed.

While Kaguya-sama’s army attacked in a form of the vanguard and middle guard being a frontal attack, and the rear guard attacking with only magic, I am defending against that with 4000 castle defenders, switching with 3000 reserve soldiers as and when required.

Wondering if Kaguya-sama hated the sacrifice of soldiers, their entire force does not attack. Nevertheless, it’s not like it is relaxing. Or actually, it’s tough. As Kaguya-sama herself and the rear guard does not move, I am not able to put in all the reserve unit into the battle so as to not lose my guard on the other castle walls. Just because 2000 soldiers doesn’t move, 3000 soldiers can’t be moved, and the reserve unit is also limited to its movement.

They have totally acquired the initiative. The morale from the initial day is also coming to its limits.

It’s not just soldiers. Looking at the status, the general and officers are deployed where each fits their post. But, people have compatibility. Subordinates that doesn’t click, having associates, and also the problem of preferences. Deploying someone due to ability-wise might not be truly the best. That’s why dissatisfaction are also appearing. Because of that, my fatigue is also accumulating.


“Mikana. What’s the activity in the back…?”

“There is no change from yesterday. I wonder if they won’t attack today as well?”

“I believe they know that we will ruin ourselves even if they leave us alone…. I would have done the same…”


Due to insufficient sleep and feeling sluggish from fatigue, looking at me who entrusted my body to the chair, Mikana gave a worried expression. But, she wouldn’t say a thing. There is no replacement for me. It’s likely something that Mikana whose the position is adjutant should know very well.

The advantage of number superiority is equal to having none right now. Even though we called it the reserve unit, half of it comprises of the injured. Sending the most skilled mercenary unit under Captain Ars as a reserve unit, and sending them at pinpoint accuracy, we could barely prevent ourselves from being broken through. That is the only measure we can take, the final measure right now.

If that can’t even defend it, and the opponent invades, the damage will exponentially increase. In the closely contested castle wall, as General Paulus, who is superior in military prowess, was deployed there, though it shouldn’t be that easy to break through, there are two generals that can repel General Paulus on their side. If two of them or even just one of them were to appear, we can no longer stop them.

Thinking like that, I, who was also entrusting my back to the backrest raised my body and stood up. It was a short rest but it’s sufficient. Raising my face, I realized that the vanguard that is moving towards my side was faster than yesterday. And their morale is also high.

~Ha~, I smacked my lips, and sent out a messenger to the reserve unit.


“Make all reserve units that can be mobilized to move towards the castle walls! Mikana! Let’s move to the frontlines! I will leave the escort to you!”

“If it’s to command the frontlines, leave it to me!”

“If I don’t go, the morale of the soldiers won’t be able to hold on! Kaguya-sama has appeared!!”


Saying that, I hurriedly went down the watchtower, and dispatched a messenger to be vigilant to all castle walls. If we end up concentrating here, the rear guard would likely make a move. We have to prevent just that.


“Let’s go out to the frontlines.”


Taking with me Mikana and the hundred knights that has been entrusted to me from Earl Uren’s Castle, we tried moving towards the castle walls but, suddenly, the castle walls was glittered with light in an instant, which resulted in blinding our eyes and stopping our movement.


“They have penetrated!”

“Please reinforce! Quickly!! Quick, ly……”


Just hearing a voice from a distant, I know that something happened. They have ascended the castle walls. With that, not just defending, it becomes necessary to repel them back.


“I hear that Kaguya-sama can use Lightning magic! Please step back! In that place!”

“Kaguya-sama is there, right? In that case, all the more I have to show myself. Most likely, if I am found, she will target me. In that chance, you must absolutely not let it go, got it?”



As I said that, without listening to Mikana’s attempt to stop me, I ran up the stairs of the castle walls.

Seeing my appearance, a number of soldiers opened their eyes. At the very least, I am this castle’s supreme commander now. To be in such a place is likely quite shocking. There’s an effect because it’s unexpected.


