Arc 1 – The Siblings Chapter 6

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Arc 1: The Rebellion – The Siblings Chapter 6


The objective has pretty much already been achieved

Though perhaps Dio-sama might already reach a distance where the capital can be reached within the field of vision. From there, it will take at least 2 days to reach the capital. It should be around 3 days if you advance with discretion. Seeing that Kaguya-sama’s army is not retreating, Dio-sama has likely approached the capital successfully.

We have earned a few days.Though what’s left is how to reduce the casualty count, concerning this, just abandoning the castle would help in some way. Though Castle Harpe is Veris’s leading strongest fortress, with the current situation, it’s not something that is necessary. It’s not a place where you can instantly use it for anything, just after taking it.

Though the problem is the method of escape, I have to persuade each lord before that.


“Are you not able to assent to the abandonment of this castle?”

“That’s of course. What is the meaning of all the fighting we have done? Lots of our subordinates had lost their lives in that process.”


General Paulus’s words made me feel as if my depths of heart was gouged out. That’s right. The people that are here, and also those that are dead, didn’t know. The fact that they were made a decoy.

It’s easy to say it’s a small matter for the sake of mass so if you piled up the words, the battle so far and those who died would be able to carry some meaning in it.

However, I wonder if the people who died would be able to assent to such decorative words. No, the people who died would not be able to assent. Those who cannot assent to it are those that are alive.

For what reason have their friends died for. Have their friends risked their lives for something worthy. The fathers, children, brothers, elder or younger, what did they die for.

I do not have the words to reply these questions. But, I believe Dio-sama holds these.

‘For the country after the war’. ‘They died for a country with no tyrant where irrationality is slightly removed’. ‘They died for the future of this country’.

He should be able to say it. But, I do not have these words with me. It’s because I did not have those intentions.

My reason is awfully for my own convenience. Well, if I have to really say it, it’s the same as Dio-sama but he have the determination to be burdened with the country’s, his father’s deeds. However, I do not have such a reason.

I do not have the vision for the future. That’s why I have no idea for what reason that they died for. I also did not see them die after all.

That’s why.


“Kurei!? Dio-sama had fully entrusted you with the command. But you!”

“Right now….The 2000 elites that Dio-sama has taken with him are in the midst of invasion…. This fight has been a decoy for that from the start……”


I said it. Unable to find any other words, I just spilled out the truth. This could be for the best. However, there is no way they will assent with this.

Everyone floated a shocked expression. That’s natural. They fought believing in Dio-sama. This is similar to an act of betrayal.



“I do admit that that is an action that is similar to be betrayed by Dio-sama.However, i think that this is also the only way. That’s why……as the duty of the one with highest command, I was left behind for the sake of those that are left in the castle….. The responsibility of those who died because of this battle is with me….. And also, it’s my fault that this castle has to be abandoned……”

“You are only following the prince’s orders, right? If the aim was to drag time, then haven’t you done a great job? The time you have created will benefit this country. In that case, those who died die for the sake of the country. For the country they desire.”


Captain Ars declared that to me. It sounds gentle and really proper. But, I feel that it’s wrong to rely on it. If I rely on it, I would likely continue to say that from now on. Someday, I will be used to it and lost resistance about it.

In that case, I can’t assent that. Even giving out orders of murder, which is not a joking matter, right now, and also right in this place, it is because I wanted to protect a certain precious person that I gave out orders to live to protect a precious promise.

As long as I affect the battle, as long as the battle is depicted by me.

This battle must be fought for someone. It’s not for the sake of the uncertainty of the country and also not for the future.

It’s a battle for the certainty of lives.


“What the country will become will depend on Dio-sama…. That’s why I can’t say anything about the movement of the country. I also can’t say that it’s for future. But, in this fight that I have started, if there is a reason for me to hold on for the sake of those that died under my command…. Then it would be for the sake of lives.”

“What do you mean?”

“To allow the soldiers in the castle to retreat, I had the castle in the back emptied. The stalling is also included in this battle. Like this, the large number of soldiers can retreat….. To die for the sake of the large number of comrades. Though it might be self-centered, this is the only reasoning I can give for those that died….”

“There are also people who died without meaning. And also those that can’t look back. It’s especially so for us mercenaries. That’s why…..people who died this time are luckier than those people who died meaningless. They died under a commander who think of them even after they died after all….”


I warped my face towards the words filled with feelings. I feel like crying at once. I feel like shouting out that it’s harsh. It seems like I am about to wash away by the sin of forcing into their death. However, I somehow managed to suppress them.

The battle has not ended yet. It’s my battle until the large number of comrades have completed their escape. No, if I think about it to acquire victory from a strategic aspect of a portion of a strategy like suppressing the sacrifices to a minimum, taking down the king.

Our fight, you say.


“But, would that Dark Princess let us run away quietly?”

“I have thought about that. I will stall time for everyone to retreat.”

“Kurei. What kind of a plan is that?”


General Paulus asked with vigor. This person is really straightforward. Even though I said I would be buying time, he included himself as it’s natural. I wonder if Dio-sama likes such people. Being able to do something is quite the rare talent without calculating gain and loss.