“Everyone, stay strong! There are many comrades in arms that are ready to fight to the death! That’s why do not give up! Giving up is the same as abandoning your friends! Believed in the friends beside you and fight!!”


As I ran towards the place where I think Kaguya-sama had got onto, I requested the soldiers that were desperately trying their best to prevent the enemy from ascending the walls to continue fighting more.


Though the smell of blood and the thickening smell of the dead stimulates my nose, I can only endure. This is a battlefield and the one who brought this disastrous scene is me.

There is discord. There are people dying just beside me. Allies and enemies. Though seriously give me a break, the me right now has something that I want more than anything else.

The values of the modern era Japan and resistance against death and murder can’t be compared to my promise.

I swore to my heart that I will definitely protect my promise.


“Those that stand in my way will be cut down. Open up the path.”


A voice that was carried really well. Even within the bellows of the battlefield, I could clearly hear it.

I could grasped that the soldiers are slowly falling back. That’s of course. I, who is not well-versed in martial arts, can also understand. It’s the overwhelming fighting spirit. I can feel it from beyond the direction of the retreating soldiers.


“Is that path a path to me?”


While there is the fan that was received from Sophia in my bosom, I have the short sword passed to me by Dio-sama on my waist. As I touched them with both my hands, the fear in my heart dissipates.

When the soldiers faintly opened the path slightly, I could see Kaguya-sama’s surroundings. Corpses. I wonder if there are around ten of them. Though piles of blood are gushing out, Kaguya-sama do not have a single spurt of blood.

I wonder if she is holding a katana on her right hand. On the curved body of the sword that gave out a dull glitter, it was slightly stained with blood.


“Strategist-dono!? Def, Defend Strategist-dono!!”

“That will be unnecessary. It will only increase the victims.”

“Then, will you be surrendering?”


Not knowing when, Kaguya-sama had approached to my vicinity. I totally didn’t realize it. I should be already in a distance where I can be cut down with a single stroke, i think.


“What a joke. If we surrender here, the deaths we had until now would lose their meaning.”

“It’s the cornerstone towards peace. And also, I can stop future victims from now on. I will also be able to finish this without having to cut down my brother’s friend.”

“Cornerstone towards peace…. I think it’s best to not say things that you do not truly believe. Your eyes are wavering.”


Drawing the short sword from the scabbard on my right waist with my right hand, I get into stance with my other hand. It’s a stance Mikana taught me.


“You do not think of me as an enemy, right? There’s no meaning in having a fight you have seen just now, you know?”

“Meanings are to be made. Besides, my life is not cheap at all. I won’t use it in a disadvantageous gamble.”


I cut down horizontally with my left hand. With just that, it is a meaningless action for someone as weak as me.

Just a bit, Kaguya-sama reacted. That is an opportunity enough for a certain-kill sniper.

An arrow came flying from Kaguya-sama’s blind spot. From the back, diagonally right. It was something Mikana released. That shouldn’t be something that can be avoided or repelled.

Or so I thought.




Kaguya-sama repelled the arrow with the sword in her right hand without looking, and have parried my short sword with her scabbard, who knows when she have drawn.

An overly beautiful appearance came into sights. Phrasing words like white skin, glossy lips aren’t floating out. What I felt was genuine fear. Like how a figure of a beautiful person can also be seen as eerie in the dark, Kaguya-sama also holds that eeriness because of her beauty.




Though I tried to quickly separate myself, using the scabbard that repelled the short sword, she thrusted strongly to my left chest, where my heart is.

Not knowing what happened in that instant, I have kneeled down miserably by the next moment.




Though I can hear Mikana’s voice, my body can’t move. I did not incur any injury, thanks to the fan, but there were damage taken.

I can hear something getting repelled. Likely, it’s Mikana’s second shot. It’s the Kaguya-sama that stopped a surprise attack. I don’t think it works even if you shoot it normally.


“….do you have any last words?”

“…..neglience is…. something to be feared the most….”


In the instant I said that, Kaguya-sama backed off from me. Being late for that instant, a blade passed by where Kaguya-sama was just now.


“Thanks for stalling the time. Strategist.”

“No… Sorry about making use of you like this.”


If Captain Ars that is taking a stance with a sword shorter than those usually held with two hands had appeared here, it probably means that the reserve unit made it in time before the situation is too late.


“That rascal, Paulus is having a hard fight in the center. If we can somehow keep her in check….. Let’s tide this through!”

“Well then, let’s try to do something about it”


Mikana who came running over, pointed her bow towards Kaguya-sama. Mikana and Captain Ars. It’s a force that can be freely mobilize, the strongest combination. If even both of them can’t repel her, we have no more way of winning.

Without conversing with Mikana, Captain Ars plunged towards Kaguya-sama. Swinging the sword quickly with two hands, Captain Ars pressured Kaguya-sama with a barrage. No, I think it only looked as if she was pressured. Kaguya-sama was defending that quick barrage totally with only that one sword.

Losing his breath, just when Captain Ars tried opening up the distance, now it was Mikana who showed her high-speed arrow barrage. But, as it’s a distance that can be said to be close quarters, Kaguya-sama displayed her ability to dodge every single arrow.


“That’s bad! It’s just as the rumors, I guess!”

“The rumors are actually still preferable!!” (TL: Preferable, in the sense, that the Kaguya-sama in the rumors are actually easier to deal with.)


Though Captain Ars and Mikana were attacking at no matter what slight opportunities there were, there was no attacks that reached Kaguya-sama.

We are missing a decisive factor. At the very least one person, if there was one person that can stop her movement.

As I thought that, I remembered the fan in my left chest. To be exact, I remembered the content of the words from Sophia and letter.


‘This will protect Yukito’s life.’


That’s what Sophia said. And, this is what was written in the letter.


‘Please be careful of the very first swing. As it has my magical power embedded in it, an outrageous wind will appear.’


As there had been no chance until now, I have never swing the fan hard before. Though it’s been used solely as a commanding rod, this Divine Fan.


“It is a Divine fan…..” (TL: He just remembered it is a magical fan, lol…)


I floated a smile as I said that.

Though I keep saying ‘protect’ and ‘protect’, I am the one being protected. Sophia belongs to the strongest class of magician that holds the magical name of “Gale”.

But, I guess it’s something like that. Being friends are the repetitions of relying on and being relied on. Relationships of friends where only one side rely on the other are not friends.


“Captain Ars! Step back!”



I took out the fan from my chest, and spread it. What was drawn on it was a dragon amusing itself with the wind.


What an elegant fan. Thinking about something like that, I swang the fan using my right hand towards Kaguya-sama with all my strength.

It’s a squall.

I wonder if it’s the most appropriate description for it. The squall was only for an instant. But, the power was abnormal. Part of the castle walls were shaved off, and even the Kaguya-sama’s army which were standing by behind was affected as well, causing the formation to be broken up badly.

And Kaguya-sama actually endured that to the end. I think it must have been some special defense she put up. She did not sustain any injury. But it seems like she exhausted her stamina. Having gotten her shoulders down to knee height, her breathing was rough.


“Kaguya-sama! Please retreat!”


Kaguya-sama’s soldiers that have ascended the castle walls, stood in front of her, stopping our pursuit.

In the end, due to the interference of these soldiers and their fighting with the preparedness of death, Kaguya-sama ended up being able to retreat.

Thought it was good that we obstructed Kaguya-sama, as our damage is huge, it doesn’t seem like we would be able to endure another attack. That’s why I gathered all the generals and conveyed the plans from now on.


“Hey, hey, Strategist, you serious? ”

“I am serious.”


Looking at my face, Captain Ars shrugged his shoulders while continuing ~yare yare~.

I conveyed to all the generals in the vicinity again.


“We shall abandon this castle.”

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