“A surprise attack, no, we will make a night assault. Everyone, please retreat during this time.”

“Wait. What kind of a night assault are you planning to do? And also, what do you mean by everyone….”

“I have said it earlier. I will stall for time. I will take command for the night assault. I will have everyone make a full retreat.”


While being surprised, a big half of the people nodded. If they plan to begin retreating, preparations is required. And, this night assault unit is close to being a rear-guard. Since I have already took the initiative to take charge of this dangerous role, there was no reason for anyone else to expressly reject that. That’s why they nodded docilely. Other than 2 people.


“I will have you let me stay, you got it? The hundred man under your direct control won’t be enough, right?”

“I will stay too. Letting the likes of a strategist making a night assault is only going to result in a failure after all!”

“Both of you…. I understand that you are anxious but….”


My role is to suppress casualties to the minimum. It’s not to launch a large-scale night assault. I don’t need the numbers or the men of valour. It’s just the timing of the night assault that is the problem. After causing them to fall into chaos with the night assault, I will decisively retreat at once. The success rate is most likely 50:50. You can pretty much say it’s a rather dangerous gamble.


“I will be the only one to stay.”

“Like how you have your responsibility, we also have our responsibility. And, as a general, and as a man, I also have my pride.!”

“That’s right. It won’t end with only just us taking the damage.”


I couldn’t say anything more towards Ars who gave out a ~nyari~ fearless smile and Paulus who floated a stern expression.




Nighttime. The preparation for retreat has ended without problems. Remaining strength is around eight thousand. Approximately having 2000 sacrificed, there are a few times more injured. The door of the rear gate has already been opened, and they have been starting to retreat since a while ago. Besides, in the form of continuing, we will also proceed to make the night assault head-on soon.

It can be said that the difference in the efficient usage of magic and ability of the commander can lead to a different result. No matter the difference in numbers or capability of the soldiers, magic has the hidden power to mercilessly overturn the situation. If there is anything I am regretting, it is being unable to listen more about the feature and weakness of magic from Sophia. I think that if I would have heard it, the casualty count would not increase. Though said, there will be no end to it.

Right now, rather than think about the sacrifices, it’s more important to take responsibility of those that are still alive. That is most likely the only action that can amend my sins.

Night assault. Being a battle that starts when the field turns dark, it is a strategy to fight in an environment where both armies can’t acquire field of vision. Combat Action. The attacking side proactively attacking in a night warfare is what we call [Night Assault]. [Night Attack] [Night Advance] is also the same. (TL: The translator is using different kanji to show similarity in the kanji.) When attacking the enemy formation at night, as for most parts, the defending side is taken by surprise, historical night assaults has many examples of it being surprise attack.

After changing my mentality, the terminal displayed that, checking out in regards to night assault. There are plenty of problems for a night assault.

Firstly, though we say to make a night assault, due to humans not having nocturnal habits, we are inexperienced to moving in the middle of the dark. To be able to have field of vision in the dark, you need time after entering the dark. In terms of time, there are individual differences but, it seems to be about 30 mins. Also, Mikana said there is a special way to acquire vision of target things at night by slightly drifting the visual point away from the target, and it isn’t something that you can do immediately if you are not used to it.

Leaving aside movement, as the sensory organs of humans are dulled at night, it’s not hard to imagine that it’s easy to accumulate fatigue during that period. Also, on top of having difficulty confirming the presence of obstacles and its location, inability to guide can be anticipated. I guess I have to include that mobility will drop sharply into the calculation.

Without doubt, as information gain would be less than during the day, it will take some time for decision-making and movement. It will be hard to revoke an erroneous instruction. While absolutely unable to give the wrong instruction, I think we also can’t make complex movement.

A strategy to differentiate friendly and enemy in the dark. As during a battle, if differentiating between friendly and enemy is not possible, there is a high possibility that friendly fire might occur. That’s why, there is a need for a scheme to differentiate friendly and enemy.

To prevent friendly fire, we have to move while keeping our formation. We will differentiate friendly and enemy via password, marking etc. Though I say that, specially for markings, since it is said that the army of Houjo Ujiyasu who commenced a night assault, fought while attached with a white cloth to their body in the battle for Castle Kawagoe, it should be effective without doubt.

Next would be what to do with the lamps. It’s the point of whether to move in a state close to having no lamps to slip into the darkness to carry out tactical movement, and to prevent the enemy from realizing our army’s movement. In the battle of Itsukushima, it is without doubt effective from seeing the example of Mouri Motonari successfully making the surprise attack the next day after prohibiting setting bonfire during the night movement. However, the distance is close this time. Though I think the difference in lamp is just trivial, but what should I do.

When I was thinking to that extent, I realized Mikana was here before I know it.


“There is still time before set off, you know?”

“I came to ask if we should prepare torches.”

“I just happened to be thinking about it.”

“I believe it’s not necessary. There is no problem with this distance to me. I will guide everyone to the enemy camp.”


Though she said it like it’s nothing special, it’s something rather outrageous. But, Mikana totally did not change her expression. Or more like, the number of facial expressions I saw she made could be counted.


“Then, I guess we shall do that. Prepare white cloth and tied it to your arms. After that, as it will become hard to see the enemy, we will have Mikana lead the way…..let’s see, get the soldiers in columns of 4, as I will attach General’s Paulus and Captain Ars unit at the back”

“Roger. Then? Is it just me that I think you have something to tell me?”


To the rather sharp retort, I gave a wry smile. Now that I think of it, Mikana have came into contact with me without changing till now. That was really mentally appreciated.


“I was just thinking I should be thanking you.”

“If you plan to seek your death, please give up. I do not have plans to let go of my tool to promotion.”

“That’s terrible. But, I can’t die as I also have my promise with you…..There is one thing I am thinking about. Would you listen?”


To expressly asked ‘Would you listen’, is due to Mikana’s cooperation being essential. If I anticipate the situation, I will definitely be chased. And also by the strong.

I do have the plan for that and also the plan for what’s after now. A plan to make Kaguya-sama move.


“What are you planning to do?”

“Firstly, after attacking the enemy, I will retreat back towards Castle Canon. Like this, the unit has to split into two no matter what, so I believe the pursuit on the main force would weaken.”

“However, that is under the enemy’s territory. Where do you plan to retreat to?”

“There is a fortress at the hill, on the right side of Castle Canon. As the King’s direct controlled unit uses it for logistics, Dio-sama said that normal armies wouldn’t use it.”

“Running to the fortress of the Hounds!? Please don’t joke about it! It’s already under Kaguya-sama’s army.”

“Do you think it’s been suppressed? No matter what kind of reason, as a General, I am considering that Kaguya-sama is not able to go against her lord. In that case, there is possibility that it has not been suppressed. ”


After saying that, I laughed. It’s not like the plan is to run and hide there. Rather, the possibility of not being able to that is higher.


“What are you thinking?”

“The plan is simple. We will bait Kaguya-sama out. And then make a surprise attack. It will be good if it’s a fortress, but it’s fine as it is. After moving for some distance, Mikana would separate from me, and seek the state of the situation. If it’s you, you can do it, right?”

“I understand what you are saying. But, isn’t there also the possibility that Kaguya-sama does not come out?”

“The one I am baiting is Anna Dietrich. If I show myself to her, she would definitely pursuit me. I am the man who ridicule her lord after all. She will definitely come. But, just because there is a possibility that there is a trap setup by the enemy’s general, they cannot not pursue. As a result, Kaguya-sama would pursue me. It includes the purpose of being able to repel any attack and any schemes.”


After going so far to say that, I looked straight at Mikana.

I believe it’s half-doubtful on whether the situation would turn out according to my works.. Even so, when I looked into her eyes, I could see fighting spirit overflowing. If that’s the case, there shouldn’t be any problem. Thinking that, I made a smile.


“Was ridiculing Kaguya-sama the preparation for this?”

“No way. That was for the sake of raising morale, it can’t be helped. If possible, I really wouldn’t want to ridicule females.”

“I see. Let’s leave that matter as it is. So? Please tell me what I have to do for the plans after everything goes as planned.”


Coldly placed aside, floating a wry smile again after being told to only converse about the plan, I lowered my volume slightly and told her.


“I will have you target someone.”


“That is…”


At the instant when I was about to speak of the targeted person, I unintentionally stopped after listening to the sound from the outside.

As if being bound, my body wasn’t able to move. But, listening to the sudden chime that indicates the approaching enemy, my binds were released.

And then, I realized.

The fact that on the contrary of trying to commence a night assault, we were the ones being assaulted upon.




As deployment of soldiers were on the front and back gates, the enemy’s surprise attack from the sides went unnoticed.

By no means did I thought that without caring Kaguya-sama was repelled, they made a night assault. No matter how you look at it, it’s too aggressive. Who in the world is taking command?


“The ambush unit are to intercept the enemy! The units retreating are to continue retreating!”

“I wonder if the retreating units will be targetted?”

“If they planned to target them, we will attack them from the back. The gate is also opened after all. I believe they would dislike about them inciting expressively and us being able to counterattack. Though I think the opposing side is low in numbers…..”

“Do you have any conviction? However, our numbers for interception is also small. If our numbers are equal, we would not have the odds of winning.”


It’s best to think that they have already climbed the castle walls. In that case, the main fortress in the middle of Castle Harpe would be the defensive point that we can use. Though Castle Harpe possesses four huge castle walls, in the assumption when those are defeated, the castle’s main fortress is also endowed with defensive capabilities.


“It’s possible that the other side have not sensed that we are displaying signs of retreating. Well, though I say that, it doesn’t change what we are doing.”

“So it’s time stalling until the retreat completes? In the first place, the surprise assault is also just one of the means after all. Just that, the need for Kurei-dono to review the plan has appeared, right?”

“Yeah, seriously. But, after coming to this point, if we do not include surrender into our choices, we will only be annihilated. At that time, I will have you follow me, you got it?”

“It depends on the situation.”


Smiling bitterly to the harsh Mikana, I advanced towards the main fortress of Castle Harpe.

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